Jeff #conspiracy

There are two types of these manufactured mass shootings done by same people and for same reasons: 1. the most common is the fake crisis actor, active shooter drills which have proven by Red Silver J,,, Infowars in the past but no longer as I think they were threatened in some way after the Boston Dust Bombing. 2. the second type is less common and it entails the creation of "psycho-bombs" by the CIA's "brain-nappers" using no touch torture technologies - modern day MK ULTRA via electromagnetic frequency and scalar waves along with 24/7/365 COINTELPRO harassment campaigns as described by CIA Scientist - Dr. Robert Duncan, NASA scientist Dr. Fred Bell, FBI Chief - Ted Gunderson. They do this for the gun ban agenda of the globalists who want to destroy the bill of rights as well as other reasons. Ref. Project Soul Catcher 2010 by Dr. Robert Duncan - examples are Aaron Alexis Navy Shipyard- he was no touch tortured and he contacted in desperation about this groups like FFCHS "42 days after "microwave mind control" complaint, Alexis kills 12" - and he scratched out on Remington shotgun as was Myron May - FSU shooter, former District Attorney and Born Again Christian. I think it is harder for them to make a "psycho-bomb" than to do a totally fake mass shooting like Sandy Hook and 95% of them were and are and will be.



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