Andrew Hamilton #racist

When demographic collapse, universal swamping by non-whites, and compulsory measures to cause racial destruction prevail, a single cross is all that’s required. One generation. The tremendous speed with which Jews and government are accomplishing their objective has yet to be grasped by their victims. A clock is ticking. Whites do not have forever to respond to the situation into which they have been thrust.

Though actually fueled by age-old Jewish hatred of our people, the proximate excuse motivating contemporary genocide is undoubtedly the “Holocaust,” a core religion of Jewry, social elites, and the state. According to this mythos, Jews are divine—the chosen people of “God”; Satanic whites, in an effort to destroy them, murdered 6 million Jews in “ovens.” As punishment, and to prevent a future recurrence, Aryans must and should be biologically exterminated.

That, in a nutshell, is what anti-white racism is all about.



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