Glenn47 #fundie

Obama was exactly what modern liberals and atheists were waiting for. A way to openly hate religion. He promoted it while trying to convinced us he was Christian. You don’t sit in the “church” he sat in for 20 years, marry the thing he did, promote Islam at every turn and to allow so many Islamic groups into the people’s White House and promote and support all the Muslims he possibly could while bowing to a Saudi King. He rarely attended church. Why? We’re the rumors true he had his own little mosque in OUR White House and prayed there instead? He had a Mao decoration bulb on a WH Christmas tree.
He demanded Christian colleges to cover religious icons to be covered before his arrival. He told us this was no longer a Christian nation, but an Islamic nation. He surrounded himself with like minded people and they grew in strength.
He created the perfect storm for people all over the world to deny Christ.
He was exactly what many had been wanting for years.
Christianity was already in a decline and the last 8 years was no help.



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