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Harem management, also known as plate-spinning, MLTR, OLTR, or multiple women, is an advanced aspect of game. André du Pôle notes, "Can a man who is busy banging several women ask at least some of them to accept the other girls? If the answer is yes, be the man a pornstar, a musician, a community leader or someone able to wife several women at once, then he has reached the highest levels of game. Such a man’s competition ranges from rare to nonexistent. Only a woman who worships a man can tolerate him to bang other girls and even be glad that he deigns to bang her too."[1]

The two kinds of harems are the soft harem and royal harem. In a rotating soft harem, a man dates multiple women, with no expectation of commitment from anyone. He bangs other girls, and assumes his girls bang other men. In a royal harem, the women in a man's harem know he dates and fucks other women. But they still remain loyal – monogamous to him. Women in a royal harem tend to be more stable, since they’re fucking only the man of the harem. They’re more bonded, physically and emotionally. Younger women are more tolerant, more likely to agree to be part of a harem.[2]

Heartiste notes, "Women have a natural instinct to sort into concubinage under a sole alpha male. Now, this does not mean women favor such an arrangement to the exclusion of all others; ideally, women would like an alpha male all to their own. But given a world full of competing choices, a woman’s evolutionarily guided hindbrain impulse pushes her, continually like the slow but forceful eddies in a tidal pool, into an arrangement where she feels more sexually fulfilled, as a woman, being the second or third or even thirtieth concurrent lover of a powerful man instead of the first and sole lover of a weak man."[3]



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