Anna Diehl #fundie

It doesn’t take long to figure out that God doesn’t pass out the help and healing at an even rate in this world. Ever meet that person who went through a similar or even worse trauma than you, only today they’re totally over it while you’re still stuck with life stopping scars? Ever go to counseling for years trying to work through your issues only to be surrounded by Christians who get the quick fix from Jesus? While some addicts are faithfully attending weekly support groups only to keep losing their grip on sobriety, others say one prayer and down comes the miracle cure. Those who are healed quickly love to go around talking about how great God is, while those who are never getting healed sit there feeling like members of God’s reject pile. If God keeps saying “not now” to all your requests for deliverance, how should you interpret the fact that He keeps withholding His favor from you? Isn’t that what God’s healing is supposed to be a sign of—His favor? This is what many misguided Christians will teach you to believe, but in reality their idea of Divine favor is a very shallow, fleshly thing. All they’re focused on is being comfortable in their earthsuits. When they get physical, emotional, and mental peace, they think they’ve won the grand prize. Well, they are wrong. God has far grander prizes that He wants to pass out and while many want you to think you’ve been bumped to the back of the line because God won’t free you up, from His perspective, there’s something very different going on.


When God withholds healing from those who sincerely want to please Him, it is NOT a punishment, it is NOT a rejection, and it is NOT evidence of His disinterest in them. God operates differently than we do. When He is super excited about a soul, He doesn’t go trumpeting their name all over the earth. These Christians who go swaggering around flaunting their abundant blessings in your face and trying to imply that they’ve “earned” God’s favor by wowing Him with their great faith and loyalty—they’re already collecting their reward. The fickle envy and temporary applause of other Christians is all these braggarts are going to get. So never mind these idiot shepherds and healers who try to tell you that you’re some lesser sheep in God’s flock because He is withholding healing from you. These people are blind fools who can’t recognize the real evidence of Divine favor when that evidence is right in front of their faces. When you sincerely want to be closer to God in life, you WILL be closer. When you sincerely want to please Him, you ARE pleasing Him. When He keeps the burdens on your back it’s because the pressure they create in your life is going to take you places with Him that are infinitely better than a life of carnal comforts. You might feel stuck, but from His perspective, you’re making fabulous progress. You might feel slow and stupid, but you’re not. These lessons are HARD. They take TIME to grind through, so try to be patient with yourself and with God. He is not leaving you behind. Instead He’s leading you away from the main herd so you can experience a kind of communion with Him that He only offers to a select few. Sure, we’d all like to have instant cures and a comfy life. But if we’re wise, we’ll realize that far better treasures exist and we’ll ask God to help us hold out for HIS best.



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