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The far-right Italian party Brothers of Italy, tipped to win Sunday's election, has suspended one of its candidates for praising Adolf Hitler on social media

In a 2014 Facebook post, Calogero Pisano, a party co-ordinator in Agrigento in Sicily, compared party leader Giorgia Meloni to "a great statesman of 70 years ago"

He added that he was referring to a "German" and not Benito Mussolini[…]
Ms Meloni has been trying to distance the Brothers of Italy from its neo-fascist roots[…]
Mr Pisano also expressed support for Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Italian news agency Ansa

Ruth Dureghello, the president of Rome's Jewish Community, criticised the comments, saying "the idea that someone who hails Hitler could sit in the next parliament is unacceptable", Ansa reported

Founded in 2012, Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d'Italia) has its political roots in the Italian Social Movement (MSI), which emerged from the wartime dictator Benito Mussolini's fascism. The party maintains the logo of post-war far-right parties: the tricolour flame, often perceived as the fire burning on Mussolini's tomb

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[From "National Capitalism and Sanctions on Russia"]

The Global American Empire thought sanctions would ruin Russia[…]Formerly talking weeks, now talking years

The Russian economy has, according to statistics, been knocked down ten or twenty percent[…]The question is, is it, like the ruble, bouncing back, or going over a cliff?[…]
The effect of the sanctions has been to impose National Capitalism on Russia from outside

A modest dose of national capitalism worked great for the Trump economy. It spectacularly industrialized South Korea
National Capitalism defined
National Capitalism is self sufficiency in the organization of people for production, and self sufficiency in the skills and equipment needed for production, that relies on internal free markets and supports local businessmen[…]
If the skills and equipment needed for producing one thing are in your country, rather than in a foreign country, production of that thing has large beneficial externalities, making it easier for others of your people to produce other things, creating opportunity and incentive for the talented among your people[…]
So how is this working out for Russia
A builder in the middle of a one horse town found that nails and screws were unobtainable or absurdly expensive[…]
According to Global America Economists, that builder is now going to stop building[…]What he did instead of building was go to China and buy a self contained computer controlled machine that turns metal into nails and screws[…]
If millions of Russians are doing something similar[…]long term effect will be to create Russian skills and jobs[…]
When the McDonalds franchise pulled out of Russia. The former franchisees organized a new franchise[…]Which means that Russians are a whole lot less likely to be forced to watch black people, mixed race couples, transexuals, and faggots, eating burgers on television

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[From "Russia: Women and Faggots Arrested at Anti-Mobilization Protest"]

The sluts and faggots who are protesting should immediately be transferred from jail to the front lines in Kharkov. That is just obvious

If people don’t want to fight, then they don’t deserve the protections a state offers. The conflict in the Ukraine is not an elective military campaign like the US missions in Iraq and Afghanistan – this is an existential fight for Russia, and people who aren’t willing to stand with the troops are an existential threat to the country


Hundreds of people have taken to the streets of Moscow and several other Russian cities on Wednesday to protest a partial mobilization[…]

This is what Russia has wrought by allowing the American media to infiltrate their country

The Ukraine has spend the time since 2014 being totally saturated in American propaganda – and Russia has allowed the same to happen in their country, really for no reason

Russia now has an obvious fifth column in the form of these women and various homosexuals. If they would have stopped Twitter and Facebook in 2014, when the Ukraine shut off all Russian influence, they would be in a much better position, and these freak people would basically not exist in Russia at all

That said, it does appear that the revolters are a very small fraction of the population. Activating the reserves for active duty and deployment to a war zone is a very major act by Russia, and if the opposition can only rally a few hundred people in response, they are a flaccid and inept body

On the whole, the Russian people are 100% behind Putin and his defensive actions against Western belligerence[…]
I was just joking above, but people are reporting that the protesters are being handed summons to report to a military enlistment office while in jail

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[From "Behavioral characteristics common in Black people"]

Lack of empathy[…]
Near or total lack of empathy[…]It seems as though they simply don't care that their actions might hurt others. The stereotype of anger and hostility in Black people dates back to the 1600's[…]
Pathological lying
Black people are often characterized as having a lifelong history of lying[…]While a majority of lies are goal-oriented and told to obtain external benefit, or to avoid punishment, i.e. "dindu nuffins," when it comes to Blacks, lies often appear purposeless[…]
Disregard for right and wrong
Black people generally have no regard for boundaries[…]Black people often lie, cheat, steal, break laws and are in constant legal trouble[…]Black people often do whatever comes naturally to any wild ape and thus make decisions based solely upon self-interest[…]
Black people tend to act first, without considering the consequences. They appear to have nothing on their minds, beyond this exact moment[…]
We've all seen the daytime TV shows featuring fat Black women who drag dozens of Black men on stage, desperate to determine which one of the many "be da baby daddy." Usually it's none of them[…]
Black people often act as if they're above those around them[…]
Black people are often found to be psychologically and verbally abusive[…]
Low intelligence[…]
A person is considered intellectually disabled if they have an IQ of less than 84 points, with half the Black population falling within that range[…]
It becomes painfully obvious that Black people are a unique sub-species, one which is rife with harmful or detrimental characteristics, most of which are best suited only for survival in Africa. Blacks clearly are not suited for living in modern civilizations

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[From "The Failure of the Third Red Scare"]

In the historiography of the United States, there are three periods that are particularly noted for a high degree of anti-communist sentiment – the 1920s, the 1950s, and the 1980s. These periods, especially the first two, are known as “Red Scares”[…]
To understand the Red Scares, we must examine the world right before they began. In 1914, communism was a marginal ideology[…]By 1920, all that changed[…]Communists were able to seize control of the largest nation on earth[…]Communist undergrounds sprang into action and launched terrorist campaigns[…]
This can also be observed during the Second Red Scare in the 1950s. In 1944, there was one communist nation on earth. By 1950, communism covered half of Europe[…]Even more concerning was the revelation of just how extensive Soviet spying had been[…]
After the fall of South Vietnam, communism quickly spread in Southeast Asia and Africa and was even threatening the one area of the world most vital to American security – Latin America[…]
Something does stand out about the Third Red Scare – what an utter failure it was. Though not perfect, the First and Second Red Scares did a fine job at stopping communism. After the 1920s, no nation would fall to communism until the end of World War II[…]
I think there are two major reasons for this. The first reason is that, unlike the previous two, the Third Red Scare displayed a distinct lack of concern for domestic communism[…]The ultimate reason for this shift in emphasis is due to the Right being unwilling to push for the full rehabilitation of Joseph McCarthy[…]
Though it was able to correctly identify the danger of foreign communism, the Third Red Scare failed to understand the threat of domestic communism[…]Now the Right is being forced to answer for its past failures

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Iran’s leadership has returned to Holocaust denial, its leader made clear in an interview with “60 Minutes,” after distancing itself from the phenomenon

“Historical events should be investigated by researchers and historians,” Ebrahim Raisi, the Iranian president, said in an interview on the CBS News flagship broadcast Sunday when he asked if he believed the Holocaust occurred. “There are some signs that it happened. If so, they should allow it to be investigated and researched”

The interview aired at the same time that PBS was showing the first installment of a six-hour new documentary, by Ken Burns, about the Holocaust. “The U.S. and the Holocaust” is the latest prominent work to make use of the vast trove of research available to scholars and laymen to show in meticulous detail evidence of the Nazi genocide of European Jewry

The falsehood that research that would deny the Holocaust is being repressed is a commonplace trope among Holocaust deniers[…]
Responding to a tweet quoting Raisi, Israeli interim prime minister Yair Lapid offered just two words — “Some signs” alongside four black-and-white photographs showing starved and murdered Holocaust victims. He was one of many people to lampoon the Iranian president’s comments on social media.

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[From "Fun Facts about White People!"]

White people are unarguably the most beautiful and most physically attractive humans on earth. I can honestly understand the extreme jealousy of Blacks[…]Black…simply…is…not…beautiful!On this point I imagine, everyone secretly agrees. Whites are also the nicest, most polite and most enjoyable people to be around. Whenever a non-White obtains wealth, what's the first thing he does? He finds a White wife and moves into a White neighborhood![…]
Whites can have natural hair of black, brown, yellow, orange, red, silver or white. Whites can have eyes of black, brown, hazel, amber, blue, green, gray, violet or red. Whites truly are the peacocks of the human race! Non-Whites generally have many shades from black to brown, as their only natural color variations. And they are comically referred to as people of color[…]Evolution on glaciers in Europe, for tens of thousands of years during the last ice age, forced this evolutionary advancement, which expressed in Whites as more brain matter, about 5.5cm3 additional brain tissue located in the prefrontal cortex, a cognitive improvement not seen in races that evolved nearer to the equator. This is why White people perform better academically across the board. Asians for example, may be able to replicate almost every White innovation in existence, but they are themselves unable to do much more than copy[…]
Psychologist John C. Raven[…]developed Raven's Progressive Matrices, an intelligence test instrument that uses no language and no math, it is simply a series of picture puzzles of increasing complexity. Since standardized test results correlate extremely well with Raven's results, we may conclude the Black/White IQ gap is not caused by White racism[…]
Whites truly are, by every metric that you can name, the absolute masters of the human race

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With 41 candidates listed as running across 12 wards, the passing of the August 19 registration deadline has locked in the candidate list for the Ottawa Carleton District School Board. Among them are two candidates making their opposition to “gender ideology” not just the keystone of their campaign, but the entire arch

Shannon Boschy and Chanel Pfahl have entered their names for Ottawa’s Zone 6 and Zone 8 respectively. Both have a history of anti-transgender activism that long predates the recent attempts to secure a position with the OCDSB

Boschy is a financial planner and partner at the Ottawa-area firm where he works. Sometimes shooting videos from the office, he has penned multiple blog posts complete with accompanying videos since at least December of 2020, focusing primarily on the “dangerous social contagion”[…]he has identified as the “gender ideology”

Under the name Shannon B Douglas, he has penned multiple articles attempting to separate trans people from the larger 2SLGBTQ+ community[…]
“I’m a candidate for school board trustee - running against Canada’s only trans-identified school trustee Lyra Evans,” Boschy wrote in July on Twitter. “After 20 years of declining results in education in Ontario, it’s time to stir the pot”[…]
Twitch streamer and trans woman Clara Sorrenti was doxed and swatted at her London, Ontario home[…]
Boschy’s response to the news was to post publicly “so sad you're reaping what you've sewn and crying victim, boo-hoo”[…]
Pfahl refers to herself as a “real LGBT advocate”[…]posted that school-sponsored participation during the capital city’s pride parade was really about “tearing down the fabric of society for an imagined utopia where all groups have equal outcomes (communism rebranded)”

The former science teacher repeatedly posts and retweets anti-trans statements, fear-mongering about “Critical Race Theory,” and far-right media figures on her Twitter account

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[From "Female sexual preferences"]

Neurotoxin recently posted on the dysgenic nature of female sexual preference, and its evolutionary origins:
Female sexuality is anti-social and dysgenic. It must be restrained[…]
We begin with the truism that evolution selects for reproductive success and not any other trait. There is no restraint on evolution selecting for horribly anti-social sexual tendencies[…]
Since men are the sex that fights[…]there is more selection pressure for cooperation operating on men[…]
Women are fiercely sexually attracted to men who can dominate other men and are psychologically inclined to do so. They’re particularly drawn to men who kill and get away with it, because that is the ultimate example of power[…]
Myself on solutions to this problem:[…]
In order to successfully reproduce, State, State Church, society, kin, and family, have to impose peace, cooperate/cooperate equilibrium, between men and women[…]
Men want to bang every fertile age woman. Woman want to be banged by Mister one in thirty[…]
Almost all who are convicted of rape are innocent, because women seldom if ever bring complaints against actual rapists[…]
When childless women hit the wall, when Jeremy Meeks no longer calls, they turn crazy and evil[…]
Reproduction fails, obviously, when you get defect/defect equilibrium between women and men[…]
I find the level of enforcement that was required disturbing and distasteful, and therefore favor early betrothal, eight to ten or so, and early marriage, twelve to sixteen or so, even though successful societies have tended to have very late marriage[…]
The middle eastern tradition on this is Sharia. Its western equivalent is coverture[…]
No one cares what happens to a fallen woman. A woman’s status must depend on a man’s property right in her. Her status is that property right

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[From "Caucasians are Poised to become #2 on the list of most brainwashed and subverted Race, only second to Negroes"]

Caucasians of all varieties are being poised to fall in the history books as the most easily able to be influenced and brainwashed race, second to that of the Negro

The worse position of this fate, is the fact that Caucasians have become the World Conquerors and have maintained this status of being true World Civilizers through different eras, for many thousands of years

The large majority of them demonstrate just how eager they are to give up their role[…]
Perhaps no other race but Caucasians have demonstrated the highest level of willingness to discard all Primal Instincts[…]deceiving their tribe and to show a ridiculous level of empathy for other races[…]
This trend is pretty much irreversible[…]
Even Brazilian Women and Russian Women have far surpassed value of over 90% of Western Women, and that is not only extremely dangerous[…]they will inevitably lower the standards of quality and never be able to forge First World Standards[…]
While Asians generally have the highest IQ’s in the world, they are much quicker to mentally calculate and process information compared to any race on earth except the Jews, the Asians, like the Jews have nearly no empathy whatsoever[…]
For so many decades now, and under the direction of the Vatican’s influences and standards of Marriage, the large amount of people who have been procreating come from Psychopathic, Greedy, Money-Oriented family[…]
Men were prized on their ability to grow fine hair[…]
All of this changed once phrenology became written off as “Psuedo-Science”[…]
There is almost no genuine interest for Good Eugenics in the world anymore[…]
Most Women in US, UK and Canada are either openly or discreetly lesbian or asexual[…]so they can sleep with Men on one hand to have access to his wallet

Khem Veasna #fundie vice.com

When a politician started sharing his doomsday prophecy on Facebook last week, his supporters left their lives behind and traveled from around the country to northwestern Cambodia’s Siem Reap province. According to authorities, some even traveled from as far as South Korea to seek refuge from the apocalypse, prompting the Cambodian embassy in Seoul to issue a public statement warning migrant workers against abandoning their jobs to fly home

Photos posted on Khem Veasna’s Facebook page, which has over 370,000 followers, show a large crowd assembling at his farm[…]Authorities estimated the number at around 15,000 to 20,000[…]Among those arriving at his farm are families with children and elderly relatives

Those waiting out the apocalypse at Veasna’s farmhouse have passed the time listening to the preachings of the president of the small but well-established opposition group, the League for Democracy Party (LDP)[…]
In recent years, Veasna has been veering away from politics and cultivating a cult-like persona among his thousands of followers, referring to himself as a brahma—a religious title broadly meaning heavenly king

The growing cult around Veasna escalated on Aug. 23, when he made a series of apocalyptic predictions on his Facebook page. He has claimed that a “black hole” in his spine has been sending him a message about an impending flood that would wipe out the earth[…]
Veasna’s supporters have remained stubbornly fixated on his doomsday calls, ignoring days of orders from local authorities to go home[…]He was supposed to disband the crowd by the end of Tuesday

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[From "Brit Queen Dies… Not Much to Say"]

Another one bites the dust. I feel the same way when one of America USA’s traitor/coward leading family dies: the Bushes, the Kennedys, the Cheneys, the Romneys, the Doles, now the Clintons

Monarchy, knights, nobles, “Camelot” – I’m confident most American women would vote for a Brad Pitt Lib actor for US President. The POC Meghan Markel is obviously trying to be a Hollywood, anti White Lib celebrity/princess

Here’s a Farstar comic we did that just sums up what happened to not so Merry Old England


spoilerLeft panel, titled "D-Day 1944": German soldier shouting "Stay home Save lives!"
Right panel, titled "D-Day 2020": on the background are rioters holding placards with slogans such as "Fuck white People" and "Free Stuff". A statue of Churchill is vandalised with statements such as "Fascist pig", "Black Lives Matter" and "Racist". WW1 veteran George said to fellow veteran Tom "Hey Tom. You ever think maybe we shoulda listened to that young German corporal?", to which Tom answers "Every day George. Every single day"

Irène Grosjean #quack #dunning-kruger #sexist #conspiracy california18.com

Doctolib announced on Monday that it had suspended access to its site for 17 naturopaths, whose “training” section included the name of Irène Grosjean. The platform thus responded to several Internet users who denounced the very controversial practices of this 92-year-old naturopath[…]
Video from 2018 and which resurfaced which motivated Doctolib’s decision: Irène Grosjean promotes sexual touching to cure fever in children

“If it’s a little girl, you have to sit the child on a bowl with ice water (…) with a washcloth, we’ll rub the lips and the clitoris a little” she explains. She also advocating the same for little boys[…]
Followed by more than 135,000 people on Facebook, Irène Grosjean is close to the ideology of Thierry Casasnovas[…]monitored since 2012 by the[…](Miviludes). Thierry Casasnovas has been targeted for several months by a judicial investigation for “illegal exercise of the profession of doctor”, “abuse of weakness” and “misleading commercial practices”[…]
In her book “Life in abundance”, she explains that HIV is a disease that it is possible to “joy-laugh” by eating “germinated seeds, fruits and raw vegetables”[…]
She believes that “if the Germans hadn’t been fed beer and cold meats as they were, they would never have been able to do what they did in World War II”[…]
Irène Grosjean[…]says she is against drugs because she “lost in (her) youth, several young and dear beings well cared for as we usually hear”. “With Hippocrates, we made a lot of hypocrites”[…]
The naturopath also made conspiratorial remarks around Covid-19, which she considers to be a “connarovirus” made to “sell vaccines”[…]
Extremely controversial remarks on domestic violence[…]Praising the merits of the “laws of attraction”, she asserts that a “beaten woman is a beatable woman”

Jon Minadeo Jr. #racist #dunning-kruger #psycho #wingnut #conspiracy jta.org

Jon Minadeo Jr. posted about his arrest on Gab[…]on Sunday. He said he had been charged with “(((Hate Speech))) regarding Aushwitz”[…]
The Polish national police did not immediately respond to a request for comment[…]
Minadeo had posted pictures of himself and a fellow Goyim Defense League member, Robert Wilson, holding posters outside Auschwitz’s notorious front gate[…]
“We must continue exposing the Jewish anti white propaganda! That for decades has conditioned our people to be slaves for the Jews,” Minadeo wrote on Gab when posting the photographs. His post attacked the ADL as “an anti white terrorist organization” and says the Holocaust is “a f—ing hoax”[…]
The incident at Auschwitz was not the only one where Minadeo boasted about his provocations during his travels. He documented his vacation to Poland in a number of other photos and videos — including one in which he verbally attacks a South Asian man for more than 4 minutes

The video, which went viral on Reddit, bore the headline “American tourist in Poland goes on racial tirade against Indian guy.” It shows Minadeo[…]harassing the man on a sidewalk. He calls the man an “invader” and tells him to go back to India. “Why are you in Poland? Why are you here?” Minadeo says while following him. “You have your own country”

A different video posted on Gab shows Minadeo sitting on a restaurant patio. He is wearing a “white pride” T-shirt and a long, gold-colored swastika necklace, when a tall man in a tartan blazer approaches him and tells him it is illegal to display a swastika in Poland[…]
“Who makes it illegal?” Minadeo asks. “The Polish government,” the man replies. “No, the Jewish government,” Mindeo responds. He calls the man a “cuck”[…]and a “f—ing pussy” before asking if he would like to “go outside” to fight

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[From "Tucker Carlson Goes Full Monarchist, Attacks Freaks Condemning the British Empire"]


Tucker Carlson rode hard on Thursday night following the death of Queen Elizabeth

He straight-up said that colonialism is good, and that Indian civilization would be nothing if it wasn’t for the British

Even I was like, “wow, this dude is hardcore”

It’s at the beginning of the above video. I can recommend it significantly

But it’s just true – this anti-colonialism stuff is retarded and in light of what the US and UN are doing, it is just nonsensical. The UN has gone around the third world and forced people to take the deadly vax, forced them to close their countries down. The US is trying to force everyone in the third world to have gay sex and put women in charge of everything. They also support Islamic terrorists

The British Empire never did any of that. All they did was bring Christianity and try to teach the savages to read and act human

Basically, the Jews are forcing this idea that Queen Elizabeth is a representative of the British Empire, and I think people should just embrace that and say “yeah, she was – and the British Empire was good”

That’s what Tucker did and he did it perfectly. It’s also why these right-wingers whining about the Queen disgust me so throughly. She was just some high-born woman who didn’t really do anything other than look and talk regal. Attacking her as a person is just goofy. She wasn’t a person, she was a symbol. That’s how the left views her, and that’s how we should view her

Henry de Lesquen #wingnut #racist lesquen.fr

[Translated from "Comment Henry de Lesquen aurait réglé la Libération en 1945" - "How Henry de Lesquen would have solved the 1945 Liberation"]

Here in ten points and a conclusion how should have been managed the Republican question in France after 1945

1. Republican continuity. Institued by the Third Republic Parliament, Vichy France would have been viewed as perfectly legal and legitimate
2. The sword (de Gaulle) and the shield (Pétain), as said colonel Rémy, would have been the official doctrine of the Republic
3. Marshal Pétain, former Head of State, would have received the honors owed to his rank and the supreme services he gave to France
4. National reconciliation. No one would have been prosecuted for collaboration done after the June 22, 1940 armistice
5. Freedom of opinion. a) Apologism for collaboration would not have been a crime. b) Repealed by Vichy, the Marchandeau Decree of April 24, 1939 [Earliest French law banning hate speech] would not have been reenacted
6. French courts would have tried every wartime crime, including those by the terrorist-resistants
7. Maurice Thorez and other Communists who deserted before armistice would have been tried, sentenced to death and executed
8. France would not have participed to the judicial curcus by the winners at Nuremberg to humiliate the vainquished
9. France would have rejected the nebulous, tendentious and retroactive notion of "crime against humanity"
10. National unity. The State would not have made distinctions among former concentration camp deported between Jews and non-Jews

Conclusion: Political conditions were unfortunately absent for this beautiful uchronia. Consequences have been terrible

Revolutionary Court of Urmia, West Azarbaijan, Iran #homophobia #transphobia #enbyphobia #fundie #conspiracy independent.co.uk

Two Iranian LGBT+ activists who vocally challenged gender norms are facing possible execution, alarming advocacy organisations across the world and prompting outcry from their supporters

Zahra Sedighi-Hamadani, 31, and Elham Choobdar, 24, are widely known as advocates of LGBT+ rights who were living in northwestern Iran

On Sunday, a notorious hardline revolutionary court in the northwestern city of Urmia reportedly sentenced the two to death on religiously motivated charges of “corruption on Earth”, for “spreading” homosexuality, propagating Christianity, and making contact with hostile foreign media

A news agency associated with Iran’s judiciary confirmed that the two had been placed on death row, but said they had been charged with “deceiving women and young girls and trafficking them to one of the countries of the region”

No evidence has been publicly released[…]
While little is known about Choobdar’s case, Sedighi-Hamadani has for months been the focus of efforts by activists and advocacy groups, including Amnesty International, which has described her as an “Iranian gender-nonconforming human rights defender”

The activist, a mother of two who is also known as Sareh, was reportedly arrested last October by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard while allegedly trying to cross into Turkey[…]
Legal experts are baffled at how a border-crossing charge that normally carries a fine of less than $200 (£174) somehow expanded into a death penalty case[…]
Citing no evidence, pro-regime social media channels have accused Sedighi-Hamadani of trafficking hundreds of Iranian women and girls and forcing them into sex work abroad

In April, the Revolutionary Guard-affiliated news outlet Tasnim published a propaganda video about the activist, accusing her of gambling and financial crimes, and mocking the campaign to have her released

Roosh V #dunning-kruger #conspiracy rooshv.com

[From "Are Viruses Actually Contagious?"]

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed to me that science is not what I believed it to be when I received a bachelor’s degree in microbiology in 2001. Instead of striving for the pure, unadulterated truth of the natural world, it has blatantly become an authoritarian vehicle to enslave and spiritually destroy human beings at the hands of oligarchs[…]
A man who helped nudge me into my current belief is Dr. Tow Cowan, a medical doctor and researcher who has revealed the history of virology and other truths that were not taught to me in university. Breaking The Spell is a short 43-page book he wrote that reveals the sham of modern virology[…]
Last year, I came down with a flu-like illness while traveling. I returned home and then three days later, my mother came down with a similar but milder illness. It seemed quite intuitive that something was transmitted from me to my mother, but in spite of the timing, I cannot say with proof that a virus was transmitted[…]
Do you believe in a yawn virus? Probably not, but I’m sure it has happened to you that someone you were with yawned, and then almost immediately after, you also yawned. We don’t attribute such yawn contagion to a particle. Do you believe in a haircut virus? When I see a man with a nice haircut, I look in the mirror and evaluate if I need a haircut as well, and sometimes I get one soon after[…]
During the Spanish influenza, Milton Rosenau was tasked with researching exactly how it was infecting humans. After a series of experiments, he was unable to infect anyone with the alleged virus (then called Pfeiffer’s bacillus)[…]
If I give you a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, you will assume it only has extra virgin olive oil without adulterants. With virus isolation, however, you’re getting a potpourri of genetic and medicinal junk in addition to the alleged virus

Prussian Society of America #racist #wingnut #dunning-kruger prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Why Only Germans have the right to be Arrogant, unlike Barbarians"]


spoilerJoachim Peiper:"Stride with a proud disdain through the swamp of human inadmissibility"

It is true that we are Arrogant, but we wear our Arrogance as a badge of honor, because we are entitled to it

When a German is Arrogant, he is arrogant not for the sake of wanting to seek self-glorification and to be freed of responsibility, but instead because he wants to maintain simplicity, efficiency and to eliminate nonsense at every step of the way[…]
Only Germans are capable of not allowing things like fame, wealth or other matters in getting to his head and changing him as a person

This should never be assumed about Barbarian Races[…]
This is where the English are a completely opposite breed of Germanics than us, because they love irony, sarcasm and defense mechanisms[…]
The German race is not understood because it can possess the most tactless, brutal and unmannerly forms of Arrogance with what would otherwise seem an Unearthly sense of Humility[…]
If our race does not practice endless discipline to ensure that our Arrogance is in line with reality[…]it becomes our greatest curse[…]
The greatest example of this is how the German People today have largely embraced the COVID[…]
A True German is still primed in the mentality of the 19th century and earlier, and it is ONLY this mentality which can ever carry us through[…]
Comparison to a so-called “Police State” under the Third Reich is a bad comparison, because it was only a Police State for the criminal classes, fifth column and Communists or Degenerates[…]
Germany meant business, and its words were true. Germany had security threats within and without, and the Third Reich had not only the necessity but the duty to defend its people against Bolshevism

Metropolitan Dodonis Chrysostomos #sexist #fundie hellas.postsen.com

The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece speaks of “unacceptable” statements, which “tarnish and grossly unfair the essential initiatives and the quiet work of the Church of Greece”[…]
Metropolitan Dodonis Chrysostomos expressed the outrageous opinion that to become pregnant a woman must “have participation” and that there is no rape

“If she’s in a hurry… A woman doesn’t sit and rush without wanting to. Let’s not go crazy now. Well, let’s not go crazy”, “she doesn’t get pregnant with this matter, she has to be involved (…), both of them have to act in order to be arrested”, said the Metropolitan

As was logical, the political world and members of the government condemned, without a second thought, the specific statements, while Twitter also “caught fire” with users blasting Metropolitan Chrysostomos[…]
On the occasion of the sermon that will be given on Sunday in all churches against abortion, the Metropolitan said that the Holy Synod “listens to society”, that abortion is a crime and that “it is not possible to allow the “destruction” of a of an infant, of a child who, when conceived, has already begun to be life”

For cases where a fetus has serious health problems, he emphasized that permission should be requested from the Church to perform an abortion and that it should indeed be scientifically proven and not “with a financial guarantee of the doctor’s decision”

“If the child’s brain is going to turn out to be problematic, then he should ask for the help of the church and agree to have an abortion but with (…) a scientific and not a financial guarantee of the doctor’s decision,” he said characteristically

The metropolitan also noted that the Church is against contraception, leaving, however, a “window” for the cases in which if she conceives a woman is at risk of death and not “if we make love just for love’s sake”

Dave Blount #wingnut #elitist moonbattery.com

[From "Thank God USA Is Not a Democracy"]

When Democrats say, “our democracy,” they mean Democrat rule. The word “democracy” by itself refers to mob rule. Fortunately, the USA is not a democracy; otherwise, the country would not have been stable enough to preserve the Constitution from one century to the next

As the saying goes,

Democracy is like two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch. A republic is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote

The Founding Fathers adamantly opposed democracy as a system of government. To quote John Adams,

“Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide”

This makes it all the more obscene that Biden staged last night’s attack on American patriots at Independence Hall, where both the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were debated and adopted

Democrats oppose our constitutional republic in favor of mob rule, confident that they can manipulate the herd through their control of the media, Big Tech, and the entertainment industry. That’s why they oppose the Electoral College and the filibuster, both of which serve to defend against tyranny of the majority

Basking in satanic red lighting with military figures posing ominously behind him, Biden used the word “democracy” 31 times during his diatribe, as if it were some magic word that wards off liberty and grants absolute power to whoever comes out on top in an election

Patriots have their own magic. They use the Constitution to ward off evil

Henry de Lesquen #wingnut #racist lesquen.fr

[Translated from "Comment Henry de Lesquen aurait traité la question algérienne" - "How Henry de Lesquen would have solved the Algerian Question"]

Here, in 10 points and a conclusion, how I would have solved the Algerian Question after 1958
1. I wouldn't have signed the Evian Agreement nor delivered Algeria to the FLN terrorists
2. I would have rejected the illusion of integration, Muslims from Algeria couldn't be truly French
3. Partition of Algeria, colonial fiction. Four states under French protectorate: Algiers, Constantine, Oran, Sahara[…]
5. Muslims and Jews would have received nationality from Algiers, Oran, Sahara or Kabylia
6. Of French nationality, the "Black Feet" [Algerians of European extraction] would have received the citizenship of their State of residence, which would have separated both notions
7. Not being French anymore, Muslims and Jews from Algeria wouldn't longer have been allowed to migrate to France
8. The crime of collaboration with FLN terrorists would have been mercilessly suppressed and traitors would have been hanged by hundreds
9. Ultimatum to Morocco and Tunisia, warned to cease all assistance to FLN under penalty of war
10. The four Algerian states might have been independent later in a renewed French Union. France would have kept its army there

National Socialist Movement #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #sexist nsm88.org

[From "25 Point Plan"]

The NSM has 25 demands inspired by the original NSDAP 25 point program[…]
1. We demand the unification of all Whites in the United States on the basis of the right to self-determination of our people[…]
2. We will not permit any behaviors antithetical to the values of National Socialism. We will safeguard our children[…]
3. We demand our own territory for the sustenance of our people
4. Only Whites may become citizens[…]Since Jews are not White[…]no Jew may become a member of our nation[…]
6. Voting rights are to be enjoyed by adult, White male land owners, alone[…]
7. […]If it is impossible to nourish the total population of the State, then the members of foreign nations (non-citizens) must be expelled from the Reich
8. Any further immigration of non-Whites will be prevented[…]All non-Whites who have immigrated since 1960 be required immediately to leave the Reich[…]
17. We demand a land reform suitable to our needs, provision of a law for the free expropriation of land[…]This is primarily directed against the foreign land-speculation companies, including Jewish[…]
19. We demand substitution of an Aryan law in place of the Roman law serving a materialistic world order[…]
23. We demand legal opposition to known lies[…]In order to enable the provision of an English press, we demand, that:
a. All writers and employees of the newspapers appearing in the English language be members of the race
b. Non-English newspapers be required to have the express permission[…]
d. Publications which are counter to the general good are to be forbidden[…]
24. We demand freedom of religion for all religious denominations[…]so long as they do not endanger its existence or oppose the moral senses of Aryans[…]
25. For the execution of all of this we demand the formation of a strong central power in the Reich

Andrew Anglin #conspiracy stormer-daily.rw

[From "American Gorbachev Praises Russian Gorbachev After the Old Vampire Finally Croaks"]

Joe Brandon is the American Gorbachev, overseeing the collapse of an empire


US President Joe Biden expressed his deepest condolences over the death of Mikhail Gorbachev to his family and friends, praising his willingness to “risk his entire career” for a “safer world and greater freedom for millions of people”[…]

The fall of the USSR was the worst disaster in human history, and it was basically entirely on the shoulders of the bloodsucker Gorbachev. Western academics have invented all of these goofy narratives about Afghanistan and Chernobyl, but Perestroika killed the USSR and it was on purpose

This is something I could write a 6,000-word essay or a 200,000-word book on, but I won’t. I know that when you tell right-wingers “the collapse of the USSR was the worst disaster in human history,” they prickle, so I guess I’m supposed to say something after saying that, but I’ll just ask this question: were things in America better or worse when the USSR stood?

Now you can think about that, and think about a neoliberal single world order

It is funny that the people talking about the New World Order in the 1980s were against the USSR existing, and couldn’t figure out the consequences of a unipolar world. We now know the consequences of a unipolar order – not very good

Prussian Society of America #conspiracy #racist #wingnut prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Truth about the War Games with Russia becoming more evident to Many"]

The dirty part about this war, is that Putin/Russia cannot be involved in it or use expansionism unless there is a justified reason for it

Whether or not an Individual Country or group of Nations sees a justified reason or not, is irrelevant

Putin is Managed by the Zionists, by the MOSSAD[…]
The Middle Eastern Territories are managed the same, between agreements made between Israel and Russia[…]
Putin also does have SOME legitimate concerns for his Nation and the fact that he wanted to stop the killing of his own Soldiers in the on-going Ukraine situation[…]serves well as a distraction for those who wish to think that he may be a Noble or Righteous Leader

Even if Putin was a True Sovereign Leader of his Nation and there was no Jewish Financial control of Russia, it would be appropriate and expected for any leader to respond to Western Sanctions or what the AZOV Battalion does, regardless[…]
Putin is permitted to mitigate and take advantage of the Weaknesses of America and Western Nations, and the same is true with China since China is also a tool of the Rothscild Dynasty

But if one is to dislike Putin, they should dislike him for the valid reasons, rather than the irrelevant or positive reasons. He is KGB afterall and did espionage work and had many other connections. But he is not a weak leader, the likes of Western Politicians[…]
When I look at Russian History, specifically, and even with the Romanians, I have found these people to have many constant meddlings and connections with Jews, but few who ever recognize or believe that the Jew is an evil creature. I don’t believe you will ever see an Expulsion or Full Pogrom of the Jews from Russia

Even Stalin never did a complete purge of them, a Half Jew himself (occasional, half-Jews expel their own in times of desperation or when a country has been economically bled dry)

Gyan Dev Ahuja #wingnut #fundie #psycho business-standard.com

Former BJP MLA Gyan Dev Ahuja, who was caught on tape saying that his supporters have so far "lynched five people" for cow smuggling, has been booked by the Alwar Police for allegedly promoting hatred and enmity

SHO of Govindgarh police station, Shiv Shankar, said the case was registered by police on the basis of the video which surfaced after he visited the family of 45-year-old Chiranjilal Saini, who was lynched by Mev Muslim community members on suspicion of tractor theft, on Friday last[…]
In the video, the BJP leader is seen making the comment while interrupting a speaker, who was urging a group of people to launch an agitation against the lynching of Saini

"We have so far lynched five people, be it in Lawandi or Behror. This has happened for the first time in this area that they have lynched someone. I have given free hand to workers to kill. We will get them acquitted and secure bail," the MLA is seen saying in the video, referring to the Pehlu Khan and Rakbar Khan lynching cases

As the remarks sparked a controversy, BJP's Alwar (South) chief Sanjay Singh Naruka told PTI that the party "does not have this thinking"

"These are his own views," he added

When contacted, the former Ramgarh MLA maintained that anyone involved in cow smuggling and slaughter won't be spared[…]
"It is the Mev people who smuggle and slaughter cow and Hindus have sentiments for cows, therefore, they target such smugglers," he said, adding it was his duty to protect his workers[…]
In recent years, at least two incidents have taken place in Alwar where cow vigilantes attacked Mev community people on allegation of cow smuggling

In one such incident, 55-year-old Pehlu Khan was lynched in Behror on April 1, 2017. Similarly, Rakbar Khan died after being beaten up in Lawandi village in Alwar's Ramgarh on July 20, 2018 on suspicion of cow smuggling

Hungarian State Audit Office (NAO) #sexist #dunning-kruger euronews.com

Hungary's State Audit Office (NAO) has expressed concern that the country's education system risks being “too feminine”

In a new study, the authority warned that Hungary's education could pose demographic challenges and impact the development of boys

“The phenomenon called ‘pink education’ has numerous economic and social consequences,” it wrote

"If education favours feminine traits [such as] emotional and social maturity [and] therefore causes an over-representation of women at university, [gender] equality will be significantly weakened"

The state body -- which is close to nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán -- also warned that men who are more inclined to take risks and be entrepreneurial will not be able to fully develop their potential

The NAO report stated that this can lead to "mental and behavioural problems" when their creativity and innovation are "necessary for the optimal development of the economy"

The audit office also says that “pink education” could cause “demographical problems” as educated women would be unable to find similarly educated spouses, “which could lead to a decline in fertility”

The study -- issued last month -- was first published by the Nepszava newspaper on Thursday

Like in many European countries, Hungary's teaching profession is dominated by women (82%)

Harmonica #wingnut #fundie identitydixie.com

[From "Taking the Franco Pill"]

I am an avid supporter of Francisco Franco[…]Fearing what the Marxists would do to Spain, Franco, along with several other rightwing military figures, lead a revolt against the Spanish Republic, eventually establishing a conservative, traditionalist, and Christian state in its place. It is hard to overestimate how radical the Spanish Republic had become. It was the enemy of all forms of natural hierarchy – of parents over children, husband over wife, and, most especially, God over man. But, the problem with communism is that hierarchy is a fact of life, and without natural hierarchies, a society is only left with a social order managed by a small cabal of unethical politicians and corrupt bureaucrats[…]
The Spanish Republic really was evil. Remember, the Left was able to get away with portraying the Weimar Republic as simply incompetent, they ignored the sheer degeneracy being openly promoted in Berlin. However, the Spanish Republic was so openly violent, that the Left doesn’t try to deny it, rather they paint Franco’s Nationalists as just as abhorrent[…]
There is an additional advantage to Franco remaining neutral in World War II – it saved him from being marked as, “someone who tried to kill granddaddy”[…]
Imagine talking to a Citizens’ Council member in 1960 about Hitler[…]we aren’t dealing with a cultural coward, but he will likely not want to align himself with Hitler or anyone associated with Nazi Germany for one simple reason – it is personal to him[…]There is a reason why the Nazification of the Klan did not begin until the late 1970s and did not really take off until the 1990s – the GI Generation began to die off[…]
Tell normiecons about this, let them know that far from being a “Mediterranean Hitler,” Franco was able to earn the praise of someone like Buckley[…]
Francisco Franco was a hero, full stop[…]
¡Arriba España!

Rev. Kent Christmas #wingnut #fundie rightwingwatch.org

Right-wing pastor Kent Christmas used the Sunday sermon at his Regeneration Nashville church to rail against the Biden administration, declaring that the “authority of the kingdom of God” is the only legitimate power on Earth and therefore everything else “is an illegal authority”[…]
During his most recent sermon, Christmas warned that his political enemies will soon “bow at the name of the Lord Jesus Christ”

“The enemy cannot tell the truth,” Christmas said. “When liberals talk, they lie”

“You are on the side of Jesus Christ, or you’re on the side of the devil,” he continued. “You aren’t in between. You’re not an undecided. Undecided means you have already decided, you’ve already made the decision. The court of Heaven today only recognizes the authority of the Kingdom of God. So, every other power that is in the Earth and every other authority that exerts itself outside of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ is an illegal authority. That means it has no right to enforce what it wants to enforce. So, much of what you’re seeing today, God does not recognize”

“Every knee shall bow at the name of Jesus,” Christmas bellowed. “Barbra Streisand is going to bow at the deity of Jesus Christ. George Soros is going to bow at the name of Jesus Christ. Joe Biden is gonna get on his little feeble knees, and he’s gonna bow at the name of the lord, Jesus Christ. Hallelujah. Nancy Pelosi will bow at the name of the lord, Jesus Christ. Every liberal Supreme Court judge will bow at the name of the lord, Jesus Christ”

Andrew Anglin #wingnut #racist #psycho #sexist stormer-daily.rw

[From "Serbian President Threatens to Invade Kosovo!"]

I tend to dislike Vucic because he is unsightly

But threatening to invade Kosovo is ultra-based and uber-redpilled


Serbia’s president called on NATO on Sunday to “do their job” in Kosovo or he says Serbia itself will move to protect its minority in the breakaway province[…]

“There is no proof Albanian gangs harass their neighbors. We need a source for this wild claim”[…]
Serbia absolutely should invade Kosovo

Kosovo is still Serbia, and decades of NATO occupation do not change that fact

“World War” means “the world is at war.” You end up with a situation where everyone starts settling old scores under the fog created by the chaos of global war

Neither Serbia nor Kosovo are in NATO, so Russia can deploy peacekeepers to help the Serbs dish out justice

spoiler3D version of "Serbia Strong"

The Ukraine has been itching to invade Moldova for months now

I think Russia doing some kind of escalation outside of the Ukraine would be a smart move and throw off the rats, who are already scurrying around in befuddlement

It sucks Romania is in the middle[…]They just like that money pouring in from the EU

But Hungary is in the process of siding with Russia. Turkey might also[…]
This whole NATO thing is so gay and retarded – that if you attack any NATO country you attack all NATO countries

I think it might be a good idea to invade Finland before they join NATO. Russia could just drop pamphlets saying “we are going to end the humiliation of having a catgirl leading your country” and 90% of Finnish males would take up arms in support of Russia

Harmonica #wingnut #fundie #dunning-kruger identitydixie.com

[From "Blood, Soil, and Faith – The Fundamental Building Blocks of a Nation, Part III: Faith"]

For the third and final part of this series, we will look at the religious component of this process. In a secular age, religion tends to be ignored. However, much like genetics, just because something is considered taboo does not mean it is incorrect[…]
Religion plays another key role in how nations are formed – people with radically different religions, even if closely related both genetically and living in a similar climate, cannot form a coherent nation. Notice I wrote “radically” different religions[…]
Perhaps one of the most critical examples regarding religion and nation-building can be observed in the former Yugoslavia. The nations of Yugoslavia were genetically similar (South Slavs) and share a similar Balkan climate, but they could not form a single nation because of the differences between the Catholics, Orthodox, and Muslims[…]
This should not be taken as a call to deport all non-Catholics and non-Protestants out of Dixie, I know many good Southerners who are Orthodox, including several who are Southern Nationalists[…]Western Christians and Orthodox are still united by Christ. With Dixie’s tiny number of Orthodox Christians, and most of them converts, there is no reason to expel them. Things get significantly more complicated when we start talking about non-Christian religions, though I think the majority of Muslims, Hindus, Jews, etc. will voluntarily leave a Free Dixie[…]
Blood (genetics), soil (geography/climate), and faith (religion) all work together to form a nation. When one of these building blocks is missing, this process is not possible[…]By utilizing blood, soil, and faith, Dixie has become a coherent nation in contrast to the mess that is the United States, a polity that ignores all of these three components

Aleksandar Vučić #wingnut apnews.com

Serbia’s president called on NATO on Sunday to “do their job” in Kosovo or he says Serbia itself will move to protect its minority in the breakaway province

The fiery televised address to his nation by President Aleksandar Vucic followed the collapse of political talks between Serbian and Kosovo leaders earlier this week mediated by the European Union in Brussels

Serbia, along with its allies Russia and China, has refused to recognize Kosovo’s 2008 declaration of independence. A NATO-led intervention in 1999 ended the war between Serbian forces and separatists in Kosovo and stopped Belgrade’s bloody crackdown against Kosovo’s majority Albanians

The EU has overseen years of unsuccessful talks to normalize their ties, saying that’s one of the main preconditions for Kosovo and Serbia’s eventual membership in the 27-nation bloc

“We have nowhere to go, we are cornered,” Vucic said. “We will save our people from persecution and pogroms, if NATO does not want to do it”

He also claimed that Kosovo Albanian “gangs” need to be stopped from crossing into northern Kosovo, where most of the Kosovo Serbs live. He offered no proof for the claim

Andrew Tate #sexist theguardian.com

The controversial online influencer and self-described misogynist Andrew Tate has been banned from Meta platforms Instagram and Facebook

Tate, a former kickboxer and reality TV star, was removed for violating Meta policies “on dangerous organizations and individuals”, the company confirmed by email

Tate first rose to prominence after appearing on the TV show Big Brother in 2016, when he was removed from the series after a video of him beating a woman outside the show surfaced

Since then, he has garnered backlash for his posts across social media, which domestic abuse charities have called “extreme misogyny”. He stated on Twitter in 2017 that women belong in the home and that rape victims “bear responsibility” for their attack, after which Twitter permanently banned him from the platform
Tate has grown a following for his advice videos to men, many of them veering into sexist territory. On one YouTube video, Tate described himself as “absolutely a misogynist”. He said: “I’m a realist and when you’re a realist you’re sexist. There’s no way you can be rooted in reality and not be sexist”

In a statement to the Guardian, Tate characterized many of his videos as parody, stating he was “playing a comedic character”[…]
Tate was a vocal supporter of former president Donald Trump and has appeared on a number of rightwing podcasts, including shows like Infowars, hosted by the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

Harmonica #wingnut #dunning-kruger identitydixie.com

[From "Blood, Soil, and Faith – The Fundamental Building Blocks of a Nation, Part II: Soil"]

Continuing our three-part series on the fundamental building blocks of nations, this entry will examine the impact of the soil, i.e., how geography and climate play a role in developing national cultures. In addition to genetics, a nation must be united by the soil[…]
If one looks at a map of the Roman Empire, one thing that stands out is how “Mediterranean” it is, the Romans focused on conquering the Mediterranean and the land around it[…]
The one exception to this rule is the Roman conquest of Britain, but this is the exception that proves the rule[…]When Rome fell into a major crisis and was forced to withdraw from Britain, Germanic barbarians wasted very little time conquering, as the native people there saw little value in remaining Romans[…]
The geographical reality that coherent nations must abide by can be viewed in how Dixie and Yankeedom, although both English, came to be distinct nations[…]While the poor soil of New England meant shipping, and later manufacturing, would be a major component of its economy, the far better soil of Dixie meant that agriculture would play a larger part in our economy, and society as a whole[…]
The Knights of the Golden Circle understood this well, hence why they had no desire to expand Dixie northwards, but rather southwards. Southern culture is a product of its climate, and that culture cannot thrive in a place like Iowa or Idaho. It can, however, thrive in the Caribbean, as the climate is similar to that of Dixie (especially, in the Deep South). Furthermore, the local Spanish ruling elite were similar to the South’s. This means that the Golden Circle could have potentially worked[…]
None of this is to endorse the “magic soil” theory of normiecons, there is a reason Dixians and blacks remain two distinct nations, despite having lived together for centuries

Prussian Society of America #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia #quack prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Video Clips to remind about the Truth about Trump and his Supporters"]

You can boast on and on about Trump being a Christian and Conservative President, but in America’s history, he is also the most Liberal of all Conservative Presidents that the country ever elected into office

Let these video clips be a reminder as to why Trump was just an actor and a Jew puppet the entire time in office, but of course the Right Wingers will always wish to correct you by saying “Oh, but he HAD to do that because the Liberals would do this”[…]
Even if the bastard were just paying Lip Service for his ratings and tolerance in office, it’s still disingenuous and demonstrates how low the Moral Standards are in Americans

Trump Pledged to defend the LGBTQ Community:
Trump: I will protect LGBTQ citizens from hateful rhetoric of radical terrorists

Trump Promoting the COVID Vaccines:
When Trump has told his supporters to get vaccinated

Donald Trump Endorsing the COVID Vaccines:
Donald Trump endorses COVID vaccines at Alabama rally

Trump Capitulates to Mask Wearing:
Trump Signals Strongest Support Yet for Masks

Jim #racist #dunning-kruger #crackpot blog.reaction.la

[From "Origins of the white race:"]

The white race is the youngest and newest of the races, originating about ten thousand years ago

Blacks are in fact a very diverse set of races, some of them considerably superior to other black races[…]
A very small black tribe or large family with the outward urge characteristic of modern whites left subsaharan Africa, and headed out into Europe[…]Small and diminishing populations of older races remained here and there throughout the world

They were, however, still black. Probably a better quality of black[…]Pretty much everyone still around was black or brown

About twelve thousand years, the climate started getting nicer, and northern Africa[…]became wet. Agriculture started in Northern Africa[…]To establish security of property over larger groups, more capable of defending that land, priesthoods developed[…]In Europe, brown skinned largely blue eyed people, with a various hair colors hunted and gathered

The middle eastern agriculturists rolled into Europe[…]
In Eastern Europe, the farmers ran into nomadic herders that were too technologically advanced to exterminate and replace. So, to make peace, they traded hostages and women, an event recorded in the Norse legends[…]
The mingled race evolved into whites, among them the Aryan race. The Aryan race, organized patriarchally and aristocratically, equipped with copper weapons and horse drawn chariots, expanded westwards into Europe, killing the men and marrying the women, replacing and mingling with middle eastern grain farmers, and South East into India, where they failed to do such a thorough job of upgrading the locals[…]
In Europe and the Middle East, and to a lesser extent India, Bronze Age civilization went decadent, failing to reproduce[…]Property rights in land and cattle was only practical under patriarchal organization, but with Kings, emancipation becomes all too possible

Harmonica #racist #dunning-kruger identitydixie.com

[From "Blood, Soil, and Faith – The Fundamental Building Blocks of a Nation, Part I: Blood"]

One subject in history that particularly fascinates me is how nations are formed[…]such was the case of the Angles and Saxons uniting to become English. Or, when a former single nation breaks up[…]like when English settlers in New England and the South eventually broke into two distinct nations, Yankeedom and Dixie[…]
True nations must have a genetic component – the people in them must be closely enough related to consider each other as belonging to a single nation. As taboo as it might be to admit today, quite a bit of human behavior is controlled by genetics[…]There are genes associated with risk-taking and these genes range from being nearly non-existent to completely non-existent in certain East Asian countries[…]large element of those genetic cultures is one of compliance and obedience to authority. By contrast, Africans have a very high rate of the risk-taking gene[…]
Nations are grouped by genetics and[…]marriage between people of two different nations was very rare outside of the nobility[…]
East Asian culture, genetically predisposed to avoid risk, has produced a culture where risk-taking is frowned upon. This is not to say that genetics are the sole reason[…]as soon as a cultural force like Confucianism took over, there was going to be a lot of selection for low risk-taking behavior[…]This can be observed in the behavior of East Asians in the West, where there is a far greater emphasis placed on generating wealth safely- i.e., being a doctor[…]Asians typically commit very little crime[…]
There is also a more fundamental reason why nations must have a genetic component – we tend to gravitate and more easily relate to people who look more similar to us[…]
As genetics advances as a science, a certain paradox has developed largely thanks to socially imposed taboos

Prussian Society of America #fundie #wingnut prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "It is a duty of the Prussian State, to regulate and completely control the public’s use of anything relating to “God” or the “Divine”"]

As it was in Ancient Times, keeping the most sacred secrets of anything Divine, left to only the responsible, is one of very prudent and careful measures[…]
There are those of us who are very carefully informed about what is “known” in the realm of Divinity, but even with what we must keep concealed from the Public who is not necessarily responsible to handle such information without bastardizing it, we can at least admit to the public that this Universe is NOT a creation by God[…]
Censorship, even down to Musical lyrics or Poetry or any Literature that refer to God in any inappropriate ways, or which have connections to religious cults or delusional ideas, needs to be called into question and essentially banned[…]
People who also preach Falsities about God or Gods, or some notions that “God will forgive them” or whatever nonsense of the day is being dished out, these people belong in concentration camps and are a public threat

It is one thing to believe in God or some Gods. It is another to have delusions about it, and to think that “God was there for me” or “God has a plan for me” or even to suggest to others that “God has a plan for them”

99% of the time, when God, or even the mythical “Jesus” is uttered by an individual, it is almost always out of an ego-centric and/or subversive manner, whether the utterer realizes it or not, and they fail to recognize their delusion[…]
Such religious fools like these need to be arrested and imprisoned by the Gestapo[…]
For those who really have such a sincere desire to learn about the sacred mysteries of the divine, and how this universe is basically locked away from it, they must approach us or which ever Mystery School is in charge, to demonstrate their discipline and wisdom

Warren Jeffs #fundie fox13now.com

A new edict issued by imprisoned polygamist leader Warren Jeffs is raising alarm among some ex-members of his church

The document, shared with FOX 13 News by several people, appears to call for some people to return to the Fundamentalist LDS Church and bring their children with them. Others, church observers say, are then sent away

The revelation issued in June purports to be from Jeffs himself but says it was distributed by a son, Helaman Jeffs

"Pray that Warren Jeffs will go free, and he can meet you in your congregations soon, all peoples who desire to be members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on earth," the document states

It states that baptisms and "sealings in Celestial Plural Marriage unions will take place for those the Lord revealeth to mortal Keyholder Warren Steed Jeffs who is worthy." It appears to call for some to return to the faith declaring that "fathers desiring restoral can gather with their birth children, and only who was their wives on earth, with the birth children present in family groups classes in your several family homes where they dwell…"

But it also warns that some may be cast out

"I, the Lord, loveth all, yet I cannot allow sin living to dwell among my Church membership any longer. Zion meaneth the pure in heart souls well tested, pure, faithful and true, living by every word of Jesus Christ," it states

It also asks members to send letters with photos and information about themselves and their families[…]
The Texas Department of Criminal Justice said Jeffs remains incarcerated, but the agency declined to comment on Jeffs' communications with visitors or anyone else, citing privacy guidelines[…]
"I have family members who have had their children taken away within the last few weeks," said Brenda Nicholson, an ex-member of the FLDS Church. "People are being told they’re no longer worthy enough to have their children. Children are being taken and re-distributed to others"

Jim #elitist #racist #dunning-kruger #wingnut blog.reaction.la

[From "Decline in GDP per capita"]

Your grandfathers could enjoy a house, a garden, children, and stay at home wife looking after the kids. Their grandchildren are dual income no kids, but live in a little box with Ikea furniture Not only did we land on the moon in the 1970s, we had nicer cars, nicer toilets, and better clothes washing machines, though today we have nicer phones and computers[…]
Compare the old malls with the new shopping centers. These are places built for poor people. I recently revisited San Francisco, having been away for a decade or so. That the streets are full of human shit and crime is governmental failure caused by browns in government, but that the buildings need some maintenance and a coat of paint indicates everyone is getting poorer[…]
Don’t you know that it’s 2015? That means gay marriage! Women in combat! Even the first rumblings of the normalization of pedophilia! Say what you will about the Classical Marxists of the past – Lenin, Stalin, Mao – but they built massive hydroelectric dams, intercontinental missiles, skyscrapers, and atom bombs. Yet in The Current Year, they and their grand projects have been replaced by the Cultural Marxism of Gramsci, Marcuse, and Alinsky[…]Global warming means we can’t build big impressive things anymore, so now we simply declare the cutting edge to be increasingly degenerate sexual and cultural practices[…]
A holiness spiral peaks suddenly, and then it is over. Sometimes no one survives, but usually it is abruptly terminated by a Hitler or a Stalin before it gets to that point

A dark age sets in slowly, at about one percent a year for centuries, From time to time there are dramatic crises, and even turnarounds, but these make little difference to the long term trend. We have a holiness spiral and a dark age setting in

Prussian Society of America #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #elitist prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "America surely going down with a whimper, and not a bang"]

Automatons have no inclination to fight for anything, even when their own interest or survival is at stake[…]Automatons will actually cheerlead for the enemy and tyrant to take on more Authoritarian control and influence[…]
Expiration Dates are becoming much closer to the dates of purchase, due to less than expected purchase activity[…]
Massive layoffs are about to roll out week after week as we head into August, which is a hot month for warfare[…]
Automatons are 100% selfish and useless, as people. This is why essentially, they need to be killed off from the population, and in fact, this is why the Illuminati is pursing the depopulation agenda[…]
If you have a homogenous population [assuming it is of GOOD RACIAL STOCK] and that the people are largely NOT Automatons, there is a general sense of concern and “reflexes” that ought to emerge[…]
Americans generally also do not have experience with life under Communism or the telltale signs of Communist or Dictatorial Takeovers, and that the first signs of routine food and supply shortages including inferior grades of meat and produce are signs[…]
Under Democratic Forms of Government, there is no process of “making history”

All so-called “historical events” that occur under Democratic rule, are always planned, entirely scripted, and have no spiritual or lasting significance[…]
Under a Democracy, it is a sterile ground for people like Philosophers, Inventors, Scientists, Engineers, Poets, and other truly unique brains that make remarkable imprints that people look up to in admiration and splendor[…]
The US runs a shadow government and operates more “for show” not only because America is actually officially owned by the UN and other subsidiaries[…]
Is it any wonder that the whole January 6th so-called “insurrection” was a setup by both Political Parties

"Kayhan", "Iran" and Mohammad Marandi #fundie #psycho france24.com

Iranian ultra-conservative newspaper Kayhan on Saturday hailed the man who stabbed British author Salman Rushdie -- the target of a 1989 Iranian fatwa calling for his death

Rushdie was on a ventilator after the attack during a literary event in New York state on Friday, more than 30 years after he went into hiding following late supreme leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's fatwa

"Bravo to this courageous and duty-conscious man who attacked the apostate and depraved Salman Rushdie in New York," wrote the paper, whose chief is appointed by current supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

"Let us kiss the hands of the one who tore the neck of the enemy of God with a knife," the daily added

With the exception of reformist publication Etemad, Iranian media followed a similar line, describing Rushdie as an "apostate"

State-owned paper Iran said that the "neck of the devil" had been "cut by a razor"

Iranian authorities have yet to make any official comment on the stabbing attack against Rushdie

But Mohammad Marandi, an adviser to the negotiating team for Iran's nuclear talks in Vienna, wrote on Twitter: "I won't be shedding tears for a writer who spouts endless hatred and contempt for Muslims and Islam"

"But, isn't it odd that as we near a potential nuclear deal, the US makes claims about a hit on Bolton... and then this happens?" he questioned[…]
In 1998, the government of Iran's reformist president Mohammad Khatami assured Britain that Iran would not implement the fatwa

But Khamenei said in 2005 he still believed Rushdie was an apostate whose killing would be authorised by Islam

Coltraine #wingnut #conspiracy #racist stormer-daily.rw

[From "Hitler, The Nazis, The Frankfurt School, And Adorno and Horkheimer’s ‘Dialectic of Enlightenment’ (1947)"]

I have been recently reading Adorno and Horkheimer’s Dialectic of Enlightenment, published in 1947 as one of the Frankfurt School’s first public forays into what Jews had been involved in conspiratorially for decades and what later got labelled Critical Theory[…]Jews of Germany were throughout this period internally trying to undermine Hitler’s National Socialist revolution through academia and culture[…]after the war, their goal switched to “Never Again!” almost overnight[…]
In Dialectic of Enlightenment, the authors basically see this pattern throughout Euro history singularly of reversion to what they consider evil, outdated, and backward movements and modes of being. They focus on Fascism in particular because when they wrote the book this is what frightened them and all Jews most globally[…]
The authors here just assume that “enlightenment” was ever even desirable or practically practicable[…]Enlightenment was forced top-downward upon the people, who were at best ignorant, gullible, and naive of the new bargain being struck (proverbially with Satan, or his earthly representatives the Jews) in the modern “social contract”[…]
Third Reich was deeply rooted in Western civilization obviously, and this was why it was so popular and briefly successful. This same “terror” against Jews was a permanent fixture and general pattern throughout history– and not only Western history either. The Jews actively engineer enemies against them in reaction to their behavior everywhere they go historically and currently[…]
Treating the Jews individually rather than collectively was the first Enlightenment plank and belief objectively, because post-Enlightenment the Jews would use this new status-quo to blind us to the reality of Jewish subversion, co-option, and eventual domination

Prussian Society of America #racist #elitist prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Not fighting for your Racial People or against COVID means you must marinate in self-hatred and Lament"]

The Caucasian World is entering a new wave of a total stupor beyong anything ever witnessed in the history of the West, and the consequential results of a people who have entirely given up the “fight” in anything for their Name and Legacy, along with refusing to engage in revolutionary activity because they are cowards and socially retarded, and refusing the fight against COVID Protocols, comes with a heavy price to pay

The price means that you will see endless hordes of White people who are simmering, marinating and completely engulfed in their own despicable Self-Hatred

Let them stew and marinate in their horrible concotion of toxic stew

Fucking retards and cowards, especially White Collar ones as well

The major destiny for the Caucasian world is to be roiled in Self-Hatred and to look like tattered jerks who are laying on the street

This is the destiny they have chosen, over pursuing truth or racial defense

All because they “didn’t want to look like some sort of crazy person” or lose their social acceptance among others

Fucking Morons

Padraig Martin #wingnut identitydixie.com

[From "The Trump Raid and the End of the United States"]

I was shocked to see that former President of the United States, Donald Trump, had his home raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigations[…]U.S. has enjoyed unprecedented stability because it did not raid the homes of political rivals[…]
It is important to note that this raid is more than just Trump[…]The fact that they can attempt the gulag treatment on Trump should be a massive wake-up to any powerless, ordinary citizen with an unpopular view[…]
I have been critical of “45” for years. Like most dissidents, I am disappointed in Donald Trump for many reasons[…]He should have been more aggressive regarding the removal of far-left activists within the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations[…]
The military of 2022 is not the military of 1990. There is not a single Constitutional Conservative above the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Franco is not coming to save us[…]
Southern Nationalists would argue that the consent of the governed was destroyed in 1865. Regardless, the façade of an elected representative government endured until now

In 2016, the citizenry chose Donald Trump. For four years, the unelected entities harassed and targeted the will of the people[…]
They failed to protect the right of dissidents to express their personal conscience at Charlottesville. They failed to hold accountable those individuals who manipulated the FISA Courts to weaponize the FBI against the candidate of a major political party. They failed to defend those who peacefully protested on January 6th, 2021[…]
The United States is dead. It cannot be revived. This is the regime flexing on you, the worthless American vote[…]
The raid on Trump should be a wake-up call that the Yankee government cannot be reformed. It is gone. The Constitution will not protect him. The Constitution will not protect you. Secession will

Snake Baker #racist #psycho stormer-daily.rw

[From "Alleged Serial Killer Targeting Moslems in Albuquerque"]

Serial killer?

More like serial awesome

I joke, joke. I disavow killing Moslems. Although, it’s really hard to care. These Moslems have been killing us for a long time. A long time

And anyway, just as a factual matter, this is not a “serial killer,” it’s a vigilante killer

Like the Punisher.

NBC News

Sharief Hadi, a halal market and cafe owner, left Afghanistan in the 1980s and settled in the United States for what he thought would be a safer life

But after the murders of four Muslim men in the city in the last few months — including his brother Mohammad Zaher Ahmadi — Hadi’s faith in the American dream is shattered[…]
“They feel a certain helplessness, they’re in fear,” Assed said of Muslim community members. “Their whole world has been flipped upside down”

Now you know how white people feel about you ragheads invading their countries

[…]The four men all left behind relatives, friends and colleagues who are struggling to understand the bloodshed

Yes. How sad

But all people have relatives, actually. All the people that Moslems kill in their terrorist attacks have relatives

Why are there Moslems in New Mexico?

Why exactly are they needed there?

Prussian Society of America #sexist #psycho #racist prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Don’t even think or debate about Saving and Protecting White Women"]

The majority of them are completely long dead and gone. They are just whistling past the graveyard, and only a fool with a Christian conscience would entertain such silly notions

You must be a Man who has enough self-respect for your Sovereignty to stomach the idea of witnessing your own savage racial women starve and suffer

They deserve it

The Grim Reaper, needs to come do his long overdue handiwork, so to speak[…]
Of these filthy whores manage to even survive through the coming storm, it’s only a question about who will capture them and hold them ransom as Slaves to either be used or sold, because that will be the only use for them and even at that, Western Women have highly toxic minds and bodies, so they are actually even low value slaves. They would be sold very cheaply

Caucasian Women who have maintained their honor, integrity and purity in every interpretations of those words, are few and far between, and only such specimens as those are worthy of securing

Women are routinely cheap with Men and give Men nearly nothing but an idea, therefore it is wise that a Man acts very cheaply with Women[…]
Gender Segregation, as I have warned about, is becoming a major trend now in the West, and will continue to accelerate

Men and Women are pretty much no longer ideal for one another because of genetic tampering with the races, intermixing and subversive Propaganda with Feminism that has ensured it

And when you tie in the genetic changes and infertility that Women now have after taking the clot shots, not only can they not have kids, but they have even longer duration menstrual cycles which means more aggravation and pissy moods from them

Nouvelle Alliance (New Alliance), Front Canadien-Français (French Canadian Front), Vincent Filteau, Alexandre Cormier-Denis #wingnut #racist #fundie #transphobia #elitist #conspiracy antihate.ca

Billing itself as a home for a broad political coalition of sovereigntists, Nouvelle Alliance (New Alliance) held its first public event in March 2022, announcing its identity as a separatist group

They recently began giving out membership cards, all adorned with pictures of men wearing shirts with slogans like “Québec for Québécois” and “Québec in French”

Their launch manifesto, published on May 1, celebrates the heritage of those who “colonized the Laurentian valley, took possession of and developed the land through sweat and blood”

“This manifesto is an open act of bravery against the undermining work of anti-nationals, to whom our political landscape has been left with impunity for too long”[…]
Several of Nouvelle Alliance’s founding members – including its president François Gervais – previously formed the leadership of the Front Canadien-Français (French Canadian Front), an ultra-nationalist and radical traditionalist Catholic group[…]
Public commemorations of historical figures such as Lionel Groulx and Maurice Duplessis[…]
Duplessis was premier of Québec[…]during an era known as “the Great Darkness”[…]Groulx, a catholic priest and historian, was a vocal supporter of a movement to boycott Jewish businesses, and accused Jews of spreading communism[…]
The FCF proposed a political agenda in opposition to “individualism,” “mediocre egalitarianism” and communism, while promoting “order, hierarchy and uncompromising patriotism”[…]
Vincent Filteau[…]has several social media posts which praise white nationalist streamers, describe immigrants as “threats to Québec’s survival”[…]politicians in support of transgender rights as “psychotics and degenerates of the worst kind”[…]
On Instagram, the group once praised [Alexandre] Cormier-Denis, who believes "ethnonationalism is the only political position that makes sense," once sharing a meme describing him as a "modern patriot"

Dave Blount #fundie #homophobia #transphobia moonbattery.com

[From "Lightning Strikes Near White House"]

Liberals didn’t take the hint when lightning struck an icon of their anti-god George Floyd, so…

Several people have been transported to local hospitals and are in critical condition after getting struck by lightning outside the White House

Four people suffered life-threatening injuries in Lafayette Square, near St John’s Episcopal Church, which was set on fire by Black Lives Matter rioters in 2020

Chris Vagasky, a meteorologist and lightning expert who works as an analyst for a company that makes weather instruments, told The Washington Post that there was a “6 stroke flash near the White House that hit the same point on the ground” which means that six separate lightning strikes hit the same exact spot in a fraction of a second

The evil emanating from the White House is most conspicuous in its aggressive promotion of abortion and the surgical transsexualization of children. Given the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah, worse than lightning strikes can be expected. A large meteor would be more appropriate