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What kind of a fool would go to the extent to disable an alarm then go underneath a low riding car to rip the gas lines and yank off the gas pump to vandalize it? See mechanic bill in here. Then to force the driver door open to gain access and open the hood and vandalize the Battery??? If they really wanted to vandalize a car they would have gone for the tires and windows. Disabled the alarm, butchered the gas lines and gas pump, forced door open, nicely open the hood, smashed the battery and leave the rest of the car intact? That doesn't make much sense uh? Never heard of that kind of vandalism before. Uhmmm.... Who would do such a thing? And for what purpose??...
Tadda! I got a witness! When I left my car in the street the alarm went off. The home owner of the house next to my car came out and found few cars parked next to mine and a bunch of innocent looking, church-going, Bush-Loving, Wal-Mart Shopping, Selfrighteous, sinless, pure and spiritual "Community Watch" law abiding citizens (Typical Gang-Stalkers) and asked them what was they were doing to the car. Everyone run to their cars and left in a hurry!... so the homeowner went back into his house. When the Gang of Stalkers returned to do what they were trying to do, they cut off the cables of the alarm. THE REASON THE GAS LINES WERE RIPPED APART WAS THAT THEIR UNLAWFUL HIGH TECH SURVEILLANCE-GPS-MICS AND OTHER DEVICES WERE ATTACHED TO THE GAS LINES. They vandalized the battery because they had to yank off the cables of their power supply. They were in a hurry to remove them because the home owner could come out again and they knew that I HAD NOTICED the car was bugged and first thing that I was going to do in the morning was to sweep the car for High Tech Devices.

Who would leave so much evidence behind? They had to choose the lesser of two problems. They were in a hurry to remove their unauthorized devices, they had to do it in the dark and they had to forcibly remove it. They took whatever the device was attached to (gas Lines and gas pump) with it. If I had captured their High Tech devices. OH BOY, their not-so-secret-society would have suffered a big blow and they knew that! After the incident above, I went to the Police Station twice and I was treated like crap. However, the Distric Attorneys Investigators were very nice and professional.

This is going to be the controvertial and touchy part: The police has a duty to serve and protect EVERYONE equally or at least I would like to think so. I have seen on TV that many people accused of really bad things are being protected with bulletproof vests when they come in and out of the courthouses. What about when the "Todays Heroes/Vigilantes" (Community Watch Organizations) attack other people and break, enter and vandalizes property? Are "Todays Heroes" allowed to act with impunity? If this is the case I would like to join them and turn myself into a "today hero" as well so I can enjoy the same benefits!



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