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[From “Mel Gibson’s Letter to Archbishop Viganò”]

Dear Archbishop,

I’m sure you expected nothing else from Jorge Bergoglio

I know that you know he has no authority whatsoever – so I’m not sure how this will effect you going forward- I hope you will continue to say mass & receive the sacraments yourself – it really is a badge of honor to be shunned by the false, post conciliar church

You have my sympathies that you suffer publicly this grave injustice. To me & many others you are a most courageous Hero

As always, you have hit the nail on the head regarding the illegitimacy of Francis. You express the core problems with the institution that has eclipsed the true church & I applaud your courage in expressing that, but more than that in maintaining fidelity to the true church!

You are a modern day Athanasius! I have all respect for the way you defend Christ & his church. I agree with you 100% that the post conciliar church of Vatican II is a counterfeit church. This is why I built a Catholic Church that only worships traditionally. You are welcome to come & say mass there anytime

Of course being called a schismatic & being excommunicated by Jorge Bergoglio is like a badge of honor when you consider he is a total apostate & expels you from a false institution

Remember that true schism requires innovation, something you have not done but something that Bergoglio does with every breath

He, therefore, is the schismatic! However he already ipso facto excommunicated himself by his many public heresies (canon 188 in the 1917 code)

As you already know he has no power to excommunicate you because he is not even a Catholic

So rejoice! I am with you & I hope Bergoglio excommunicates me from his false church also

Bergoglio & his cohorts have the clothes & the buildings, but you have the faith

God bless & keep you. If you need anything just ask I will try my best to help

With admiration & undying respect

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[From “Young Dixie’s Proposals to Combat Feminism in a Free South”]

Upon the agreement of the Young Dixie Executive Board, we have decided to put forward publicly an aggressive platform to defeat feminism in a Free South. The platform below is a work in progress, as we seek feedback from our fellow Southerners

1)Young Dixie seeks a criminal ban on OnlyFans and the seizure of all its assets by a proposed Confederate government. In this measure, we hope to end a parasitic cycle of degeneracy[…]
2)Young Dixie seeks a total ban on abortion initiated on a state-by-state level[…]
3)Young Dixie seeks a ban on “no fault” divorces[…]
5)Young Dixie seeks a total end to alimony, as it is nothing more than legalized theft and violates a man’s honor and rights
6)Young Dixie seeks to raise the voting age for women to 21 years of age, possibly even increased to 29. It should be said, a significant reason for lowering the voting age (in 1971) was that men could be drafted at 18[…]
7)Young Dixie seeks a ban on birth control pills and other associated birth control measures. In this, we seek to reinstate responsibility and consequences to sexual intercourse and decrease sexual promiscuity[…]
8)Infanticide (abortion) will be considered as a capital punishment offence in a Free South. The mother, as well as, any willing accomplice to the act, including the father, medical professionals, and infanticide activists, will be subjected to this judgement[…]
9)Young Dixie seeks to expand the description and definition, including prosecution, of prostitution to include women engaged in commercial pornographic content and thus liable to criminal punishment for prostitution
10)Young Dixie seeks a Southern-wide ban on gender (and racial) based affirmative action schemes in colleges and in the workplace

Ian Gribbin #wingnut #sexist independent.co.uk

A candidate for Nigel Farage’s Reform UK party has claimed the country would have been “far better” off if it had “taken Hitler up on his offer of neutrality” instead of fighting the Nazis

Ian Gribbin, who is standing in Bexhill and Battle, also wrote online that women were the “sponging gender” and should be “deprived of health care”[…]
Mr Gribbin is reported to have posted on the Unherd website in 2022: “Britain would be in a far better state today had we taken Hitler up on his offer of neutrality … but oh no Britain’s warped mindset values weird notions of international morality rather than looking after its own people”

The same month he wrote that the UK should “exorcise the cult of Churchill and recognize that in both policy and military strategy, he was abysmal”

The previous month he criticised women, writing: “Do you think you could actually work and pay for it all too like good citizens?

“Men pay 80% of tax – women spend 80% of tax revenue. On aggregate as a group you only take from society

“Less complaining please from the ‘sponging gender’”

In a separate post, he suggested squaring the inequality “by depriving women of healthcare until their life expectancies are the same as men, Fair’s fair”

In 2021, he wrote female soldiers “almost made me wretch [sic]” and were a “total liability”

In the run-up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he said that President Putin had “shown a maturity of which we can only dream of”

A Reform UK spokesman said: “Through offence archaeology, the BBC has found that Mr Gribbin has made a series of comments about a number of subjects

“They were written with an eye to inconvenient perspectives and truths. That doesn’t make them endorsements, just arguing points in long-distance debates

Marie-Christine Sorin, Sophie Dumont and Agnès Pageard #racist #conspiracy washingtonpost.com

French nationalist Marine Le Pen has executed one of the most extraordinary political rebrandings in the Western world[…]
French newspaper Libération has been compiling an “endless list” of National Rally candidates who have made or relayed “reprehensible remarks” online[…]
Glimmers of racism and antisemitism from National Rally candidates and supporters can bolster the impression that the movement has changed less than its leaders say[…]
Marie-Christine Sorin, a National Rally candidate in southwestern France, posted on X in January that “not all civilizations are equal” and that some “have remained below bestiality in the chain of evolution”[…]
Sophie Dumont, a National Rally candidate in northeastern France, was spotlighted by Libération for a post implying that Jewish financing was behind Reconquest, a rival far-right party led by Eric Zemmour, who is Jewish. Zemmour’s adviser had said that the ritual slaughter of animals to make kosher and halal meat should not be banned in France. “The small gesture that betrays the origin of the funds that fuel Reconquest”[…]
Agnès Pageard, a National Rally candidate in Paris, has advocated for abolishing a law that makes it illegal to question the Holocaust and another that bans “incitement to hatred” against religious or racial groups[…]
Asked about seemingly antisemitic comments from candidates running in this election, National Rally frontman Bardella told French media that the process of selecting candidates for the surprise elections had necessarily been rushed, with “dozens, even hundreds of investitures … made in a few hours.” Never mind that some of the same candidates had run under the National Rally banner in past elections, too

Marcel Bucard Division of Perpignan - French Popular Movement #racist #wingnut #psycho leparisien.fr

[Translation mine]

In mid-June, several residents of Chatoux, in Yvelines, were the targets of racist letters. On Wednesday, it was in Perpignan, in the Pyrénées-Orientales, that Brigitte, 62, received a similar missive with violent remarks, reports Actu Perpignan

The self-employed woman shared this letter on Facebook, dated July 1. “It stinks,” she wrote. But I’m not going to let it happen”

“I would like to write to you today to advise you on an important decision concerning your property,” the letter begins, then referring to the first round of the legislative elections: “The situation in Perpignan has changed considerably”

“It appears that you are no longer welcome in this city,” continues the text, with racist and threatening remarks, which urges the sixty-year-old to “sell her property as quickly as possible”. “Once the sale has been concluded to a family of good native French people, I advise you to prepare your departure for Africa”

“You must realize that your personal well-being and your property are no longer safe because you are no longer welcome today in Saint-Mathieu, where we will, starting in September, carry out a merciless and virulent cleansing of the neighborhood in order to restore the Catalan atmosphere of yesteryear,” we can then read

The letter is signed “La division Marcel Bucard de Perpignan”, named after the founder of the Francoist Movement, a fascist and collaborationist group, shot in 1946, as well as a “French Popular Movement”


spoilerLetter received by the victim. Logo on the letter was used by the fascist and collaborationist French Popular Party

Réseau Libre #wingnut #psycho #racist reseau-libre.org

[From “A (very incomplete) list of lawyers to be eliminated” - Translation mine]


spoilerExecution by guillotine of Urbain Liottard, Louis Berruyer and Octavive David. September 22, 1909

Note: July 4, 3:30 p.m.: The Dumbass-Moretti subversives are outraged and have already filed a complaint. Perfect ! My response to their lawsuit is already online here. Come on guys, a second lawsuit!

To be sent into a ditch or a stadium, these lawyers already declare that they do not respect the verdict of the polls in the event of a victory for the RN

These scum have formed a “Law brigade against the National Rally”, read this hilarious article!

Of course, they are not the only ones, it is the vast majority of lawyers who need to be neutralized. But let's imagine all those on this list found in a bottom of a pit or simply “disappeared”, and fear will change sides! It's high time to put things back in order!

For the record, in 2003 already the black robed vermin had filed a complaint against the sos-racaille website which had dared to publish a list of lawyers defending the vermin. The webmaster of the site was fined 12,000 euros although he was never arrested or even formally identified

History is an eternal rewinding, we are publishing a list of lawyers to be eliminated, we are not formally identified, we will not be arrested, and we may be convicted, who cares!

List of subversives
[Below is a list of name of lawyers along with the bars they're registered with]

MP Daniel Grenon (RN-Yonne) #racist lemonde.fr

The far-right Rassemblement National (RN) party could have done without yet another blunder concerning dual nationals. While party leader Jordan Bardella portrayed himself as the representative of a "true republican front" in the newspaper Le Figaro on Tuesday, July 2, loyal readers of the regional paper L'Yonne républicaine discovered a completely different tone. The Burgundy newspaper had published the transcript of a debate pitting RN incumbent MP Daniel Grenon, who came out on top in the first round of the legislative elections with 40.4% of the vote, against Florence Loury, a Green candidate for the left-wing Nouveau Front Populaire (NFP)[…]The two candidates are set to face off against each other in a duel for the Yonne department's 1st constituency, in the second round on Sunday, July 7. The debate had been held at the newspaper's headquarters in the city of Auxerre the day before

According to the newspaper founded just after France's liberation from Nazi rule, Grenon defended Bardella's promise to ban French people with dual nationality from holding strategic government positions. But he went further: "Some North Africans came to power in 2016, these people have no place in high places." The blatantly racist and discriminatory remark sparked instant backlash. "No one will be able to say they didn't know," Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti warned in a post on X

This infringement of the principles of the French Republic came just a few days after RN candidate Roger Chudeau thrust the measure, which far-right leader Marine Le Pen's party had been trying not to mention openly, back into the spotlight. On Thursday, June 27, the former education inspector had asserted on the news channel BFM-TV that members of the government could not be dual nationals, targeting former education minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem – who is French-Moroccan. "Ministerial positions must be held by Franco-French people, period" he asserted, alleging "a problem of dual loyalty"

David Barton #fundie #forced-birth #transphobia #homophobia #enbyphobia rightwingwatch.org

David Barton will once again serve on the committee responsible for drafting the Republican platform ahead of the Republican National Convention[…]
Barton discussed the upcoming meeting of the platform committee with fellow committee member Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council[…]
“Biblically, that’s just not the way it works,” Barton said. “Scripture is really clear that righteousness exalts a nation … Jesus says, ‘Seek first the kingdom and his righteousness,’ and all this other stuff will get added to you. So one of the things, as Tony pointed out, that we’re really going to work on in the platform is the first twelve chapters of Genesis”

“If you take the first twelve chapters of Genesis, it starts with, ‘In the beginning, God’[…]God is central to everything in the story. So if you’re not acknowledging God, that’s a problem”[…]
“You start with the acknowledgement of God,” Barton continued.” Then as you go, it says that God created man. Well, God created life. So life is an important issue. That is a creation of God. You need to be protecting life; that includes unborn life[…]So that’s a big deal in the first twelve chapters of Genesis. And then it says, ‘And he made them male and female.’ So now we get gender involved in it. Four times it says that God made them male and female, so giving up on gender stuff, or Title IX and letting that go away”[…]
“Then Adam and Eve had children,” Barton asserted. “Now you’re into the family. So you want to protect the nuclear family, you want to protect the traditional family. And then as you continue on, you go through and you get to chapter twelve where …God makes a covenant with [Abraham] and says, ‘You’re going to become a nation, and whoever blesses that people, I’m going to bless and whoever doesn’t bless that people, I’m not going to bless.’ That’s Israel”

“So, when you look at the first twelve chapters of Genesis, you’ve got a pretty good grid there of the first things we’ve got to be looking for”

C.T. #racist westsdarkesthour.com

[From “Dugin & Pepe”]

Watching this interview comes to my mind: How was it possible to enter now into this geopolitical reality: Russia’s new alliance with the new powers of gooks and sand niggers? The sad answer is: because the Anglo-Americans sinned in such astronomical proportions not only in WW2 but in subsequent decades (continuing to defame Hitler and his murdered Reich), that now power is being transferred to non-Aryans!

Imagine the scenario that should have happened: Stalin would have been defeated by Hitler, the Master Plan East would now have eight decades of implementation, and the dragon China would never have been born![…]
In that parallel world, the generous German Reich would allow the US an Aryan empire with a Master Plan South (Latin America), as long as it didn’t conflict with the Eurasian Reich

Indeed, when the last whites are left on Earth before their total extinction, it will be time for great humility[…]
Incidentally, with a well-implemented Master Plan East, there would have been surviving Russians, as long as they resembled Dugin[…]That was clearly in Himmler’s selection plans, as we see in the picture on the left where he was looking at a Polish boy to see if he would be chosen to be raised as a pure Aryan

One thing Dugin said is very true: unlike Asia, the Muslim world and even North Korea, Europe is completely out of the story[…]Germany for example doesn’t have a single notable intellectual. Pepe and Dugin mentioned a handful of intellectuals in the rest of Europe[…]but no more than five

All this is a result not only of WW2 but of how Europeans internalised the Anglo-American anti-Nazi narrative[…]As Dugin and Pepe argue, there is even more anti-American rebelliousness in countries like Cuba and Venezuela, despite being populated by Untermenschen I would add, than in Europe. Precisely for this reason my site alludes to the darkest hour of the West…

Rev. Joel Webbon #racist angrywhitemen.org

On the latest episode of his Right Response Ministries show, Christian nationalist pastor Joel Webbon declared that he was celebrating White Boy Summer — a meme popularized by white supremacists. Webbon claimed that White Boy Summer is about celebrating “Anglo-Protestant culture,” which he called “the best culture”

“And so, with White Boy Summer, part of it — there’s a lot — but part of it is honoring the Western, Anglo-Protestant heritage,” Webbon declared while wearing a pair of Pit Viper sunglasses. “And the reality is this: There is a lot to honor”

The roots of White Boy Summer can be traced back to a music video of the same name by Chet Hanks[…]
Webbon claimed that “Anglo-Protestant culture” is “not only” a “particularly honorable culture,” but that it’s arguably “the best culture,” because “it is the one that for these last 500 to 1,500 years has most closely modeled the Christian worldview”

And he proclaimed that “Not only is it okay to be white, it is good to be white”[…]
But while Webbon acknowledged that White Boy Summer “may have started off with not the best intentions” — and was neither “nefarious” nor “righteous” — he claimed that “it has been sufficiently hijacked by the Christian Right,” meaning he is free to celebrate it

“And so in the same way that Charles Dickens, you know, he would say ‘Bob Cratchit, you know, well I say that this Christmas is merry and I wish you a merry [Christmas],’ I say that this White Boy Summer is a glorious and righteous White Boy Summer,” he said. “And I wish you to be happy and merry upon it”

Unnamed French far-right activists #psycho #wingnut #homophobia #racist swissinfo.ch

Hours after Bardella’s National Rally (RN) party scored big in the European election this month, four men in Paris assaulted a teenager at whom they hurled homophobic and transphobic slurs

The four, who were found guilty and sentenced after the attack, told police they were RN party members and members of the violent far-right GUD group, the Paris prosecutor’s office said

While the interior ministry says it does not have consolidated numbers on such incidents, they offer a snapshot of what rights groups say are a rising number of assaults motivated by race, religion, homophobia, transphobia and political allegiance during campaigning for France’s snap election

The RN says it has no links to violent far-right and neo-Nazi groups. It did not reply to a request for comment about the spate of incidents since the European election[…]
“We’ll smash you, Bardella will win, and it starts now,” Green party activist Olivier Richard recounted the two young attackers as saying. They headbutted him in the face in Bordeaux as he carried pamphlets for the left-wing New Popular Front[…]
“They were sure they were going to win and could do what they wanted. This situation is terrifying”[…]
Political tensions have long intensified ahead of votes in France. But rights groups and activists say something has shifted this time, with violent individuals holding far-right sympathies seemingly feeling emboldened[…]
Michael Colborne, researcher for Bellingcat on transnational far-right networks, said that if the RN was to take power, young men could feel empowered to ‘take matters into their own hands’”[…]
Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has warned of the potential for “extremely strong tensions”. He announced this week he had shut a number of far-right groups, including the GUD[…]
Reuters spoke with four activists and politicians with the NFP left-wing alliance who have been physically or verbally assaulted by RN supporters while campaigning ahead of the vote on Sunday

Grazy Girl and Éric Zemmour #racist brusselssignal.eu

An anti-migrant electro-dance song titled Je Partira Pas (I won’t leave) has taken French social media by storm, despite efforts to ban it

The track, credited to an artist named Grazy Girl, first aired on June 21 during the Fête de la Musique (Music Day) in France

The song quickly went viral on social media platform TikTok, amassing a large following and hitting 47,000 views in three days[…]
TikTok’s bans have not deterred users from re-uploading the track manually. Consequently, it has spread to other social media platforms such as X and YouTube

The SOS Racism organisation filed a complaint against the song on June 27 for “provocation to racial hatred”

Dominique Sopo, President of SOS Racism, highlighted that the lyrics specifically targeted people of Arab or Muslim origin, exemplified by terms including “djellaba” (kaftan) and “Fatma” (an Arabic girl’s name meaning “baby’s nurse”)

The organisation urged the platforms the song appears on to delete them and called on the relevant authorities to take immediate action to have the content removed from those that did not do so and to punish the authors

Right-wing supporters in France have fuelled the song’s popularity[…]
Prominent hard-right public figures have shared the song, labelling it “the hit of the summer”

French hard-right party Reconquête President Eric Zemmour posted a video of himself dancing to the track on X[…]
The anti-migrant anthem also features lyrics such as “good riddance – and don’t come back. As you come, you will leave!”

Marine Le Pen #racist #conspiracy #wingnut entrevue.fr

[See this quote]

The Envoyé Spécial report broadcast Thursday evening on France 2 continues to provoke reactions within the political class. This report, filmed in Montargis (Loiret), with a view to the legislative elections, highlighted a tense neighborhood situation involving supporters of the National Rally (RN)

In an interview published on Saturday June 22 in La Voix du Nord, Marine Le Pen, RN candidate in the 11th constituency of Pas-de-Calais, defended the comments made by a white couple of RN sympathizers towards their neighbor, a black caregiver, Divine Kinkela. The couple used the expression “go to the doghouse”, which Marine Le Pen does not consider racist. She criticizes the Envoyé Spécial report, calling the program "ultra-politicized on the far left" and criticizes the media for not reporting that Divine Kinkela is, according to her, a communist activist with pan-African supremacist beliefs

Marine Le Pen goes on to say that "the question is whether 'go to your niche' is not a popular expression of people who hate each other." She emphasizes that the interpretation of these remarks as being racist is linked to the skin color of the victim, which she finds scandalous. She concludes by accusing the report of leading public opinion to believe that the RN's coming to power would lead to racist behavior

The report shows Divine Kinkela, living in France for 30 years, suffering insults from her neighbors. The man of the couple accuses “the Mustapha, the whatever you want” of “not respecting the customs of France”. His companion, whose face is blurred, takes the caregiver to task by telling her: “We do what we want, we are at home. Go to the doghouse!"

Pierre-Nicolas Nups #racist dailymail.co.uk

A far-Right election candidate in France is facing prosecution for unveiling an election poster reading: 'Let's give white children a future

The slogan is accompanied by an image of a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy, and is in support of Pierre-Nicolas Nups of the Parti de la France (Party of France)

Pascal Schneider, the mayor of Neuves-Maisons near Nancy and one of the biggest towns in the constituency, said: 'This poster is nothing more or less than a rag that sullies the city, the canton, the entire department

Mr Schneider said he had filed a legal complaint with public prosecutors, claiming the poster whips up racist hate

But Mr Nups, who is standing in the 5th constituency of the eastern Meurthe-et-Moselle department, said in retort: 'I approved this poster. It is neither sectarian nor exclusive

'On the contrary, it delivers a positive message, a message of hope for our youth, and nothing else. And if anyone sees anything else in it, it would be a malicious interpretation'[…]
The Parti de la France is an offshoot of the Front National, founded by supporters of Jean Marie Le Pen, but candidates such as Mr Schneider are not being endorsed by the RN

[Below is the poster depicting a blond white boy with the slogan “LEt’s give white whilcren a future”]

U.S. Representative Chip Roy (R-Texas) and chrischownyk #wingnut sacurrent.com

U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, a Republican whose district includes a swath of North San Antonio, called for the "cleansing" of progressives in a rant posted Friday on social media platform X

The GOP congressman, who's made inflammatory comments part of his political brand, fired off the tweet in a defense of Trump's plans to deport some 20 million migrants if elected president. Some on social media have said Trump's plan amounts to ethnic cleansing

"Tell you what – I do want to 'ethnic cleanse' by deporting white progressive Democrats – with a special bonus for rich ones with an Ivy League degree," Roy tweeted. "I really do not like 'those people'"

For what it's worth, Roy earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Virginia and a law degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Not exactly Ivy League, but pretty prestigious schools just the same

Roy's comment came in response to a tweet by Will Stancil, an attorney and research fellow at the Institute of Metropolitan Opportunity in Minneapolis. In his tweet, Stancil railed against Trump's deportation plan

"Deporting 20 million people is absoluletly ethnic cleansing," Stancil wrote. "That's litteraly the population of New York State, or half the Midwest. It's 6% of the whole population! Someone from every classroom, workplace, or street. It's small children, working mothers, whole families"[…]
Either way, a call for "ethnic cleansing" by a sitting U.S. Congressman — even if made in jest — ignited angry responses on X[…]
Even so, some agreed with Roy's remark

"We're with you brother," user @chrischownyk commented. "It's time to take back our constitutional republic"

Rev. Joel Webbon #fundie #homophobia angrywhitemen.org

During a June 12, 2024 livestream, Christian nationalist pastor Joel Webbon defended making homosexuality a capital offense[…]
On his YouTube show, Right Response Ministries, Webbon, along with his co-hosts Wesley Todd and Michael Belch, defended the use of capital punishment for homosexuality. Webbon explained that in the Old Testament, death was often a “maximum penalty” for a crime, but wasn’t necessarily mandated

He likened the situation to a Texas law which made littering an offense punishable by “up to two years in jail and a $5,000 fine.” Webbon remarked that he doesn’t “know anybody in the state of Texas who’s doing hard time for throwing a Coke bottle out the window” as a first offense. However, he suggested it might be necessary for “repeat offenders”

Webbon said that murder was the only crime for which capital punishment was mandated in the Old Testament[…]
“And what does that actually do? We can map it out so easily. Statistically from state to state, where capital punishment is on the books for murder, guess what? There’s less murder”[…]
Webbon said that the Old Testament also made it a capital offense for a child to strike their parents, but that “there’s not even one case that we can find of a child being put to death for dishonoring his father and mother.” He reasoned that this was because children were dissuaded from striking their parents by the threat of death[…]
Webbon said that if a man slept with another man — and there were either witnesses or a confession — there was no guarantee they would be sentenced to death[…]
Last year[…]Webbon wrote that capital punishment for homosexuality is “the just penalty according to God’s Immutable Law”[…]
Michael Belch began reading what he claimed were facts about the LGBTQ community — including their average mortality rates. When Belch claimed that the “median age of death” for gays and lesbians is 42 and 45[…]Webbon joked that it “sounds like if society won’t enforce the penalties, God’ll do it”

Snake Baker #racist #psycho dailystormer.name

[From “Greek Coast Guard Accused of Being Mean to Invaders, Allegedly Killing Dozens of Them”]

These people are invading the country

Under Just War Theory, the military has a right to kill them

(I understand it’s more complicated than that, but actually, it’s not really)

The Guardian

A former Greek coastguard officer has described as “clearly illegal” the actions of colleagues who abandoned nine migrants at sea in one of 15 alleged pushbacks from Greek islands or territorial waters that reportedly killed dozens of people[…]
Two were thrown directly into the water, the man said, including an Ivorian man who said: “Save me, I don’t want to die … and then eventually only his hand was above water, and his body was below. Slowly his hand slipped under”

Yeah, well, buddy, nobody wants to die. Nonetheless, everyone does at some point

I would shed some tears for you, but I stopped buying tissue paper when I learned it was filled with PFAS

Frankly, I don’t know if the Greeks did this stuff or not. I don’t care if they did, and I support it, but I don’t know if I believe it

My thinking is it’s more likely to be made up than not, but also, Greeks are funny people, and the idea that some group in the coast guard was like “let’s start just fucking killing these apes” is not beyond belief

However, no real proof is offered here. These are all just allegations, and they are more or less impossible to investigate, so there is really nothing here to even discuss. The allegations just amount to baseless rumors

Two unnamed neighbours of Divine Kinekela #racist entrevue.fr

This June 21, 2024, the Montargis public prosecutor's office announces that it has taken action following the broadcast of an episode of the flagship program “Envoyé Spécial”, as part of the early legislative elections of June 30 and July 7. The extract in question is the one which shows a couple of supporters of the National Rally covering their neighbor with racist insults: Divine Kinekela, a black caregiver. The couple allegedly threw insults at him like “bonobo” or “we’re at home, go to the doghouse” followed by monkey noises

In a press release, the public prosecutor Jean-Cédric Graux justifies his decision: “The words and behaviors observed could be criminalized as public and non-public insults of a racial nature, public provocation to discrimination and violence without incapacity of a racial nature, the Montargis public prosecutor's office took up these facts” The latter also specifies that the maximum penalty incurred is three years' imprisonment and 45 euros

Three unnamed teenage boys in Courbevoie #racist #psycho france24.com

The suspected anti-Semitic attack in Courbevoie, a northwestern Paris suburb, has sent shockwaves in France in the run-up to a general election that could bring the far-right National Rally to power for the first time

The girl told police she was approached by three boys aged between 12 and 13 while she was in a park near her home with a friend and dragged into a shed on Saturday evening in Courbevoie

The suspects beat her and "forced her to have anal and vaginal penetration, fellatio, while uttering death threats and anti-Semitic remarks", a police source told AFP

Her friend managed to identify two of the attackers

The three boys were arrested on Monday

On Tuesday evening, two of them, both aged 13, were charged with gang rape, anti-Semitic insults and violence and issuing death threats. The pair were taken into custody

The third boy, 12, was also charged with anti-Semitic insults and violence and issuing death threats, but not with rape. He was allowed return home after being charged

Moshe Feiglin #racist haaretz.com

Former Israeli MK Moshe Feiglin quoted Adolf Hitler while commenting on the war in Gaza saying: "We can't live in this land if one Islamo-Nazi remains in Gaza," while speaking to Channel 12 news

Feiglin continued, saying that Jews "are not guests in our own land, it is entirely ours," adding that he wants to "turn Gaza Hebrew"

Feiglin's Zehut party platform in 2019 claimed that once Israelis "adopt their true identity and stop seeing themselves as an occupying force in their own country, the rest of the world will leave the [Israeli-Palestinian] conflict behind and accept our legal sovereignty"

The document further stated the party would "cancel" the Oslo Accords with the Palestinians and offer three options to the "non-Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria," the first would be to leave. Israel, the platform stated, would "enable interested residents to sell their property, and will help them immigrate to the destination of their choice"

Andrew Anglin #sexist dailystormer.name

[From “Afghanistan: Teen Sluts on Suicide Watch After Dreams of Cock Quest Obliterated”]

Afghan teen girls had one simple dream: to travel the world and get fucked by various men they determined to have high status

Now those dreams are being flushed down the toilet like so many used condoms

The Guardian

Just over three years ago, Asma’s* future contained many possibilities. Aged 15, she was at secondary school. After that lay the prospect of university and then onwards, striding forwards into the rest of her life[…]


She begged her parents not to force her into marriage. “When I told them about my studies and dreams, they laughed and said: ‘Since the Taliban has come, girls will never be allowed to study. It’s better to get on with your life and get married’”

Bitch, that goofy shit is over

War’s over

The Taliban won

We’re going back to normal[…]
I kinda think someone at the Guardian just made these stories up

But overall, they are believable

Women do not have rights in Afghanistan, because Afghanistan is run by the most masculine men on earth

They might not have the highest IQs on average, but they have wisdom and discernment

Frankly, it doesn’t take much wisdom or discernment to see that women being involved in public life is an utter disaster[…]
The story of the Taliban is a story of hope for the whole world

The Taliban existing, right now, on the same planet as us, is proof that a better world is possible

What it takes is strong men with determination who do not believe that power comes from voting for the right politicians

Power does not come from voting

Power comes from the bed of a Toyota Hilux

Lauren Chen #homophobia #transphobia #biphobia angrywhitemen.org

BlazeTV host Lauren Chen condemned Pride Month on the latest episode of her online show, Pseudo-Intellectual Live. During an interview with fellow BlazeTV personality Auron MacIntyre, Chen said she wanted America to “be on the list of countries where it is not socially acceptable to signal support for pride”[…]
Referring to Pride Month as “Hell Month,” Chen complained that her birthday falls in June and that the pro-LGBTQ celebrations put “a damper on it.” But she said that “this year pride seems to be a little more subdued than it has been previously,” and asked MacIntyre why he believes that is

MacIntyre blamed backlash after last year’s mass shooting at a parochial elementary school in Nashville[…]
Chen pointed out that car manufacturer BMW once again used rainbow versions of its logo on social media, including X (formerly Twitter). She also claimed that when asked why its Middle Eastern social media accounts don’t do this, BMW responded that it’s not “culturally acceptable” in those countries

Chen called this admission “refreshing” and said she wanted this anti-LGBTQ attitude to expand to other countries, like the U.S

“But, so what I want for America, and for every other Western country, is I want America and Canada and the U.K. to be on the list of countries where it is not socially acceptable to signal support for pride,” Chen said

“That’s what I want for the future. I want it to be like, you know, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, America, Canada — these are places where we don’t want our brand associated with pride because we know the public will reject it,” she added. “Because that’s how — honestly that’s how sick of pride I am. And that is how depraved pride I think has always been”

Charlie Kirk #fundie #homophobia #psycho lgbtqnation.com

Charlie Kirk was discussing children’s YouTuber Ms. Rachel, who was targeted by rightwingers earlier this month because she acknowledged that June is Pride Month on social media[…]
“In Matthew 22, a religious teacher asks Jesus, ‘What’s the most important commandment?'” Ms. Rachel says in the video. “And Jesus says to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself”

“There’s no greater commandments than these, I believe it’s mentioned eight times, love your neighbor”

That made Kirk mad

“I mean, Satan has quoted scripture plenty,”[…]“You love somebody by telling the truth, not by confirming or affirming their sin”

“And it says, by the way Ms. Rachel, you might wanna crack open that Bible of yours, in a lesser referenced part of the same part of scripture is in Leviticus 18 is that thou shall… Lay with another man and be stoned to death,” Kirk continued

“Just sayin’,” he said, smiling as his co-hosts laughed. “So, Ms. Rachel, you quote Leviticus 19, love your neighbor as yourself, the chapter before affirms God’s perfect law when it comes to sexual matters”

He was referring to Leviticus 18:22, which says, “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination,” and Leviticus 20:13, which says, “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them”[…]
In that same podcast episode, Kirk said that being gay is an “error” and compared homosexuality to alcoholism and drug addiction

“It’s very simple,” Kirk said. “So how do you love somebody? You love them so much to correct their error. So let’s just take the Pride conversation out because people think it’s an identification… It’s not, it’s sexual behavior”

“But if you meet an alcoholic or you meet a drug addict, do you affirm their struggle?” he continued. “No! You say, you’re better than this, let’s get you free from that, let’s get you free from that activity”

Laura Wood #fundie thinkinghousewife.com

[From “My Dad Is a “Toxic Narcissist””]

ADAM — I mean, the Adam — was not the ideal father

He messed things up for his children. Big time

He was maybe what is called in today’s parlance a “toxic narcissist.” He chose what suited him, rather than what suited others

He disrespected his own father in the one thing he had requested. In that moment, he said, “You don’t matter. I do.”

It was the ultimate expression of self-will — and ever since the world has suffered imperfect fathers and unhappy children

Only God, the perfect father, would have thought up the right response to this sad reality: God told us we can’t throw fathers away however much they make their children unhappy, displeased or annoyed

He didn’t say, “Honor your father and mother if they are perfect” or “Honor your father and mother if you like them” or “Honor your father and mother if it’s convenient and easy.”

He said, “Honor your father and mother.” Period[…]
One of the saddest things today is that so many people discard imperfect parents when they are old and their imperfections are more apparent than they were in their children’s childhoods. Psychologists are there to help. They cheer on alienation and estrangement. “You deserve to be with people who lift you up,” they say, “not people who make you down.” They applaud and encourage open rejection of a divine command

The common use of the word “toxic” to describe human beings, suggesting that the mere physical presence of these persons is poisonous, is extremely unkind and cruel. I believe its popularity has originated in the commercial interests of psychologists. How convenient and easy it is to be assured you can cut off people you find difficult! Who wouldn’t pay for that advice?

“Narcissist,” while expressing the sad fact that there are more disturbed and selfish people than ever, is so over-used it has become meaningless. Besides, isn’t it narcissistic to discard narcissists?

Andrew Anglin #conspiracy #racist #homophobia #wingnut dailystormer.name

[From “Report: Alex Jones Forced to Sell Infowars to Pay Sandy Hoaxsters”]

No one really knows what this means. In theory, Alex Jones will never be able to make money ever again, and will not be able to keep any of the money he has now

These people will hunt you, they will destroy you[…]
These trials were insane, where Alex was issued default judgements without even being able to present his case. The fact that they were not dismissed in the first place was unbelievable. It is a well known fact that it is virtually impossible for public figures to sue for defamation[…]
The argument was that these “families” of the “dead kids” were somehow not public figures, even though they were in public[…]demanding gun control

Iranian homosexual crime boss Oliver Darcy writes for CNN:

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Thursday moved to liquidate his personal assets, agreeing to demands from the families of Sandy Hook victims whom he owes more than $1.5 billion in damages over his lies about the 2012 school massacre

It’s not proved they were lies

None of this was ever dealt with in court

If Alex would have been able to present the facts of the event in court, the reasons why he had questions as to the veracity of the events[…], most people would have come to the conclusion that it was at least reasonable to be asking questions[…]
Even if he was making millions telling lies, he has a right to do that. It’s not illegal[…]
You might recognize the name “Avi Moshenberg” as a Chinese name

Most of the families of the supposed dead children were also Chinese communists

This was a big Chinese communistic conspiracy against Alex Jones, because he exposed them[…]
I will say again what I’ve said a billion times: when these people come down on you, your only choice is to flee the country[…]
Just for the record: no one died at Sandy Hook

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito #fundie #wingnut rollingstone.com

Samuel Alito spoke candidly about the ideological battle between the left and the right — discussing the difficulty of living “peacefully” with ideological opponents in the face of “fundamental” differences that “can’t be compromised.” He endorsed what his interlocutor described as a necessary fight to “return our country to a place of godliness.” And Alito offered a blunt assessment of how America’s polarization will ultimately be resolved: “One side or the other is going to win”

Alito made these remarks in conversation at the Supreme Court Historical Society’s annual dinner on June 3[…]Comments were recorded by Lauren Windsor, a liberal documentary filmmaker. Windsor attended the dinner as a dues-paying member of the society under her real name, along with a colleague. She asked questions of the justice as though she were a religious conservative

The recording, which was provided exclusively to Rolling Stone, captures Windsor approaching Alito at the event and reminding him that they spoke at the same function the year before, when she asked him a question about political polarization. In the intervening year, she tells the justice, her views on the matter had changed. “I don’t know that we can negotiate with the left in the way that needs to happen for the polarization to end,” Windsor says. “I think that it’s a matter of, like, winning”

“I think you’re probably right,” Alito replies. “On one side or the other — one side or the other is going to win. I don’t know. I mean, there can be a way of working — a way of living together peacefully, but it’s difficult, you know, because there are differences on fundamental things that really can’t be compromised. They really can’t be compromised. So it’s not like you are going to split the difference”

Windsor goes on to tell Alito: “People in this country who believe in God have got to keep fighting for that — to return our country to a place of godliness”

“I agree with you. I agree with you,” replies Alito

Tatsuya Ishida #conspiracy #racist sinfest.xyz

[From “May 16, 2024: Anti-Semitism Awareness Act”]


spoilerPanel 1: Squigley says that “They're making it illegal to say Jews run the world”, to which Slick replies “What?”
Panel 2: Slick asks “I have to take down my neon sign?”, along with a neon sign reading “Jews run the world”
Panel 3: Slick asks “And delete my website”, in front of a Geocities website whose title is JewsRunTheWorld.com
Panel 3: Slick asks “And cancel my daily skywriting?”, along with a sentence airwritten and reading “Jews run the world”

Paul Koppe #racist #conspiracy antihate.ca

A man initially facing 26 charges of mischief relating to posting antisemitic flyers across Ottawa in 2021 has been sentenced to 18 months house arrest followed by two years probation after pleading guilty to the willful promotion of hatred[…]
Koppe’s lawyer had previously asked for a conditional sentence, while members of the city’s Jewish community submitted a letter asking that he receive jail time[…]
In an agreed statement of facts, Koppe admitted to posting a large number of hateful flyers throughout Ottawa’s West End and the suburb of Barrhaven. Typically focusing on high pedestrian traffic areas like large department and grocery stores, posters affixed to lamp posts, mailboxes, trash bins, and more, blamed Jews for the African slave trade, the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, and invoked other antisemitic conspiracy theories

The court also heard how a search of Koppe’s home revealed a collection of Nazi memorabilia[…]
Koppe was 29-years-old when he was arrested on December 8, 2021. He had no criminal record except for a 2016 charge of driving under the influence of alcohol

According to statements from the defence, Koppe lost his job during the COVID-19 lockdowns and began spending long periods of time alone investigating conspiracy theories online

Statements by Koppe read in court claimed his beliefs “started with podcasts about conspiracy theories” during a period of intense despair and anxiety. Mired by feelings of mistrust towards the government, scientists, healthcare providers and media, this eventually led to the “Jewish conspiracy”

Since his arrest, Koppe has been engaged with a psychiatrist as well as the John Howard Society’s Project Reset

The court previously heard the opinion of Dr. Helen Ward, who testified that Koppe “no longer subscribes to any of the beliefs that were motivating him at the time of committing the offences”

Stormer Editorial Board #racist #psycho #wingnut #conspiracy dailystormer.name

[From “Stormer Editorial Board Reiterates Support for One-State Solution in Palestine, Controlled by Hamas”]

Over ten years ago, the Daily Stormer endorsed a one-state solution in Palestine/”Israel”, fully controlled by Hamas

It is time again that the Stormer Editorial Board reiterate this position: the Daily Stormer officially backs a one-state solution to the Palestinian problem, wherein Hamas is installed as the governmental entity of the entire Palestinian territory

It will of course be the decision of the Hamas authorities what they do with the Jewish occupation population, but it is the opinion of the Stormer Editorial Board that the Jews be pushed into the sea

The Stormer also modestly requests that our team be allowed to build a statue of Adolf Hitler in Tel Aviv[…]
The Daily Stormer Editorial Board does not recognize any form of governmental authority in Palestine other than Hamas. That means that we also do not recognize the false authority of the shill Mahmoud Abbas and his fake government, which the Editorial Board recognizes as a Jew shill group designed to pacify the Palestinian people[…]
The Board would like to fully repeat its position that the Jews should be pushed into the sea, but that the Board will fully respect any decision that Hamas authorities choose to take in dealing with the filthy Jew occupiers

The Stormer Editorial Board once again wishes swift victory to Hamas in their battle against the Satanic Jew occupation force

jamesradcylffe #racist #wingnut #conspiracy identitydixie.com

[From “The Indian Question”]

Why are Indians so predominant in leftist movements[…]? Many older conservatives perpetuate the myth that Indians are conservative, as well[…]With the possible exception of Vivek Ramaswamy, even all of the Indian activists on the “Right” are to the left of their White peers[…]
1. They are part of the Coalition of the Ascendant
If you listen to any late 20th century propaganda[…]you’ll hear no shortage of whining about how WASPy something is[…]
Everybody knows a good grift when they see one. The Indians have merely joined in with the blacks, Hispanics, East Asians, and the rest in an attempt to extort tax money from the White middle-class[…]
2. They come from a collectivist culture that operates on shame
In all Eastern cultures, being out-of-line with the group consensus is the easiest way to get yourself exiled[…]
If you see an Indian bending over backwards (this isn’t a yoga joke) to double down on the leftist perspective to the point of absurdity, realize it’s because she’s read the room[…]
3. They feel confident they can maintain dominance over the Coalition of the Ascendant once they obtain power
Indians, particularly the ones in the U.S., are no strangers to ruling over less intelligent, more violent classes. They refer to it as the caste system[…]
They feel confident that they can easily govern a United States composed primarily of blacks and Hispanics as well[…]They’ll no-doubt import their “untouchable” Dalit class[…]History’s on their side[…]
America would resemble India with a colder climate. Nobody wants to live in India[…]
Don’t believe my prognosis? Is it possible to walk down the street anywhere in Mumbai free from rape, robbery, or murder?[…]If you are walking in Bombay, as Mumbai was called during the British Raj, yes[…]
If you can believe[…]that India under Indian rule became unlivable, it shouldn’t be a stretch[…]to believe that America under Indian rule will become unlivable

Vox Day #wingnut #racist #transphobia voxday.net

[From “D-Day, 80 Years Later”]

It just lands a lot differently than it did even 20 years ago. What, exactly, are we supposed to be celebrating these days? Clown World didn’t even preserve democracy or the rule of law


spoilerPicture of a GI smoking a cigarette captioned with “Y'know, speaking German sounds a whole lot better than a transexual mulatto grandkid…”

But at least our grandfathers paid the price to bring them freedom…

German police search 70 homes of people who posted hateful comments online

Never mind

Tatsuya Ishida #racist #conspiracy sinfest.xyz

[From “June 7, 2024: Zionist Radfems”]


spoilerPanel 1: Monique is reading on her smartphone while wondering “Why are so many Radfems pro-Israel”, “All the big TERFs are Zionists” and “How? Why?”
Panel 2: A mustachied man wearing overalls and a red cap answers “Jews”, and Moniste says “What?”
Panel 3: The man says “Jews take over all movements”, “Get promoted in Jewish media” and “To push a Jewish agenda”
Panel 4: Monique says “That's ridiculous”, “Can't be true”, “…” and “Can it?”

Elvis Dunderhoff #homophobia #sexist #psycho dailystormer.name

[From “Taliban Publicly Flogging Sodomites, Sluts, Thieves”]

Unlike every other faggot government, the Taliban doesn’t play games

They don’t arrest you for a crime and then say “here, let me give you a quick blowjob before I release you back onto the streets to do even worse crimes”

The Taliban will crush you

The Guardian

The UN has condemned the public flogging of more than 60 people, including more than a dozen women, by the Taliban in northern Sari Pul province[…]
Taliban’s supreme court confirmed the public flogging of 63 people, including 14 women who had been accused of crimes including sodomy, theft and immoral relations. They were flogged at a sports stadium

Here is the basic fact: the Taliban is the basic model for every government on earth

Every government should send delegations to the Emirate of Afghanistan, and learn the ways of the Taliban, and then run their government like this

The Taliban is the only entity on earth that has figured out how to effectively run a government

Joel Davis and Elijah Schaffer #racist #conspiracy #wingnut #psycho angrywhitemen.org

Elijah Schaffer once again spoke with Australian Neo-Nazi Joel Davis[…]
Davis told Schaffer that he looked forward to visiting America so he can perform a Nazi salute[…]and purchase a gun. He also said that Americans need to own firearms[…]
“My girlfriend is an American,” he said. “And I say, when she’s in America, I’m like ‘Take your gun, like, in the car,’ you know? Because what if you pull up at a gas station and like some nigger walks over and tries — you know, like…”

Schaffer revealed that he owns guns for that same reason, saying, “I bought my guns to protect myself from Black people. And that’s not a hateful thing to say. It’s like my — well experience is I’ve been a victim of many crimes, okay, like in L.A., and they were all at the hands of Black people and one was Hispanic”

He also claimed to have advised his wife to “stay out of Black neighborhoods” and “avoid groups of Black people,” because “your chances of being involved in a serious violent crime … probably goes down near 100%”

Davis[…]said that “Americans need to be aware of” the “Indian problem, the pajeet question”[…]“the largest non-white ethnic group in Australia are Indians”

“And they’re able to, they’re not [gonna be] 2% of the population, they’re gonna keep growing and growing and growing like a virus, consuming all these tech companies”[…]
Schaffer asked Davis whether he is for or against Adolf Hitler[…]
Davis called himself “pro-Hitler,” and said that our current society, which opposes Nazism, “produces trannies, and infinity brown people, and women police officers that can’t do their job, and, like, a divorce rate over 50%, and the economy going to shit, and so on”

Davis openly longed for the years prior to World War II, when “every white country was racist,” and said what the Allied Forces “stood for was wrong”[…]
He also told Schaffer that Hitler “saw liberal democracy as weak and incapable of defending Western civilization against communism and against degeneracy”

Vox Day and Karl Denninger #racist #dunning-kruger #pratt voxday.net

[From “The Lethality of Low-IQ Demographics”]

Karl Denninger is not at all sanguine about the future of a United States that has lost an average 10 IQ points or more since 1965:

You need about a 115 IQ to build and maintain modern civilization

Examples? Too many to count. How about Flint’s water system?[…]
Why didn’t it poison kids for the previous 80 years?[…]
Is lead a great material for water feed pipes? Depends on when. Today, no. HDPE is better in all respects[…]
But 80 years ago it didn’t exist

Lead did. And it too can tolerate a modest amount of movement[…]It self-protects almost-immediately[…]
Now put an acidic water supply down it and that layer is destroyed with the lead leaching into the water

The 115+ IQ people who built and ran the water plant at Flint all those years knew this, and knew how to keep it safe[…]
Then Shaqueena, or her analog with a <115 IQ took over. And changed the water source. And, at the same time, didn’t check and make sure the chemical and pH balance remained correct because the intellectual firepower to do so was simply no longer there[…]
Would you use a lead service line today[…]? Of course not. But is it unsafe? Not as long as the people running the plant are of sufficient intelligence[…]

The same problem that is presently afflicting the USA is about to hit the UK and Europe as well. It’s not noticeable at first, because it doesn’t matter if your kebab sellers, taxi drivers, and other common immigrant occupations are filled by newcomers with lower IQs than the natives

But once the second and third generations start competing with the natives, and outcompeting them thanks to DEI initiatives and shameless ethnic nepotism, the lower-IQ effect hits with a vengeance[…]
Translation: US infrastructure is going to rapidly decline to the Mexican level. Northern European infrastructure is going to rapidly decline to the US level

Laura Wood #homophobia #dunning-kruger #pratt thinkinghousewife.com

[From ““Gay” Chorus Mocked Victims of Homosexual Predation”]

A LITTLE recent history for “Pride Month:”

In 2021, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus made fun of the millions of victims of homosexual predation in their musical video featuring the song, “We’ll Convert Your Children”

The connection between homosexuality and pedophilia has been known for thousands of years and has been abundantly confirmed by recent studies:

Of 86 – 88 million heterosexual men, 9 percent of them victimized 8 million girls under age 18, which constitutes 25 percent of all girls. An uncertain percentage of the estimated 2 million homosexual men victimized 6-8 million boys, under age 18, amounting to 17 – 24 percent of all boys. Therefore, considered in the aggregate, 3 to 4 boys are sexually molested per homosexual adult male. Only .09 girls are sexually molested per heterosexual adult male, which is to say that, on average, 1 in 11 heterosexual males victimizes a girl under 18

Further corroborating these findings, the Journal of the American Medical Association published the following facts: 50 percent of male AIDS victims reported having sex with an adult male by the age of 16. 20 percent of male AIDS victims had sex with an adult male by age 10. (Source)

Nevertheless, the chorus made fun of the idea that homosexuals create homosexuals through child abuse

The many young people whose lives have been decimated, who have turned to suicide or drugs, who have never had children of their own, all because of homosexual predation, which used to be private but now comes from schools, the government and popular culture, are of no concern to the selfish and the self-absorbed

Lewis Dovland #sexist #wingnut #enbyphobia #conspiracy #fundie americanthinker.com

[From “Why American Women Should Want Their Own Harrison Butker”]

If you are female, would you prefer a Harrison Butker type as your life partner? Or would you prefer to share your life with a man-bun wearing, scraggly bearded, non-binary person complete with all the leftist jargon and chock-full feelings?

Butker’s comments at the graduation ceremony for Benedictine College, a Catholic institution (where he gave a Catholic message)[…]has Democrats in a tizzy[…]
Nature made men and women different from each other in a perfect and complementary yin/yang design[…]
Men are simpler creatures (just ask any wife) and are not known for deep emotions on a regular basis. When societies refocus a man’s reproductive and power drives into beneficial application (usually through culture and religion), their ingrained nature makes them natural providers for their offspring[…]
A man’s natural focus is problem solving, which is why women get frustrated when they bring an issue to their husbands and then he immediately goes into “problem solving mode”[…]
Think of men as visually horizontal[…]Ready to step forward to[…]provide food and shelter. Women on the other hand are visually vertical, spiritually looking up[…]always on guard to protect and nurture[…]
Would you like to have Harrison as your husband? Would you like to have the life freedom of Harrison’s wife?[…]
Since the 1970s, Gloria Steinem days—as still seen in today’s COSMO (which is truly unreadable dreck)—the “women’s movement” of sexual liberation (Marxism designed to collapse the family structure) and the alleged emancipation of women have done women great harm by telling them they can be all things[…]
America needs to find its supply of testosterone. We need to stop the emasculation of our young boys by our K-12 educational system. Male weakness, especially over the past 30 years, is a key reason for the cultural dysfunction that is killing the family, religion, and eventually the American experiment

Dmitry Suslov #wingnut #psycho rt.com

[From “Dmitry Suslov: It’s time for Russia to think about a ‘demonstrative’ nuclear test”]

There’s every indication that the US and several of its allies may soon allow Ukraine to use Western weapons, including long-range missiles, to attack targets located within – how do we put this? – Russia’s internationally recognized borders. Or those that existed before the 2014 Maidan in Kiev[…]
Such a decision would take the conflict to a fundamentally different level, would mean the erasure of one of the brightest “red lines” that has existed since February 24, 2022[…]
There are at least two reasons why the West is now discussing abandoning this principle. The first and main one is the increasingly difficult position of the Ukrainian army on the battlefield[…]
The second reason is Russia’s unwillingness to escalate relations with the West each time it crossed a ‘red line’ and became more involved in the conflict[…]
Thus, the West has come to believe that the cost of Kiev’s defeat is far greater than the risks of a direct military confrontation with Russia, as a result of allowing Western weapons to strike deep into its ‘old’ territory[…]
This logic can inevitably lead to World War III[…]
In a few months (or maybe even weeks), the same logic will be applied to stationing regular Western troops[…]
According to even the current Russian nuclear doctrine (certainly a ‘peacetime’ doctrine in need of tightening), such a scenario would amount to official grounds[…]
To confirm the seriousness of Russia’s intentions and to convince our adversaries of Moscow’s willingness to escalate, it is worth considering a demonstration (i.e. non-aggressive) nuclear explosion. The political and psychological effect of an atomic mushroom cloud, broadcast live on all the world’s television channels, will hopefully bring back to Western politicians the one thing that prevented wars between the great powers after 1945, and which they have now largely lost – the fear of nuclear war

Stew Peters #wingnut #conspiracy #psycho angrywhitemen.org

White nationalist broadcaster Stew Peters has a history of bigoted and violent rhetoric[…]
And on Friday, Peters made his first appearance on Rumble’s Fresh & Fit Podcast — a show hosted by antisemitic manosphere influencers Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes[…]
Peters told Gaines and Weekes that the U.S. “hasn’t seen a violent insurrection yet,” and told them that “if everybody that was in Washington on January 6 brought guns and really wanted to overthrow the government” they would have succeeded

Peters falsely claimed that the violent, armed mob that stormed the Capitol was “peaceful” until they were “provoked by agent provocateurs.” In response, co-host Walter Weekes said that if the crowd was armed with guns it would have been used as an excuse to confiscate Americans’ firearms

“And it’s comin, by the way,” Weekes added

“Okay. Yeah. It is coming. Until it’s not a one-off, but it becomes a national mantra that we’re not giving up our guns,” Peters said. “Like, if the feds come for my guns, I’m gonna shoot the feds. ‘Kay? And I’m going to die in a hail of gunfire. Because I’m not giving up my guns. Are you?”

Peters went on to say that if he’s a “one-off,” then the headlines would read “Crazy white guy, white nationalist, Nazi-sympathizing, Hitler-praising, far-right shock jock Stew Peters dies in hail of gunfire with the FBI”

But he said that if everyone else refuses to give up their guns, “then we become a formidable opponent to an infiltrated and weaponized Department of Justice and law enforcement apparatus that has openly declared war on the American people”

Peters also chastised people in the Rumble chat who thought this sounded “crazy”

Tatsuya Ishida #racist sinfest.xyz

[From “May 30, 2024: Auslander Raus”]


Panel 1: A man wearing lederhosen and a woman wearing a dirndl are dancing. Above them is a caption reading “Ausländer Raus” in Fraktur
Panel 2: A redhead man is wearing green clothes and is dancing. Above him is a caption reading “Ausländer Raus” in Celtic font
Panel 3: A Pepe is doing some DJ while three other Pepes are wearing urban clothes and are dancing. Above them is a caption reading “Ausländer Raus” in a pseudo-Disco style
Panel 4: A man is wearing a keffieh and is flying a Palestinian flag. Above him is a caption reading “Ausländer Raus” in a pseudo-Arabic font

Michael Letts #wingnut #conspiracy americanthinker.com

[From “Texas got it right in self-defense case”]

It’s always frustrating to see a case surrounding a man who’s clearly innocent — in this particular matter, simply acting on self-defense

Daniel Scott Perry was a former U.S. Army sergeant working as an Uber driver[…]A Black Lives Matter mob surrounded him suddenly, rushing “to obstruct, strike, pound, smash and kick his vehicle”[…]
Perry acted quickly, drawing his handgun and firing on Foster in self-defense[…]
Unfortunately, due to a district attorney who was backed at the time by police-hating billionaire George Soros, Perry was found guilty of murder and spent the past few years in prison — all over a self-defense matter surrounding a hateful mob that would stop at nothing to hurt those who disagreed with them[…]
Thankfully, this particular case does have a happy ending

Texas governor Greg Abbott issued a full pardon for Perry, making him a free man[…]
What this means is that the board was fully aware that Perry was wrongfully convicted, when he was simply defending himself against a hateful mob. That didn’t stop Travis County district attorney Jose Garza from slavering after a murder conviction, believing that it was more of a “hate crime”[…]
Abbott, alongside the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole, noted that “rather than upholding the self-defense rights of citizens, [Garza] has prioritized ‘reducing access to guns’ that citizens may use to lawfully defend themselves”

What’s more, Garza “directed the lead detective investigating Daniel Scott Perry to withhold exculpatory evidence from the Grand Jury considering whether to report an indictment”[…]
I’m thrilled to see that justice has finally been served. Why stop here? This matter should easily pave the way for an investigation to take place surrounding Garza’s actions and how he manipulated a lead detective. For that matter, it probably wouldn’t hurt to see what kind of financial support he received from Soros on the matter

Kaisar #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #homophobia #transphobia #fundie hiddendominion.com

[From “End Results From Winning World War 2”]

Sometimes it is useful to look at the ramifications—the actual, tangible end results—from any event to determine if it was actually a net positive

The West supposedly “won” World War 2. So what were the fruits of that victory?

spoiler"Winning" WW2
•country becomes borderless economic zone
•infinite debt slavery
•infinite immigration
•culture erased
•6 y/o son becomes your daughter
•15 y/o daughter becomes "s*x-worker"
•govt & media call you evil for existing
•you get thrown in jail for asking why

Don’t forget to add:
•Increasing hatred of the races/nations that actually “won” the war
•Complete loss of kin/community because of individualism
•Proliferation of soyboy and industrialized foods
•Widespread demoralization
•State-enforced laws against whites
•Complete loss of true religious faith in the mainstream
•And plenty of others

Sounds kind of like a bad tree bearing bad fruits, doesn’t it?

We sure acquired material abundance here in the States from that war. But given the spiritual decay and massive cultural degeneration that the abundance came wrapped in, I think I would have preferred poverty, truthfully. At least then we’d still have our national soul
@Matthew 16:26

For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?[…]

Just replace “man” with “civilization”. The West[…]certainly won the whole world from that war

As Christ asked, what was the profit? Sixty-ish years of prosperity and abundance?

Maybe I’m radical, but the prosperity we had for those sixty-some years does not quite seem worth the above degeneration list[…]
We made that Faustian trade. Looking back, it sure does not seem worth it. These end results are worse than anyone that actually fought that war back then could have ever imagined

Vera Oredsson and Mourning the Ancient #wingnut #homophobia #racist #conspiracy mourningtheancient.com

This interview is with[…]Vera Oredsson[…]Participated in the great rallies that we can only dream of[…]
[Mourning the Ancient]Can you tell us any important memories you have of living in Germany during the Third Reich?
[V]My greatest uplifting memory I have is from May 1st, 1938 in the Berlin Sportpalast[…]We who formed the white background were a bit envious – but the sun came ---- and the FÜHRER – what an ovation[…]Berlin was a terribly immoral den of pedophiles and gays mixed in with the symptoms of the unemployment and the Communist assault[…]
Goebbels made Berlin a safe, moral city – and did so FAST. Life-affirmation through Adolf Hitler came back[…]
[MtA]You took over leadership of the Nordic Reich Party[…]Can you tell us what it was like being Sweden's first female party leader?
[V]I didn't take over the leadership, but Göran gave it to me surprisingly during a ceremony at the statue of Charles XII[…]My National Socialist conviction occured through my experiences in Germany[…]while Göran was BORN a National Socialist[…]We were a team for 48 years – until skeletal cancer took Göran[…]It is the fault of Democracy[…]Pesticides were forbidden in NS Germany and the factories moved to other countries like Sweden[…]
[MtA]When I saw the quote in your interview with ETC in 2014[…]('I am a National Socialist to the grave'), it gave me strength[…]
[V]My NS belief I retained due to all the lies and false propaganda in movies among other things[…]For example: The lie being spread that Hitler wanted to take over Poland[…]
[MtA]Have you had any experiences where you have been treated badly for your political beliefs?
[V]Certainly we have shared our part of being hated[…]
[MtA]Things have changed drastically[…]since WW2. How do you see the future of the world? Will it get worse before it gets better?
[V]Certainly I am worried! Sweden especially is in the danger-zone of the greatest degree through the Jewish-imposed trend of miscenegation and immigration of Muslims

Elvis Dunderhoff #homophobia #wingnut dailystormer.name

[From “Watch: Russian Schools Giving Students Shooting Lessons While Americans Learn Anal”]

It sucks America is not more like Russia

America could actually be a much better version of Russia if we were simply not fat pieces of shit


Fourteen-year-old Russian schoolboy David learned something new this month: firing accurately with a Kalashnikov is trickier than with a pistol

With other pupils, he got to try out the weapons as part of basic military training – a feature of the school programme that was dropped in the final years of the Soviet Union but has been reintroduced since the start of Russia’s war in Ukraine[…]

Would you want your kids learning this?

Or how to get rimmed?

For me, it’s not a hard question to answer, but I guess it’s a real stumper for some folks

Stew Peters and Sean Hibbeler #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger #fundie angrywhitemen.org

Stew Peters recently unveiled the trailer for his network’s latest propaganda film. Titled Old World Order, it promotes the so-called “Tartarian Empire”[…]
And any evidence for this race of giants was — of course — either destroyed or covered up by wealthy elites, such as the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds

The trailer shows photos of ornate buildings, including the Milan Cathedral, the Chicago Federal Building, the U.S. Capitol, and the Palace of Justice of Brussels. It then cuts to various people who claim that these buildings appear too large to have been built by “people of our height”[…]
After the trailer, Peters interviewed the film’s director Sean Hibbeler — a flat earther and 9/11 truther[…]Hibbeler claimed that the film serves as an “introduction to this psyop,” because while people may have heard of “Tartaria,” it was only “one of many empires that were hidden from us”

He explained that “we didn’t build” the buildings highlighted in the film, but rather “found” them

“If you look at some of these older buildings in your community, will actually say — will actually admit some stuff, Stew. It’ll say ‘founded in 1898,'” Hibbeler said. “Okay. Alright, I’ll take that. But then when you go on their website it says it was constructed in a year. The timelines don’t make any sense, Stew”

As applied to buildings, the word “founding” refers to when the foundation was constructed[…]
Hibbeler claimed that elite figures want to prevent us from knowing about the existence of giants and their technological achievements — particularly being able to harness energy from the “ether”[…]
The second reason for the cover-up[…]was to keep people from believing in creationism

“But real quick on the giants, you can’t have Darwinism, you can’t have evil-ution, you can’t have Big Bang with giants,” Hibbeler said[…]
But what about photos of buildings from the 20th century while they were clearly under construction? Hibbeler told Peters that those were all faked too

Kaiser #sexist #elitist #fundie #wingnut #homophobia hiddendominion.com

[From “Should Women Be Allowed To Vote?”]

I had two voting-related questions come up[…]
•What are your thoughts on women voting?
•What would voting look like in your ideal system, if at all?[…]

What are your thoughts on women voting? Should women be allowed to vote?

My answer is no
“Why Not?” is explained in answering #2

What would voting look like in your ideal system, if at all?

If we’re going to have voting at all in our future political system, the voting system itself needs to change to have these two new components:
The voting system must be oversight voting, not direct voting or representational voting. I.e., we should not vote directly for leaders or laws[…]
Voting must be done solely by families[…]
••To get a vote, one must be married with kids (in a traditional Biblical marriage)[…]
••Divorced? Lost the vote. Single parent? No vote[…]
••Families should only get one vote. A family should be in consensus or it shouldn’t be voting, anyway. Since the Bible says that the man is the head of the household, he should fulfill the family vote requirement. This renders women voting moot[…]
This process is similar, but more formal and voting-based, to how the average people “overseen” the monarchy in many nations during Christendom[…]They “overseen” through rioting, financial rebellion, or other pushback methods against the king. This kind of voting system is a simple way to get that same outcome without the old Middle Ages bloodshed[…]
With this, we could return to the last time our civilization was working well (Christendom). But we’d still be able to incorporate a hedge against totalitarianism[…]
We don’t have to have voting, but I’d prefer it if we structured it like this. Oversight voting by family is the way to go[…]
My sympathies in advance to all those who will be offended: Single men, women, sodomites, the divorced, and everyone else alike. This position may seem “extreme”

Narendra Modi #god-complex businesstoday.in

In a bid to secure a historic third term as Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is leaving no stone unturned in his extensive campaign efforts during the ongoing Lok Sabha elections

In an attempt to increase support for his Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), PM Modi has been actively engaging with various media platforms and news channels to counter the fervent opposition and highlight the accomplishments of his government over the past ten years

During a recent interview with News18, Modi, who is seeking re-election from the Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency, reflected on his intensified electoral activities and work routine in comparison to the 2019 polls

In a candid moment, he shared, “When my mother was alive, I used to believe that I was born biologically. After she passed away, upon reflecting on all my experiences, I was convinced that God has sent me. This energy could not be from my biological body, but was bestowed upon me by God...whenever I do anything, I believe god is guiding me"

Modi's comments came during his visit to Varanasi on May 14, where he is contesting the election in a bid to secure victory in one of the 543 constituencies being contested nationwide

Kaisar #conspiracy identitydixie.com

[From “Dead Internet Theory”]

Nearly everywhere you go on the internet, if you see “users” or “comments” engaging with one another, a significant chunk of it is 100% fake

It is all being placed there to program you into believing a false narrative[…]
Here is one such example from Reddit (two different posts, two different time periods, two entirely similar comments sections)[…]
All of those accounts are bots posting using Artificial Intelligence and programmed scripts[…]
The same thing happens in most comment fields of mainstream news (even right-leaning ones like ZeroHedge or Epoch Times)

It even happens with Twitter[…]
It’s all fake and gay to manufacture consent from the masses

I bet there are about nine fake accounts for every one real account online nowadays. Those nine accounts manufacture the likes/favorites and ratios of what goes to the top[…]
This has been true for at least five years, likely about eight

This isn’t news to some of you who have heard of Dead Internet Theory[…]
A good place to start learning is Wikipedia. They claim it is a conspiracy theory, which means you already know it is actually a conspiracy fact[…]
Don’t believe a single narrative you read online[…]The internet is fully compromised territory at this point. It’s only going to get worse with hardline, workable public AI now

But hey, for us older folks, at least you got to enjoy a time when it wasn’t like this. When they were still training the bots. We saw all of this coming with the stupid Twitter “i hate texting” bot failures, but now the bots don’t have those public failures anymore. Not because they are gone, but because they are too advanced to catch most of the time now. They blend in too easily

And at least you still have my website[…]
It is sad but true: The golden era of the internet is over

Maximilian Krah #wingnut bbc.com

A top far-right German politician says he will pull back from campaigning for the upcoming EU elections - although he will remain his party's lead candidate

The latest controversy comes after the Alternative for Germany (AfD)'s Maximilian Krah told journalists that SS members weren’t automatically "criminals"

"It depends. You have to assess blame individually. At the end of the war there were almost a million SS. Günter Grass was also in the Waffen SS," he told La Repubblica and the Financial Times, referring to the German novelist who wrote The Tin Drum

"Before I declare someone a criminal, I want to know what he did"[…]
In response to the remarks, France’s far-right National Rally (RN) announced it would no longer sit with the AfD in the European Parliament

RN leader Marine Le Pen told French radio that "it was urgent to establish a cordon sanitaire"[…]
The RN had distanced itself from the AfD following revelations about the German party holding a secret meeting in a villa on a lake outside of Berlin where mass deportations of non-ethnic Germans - including German citizens - were allegedly discussed[…]
Mr Krah has been under pressure in the lead-up to this year's EU elections, which will take place between 6 and 9 June

In April, one of his staffers was arrested by German police on suspicion of spying for China[…]
The AfD has slipped in the polls this year. But the party is still polling second or third nationwide, and first in some states due to vote in local elections later this year

Tatsuya Ishida #conspiracy #racist sinfest.xyz

[From “May 21, 2024: Illuminati Starter Kit”]


Panel 1: Slick is reading a letter he received: “Congratulations! You have been accepted into the Illuminati”
Panel 2: A female green devil is showing a book whose cover features the Eye of Providence. She says “Enjoy your Illuminati starter kit”
Panel 3: The kit includes a “vial of adrenochrome”, a “Masonic pin”, a “sex orgy mask” and a “personal Jewish handler”
Panel 4: Slick is in a villa, wearing an aristocratic dressing gown, drinking a glass of adrenochrome, with dollar notes raining down from the ceiling as his Jewish handler stands behind him, clutching his hands and grinning like a hag. He says “I can afford groceries now”