Shar #conspiracy

(Boldface mine):

If there is not widespread voter fraud, why won't California and many other states allow their registration rolls to be checked into?

There is a video of people not citizens being forced to register to vote.

I believe it is epidemic, especially when Obama told people they wouldn't get in trouble for voting even if they aren't citizens.

Now they are allowing illegals to vote in some is a gateway to voting in all elections. We were laughed at when we said that is what democrats want. Why do they want this? Because they are bad for our own citizens and losing votes of actual citizens so they have to import others.

The Trump commission had to quit because getting the voting rolls were insurmountable and would have taken litigating every one of these areas. They finally just gave up.

Either you care about not having interference in elections...or you don't. Sharona



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