Clyde Lewis #conspiracy

When a person decides that world events are not as spontaneous as one would think, you begin to swallow the bitter pill of realizing that past idealistic views of what moral excellence consists of becomes a subjective blow to your faith.

You find yourself scratching at the bizarre surface of what can be called reality and want so badly to get your blissful ignorance back. The transformation that happens during your awakening is not always comforting, not always pleasant, but you realize the perseverance is your goal. You have to commit to living life to its fullest despite the fact that much of the game you were participating in was rigged for the benefit of the few.

The goal of the so-called conspiracy or the cryptocracy is to maintain humanity in constant state of ignorance, suffering and conflict.

These conditions are precisely what we are used to. We have always existed under these conditions and it seems that the more we struggle with this revelation the more cynical we become.

Throughout history and in our own present we can count on the world’s most powerful individuals to abuse their power and with this constant and dependable fact we can safely say that any kind of conspiracy or great plan is inevitability.

The year 2014 is still new and there is really no need to sabotage any and all hopes for a better world, and my intent is not to shatter anyone’s dreams, or to instill panic for a nebulous year. My intent is to acquaint you with the reality that the time for the power elite to establish their stronghold is growing short and their plans for full spectrum control are becoming more and more desperate and evident.

Claude Steiner once said that “paranoia” is a state of heightened awareness and determined that the alienated are simply those individuals that have been at the receiving end of abuse at the hands of the powerful.

He postulated that the cure for paranoia is a therapeutic healing of the soul. The problem however was that the practice of soul healing or “psychiatry” became mired in political control and infiltrated with irrelevant medical concepts and terms.

Soul healing was replaced with “programming” and “chemical enslavement” and that while the powerful still try to implement policies that bring about pain and suffering, we tend to now be passive about it because now we have drugs and programming to erase the harsh impact that it once had.

This creates what is called “The Flawed World Theory” or “The Making Manifest of All That is Hidden.”

The transmogrification of the world population into the New Dawn of the World order requires a series of psychological and physical warfare in the form of “trauma events” and events that, when filtered through the media, have a ritual occult and initiatory effect on the populace.

These are psychological crimes or ritualistic crimes that are committed in the “open marketplace.” Ritualistic crimes and the initiatory desensitizing are no longer limited to the allegedly spontaneous events like assassinations and mass murder delivered by the media.

They can be found now in the entertainment we choose. We now live an age where virtual trauma is part of the psychological diet of most Americans. Even in the most innocent of books, games and movies we find that violence and loss of control of one’s own fate is now an underlying message in today’s entertainment.

In the new programming that has been arranged and shown to the masses, criminals become heroes and psychopaths become trusted partners and good friends who are needed in world full of undesirable monsters.

It works for the populace in their much needed fiction. We are playing in the fantasy world where vampires are misunderstood and criminals are heroes, only if they have good intentions like doing it all for the greater good of protecting home and family.

We are also exposed to a fictionalized view of the police and how we think the criminal justice system works and how in some fictionalized reality we condone vigilante justice not just in the television shows and films but in our own reality.

In the harsh world of the New Order, suspects are criminals before they receive their day in court, and we assume that is the NSA is monitoring the phone calls of an individual that they most certainly are an enemy of the state.

We believe that the powerful are the good guys and that what they say is for our own good and all along we are falling for their way of reminding us how they are needed and that we are no longer capable of fighting the nightmares that they have generated.

The cryptocracy is counting on you to not recognize the devil that's in the details.



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