Zara #fundie

It could almost be said that ignorance of science is part of the true Christian tradition, since scientific ideas concern themselves with those things in the physical world. We know that the physical world has been polluted by Satan. To dabble with things that actually exist is to invite Lucifer into one's mind. Who needs that?

Under certain conditions, organic isomers will form long-lasting chain structures, such as we see in plastics. They will take much longer to decay than you or I. In an environment subject to extreme heat and pressure, we would not last for an instant, yet these are exactly the conditions needed to form diamonds, which contain billions of perfectly-ordered carbon atoms. Do you now see how dangerous scientific thinking is? If we look too closely, we will observe things that will serve to take us away from our faith in the Lord.

Have you been listening to those atheists? Are you saying that we don't know enough about the world to be certain that there is only one true God? Do the gaps in our knowledge mean that there are a number of extra Gods that we don't know about yet? Does Satan have a more-powerful Master who hasn't shown his hand yet?

I hope you're not saying that. No, the only way we can be certain of the salvation of Jesus is to assume that we already know as much as needs to be known.



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