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"...moderate Muslims are too quiet, too reluctant to become a force for reform within the larger Muslim community."

Kinda hard to be zealous when what you're wanting to preach is anti-zealotry: "Come on, people! Take religion less seriously! Tone down that whole 'submission to Allah' thing! Can't belief and unbelief just...I don't know...get along?" Kinda like telling Christians they need to mention Jesus less or take a few Sundays off. What's the appeal? To be more like a secular America? Yeah, there's a moral paragon for you. We can't even tell men from women anymore, and we'd rather kill 800,000 kids a year than discourage or, God forbid, restrict wanton sex. "Be more like us" isn't going to sell to radicals any more than it sells -- or *should* sell -- to moderates.



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