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This program was the most blatantly occultic program in history; yet, most parents had no idea of the meaning of the various activities and implements. He-Man led the forces of the "White", or Good Forces; Skeletor led the forces of the "Black", or evil Forces. He-Man and Skeletor were constantly battling over control of a demon-possessed castle called Castle Greyskull. When He-Man or Skeletor stood resolutely with feet far apart and sword lifted upward grasped with both hands, a beam of power, represented as a broad stream of light, would burst out of the Heavens. This light would travel to the tip of the sword, flow down the length of the blade, through the handle, and into the body of the warrior, giving him the power to accomplish his mission.

This scenario is classic Satanism. Yet, it was repeated countless times for our children's young minds to absorb. There are many, many more instances of occultism being graphically portrayed in the story lines of Masters of the Universe, but time does not allow us to fully develop this line of inquiry.



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