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If Hollywood's movies, TV shows and cartoons hadn't had the multitude of 923/ 239 numbers and dates (like Evan Almighty, who built an ark and had to be done by 9/22 mid day- which is 9/23 Israel time).

If there was no "Jade Helm" going on, if the FED had not set up a secondary headquarters in Chicago because of destruction in NY, and no underground bunkers set- up for the elete to hide out in.

If Sept 23 was not the grand jubilee #120 and one jubilee from Israel retaking Jerusalem (to the exact day).

If the False Prophet Francis was not coming to the US to meet with the AC and the UN exactly during this time.

If his Vatican Jesuit Astronomer Guy Consolmagno wasn't working on their "Lucifer project" seeking to contact UFOs (fallen angels)..... the list goes on and on.

I would not have looked at this time so intently even though the AC is here.

Pocaracas, I see Stimbo agrees with you questions.
You heathens and Randy are amazingly far in the dark. I would have to have a lobotomy. to join you guys.
Another date? If this one falls thru- it is 2 strikes and one to go.
How can a real detective not look for clues in the biggest game of a lifetime?

No Rapture?
God doesn't lie- it's in the book.
He also declares he will do nothing EXCEPT He reveals His secret plan to his servants the prophets.
And the prophets are saying it is here- GET IN THE ARK NOW. (Jesus is Ark 2).

My personal convictions?
Have been unchanged for 4 decades, other apparent times have come and gone, I keep working, giving, helping different ones, occupying until He comes.
My spiritual calling is night watchman. It is still night.



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