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[From "Brigham Young Did Nothing Wrong"]

No man, no prophet, has been as divisive as Brigham Young has been on social media save Joseph Smith only
Let us get to the crux of the matter. How could Brigham Young have done nothing wrong? Surely he was a man, he made mistakes, even needed the atonement just like you and I so he must have sinned
In his own words, he was striving, just as we should be, for salvation. He taught it would be up to us as members to be so faithful that he would be removed if he could not live up the standard the church and the Lord set. But he was not removed. He is still the longest-serving president of the Church in our short history

What about his sexism? His racism? His…homophobia? How could he have done nothing wrong? The answer is simple, but it takes faith[…]He was the right man at the right time doing the right job the Lord needed him to do. If the scripture “by your fruits ye shall know them” holds any weight, then truly the fruit of Brigham Young’s tree is bountiful even if a couple of them taste bitter or sour to us today

If we can have the faith that Joseph was a prophet and we can have the faith that Russell M. Nelson is the current prophet, then why can we not see that every man who has been at the head of this church has also been the right man at the right time? It’s not faith in the man[…]it’s faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to lead His Church and select His mouthpieces
Twitter user @jreubenclark has stated, “perhaps ‘Brigham Young has nothing to apologize for’ would be more precise.” While probably true, saying he “did nothing wrong” adds a definitive weight of sustaining and faithfulness to the sentiment

No matter what the world says or the degraded standards it tries to foist on the Church and the Saints, we will decidedly stand with the Lord and His prophet. Brigham Young did nothing wrong