BaneB #conspiracy

I think we are observing a general breakdown of the human immuno system. This is particularly so for the generation born after WW2. The following generations are ever more compromised. The instances of respiratory problems among young(er) people is shocking. Even my little dog has asthma. Autism is now exponential among the newly born. Brain malfunctions are common place. Cancer is beyond epidemic. The air is a cesspool. The water we drink is being poisoned by radiation, fracking, plastics, pharmaceuticals, mining, and compounds of non natural origins of which we know not. In short, our modern industrial/high tech age is slowly killing us off and the natural life support systems that holds us up at the top of the food chain. I have read a number of books on Lyme Disease. The general consensus is the bacterium was genetically engineered at the biological research center, Plum Island. It then, either by accident, or deliberate, was released and spread out from Lyme. One can observe this over a time line and geographically. It is now ubiquitous in the continental US. Lyme Disease is one more in a sad list of emerging diseases produced by bio labs around the US, with the CDC as the epicenter of the perfidy. Add these to polluted drinking water, and toxic air from toxic manufacturing, and the incredible aerosol nano particulates being sprayed over the entire continent, it's a wonder any of us are still viable. I suppose microwave wireless technology ought to be included in the assaults, because we are literally absorbing more of this radio frequency by the day. There is no end to the building of more cell towers, and towers of military and surveillance purposes. What once went through wires directly into a given appliance/application is transferred into the general ether if our atmosphere. Every living creature on earth is absorbing this radiation. Move along folks…nothing to discern here. All is well. Trust us.



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