B. Amy #racist vnnforum.com

How come Christians have never just killed all the black voodoo devil worshippers that control Haiti?

There are 400,000 Christian missionairies in Haiti. Haiti is controlled by ultra racist, African voodoo cult with how many hardcore members? 10,000? 25,000? 50,000?

Just guessing lots of those people there are bastard children of the ruling gang, so they are children of actual, real voodoo worshippers who drink blood of their victims. These are the people the christians send their money to and coddle but never bother to just kill the devil worshipping crazies in power there and just take the country over. What spell does voodoo hold over them? obviously their juju is more powerful.

I mean seriously 400,000 Christians with unparalleled purchasing power of their money, to buy guns and bombs and airplanes can't conquer a little clique of pure blooded negro demon worshippers? What is going on there? seriously. Are Christians really face to face with their true God? Is that why they cannot overthrow the government of Haiti?

Plus remember these voodoo devil worshippers GENOCIDED the white christians there. What kind of insanity is it to spend so much time and resources to convert a people who committed genocide against Christian whites and practice most evil kind of anti christian religion?



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