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Why do we take it for granted that women’s bodily processes just normally hurt? Is that what we would assume about men if every time they came, their balls ached unbearably for 3 or so days? If men had the prob, there’d be millions of dollars thrown at it, pain pills flying through the air, and nurses hired round the clock for their care. No stone would be left unturned in the search for the cause of this boner-decimating debilitation!

But with women, everyone just says “oh pain during periods and birth are normal (and fibromyalgia isn’t real!) therefore that’s just the way women are- with women pain doesn’t mean ‘something is wrong’ like it does with real people. It means ‘everything is fine!’ “

Pain isn’t just something women should take on the chin. Pain for us means the same thing as it means for a male, that SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE.

So why do women hurt?

1. Patriarchy means patrilinealism, which means that males have the upperhand in picking mates. Males select for things in women that make subsequent generations more childlike instead of woman-like. This starts to become a problem for obvious reasons. We’re going on about 6,000 years of it, too.

2. Pollution by men’s industrial factories, radiation from men’s nuclear plants, EMF (coming off smart meters and those fuckign BP wind turbines that do almost nothing), poisoning with synthetic hormones like the pill and fertility drugs, GMOs and processed shit food that can’t hardly be gotten away from.

3. The psychological effect of being told by oppressors that a certain part of your body is a smelly dirty secret is that your brain will slowly stop giving that area quite so much maintenance/attention. When you feel like your menstrual muscles are atrophied, that’s because they are. :( Thought is powerful.

So there are the reasons that natural body processes of women hurt. Pain should never be considered a part of life. Being in pain is not a good evolutionary strategy. Of course, this will be a reason for evo psyche to say that women’s pain indicates that she needs male help at that time of month. Ah-ah-ah, now! Men’s choices in the patriarchy *created* women’s pain.



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