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I do not wish him a speedy recovery, but I do wish him a speedy and painless journey down whichever way God so deigns in His infinite wisdom.

What chaps my hide is that I see (and it could be merely in my own politically fevered brain) another example of “good for me, but not for thee”, in that here we have a 90 y.o. Libtard DemonRat ex-president political hack anti-Semite has-been, sucking up taxpayer money for his cancer treatments. Anybody else (Joe or Jane Six-Pack), who is unlucky enough to be on ObozoCare, would be lucky to even find a doctor to both accept an ObozoCare health “Plan” (gigglesnort) and prescribe Joe or Jane even an aspirin without breaking their budget.
If this was a just (by DemonRatic standards – irony alert!!) world, as soon as the docs got a look at Cahtah’s cancer, they would have sewn him back up, given him painkillers (but in limited quantities! can’t spend too much on anyone’s health care!), told him that he has so many months to arrange his affairs, and wished him Bon Voyage, See Ya At The Funeral.



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