angel l #racist

ah poor you feel picked on jews complain about the nazi while demanding to be allowed to do the same thing as the nazi
there is more european nationalists today then ever in history it will not be long till european nations and america balkinize- it will not be long till europeans stand up and fight for the same thing as other ethnics get in totality a safe haven without people calling them bigots racists the new western imperium is being built-on all learning experiences of here and now today -things will change
in short order time is nothing the dream- of freedom and liberty is in every last one of us And i am a proud Nazi dont like it go to israel=where you dont have to sit there and listen to me~ or deal with me learn to live and let live this is fact the more you silence us- the stronger we become the more hate laws you create the stronger we become the more minorities-that come to european nations the stronger we become the more double-standards jews have demanding seperatism for israel but calling europeans countries racist for not allowing hundreds of millions of none europeans in our countries the stronger we become
hail the new western imperium-coming to european nations around the world



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