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Doesn't surprise me. Not at all.

It's on the news all of the time. The media, they love Trump because he brings them ratings. But they speak of Trump like he is a piece of trash. They take ANY statement, and they turn it into something it is not. Trump is saying something hateful. Trump is saying something racist.

I was listening yesterday to CNN, and some Hispanic woman was on and after a few minutes I had to press mute because I couldn't take the sound of her voice, nor what it was she was saying. Was just complete HATE and LIES. Evidently, Trump said something about a Mexican judge (not even sure exactly what he said, not been up on the news/current events the past week of so because I had a sick kitty cat who has now gone to be with Jesus ).

This lady just made me want to (vomit emoji). She was yelling and going on and on about how racist Trump is and how dare he call a person a Mexican, like it is the most horrible thing in the world to call a person Mexican.

My thoughts: OK lady. So... let me get this straight. You are Mexican? Yet you find it offensive when someone calls you Mexican? So what does that mean? You hate who you are? You find it disgusting that you are a Mexican? It's you who sees something bad in it, not me. And me, I don't think there is anything bad about the fact that you are a Mexican. But I guess you do find it very distasteful that you are a Mexican. So, you hate yourself and you don't want to be called what you are. If you are called what you are, a Mexican, then you feel that is racist? Whatever. All right then.

A person IS what a person IS. If you are from Mexico, you are a Mexican. There is nothing bad about that, nothing good about that. It is who you are. I am an American because I am from America. Someone from Brazil is Brazilian. Someone from China is Chinese. A white person is white, a black person is black, a hispanic person is hispanic. So what?????

At the beach last year, we were out on the balcony and were talking about fishing. My sister pointed and said... "That guy down there, he just caught one." My husband said, "Who?" My sister said, "That guy there, the black guy." Well, my (at the time 9 years old) daughter Angelina, because she has been indoctrinated with this FAKE RACISM, she says, "Aunt Tammy, don't say that! That is very racist!"

Had a conversation with Ang after that about what racism is/is not.

So I guess Trump called some judge a Mexican. And the hispanic woman on the news was having a conniption! And the news anchor too. They go on, on, on. They say the most horrible things. There are no hateful or racist people except for THEM. They need to take a long look at themselves in the mirror, because they themselves are the definition of hate and racism.

Them not protecting Trump, them not protecting Trump supporters from the violent, completely hateful, completely CRIMINAL protestors.... par for the course. And yes, I look for it to get even worse. I can't turn on the news without hearing the new 24/7 programming which might as well be called "Bashing Trump".

And then they talk about Hillary like she is some innocent. UGH! It makes me sick. Haven't been listening regularly for about a week and so maybe this is normal and I just forgot they always do this. But seems like to me, it's gotten worse, the media hating on Trump/Trump supporters. The media stirs up the ignorant masses and welfare recipients who have nothing better to do than stare at their free cable tv. Riles them up with their lies, spins the low information stupid people into a frenzy of hate, offers them $10 to go protest and behave like violent criminal fools, and there you have it.

It's completely fine and ok. And those poor, poor protestors. And look at the violence that Trump and his supporters bring!

Well, from where I sit, and looking at the pictures in that article, looks to me like the protestors are anything BUT poor and trodden upon. They are throwing eggs, violently stomping on Trump supporters (literally), and all kinds of other violence. They should be arrested and jailed. They are the racist ones. They are the hateful ones. And we who are Trump supporters... well... can't even defend ourselves because if we try it will be broadcast and on loop 24/7 how horrible we are that we punched some never Trump protestor.

I agree though, with whomever said they only expect it to get worse. It's what TPTB want to happen, and they will spin it and lie like their father satan has taught them, and will paint us like the criminals instead of who the TRUE criminals are.



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