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(Responding to a Muslim cleric's call for prayer to alleviate Australian drought)

While some sheikh may suggest that Australia's record dry spell is because we haven't all surrendered to Allah, let the truth be told: Jesus Christ is Lord! Only Jesus' sacrifice for sins pays for us to enjoy life here and in eternity.
No manmade religion, philosophy or idea will earn man peace with God. No prayers or religious observances could ever hope to bring us into right relationship with such a holy, loving God. Only by saying sorry for our blunders, and turning from them to faith in Jesus Christ, creates the God type of righteousness inside. Other good deeds may follow but no good deeds could ever earn us heaven or a tick from "the bloke upstairs". They will certainly not bring us rain!

Christians should continue to pray for rain and for a harvest of souls. Only then will Australians be able to say they are truly happy because they are the people whose God is the Lord!



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