Shadowdancer Duskstar / Cutelildrow #fundie

My cynical 2 cents: gets a pass because m-t-f transgender who is often assumed to be an “Asian woman” because of the name. Until I saw pictures, this was my assumption because if you don’t see pics and only read text, well…

Seeing the Twitter ID pic had me think “She doesn’t look Asian… Looks white. Half or married to an Asian?” and thought nothing further on it.

Then saw pictures of “her” in an interview whimpering about discrimination against women.

VERY cynical thought that came after: talentless hack who couldn’t get into the industry as a guy because he’d be expected to perform based on skill and merit riding the women studies grievance gravy train.

Initially I thought the huge boobs on the characters and costumes would not bug me… until the creator weren’t constantly bitching about the sexualization of women characters. Before that, I just thought that the character models were badly made/designed and ugly (Seriously, 1990 game graphics look better) and looked amateurish – almost beginner level low rez 3D model attempts.

But that is after reading Wu’s behavior online.



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