resistence6 #fundie

George Bush is no Christian, born again or otherwise. Rather, he is a Luciferian Illumininist working for the New World Order. The goal of the New World Order is to destroy Christianity and replace it with the worship of Antichrist. [...]

George Bush has one job to accomplish. He was hand-picked by the Luciferian Illuminists to bring in the New World Order, destroy America, and to stir up hatred against Christians and Christianity. The goal is to reduce world population to a mere 500 million. [...]

These days can be equated to the days before the Nazi takeover in Germany. GWB's administration and military is made up of homosexual sadists. Kay Griggs says nobody gets promoted nowadays in the military unless they are willing to participate in homosexual Nazi orgies. The occultic Black Military in their underground cities practices Nazi mind control techniques involving torture and use of children, diabolical breeding experiments.



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