jackJOZEVZ #racist aljazeera.com

Unfortunately THEY (LOVERS of JU'dea'stan aka Land of CANAAN) are [again] on the Wrong Side of Human-History (If Ye like; On the wrong side of ha'SHEM again)!

PERSIA wh are now Ex-Zoroastrians and under the SHIA spell (who are Not Arabs) is the Real Partner for JEWS. Yet JU's are partnering with SUNNI's. Oye Vay. Yes; They love being in Diaspora or in EXILE; as if it's an religio BOOM and BUST Cycle (every so often) over and over again! A Holocaust little Holocaust Here; a Big Holocaust there etc.. Oye Vay!

NOTE: Even If Yu Kill ALL their [JU] WOMAN; THEY (the SANHEDRIN) will find Goys' aka Shiksas (like In Aegypt days via Mix Multitude of Pagan Worshiping Slaves of all types) and Religously ZIONIZE Them for JU Purposes and then forgotten (deliberately Not told Orally nor Writtenly) in Time.



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