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If Trump doesn't win, then yeah, I'm going to change my affiliation to Independent. Not that it will matter, considering I don't look for the US to be around for long if the Hildabeast is elected. Or if the US still is around, we most likely won't be. Many of Hillary's enemies tend to drop dead, in various "accidents". In addition, if she wins, my guess is that soon it will be a crime to say "Jesus", will be considered treasonous to own a Bible, and just that people will be allowed to worship any god they want, can do the new age thing, the Muslim thing, the Buddhist thing, the Hindu thing, and any thing BUT worship the One True God, and His Son Jesus Christ.

If I were an atheist, that right there would give me pause. The reason there are no secular "issues" with all these religions, and we are forced to bend over backwards to accommodate them all... because they all have one thing in common.... they all worship SATAN. The only God (capital because I'm talking about the one and only God there is), we are not allowed to worship is GOD. Those who proclaim truth are persecuted for it, don't get the same "protection" that all the "religions" do. Hmmmm. I wonder, could that be because TPTB, elite, Democrats, and even many Republicans are threatened in that they know we worship the only One stronger than their master Satan? I'm POSITIVE that is why everyone gets rights but us, why we can't say Merry Christmas, why we can't refuse to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple, etc...



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