Andrew Hamilton #racist

There is no question but that if you share my scientific bent, if you are a born socio-historical detective curious about how power really works, then you can quickly strike gold by studying race and the Jewish question without blinders. You will be astonished at how much you will discover. More tantalizing still, despite the handful of intellectual Daniel Boones and Davy Crocketts who have gone before, a vast wilderness remains yet largely unexplored by the mind of man.

It is yours to conquer, if you have the courage and fortitude to do so.

That said, writing candidly about race — and, far more importantly, Jewish hatred and power — in defense of the voiceless, embattled white race, is not the way to win friends and influence people. It is not something to undertake lightly, for fun or entertainment. It is dangerous to your health and general well-being and may reduce your life expectancy. Jews and the governments and other institutions that serve them are not white. They are thugs. Morality and the rule of law mean nothing to them. This is a hard lesson that most have yet to learn.



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