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Another revelation I was given in Israel regarding how I was not obeying Elohim [Hebrew word for God and who I believe is FATHER/SON/HOLY SPIRIT] involved eating food offered to idols. Looking at the same verses I used for the study “Read Acts – blood is not food”, we find information on keeping away from what has been offered to idols. Acts 15:19 – “…abstain from things polluted by idols…”, Acts 15:29 – “abstain from what has been sacrificed/offered to idols…”, Acts 21:25 – “…abstain from what had been sacrificed/offered to idols…”.

Food offered to or things polluted by idols can involve eating food that has been put on an altar like the Day of the Dead and St. Joseph’s Altars below or animals slaughtered to another god. These altars can be horrific looking or deceivingly beautiful and can include a wide variety of items: statues that take a human person and make an idol/false god out of them; skulls and skeletons; pictures of dead loved ones or those idolized; food of every variety; and even people dressing up as the dead or other personalities. Not only do these altars break the prohibition in Acts they also violate the 2nd of the 10 commandments, about not creating images to worship and bow down to. Remember also that the main definition of the word worship means to love. If you do not agree with what is said here, please ask our FATHER in Heaven in prayer for the Truth and for HIM to make it clear to you. Ask this in HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST the LORD’S/YAHSHUA HA’MASHIACH YHWH’S NAME, AMEN. See what HE lines up to answer you!

I attended a church service in Israel where a speaker was Umar Mulinde from Uganda. He had been Muslim but became Christian and also a minister. He was in Israel undergoing a series of operations reconstructing his face because he was attacked by Muslims who threw acid on him. After he spoke, he offered for sale a book he wrote about his story called, “My Conversion from Islam to Christianity”. Pages 50-54 go over Muslim slaughter practices. “Muslims slaughter the animals in the name of Allah, they recite an Islamic prayer over it, which automatically transforms the meat to become a sacrifice to Allah!!! Allah is not a Biblical name for God. As a person who learned Islam, I will boldly tell that Allah is much more different from the God of the Bible yet during the slaughter time, animals are made to face kabbah to the corner where an idol stone is in Mecca, Arabia and the animal is slaughtered as a sacrifice to Allah. This is entirely contrary to our Christian faith.” While the book was primarily talking about the meat industry in Uganda, this also applies to all Islamic butchers. What they do makes the animal a sacrifice to their god. Mulinde states that no Christian should eat this meat [no Messianic or Jew either]. Halal or hallal is a term used for what is permissible per Islamic law. Do not confuse it with the word “hallel” which is a Jewish prayer. See this link for more information

Halal is used on packages containing meat or meat broth and many other items and is found in a variety of stores including Whole Foods and even farmer’s markets. When in Natchez, MS I was surprised to see halal on packages of grass fed beef in the Natchez Farmer’s Market run by an extension of Alcorn University. It came from Kased Brothers Halal Meat Summit, MS. The Christians working at the market and bringing in the beef got defensive when I told them what halal meant and they did not want to hear what I had to share. Comments were made about their livelihood being hurt. I would not want to stand in front of GOD/ELOHIM and explain why I chose to disobey a command over money!



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