The Arts, Sciences, and Technology would Improve if all Non-Whites were Deported Today

If all non-Italian people were deported overnight, the Italian nation would see massive prosperity. Around 10% of the Italian population is made up of non-white, genetic foreigners who have no place in the nation. With mass deportations, the arts, sciences, and technology would get back on track, as a correlation to more equitable treatment for white people and an increase in the national IQ.

When you have a sludge of non-whites in your country overall trust goes down. For example, very few people in Mestizo-ized countries care about or trust each other. This is why Brazil, Nicaragua, and Afghanistan will remain  national toilets forever. When you have monoracial countries, like Sweden used to be, people tend to help other because they feel like they are part of an extended family. When people trust each other and help each other out, welfare systems, pensions, 401k’s, etc. actually work.

Multiple studies have shown that Italians have the highest IQ’s of any Europeans (, but unfortunately that IQ is being dragged down by the sludge of Africans flooding the country. The average Italian has an IQ of 102, while the average Nigerian has an IQ of 84. If you have a country full of invaders, then all of the smart people begin to flee to other countries where they don’t have to deal with negro violence, or they expend all of their resources trying to stay safe and not towards innovation. We are literally comparing fresh apples to dried up-maggot infested mangos.

In conclusion, the only viable answer is mass deportations now.



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