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The big news this week is that two Islamist gunmen killed twelve people at the French "satirical" weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo. The world is almost universally outraged by this attack. But not me.

What exactly is Charlie Hebdo? It's in French and I don't read French, but I think a google image search conveys the basic idea.


From this, we see that "satire" is really just a polite way of saying ridicule. This is a liberal newspaper that ridicules religion and whatever else liberals don't approve of. We can see a similar style of cartoon by googling "nazi jewish cartoons".


There isn't much difference except that the Nazis had somewhat better taste than Liberals do. Of course the targets are different, but that doesn't matter, the concept is the same.

Should this kind of thing be tolerated? Whatever the answer, the answer should be consistent. If you are going to tolerate Charlie Hebdo then you should also tolerate Nazi anti-Jewish cartoons. Is France consistent? Please read about Hate speech laws in France. According to these laws, this kind of thing is "hate speech" and should not be tolerated. And in fact Muslims took Charlie Hebdo to court based on this law and lost. This is liberal hypocrisy at its finest. For a liberal, hate speech is only speech against something liberals like. Hate speech against what liberals hate isn't hate speech at all, according to liberals, it is free speech.

So let us summarize what a liberal is. A liberal is a hypocrite who ridicules opposing viewpoints, who is intolerant and legally censors opposing viewpoints, who is totally closed-minded and is unwilling to even listen to opposing viewpoints, and who come out in mass protest when their hypocrisy is threatened. In short, liberals are scum. But does this justify killing them?

On an intellectual level, this is a difficult question. But on an emotional, it is easy. I am filled with joy whenever I hear that liberals have been killed. How could I possibly feel any other way? I have an opposing view to liberals, just as these Muslims do, so the liberals have relentlessly ridiculed and censored me. They are totally incapable of respecting or tolerating opposing viewpoints like mine. Every interaction I have with liberals causes me to hate them more. How could I wish for anything other than their death?

On an intellectual level, I believe in free speech and live and let live. So in theory, liberals should be allowed to be scum and should be left in peace. But this only applies as long as liberals follow the same rules. When the liberal West interferes in the internal affairs of Muslim countries, Muslims have every right to attack back. The argument that these are innocent citizens of the West is absurd. It is precisely propaganda like Charlie Hebdo that causes the public to choose governments that attack Islam. So Charlie Hebdo is a justified target. My only criticism is that while France is quite intolerant internally to Muslims, it is not particularly active against Muslim countries. So Muslims who don't like France should just leave. The same cannot be said for America which relentlessly sticks its nose into the affairs of other nations. So attacks against America are entirely justified.

I am not Muslim, so this is not my problem. So while violence against liberals appeals to me emotionally, I have no intellectual reason to do this and I won't. I will just live my life in peace, and take pleasure in any news of violence against the liberals who I hate.



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