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I thought about it and I don't think there should be any illegal or offense if a hiv/aids carrier has sex and doesn't tell their partner. If there are offenses for hiv/aids then there should be offenses for stds as well. They are just as bad and there are ones that cannot be cured and you suffer for life. No one wants to live with any of these diseases. Getting pregnant accidentally should also be a crime as well if this was ever to happen (getting hiv/aids, stds, and unwanted pregnancy changes a persons life forever). What I'm trying to say is, everybody knows the consequences of having sex. There's always that chance that your partner could be lying to you or hiding the fact that they don't have stds, or hiv/aids, or that they put on a condom, or used birth control pills properly, or they didn't put their 'little soldiers' in you. You try to trust someone and they screw you over, that's your fault for trusting them. I don't think anyone should be sent to jail or charged because you made the wrong call by willingly having sex with that person.



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