madcat #fundie

You know, it seems that every morning we read on RR (won't get the real news anywhere else), of just another overt attempt to take over the country by left-wing libtards. And it's EVERY DAY, now. And the worst ? We know there is no way to stop them. Can't vote them out, because either elections are rigged, or there aren't enough INFORMED voters these days, to make a difference. Our government is totally out of control, and there is no way it will change at this point.
I feel the same - like I want to crawl in a hole and stay there until Jesus calls us out of this "dump". I keep thinking of the total depravity that is about to hit the whole world, and it makes me sick. Because I have a brother and his family that will all be left here to endure "whatever", and then suffer the consequences for eternity.
Call me a pessimist, but I believe God has removed his blessing from the U.S., and we are hanging on by a thin thread. I just can't imagine any revival in this country. Hearts and minds are mostly reprobate, and this is most apparent in the "church" community.
Sad, sickening, and VERY frustrating !



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