Why Does It Seem So Much Harder to Find a Good Woman Now? Yes, It is the Jews Fault. Article by Carlo Abruzzi of Forza Nuova Arizona Division


Has anyone noticed how difficult it seems to find a decent woman who just wants to settle down, become a good wife, raise a normal family and grow old together? I have noticed this, and don’t worry you are not alone. The world is a different place than it was even 10 or 15 years ago. It is much, much harder to date and find a good woman to settle down with.
For most of civilized history, there was a social contract that existed between men, women, and governments. The social contract basically stated that if you, as a man, served your nation you would be rewarded with at least a decent looking woman to settle down and have kids with. You would serve your country and in return get to pass on your genetics. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Times seem to be reverting back to what they were before civilized society. There is evidence to show that before the advent of modern civilizations, 1 in every 17 men were able to breed. The rest of men were essentially “Incels” and died off. In an ancient society one could argue that this would be beneficial. That women were the choosers and would select the strongest men to carry on society as any other life form does (see Darwinian theory). However, we have more than moved on from stupid archaic ways of choosing mates and you could argue that smart people are generally superior to facially attractive people now.

I really don’t want to go into too much detail on what makes someone genetically superior to someone else based on facial aesthetics. If you are a lurker and want to you can email me at and I can explain to you in further detail. The point is, times have changed and we haven’t kept up with technology.

When the Jews, Sean Rad and Jonathan Badeen, invented the concept of the commercialization of dating with Tinder and all their other Marxist apps, they directly targeted goyim women.
You see, Tinder puts dating in the hands of women because men are willing to meet up with multiple women, whilst women are not. In ancient times, this was not a bad thing because the physically strongest would pass on their genes, but nowadays we need smarter people to carry us forward. Tinder, and all the other Jewish dating apps, reduce people to aesthetically good looking faces, but makes women overlook everything else. Back in the 1950’s you actually had to judge someone based on their personality and looks. Nowadays, women only care about who is the prettiest “Chad” (good looking aesthetically) and couldn’t care less about lesser looking males. Don’t get me wrong we want to strive for the best genes through eugenics, but this includes a sorting of the best intelligence and facially aesthetic genes.

Anyways, Tinder has allowed women to be much more selective with the men they choose, but only aesthetically. You could be a complete subhuman “personality wise” but the 8/10 Chads will hoard all of the women, while everyone else twiddles their thumbs. This is no way to run a society, because the 80% of lesser males don’t get the women, while the 20% of top males hoard the best women and use them up in their prime. With 80% of men unhappy, our society will be chock full of anger. Throw in brown subhuman immigrants, and you have chaos.
The meme below kind of describes a 20% Chad. Memes are extremely important to advancing our cause, to the extent that the European Union has threatened to ban them:

So, with Tinder and all of these Jewish apps, expect to continue to have a much harder time finding someone to settle down with to start a family. You, as an Italian man, will be subordinated by the 20% of Chads and all of the other uplifted (by ZOG) negroes fresh of the boat into Italy. A simple solution would be to ban Jewish apps and revert to a nationalistic way of governance.

These kinds of memes help us nationalists push our message into the mainstream and get people to accept our ideas.

A sample Chad v Virgin meme that the EU wants to ban:


If there are any errors in this article or if it is incomplete I apologize, but I work all day long at a stupid day job and then come home to write on this website. It is difficult to juggle both, but I believe Italy is a cause worth fighting for.

Carlo Abruzzi – Forza Nuova Arizona



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