Ben West #fundie

Don't you find it strange since this Lake is the SAME Lake in which the 450 ft. Ark arrived on our Earth? Perhaps you don't understand the story of the Flood. As Adam's solid firmament filled with water and sank in Lake Van 11k years ago, it released the Ark from the Flat Earth of Adam into Lake Van, Turkey, in the mountains of Ararat. Here is what is interesting:

Adam's Earth (Heb-ground) was "clean dissolved" in the Flood. Isa 24:19 BUT what happened to the SOLID Hollow firmament which protected Adam's Earth from the water into which the firmament was placed? Gen 1:6-8How thick were the walls of the firmament? Thick enough to preserve Adam's world for Billions years.

Perhaps the shape of the firmament caused the sediment to build up in a strange pattern over the past 11k years. The Lake is more than 20 miles wide where the Spirals exist. Adam's firmament was one big container (Biosphere) and this gives us an idea of just how big his world actually was. Amen?



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