A Proud Infidel #fundie thisainthell.us

Given the sniveling slovenly unabashed liberals running our Pubic Screwool systems these days, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they espoused the idea of putting the names of dead felons shot by LEO’s instead of the names of Fallen Veterans, and the Cross? I’m sure they wouldn’t utter a peep if a pentagram or a crescent moon was used instead, and the US Flag? They’ll gloat, drool and grin when one is burned, spat on, or stepped on, but do the same to a “Foo-foo flag” (rainblow) and they’ll be screeching and bawling for you to be arrested and “reeducated” a la Nazi Germany, USSR, or North Korea.



So were we! You can find all of this, and more, on Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

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