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I have written about this previously, but will repeat it again as repetition is good for impressing the mind in truth. In antiquity God used the Israelites to purge/wage war/punish the inhabitants of the land which was known as Canaan, because of the inhabitants’ gross immorality/sexual sins, etc. The idea of doing this wasn’t the Israelites; it was God’s. Some point to these incidents and call them genocide by glossing over the reasons for them. Some also point to Americans doing the same thing to the indians. There is always a reason for these incidents, but blind foolish men, who think they know everything because they have a framed piece of parchment on their walls, know nothing of the why’s and wherefore’s, because they deny the laws of cause and effect. They are like the jew who never sees his own perfidy, but always blames others for the cause of all his persecutions down through history. There is ALWAYS a reason(s) why, but most cannot see it because they have no place within them for the knowledge of the spiritual. The use of the word genocide carries within it the idea of “no reason for it”. But that’s a crock. The same law/principle is at work in the “genocide” of the white race. “The curse causeless does not come”.

Anyway, Israel waged war on the inhabitants of Canaan; men, women and children were killed and even animals and the land was then taken over by the Israelites. This, taken in it’s entirety was a legal righteous act, for it was directed by God. God does not have the same misplaced sympathetic view of death and destruction that today’s feminized culture has. He kills and makes alive because he owns it all. Man’s opinion does not enter into it.

Of course later on, the Israelites themselves apostasized and took to performing the same conduct of the Canaanites, whereupon God raised up other nations to do the same thing to them that they did to the Canaanites originally. That does not mean the nations God used against apostasizing Israel were necessarily God loving and/or righteous living. All the nations are in his hand to be used according to his purposes.



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