Sam2 #conspiracy

I will repeat what I said before the revelations of complete NSA ease dropping of all communications. Rand Paul is being blackmailed. The dysfunction in Washington is much deeper than Republicans switching views after election. They are being forced too. They’re blackmailed. He probably got caught with some girl. So easy. How many of us Men can reject sexy Women? Women who say they just want a little fun. No serious relationship. Very attractive Women. Tough to say no.

They also purposely give money to politicians who have known weaknesses BEFORE they run. Easier to control.

As for Lincoln. We don’t know what Lincoln would have done. A Jew killed him. His pronouncements were that of a White nationalist. He put into place a system to repatriate the slaves back to Africa. He founded a currency system based on Ben Franklin’s free money system. What if he lived? What if he repatriated the slaves to Africa and did his best to mend the separation of the North and South? What if we had a currency system not based on debt? Lincoln was never a friend of Blacks. I believe he meant what he said and fought the war for union. Looking at the wars between the States of Europe which ultimately led to the two World Wars his notions were not necessarily bizarre. I read a set of sci-fi books that were based on the South fighting the North to a draw in the first war. The other books were about the progressive slaughter of the wars that followed.

Maybe we’re better off we lost. It is possible that the overreach of the Omnipotent Evil Empire will eventually trigger a counter current. I hope so but it doesn’t look good at this point in time.



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