docgreen #fundie

Ok, so all you lefties out there. Have you realized what your doing? I guess you haven’t! Don’t forget that allot of these people are also muslims! Now I’m no Rocket Scientist, but when you hear these Savages say these things, and People Start Killing because of what their saying, you better listen and learn! These Savages have not, are not, and will not be our Friends Ever! Does the Child On the Story not seem like the Brain Washing that islam does with muslim children? Even the PLO does this! Remember the Mickey Mouse Charector Killing the Jews and Christians? Also, do you see What the Bold Writing says? Is this not what Ethnic Cleansing is all about? Did Hitler not want the same thing? And now we see this in islam; muslims hate all Infidels and the NWO is using this to takeover the World! Islam will be the Religion, the Bible tells us about and People will be forced to convert to it! If not, your put to death! And I feel Sorry for gays, lesbians, old, sick, handicap, drug addicted, insane, and all other Religions! Why, they have used you, and now want dead! These people are Heathens and Blood thirsty! Why can’t you see this? And in case you don’t believe what I have said, you may want to read this! What‘s worse than a Country with WMD’S? Terrorists around the WORLD with them! Waiting!

And people question the Bible? 2/3 of Earths Pop. will die from whats c



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