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Again is some Atheist Superior Mind telling me what to believe. Have you read what I said? In your arrogance you might have missed this:

You should accept the computational theory of mind if you believe in science, because 'mind' stems from physical and chemical processes in your brain. For us hard to calculate or simulate, but in theory definitively possible. If you believe 'you' is something we cannot compute, you believe in a spiritual 'soul' and thus some form of religion.

Did I just tell you and that other Atheist Superior Mind that your consciousness is nothing but a bunch of chemical and physical processes? How could you miss that? Did you see the word 'religion' and stopped thinking and let your Atheist Superior Mind speak for you?

You and him think you believe in atheism and that doing so makes you superior to the stupid people who believe in a man with a long white beard on a hilltop handing out stone tables with rules. I have seen no proof for your supposed superiority so let's keep it at "I'm not convinced."

(I'm trying my best to not start returning the compliment and call you an idiot.)



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