Grace Kim Kwon #fundie

This doesn't sound like the United States of America. Public schools need correction from the very foundatin. Children need rights to reject atheism and Sodomy as well.
Christianity alone teaches the truth and morality. You must not reject it. Only villains reject Christianity. USA therefore all civilized world has no morality apart from Christianity.
Children have rights to the truth and morality. All children must be directed towards what is true and good, not into falsehood, blasphemies, or immorality. The secular West's public schools are doing things upside down. The Muslims can be lovingly evangelized by the Christians for them to discover the Biblical truth, but they cannot have a special status because they did not create the Western nations or install the human rights. The Western civilization's sense of fairness and conscience has been Christianity, found in the Holy Bible. Man must not oppose the truth or human conscience. All men need Christian education to value life and to be fair and civil. The Western secularism only massacres the unborn babies and corrupts children.



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