AMYLPAV22 #fundie

I think this is a brilliant idea. The second Catholics and other churches pay taxes .... all bets are off.

JUST TRY TO SILENCE US. We will have every right to violate the "separation of church and state" clause you bigots wield like a troll with a club. Because you clearly have no problem with the state interfering with the church on confirming the glories of homosex, but heaven forbid the church stick to hear guns and beliefs. And, you know, express them as guaranteed by the First Amendment.

In fact, if we pay taxes, I demand that the Bishops have a seat in every governing body in the United States. After all, we contribute to society, so we should have a voice as big as our tax dollars can buy.

And don't get your undies in a twist: this is YOUR logic.

If we don't pay taxes, we have to abide by the laws of the state. Fine. But when we start paying taxes, we don't have to do anything the state tells us.



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