DeDre Simms #fundie

[About ParaNorman. A kids movie that had a minor homosexual character and depicted witch hunts as being wrong.]

O.K. Hollywood, . can't even take my kids to see a movie without you telling me 'righteousness is what you say it is and how wrong mean ol' God is for condemning devil worship, witchcraft and homosexuality. How about this then, . .How about if you all just go on off to hell if you want, and we promise not to try and stop you from here on out? Don't believe in hell, the devil or God? It'll even work out better for you - and that'll work for a lot of us as well.

Hey, will somebody open the gates of hell and tell them dinner is served? Our work here is done.. Can't even take your kids to see a movie without their propaganda oozing out of their ....



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