Tom Martin #fundie

[on young girls being sold as wives to old men:]

Typical perspective fails to acknowledge, is the part of the mothers, in arranging the marriages, be they underage or not, arranged, or forced – and fails to acknowledge the role of mothers in spending or consuming the reward (they are housewhores themselves remember – so are quite used to spending other people’s money).

As with so-called ‘honour killings’ we know that it is the female elders, desperately trying to keep up with the Jones, regarding what class of family their off-spring should marry, mothers who deem it a crime against the family’s honour when their off-spring choose a mate from the wrong class, then it is the young men of her clan who are ordered to carry out the honour-killings. Pure back-seat driving, and backward victim-femalist thinking, to pretend the women who are financially served, are not the ones calling the shots, stabbings, and burials – in order to maintain the whoriachy they’ve grown accustomed to.

Responsibility for this sorry state of affairs lies primarily with the queen whore mother, then the obedient father, the wannabe whore daughter, and finally, the blamed for everything son.

Well, money does change hands, between men, to be spent on the upkeep of these idle women – who will concurrently provide sex – but that’s what being a whore is all about, and the women AND GIRLS are smart enough to have worked this out.

A survey I will dig out of necessary shows Muslim women across Arab nations report a range of issues they are concerned with, but traditional gender roles are not something they complain about. They like being whores.



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