Nancy Reed #conspiracy

For over four years the military, CIA, FBI, etc have been putting me, and my kids thru stalking us, terrorizing us, and hiring every nasty creep on this planet to go after us. In doing so they have revealed secrets the public has no idea that exist. When I got on a Reno, Nevada library computer and got on the national UFO reporting form. I tried the paranormal section, and asked for help to calm down advanced abilities I thought were getting out of control. When I waited to see if I could get an answer for a little help. We had black-ops, the CIA, the FBI, the military, and men in black, UFO, aliens, every nasty creep you could think of that was dealing in dope trafficking after us. They stalked us thru two states. We have had many varieties of aliens. We have not been left alone yet. There is still quite a bit going on, more unbelievable stuff. These agencies really believe I am an alien hybrid. I had a son that has all the characteristics of a star child also with advanced abilities. We now know how the military does things that the public can never figure out. I have documents, emails from the pentagon, a journal. If you want the whole story email me.



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