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Selfishness is an alpha trait. Victor Pride writes:[1]

It takes a selfish man to have a woman or women completely devoted to his happiness.

Alpha simply means ‘to be selfish’. And women love selfish men.

An Alpha is completely unafraid of being selfish.

Alpha literally means ‘first’. It’s a selfish ‘me-first’ attitude.

What does an alpha Lion do? He sits around while the women go out and hunt for him. When they bring the food back what does the alpha Lion do? He eats first. Pretty selfish, huh?

The Lion doesn’t tolerate others eating before him. The best food is his. The alpha Lion doesn’t let other, lesser males mate with his pride. The Lion doesn’t act in a fair and noble manner. The Alpha Lion doesn’t raise other Lion’s children. He’s selfish. And because he is selfish, the Lionesses do everything to make him happy.

Now, I know a lot of guys will say “man, that’s a real douchebag thing to say!” to which I only have one reply: I hope you enjoy jacking off.

Political incorrectness does not make something false.

Women line up for the selfish men. Women run as fast as they can from the guys who aren’t selfish.

Charles Sledge writes, "To be the alpha essentially means to be a man fully and completely. To be dominant, unapologetic, and strong. To never apologize for your masculinity and to always put yourself first. . . . . Put yourself first and the women will come."[2]



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