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[In a thread entitled "Submission vs. Controlling"

In our culture, when someone calls someone else "controlling," there is no need to see their hearts and minds. They are rendering a judgment on someone else - and that judgment is negative. The term "controlling" has a wholly-negative connotation in our modern, feminized society.

I have simply made two points. 1) What feminists consider to be "wrong", no matter how culturally accepted, is not likely to actually be wrong upon inspection of the word of God. 2) Anyone who labels another person as "controlling" is judging them personally - NOT making a judgment that the word of God makes.

I can label you a "liar" or "adulterer" and not be "judging you." The Bible tells us both of those things are wrong in God's sight and we all know what they mean. I cannot call another person "controlling" without personally judging them because being "controlling" is not something that God has defined as a sin.

So I am not a judge, merely a reporter.



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