brutus & John Adams #racist

[On Indians]


Of course most of us here realize niggers aren't hated for their skin color, they're hated for their individual and collective niggerish behavior. However the jew is forever able to trot-out that trite canard and the masses will dutifully nod their heads in agreement.
I bring up the idea of the Indians from India as a useful seed to be planted in the minds of racially unconscious Whites that logically refutes the lie that niggers are hated solely for their skin color.
Indians are the polar opposite of niggers in much of their behavior. And IMO much of India's problems we see today can be attributed to the centuries-long subjugation of that country by a jew-controlled England and jew's British shabbos goy.
The Taj Mahal was built before the time of the English and that feat of brilliant engineering and architecture is something to be admired and gives us an insight to an advanced culture far above the lowly nigger.


John Adams:

Do you actually know anything about India other than the taj which was actually built by the Mughals. The only input by the native curry was as slave labor
As for your statement that the curry is the polar opposite of the nigger in behavior, have you never heard of the child grooming and repeated rapes of whites in England by currys..a paki is just a muslim curry.
Their involvement in money laundering, fraud, drugs and the sex trade and other criminal activities puts them way above niggers in terms of their danger to our race.
You obviously know nothing about India or the pathetic parasitical vermin that live there
Here is a thread from the UK section here covering just ONE problem Whites face with those from the sub continent I suggest you read it before making any further comments about currys



Re: John Adams

You sound like a Brit. If you are a White Brit I can understand your resentment of Indians, that you refer to as Pakis. It's much the same sentiment racist Americans feel toward niggers, and rightly so.
I have no intrinsic love for any of the brown races. But for those few browns who exhibit some degree of advanced culture, I'll acknowledge that for what it is. England suffers greatly from the jew disease and is probably a generation deeper into the illness than America. The British Empire is dead and the American Empire is on its deathbed. Thanks to the jew. And both the English Paki and the American nigger are but symptoms of the jew disease. While I dislike the symptoms, I reserve my visceral hatred for the cause of the disease, the jew.



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