Marie #conspiracy

It's such a pity, but when i am outside and breathing the air i feel like i'm from another planet and i cannot breathe in this air. I have been taking to wearing a painters mask when ever i go out in the yard. It's not pleasant at all, but i don't want to breathe in the particulates either especially almost every nite i take the flashlite and look up at it all swirling around madly. It's there in the daytime too, but we can't see it. I have also been holding my breath when i go from the car to the stores. Sometimes i breathe into my sweater sleeve until i get into the store. I don't care if other people see me and if they ask i will tell them the truth. For summer i made a "bandana mask". I folded one, put a flattened out painters mask inside and then fold over. I will hold up to my face when i am walking to the stores. I feel like i can't even breathe the air. 40 yrs ago i was thinking that "they" would poison our water that we drink, but i never imagined in a million yrs that they would be poisoning the very air that we breathe. Very insidious to poison our air!



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