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[From "Russia Puts Down Hundreds of Rabid “Ukraine” Animals in a Day"]

At this point, frankly, I just want to see videos of Russian soldiers mowing down “Ukrainian” civilians indiscriminately

These people are continuing to march and die and destroy their own country, kill their own people, for no reason at all, other than allegiance to a foreign Jewish regime

Just level the place. Kill everyone. No one can claim they don’t deserve it


Russian strikes on a shipbuilding plant in the Ukrainian port of Nikolaev killed as many as 500 troops on Tuesday, the Russian defense ministry claimed during a daily press briefing on Wednesday[…]

Nah, it’s fine

There’s no reason to start slaughtering civilians. I would cheer if I saw it, not gonna lie. There’d be champagne corks popping around my room like ping-pong balls at the sight of entire villages of these Ukie garbage being mowed down with machine guns. I would cry tears of joy seeing these animals’ bodies torn to shreds by totally indiscriminate PKP fire

Order #66

The “Ukraine” people started this. They’ve been killing civilians for 8 years. They’re current firing missiles randomly at residential buildings

Russia has tried this nicey-nice thing, and the Ukie response is to continue to act like rabid animals

But it’s fine

Russia is winning by continuing to white knight for the civilians of a nation of utter savages. If it works it works


I guess if you can afford to hold the moral high ground, you should hold it

If I were Putin, I would be using mustard gas

But hey – that’s why I’m not Putin

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[Translated from "Abolir la religion de la choah" - "Abolishing the Chah"]

Here are 10 free and insolent remarks about the religion of Choah, and a conclusion

1. It is better to write choah. "chine vav aleph hè" = choah (catastrophe). Sh, it is in the English language
2. Sacredness being the essence of religion, there is a religion of Choah
3. The religion of Choah has four dogmas:
1) Extermination plan
2) Six millions dead
3) Gas chambers
4) Uniqueness
4. The Gayssot Act of July 13, 1990 [A law repressing Holocaust denial] protects the dogmas 2 and 3 of the religion of Choah against heresy and blasphemy[…]
6. Ancient Jews bragged in the Old Testament about the genocides they did. Cf. http://lesquen2017.com/2015/12/12/comprendre-le-judaisme/
7. The Jewish Choah by Germans caused 5 time less death than the Slavic Choah by the Jews ruling the USSR until 1953
8. The religion of Choah is racist since it puts Jewish suffering above others
9. France is no longer a secular country since the religion of Choah is officially sanctioned
10. The religion of Choah is the foundation of the current political system. Cf. http://lesquen2017.com/2015/08/16/une-analyse-en-10-points-du-systeme-politique-actuel-par-henry-de-lesquen/

Conclusion: for the salvation of France, we have to end the religion of Choah, starting by repealing the Gayssot Act

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Texas Republicans are pushing for a referendum to decide whether the state should secede from the U.S.

The demand for Texans to be allowed to vote on the issue in 2023 was one of many measures adopted in the Texas GOP's party platform following last week's state convention in Houston

Under a section titled "State Sovereignty," the platform states: "Pursuant to Article 1, Section 1, of the Texas Constitution, the federal government has impaired our right of local self-government. Therefore, federally mandated legislation that infringes upon the 10th Amendment rights of Texas should be ignored, opposed, refused, and nullified

"Texas retains the right to secede from the United States, and the Texas Legislature should be called upon to pass a referendum consistent thereto"

In another section on state governance, the platform states that Texas Republicans want the state Legislature to pass a bill in its next session "requiring a referendum in the 2023 general election for the people of Texas to determine whether or not the State of Texas should reassert its status as an independent nation"

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[From "Is This January 6 Show Trial Even Real Life?"]

I have mostly stopped following the whole January 6 drama[…]
They are doing the actual hearings, which appear to be some kind of Nuremberg-style war crimes trial[…]If you want to be more politically correct in your analysis, you could call it a “Soviet-style show trial”[…]The Soviets built a system of laws designed to facilitate show trials, whereas Nuremberg was a drastic and totally unprecedented departure from Western norms of jurisprudence[…]
What exactly is going on here?[…]
Here is what Wikipedia has to say about January 6:
[Description of "January 6"][…]
That isn’t enough for these Jews in the government. They are continuing to claim that the January 6 protest was an “insurrection,” despite the fact that no one had guns[…]
The Sanhedrin said – and the media agreed – that “our democracy is at risk.” I don’t really understand what that means when they say it, but as a statement in a vacuum, it’s obviously true. I’m not a huge fan of democracy – at all – but it’s the system we’ve had for 150 years or so now, and it’s a system that at the very least will assure some rights of the people, even while it causes severe social degradation and corruption

This system of democracy is now being phased out in favor of an open authoritarian system[…]
This is not a joke – the FBI is rounding people up for refusing to participate in this scam. Congress doesn’t have the power to order the FBI to round people up, but they’re just doing it anyway[…]
It is a fake court, with a Congressional committee pretending to be a court, and it nullifies the concept of separation of powers[…]
The implications of this are that the government is in the process of solidifying total power, where they are just able to do anything they want

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[Translated from "Comment Henry de Lesquen aurait réglé la question sud-africaine" - "How would Henry de Lesquen have settled the South African Question". From 2017.]


spoilerOn the left, a portrait of Mandela and then an arrow leading to the image of right featuring a noose

1. Nationality principle. One State on a continous territory for each Bantu ethnic group: Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, etc.
2. Bantu states would have been South African Republic (SAR) protectorates. They would have been set for independence
3. Congoids (Black Bantus) would have lost their South African nationality for their ethnic state's
4. South African people: Caucasoids from European extraction (Whites) and mixed-blood Caucasoid-Capoid (Hottentot Blacks)[…]
6. Foreign residents in the SAR, Congoids wouldn't have acquired South African nationality, binationality being forbidden
7. Apartheid, as a regime of mandatory segregation, would have been abolished. Private persons would have kept the freedom to discriminate
8. Safety would have been reestablished through merciless repression of terrorist acts
9. Nelson Mandela would have been tried as leader or a terror group, the ANC, sentenced to death for his crimes and hanged high and short
10. Subversion of institutions and collaborating with terrorists[…]would have been severily punished

Conclusion: No Vorster nor Botha. Strong from its identity, the South African nation would have recovered its place in the world

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[From "A Few Thoughts on Swim Suits"]


FEMINISTS claim that women are more fulfilled and happy when they are free to wear almost nothing

The whole Western world has accepted their premises. You will be hard-pressed to find any woman on a beach today covered up to the extent that these women — such ridiculous figures, huh? — were in 1906[…]
The truth is, these ridiculous figures on the beach were much more likely to have a stable home life. They were more likely to have children. They were less likely to face the existential crises women face today. They lived in a more stable society with less crime. Political power and wealth were not so dangerously concentrated in the few. The federal income tax didn’t even exist! Our economic system was not yet crushed by debt, reducing most of us to insidious and hidden financial enslavement

It’s no secret that powerful people want women unclothed and actively promote it. Civilization demands clothes. Tyranny demands nudity

Immodesty undermines femininity. A woman’s greatest influence and dignity are not physical, but in her personality and soul

Immodesty is a form of aggression. Men are — by nature — sensitive to visual stimuli, much more than women, and cannot, except by emasculating themselves at some deep level, easily eradicate their responses to the female form[…]
The bikini, named after the island where the atomic bomb was tested, was introduced in 1946, when many women were tired from work in wartime factories and offices. The more sexually “free” women became, the more economically exploited[…]
Immodesty alienates women from God, the very source of their being

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Toy Story spin-off Lightyear will not be released in Saudi Arabia due to the inclusion of a same-sex kiss, the latest in a string of Hollywood films that have been banned in the Middle East over LGBTQ+ content

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the scene in question involved a space ranger called Alisha (voiced by Uzo Aduba) and her partner who greet each other with a kiss on the lips. Variety reports that Lightyear was not submitted to censors in Saudi Arabia, as it was anticipated it would not pass due to the country’s total prohibition of same-sex relationships. However, the Pixar film was submitted to censors in the comparatively more liberal United Arab Emirates, but the film’s licence was revoked after complaints on social media[…]
Lightyear’s problems in the Middle East are the latest in a string of difficulties faced by films containing LGBTQ+ content in the region

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[Translated from "Qu’est-ce que le cosmopolitisme ?" - "What's Cosmopolitanism?"]

"Cosmopolitan", which means "world citizen"[…]is by itself a subreption because every city imply an inside and an outside, an inclusion-exclusion relationship[…]{b]The so-called "cosmopolitan" can't be world citizen, he's citizen from nothing and he claims the world only to deny his duties to the city[…]
By inventing the city, the Greeks gave to patriotism its purest and most exigeant form[…]
Cosmopolitanism is one of the facets of the egalitarian utopia, the anarchistic and carnavalesque version[…]
A Cosmopolitan is a foreigner in his own city. He's also "foreign to himself", as per Julia Kristeva[…]
For this radical Cosmopolitanism, one can become free only though freeing oneself from traditions[…]True humanism[…]know freedom comes from identity[…]
World should be considered as the city of every man, and reject peculiar identity establishing barrers inside mankind. But, as we told, the city can't exist without borders[…]
There is thus an organic link between "cynical" immporality of Cosmopolitan ideology of the world superclass[…]and the Immigrationnism which is the Alpha and the Omega of the globalist speech

We shouldn't be surprised the world superclass worships the degenerate non-art absuively described as contemporary art[…]{b]Degenerate non-art, termed "contemporary art", is a vector of Cosmopolitanism. It subverts the sense of beauty, oppose traditions and has nor estriction when attacking artistic patromony, as shwon on 2008 by Jeff Koons in Versailles

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More than 200 days after they first gathered in Dallas last November, QAnon cult leader Michael Brian Protzman has once again ordered his followers to return to Dallas this weekend for the true culmination of his prediction that JFK will return to the site of his 1963 assassination

Protzman told his followers in a livestream early Wednesday morning he’d figured out that JFK would reappear at Dealey Plaza in Downtown Dallas on Saturday, June 11. He claimed former president Donald Trump had spoken to him in code at his last rally, and based on his analysis of Trump’s words, this Saturday was the actual date that the slain Kennedy family scion would return to Dallas

"He’s gonna keep it not so obvious," Protzman said of Trump’s coded messages to him. "He’s not gonna tell too much all at once. You don’t play your trump cards until the end of the match. So of course he’s got it balanced at the moment, or else people will find out too much too fast"[…]
At the time of Protzman's first prediction, QAnon followers arrived in droves from around the world to witness its fruition. After the events their leader predicted never came to pass, a core group of Protzman’s followers stayed in the Dallas area to follow his "teachings"[…]
In the intervening months, Protzman has led the group through ceremonies in Dealey Plaza and conducted public "classes" on gematria, an alpha-numeric system he believes can uncover truths the government wishes to keep secret[…]
Experts and researchers have sounded the alarm over the cult’s behavior at several points, including when Protzman allegedly ordered cult members to drink a toxic bleach-like substance from a communal bowl to ward off illness

Kingston clan #fundie #racist #elitist #homophobia splcenter.org

Jessica Kingston[…]remembered[…]her Sunday school teacher coming into class with a bucket of water and a vial of black food coloring[…]
“The teacher was like, ‘You can never get that out, that is always there now’”[…]
Black people supposedly suffered from multiple scriptural curses, from the mark of Cain and Noah’s curse on Ham in the Old Testament to the racist tenets of early Mormonism[…]
Black blood was “the worst thing you can have,” Jessica said, particularly since the Kingstons consider themselves to be the whitest of the white, descended directly from Jesus Christ and King David[…]
Ex-Order members tell of a reputed church prophecy of an “End of the World War,” an apocalyptic vision that foresees a bloody race war with the Kingstons as the ultimate victors[…]
Kingstons command an estimated 6,000 adherents, boast a business empire reportedly worth as much as $1 billion[…]
A stern disciplinarian, who in later years looked and dressed like a mortician, [John] Ortell made incest a tenet of the clan’s faith, informed by his work breeding Holstein cows[…]
In order to maintain his family’s “superior bloodlines,” Ortell married and had children with two of his half-sisters and two nieces[…]
Control of The Order then passed to Ortell’s well-educated son Paul Kingston[…]
Another of Ortell’s teachings: Adolf Hitler had the right idea about creating a master race, but didn’t have the Lord’s help[…]
Being taught end-time prophecies, with a “cleansing” wherein the streets of Salt Lake City would run red with blood[…]
Another of the cult’s teachings was that soy can make you gay[…]
Don’t the infant deaths and tales of horrific deformities belie Ortell’s homespun eugenics?

Scott remembered that Ortell had an answer[…]
“Something along the lines of, to build a superhuman, if you have four or five defects to get the one good one, it’s worth it”

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[Translated from "Pour une immigration négative" - "For a negative immigration"]

As soon as he was named as Minister for Interior, in 2002, Sarkozy declared the principle of immigration zero was to be forgotten

"Immigration Zero" was the official dictrine of every government, both right and left, since 1974. The expression meant the numbre of entering foreigners ("x") had to be equilibrated with the number of leavers ("y"):x-y=0. But, for Sarkozy, there should be more entrance: "x" had to be way higher than "y". It is positive immigration

I am hostile to immigration zero. I adhere even less to positive immigration of Sarkozy, Hollande and Micron [Mix of "Macron" and "micron"]

I am for negative immigration: "y" has to be (largely) higher than "x." We have to invert the migratory flux, so as to the number of leaving foreigner is way higher than the number of enterances

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[From "Europe to become a backwater and repeat mistakes dating back to even the 14th century"]

I would like to reiterate the fact that there has not ever been a single figure in European History ever known, who sought to disrupt the flow and channels of wealth, particularly ill-gotten wealth and the status quo, as to the level that Adolf Hitler had sought

This is why “Hitler Had To Be Stopped”™[…]
Europe’s conflicts will never be natural or out of true necessity[…]Only Adolf Hitler ever stood up to trying to eliminated thievery and advantageous scenarios that permanently allowed the Wealthy to ever gain and hold precedent on wealth[…]
The Nazi Economic policies were of the most harsh and brutal variety (as they should be) that any Authoritarian Regime has ever attempted in history. Behind shutting down union offices and confiscating their wealth, confiscating wealth from the Jews (rightfully so), and also using other excellent examples of punishment towards anyone with ill-gotten wealth or real estate holdings[…]
Most Baby Boomers are corrupt and immoral degenerates, the large majority of them are, and so are the children they had born which took on their ways

The consequences for the road of which things have led on will surely bring about the catastrophe of the Dark Age that took place for Europe in the Middle Ages[…]
Our Love and Support for Adolf Hitler is so great in his ambitions, that even if it meant that all of Europe had to face an even greater genocide and wealth confiscation program to secure the BEST populations to prosper and build a new future for Europe, we would be in total support for it[…]
Civil War is the only way

Vladimir Putin #wingnut #god-complex bbc.com

Vladimir Putin's admiration for Peter the Great is well known but he now seems to have ideas of "Great"-ness himself

He has openly compared himself to the Russian tsar, equating Russia's invasion of Ukraine today with Peter's expansionist wars some three centuries ago, and making his strongest acknowledgment yet that his own war is a land grab[…]
Russia's president was meeting young scientists and entrepreneurs when he made the remarks. Before talking IT and tech development he talked politics and power: the new battle he sees for geopolitical dominance. In that, he told his select audience that Peter the Great was a role model

"You might think he was fighting with Sweden, seizing their lands," Mr Putin said, referring to the Northern Wars which Peter launched at the turn of the 18th Century as he forged a new Russian Empire

"But he seized nothing; he reclaimed it!" he said, arguing that Slavs had lived in the area for centuries

"It seems it has fallen to us, too, to reclaim and strengthen," Mr Putin concluded, with a near-smirk that left no doubt he was referring to Ukraine and his aims there

Peter's rule, he suggested, was proof that expanding Russia had strengthened it

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[From "Report of 2020 Platform & Resolutions Committee"]

21. Environment:We oppose environmentalism that obstructs legitimate business interests[…]Abolition of the [EPA][…]
26. Minimum Wage[…]Minimum Wage Act should be repealed[…]
65. State Sovereignty[…]Federal government has impaired our right of local self-government[…]Texas retains the right to secede from the United States should a future president and congress change our political system from a constitutional republic[…]
71. State Electoral College[…]Electors selected by the popular votes cast within each individual state senatorial district, who shall then elect all statewide office holders[…]
73. US Citizenship: We support a change to the 14th Amendment to eliminate “birth tourism” or anchor babies[…]citizenship only to those with at least one biological parent who is a US citizen[…]
86. Amend Texas Constitution[…]Strike the following words[…]“but the Legislature shall have power, by law, to regulate the wearing of arms”[…]
95. CPS: We call for the eventual abolishment of CPS[…]
109. Hate Crimes:We urge the complete repeal of the hate crimes laws[…]
136. Scientific Theories:We support objective teaching of scientific theories, such as life origins and climate change[…]
145. Sexual Education[…]Prohibiting the teaching of sex education[…]
175. Defund Big Government, Not the Police:Any large city or county that cuts its police budget by
more than 10 percent should be required to cut its property tax[…]
232. Israel[…]We oppose the creation of a Palestinian state[…]force Israel to give up land that God gave to the Jewish people as referenced in Genesis[…]
253. Natural Medical Right[…]Right to refuse vaccination or medical treatment

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[Translated from "Race et beauté:les femmes congoïdes sont-elles moins belles?" - "Race and beauty:are Congoid women less beautiful?"]

As statistics from online dating services show, race is among the criteria[…]Congoid women are less succesful than other races' women. Satoshi Kanazawa, LSE professor and evolutionary psychology specialist, wrote Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women? Basing on US study program Add Health[…]Kanazawa calculated a "Physical Beauty Factor." While one of his previous articles showed women were in average more beautiful than men[…]it wasn't true for Congoid women[…]
Why are Congoid women less beautiful? The professor rejects BMC[…]He also rejects hypothesis basing on the beauty-intelligence link-Congoids have lower IQ[…]
Kanazawa propose a hormonal justification. Congoids have higher testosterone[…]Testosterone is an androgen[…]Men are more viril and women more manly. These, less womanly, are less attractive[…]
As to the self-overrating of Congoids' beauty, it can be explained by higher testosterone rates, which favors self-confidence[…]
Professor Lynn notes success of Mongoloid women among Caucasoid men is caused by lower testosterone rates, making their face more feminine. Kanazawa seems to be on the right track

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[From "Edmonton Child Molester Parade cancelled for fourth straight† year"]
† Pun intended.

It was a treat when we celebrated it[…]
Now it just seems like the status quo[…]
For the fourth year in a row there will be no #yegfaggotwalk held. According to Trevor Watson[…]there's no plans to have one this year or perhaps even any year in the future. He's too busy touching little boys on city busses while their leftist parents admire his disgusting lifestyle choice[…]
Does that mean that Watson and his fellow evil uranists are just laying low? No, of course not: they and the rest of their illegitimate club are going to be busy waving in your face you nd down the streets, just less coordinated than usual[…]They already are busy in your schools turning your kids towards their evil orientation because again 100% of them are guilty of it. Some of them like them older than Watson, a sizeable minority like them younger, and all of them need to be stopped at all costs

Ironically even as they cancelled the past two years over a disease that only kinda infected their perverted kind[…]they do it instead in the shadow of a new[i][…][/i]disease spreading around the globe 100% caused by their wicked ways[…]They started this whole endeavour in the shadow of the last disease spread almost exclusively by their inability to have a real loving relationship

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[From "We Are Everywhere, and Growing"]

The beautiful thing about the Left is that they do not know when to quit[…]they are going for broke in a desperate dash to their total Marxist conclusion[…]You can feel a change in the air[…]
If you asked me back in 2015, I would have estimated that five percent of the United States could be labeled within some sector of the Dissident Right. Today, I believe that number is probably closer to 40% and growing[…]
After Covid lockdowns, a stolen election, a meltdown in Afghanistan, chaos at the Southern border, and an economic collapse triggered by anti-working-class policies from the White House, an anger is metastasizing. Couple all of that with the broad recognition of Critical Race Theory[…]gender dysphoria propaganda[…]clear, anti-White marketing[…]awakening is happening[…]
As someone who travels frequently, I strike up conversations wherever I am[…]Far more individuals are knowledgeable about the origin of our current predicament[…]and the only solutions that make sense[…]75% of those with whom I meet are on some level of White Nationalism[…]
Teachers, doctors, lawyers, and police officers in Pennsylvania all seemed to share very strong, anti-Jewish sympathies. “Man, six years ago, I didn’t care about Jews,” explained one high school teacher, “but they keep f***ing pushing. Now I wish Hitler finished the job”[…]
With the election protests of January 6th – The “CivNat Charlottesville” – many normiecons and Civic Nationalists learned the hard way. Those who were not arrested for their mostly peaceful protest, learned the same lessons that White Nationalists of varying stripes learned in 2017[…]
As a secessionist, nothing could be more satisfying, and the best part of all this: the powers that triggered all of it, cannot put that genie back in the bottle and avoid number 110. We are everywhere, and we are growing

Henry de Lesquen #racist lesquen.fr

[Translated from "Pour maîtriser la haine raciale, il faut réémigrer les allogènes" - "In order to overcome racial hatred, foreigners have to be remigrated"]

This is the end of the Week against Antiracism and Cosmopolitanism. Here are 10 reflexions on the vulgar antiracism which is destroying France
1) The denunciation of racism delivers France to immigration
2) I am racist in the good meaning: racial consciousness; and antiracist in the good meaning: I morally condemn racial hatred and oppose racial reductionism[…]
4) Racial hatred is an ugly feeling. But we have to use it because we are at war against immigration. It is a power source which can help France to rise up
5) Racial hatred, like all forms of social hatred, can lead to horrors. Thus, they have to be overcame
6) In order to overcome racial hatred, foreigners have to be remigrated. Multicultural societies are multiconflictual
7) Vulgar antiracism deny the existence of human races, which is aberrant
8) Vulgar antiracism is the mask of the cosmopolitan ideology, which deny identities
9) Vulgar antiracism is implicitely racist, since it set apart anti-Semitism anti-Jewish racism, from other forms of racism
10) The priority, for the salvation of France, is to repeal the Pleven Act of July 1, 1972 [an act banning hate speech and racial discrimination] and all the antiracist legislation

Hunter Wallace #wingnut #racist #sexist #conspiracy occidentaldissent.com

[From "Johnny Depp Wins Defamation Lawsuit"]

Don’t get too blackpilled, bros

BLM has peaked and crashed in popularity

#MeToo has peaked and just suffered a devastating defeat

The Great Replacement has gone mainstream

Twitter is about to fall under the control of Elon Musk and become a siege engine of “misinformation” in the culture war

The Wokelash is sending the “permanent progressive majority” into the dustbin of history

Roe v. Wade is about to be struck down by the Supreme Court

Margaret Atwood is saying [i]The Handmaid’s Tale[/i] is coming true. The ideology of Gilead is going mainstream

If you look at that SPLC poll, young men are rejecting feminism. The “New Woman” made her debut a century ago. The culture could easily start trending in the opposite direction

SonOfTheDragon101, RespublicaCuriae, ForChina2020 and niogirl #moonbat #conspiracy reddit.com

[OP and comments under "On the 33rd Anniversary of the failed Colour Revolution, let's thank the People's Liberation Army and remember the fallen soldiers who martyred themselves so China is a unified, free, and prosperous country today!" about the Tienanmen massacre]

OP by SonOfTheDragon101:

spoilerDrawing of a tank in Tienanmen

From RespublicaCuriae:
Long live China, because liberal democracy is a failed system

From ForChina2020:
The day liberalism failed to ruin China, our land

From niogirl:
The students who never returned home, their parents, grandparents, siblings. The students who witnessed and participated in maniac acts of frenzied savagery when they thought their blood would be sacrificed for a higher ideal and not used as fodder to destroy their own country. The soldiers sent in to a mission that would be impossible to return unscathed

The world stood and watched…the western democracies licked their lips as brothers were pitted against brothers

Henry de Lesquen #wingnut #racist lesquen.fr

[Translated from "Le projet culturel d’Henry de Lesquen" - "Henry de Lesquen's cultural project"]

1) The new cultural policy shall be national, popular, identitarian and shall spring from the Western culture's canons
2) The state shall fight cultural cosmopolitanism and the ensuing degenerate art
Degenerate art replaced the beautiful by the ugly. Degenerate non-art replaced the beautiful by the speech
3) Local government shall follow the cultural orientations set by the state[…]
4) National preferance: The cultural market shall be protected from foreign concurrence, which shall favor creation
5) Official art, supported by the state, shall express the nation's soul in the beauty of the artworks[…]
7) Negro music shall be banished from public broadcasters and progressively removed from those helped or allowed by the state[…]
Anyone can hear whatever he wants on CD or the Internet. But public space shall be cleansed

8) Epuration. The state shall get rid from artwork or items from degenerate art or non-art, both by selling and by destroying these
9) Obscenity and attacks on public morals, both being sprawn from cosmopolitan anticulture and degenerate art, shall be suppressed
10) English language shall be removed from France through law![…]
Conclusion: The new coltural policy shall be the beginning of a cultural renaissance in France, which always aims for greatness
National Liberalism. Freedom to create and free speech shall be total. But the state shall no longer help degenerate art

Roosh V #fundie #ableist #conspiracy #sexist rooshv.com

[From "Marrying A Woman With Mental Illness"]

Diagnosable mental illnesses are so commonplace that it’s inevitable for a single man to meet a woman who is “mentally ill.” Should he still consider her as a wife or try to find another woman? This is a difficult decision that must involve God, his priest, and Christian family and friends[…]
Every man and woman born in this fallen world will have severe problems with their passions until they are purified by the Holy Spirit. Maybe you are prone to lust like I[…]
When evaluating a woman with an active passion, you must ask yourself several questions. Is she actively struggling against the passion? Has the passion’s control over her declined from its peak?[…]
Since I have so much experience with pride and anger, I believe I can handle it[…]But how about a woman who is slothful?[…]
To have a passion is not to be mentally ill[…]Medical industry has so broadened the definition of mental illness[…]huge percentage of the population is “verifiably” mentally ill[…]
Many women on anti-depressant medication take it because they are “sad.” Winter came around and they weren’t having fun in life[…]Another woman was “tired” from her busy schedule and didn’t get “enjoyment” out of casual sex and other secular activities. Another woman started being “depressed” when she couldn’t find an office job she enjoyed. In cases like this, I believe the problem is not mental illness but a lack of Orthodox faith and coping mechanisms[…]
Should you marry an immature woman who is on anti-depressant drugs? How about if she took them in the past but does not take them anymore?[…]
It is my opinion that most people diagnosed with mental illness are merely immature, but there are people with what I’d call “severe mental illness”

Dave Blount #wingnut #conspiracy #sexist #homophobia #transphobia #fundie moonbattery.com

[From "Uvalde as a Symptom of Liberalism"]

This isn’t about the availability of guns or the uselessness of local authorities. Uvalde is a symptom of a more serious problem: the engineered collapse of civilization

For decades, progressives have pumped raw sewage into the cultural water supply. First among their crimes, they have used feminism, the welfare state, the LGBT agenda, and the glorification of moral degeneracy to destroy the nuclear family

As John Daniel Davidson suggests, Salvador Ramos was a product of his culture:

A broken home, no father or father figure in his life, no church or community of any kind, no real friends except those he met through social media. Here we have, in brief sketch, not just a profile of a school shooter, but an indictment of our entire culture. It was the same in Parkland, and Sandy Hook, and many other places

Start with lack of family, lack of faith, lack of anything meaningful to believe in because leftists have torn down everything with more depth than political correctness. Add in the increased alienation inflicted in the name of Covid[…]
Applied liberalism. That’s the answer to [url=https://notthebee.com/article/check-out-this-thread-on-school-shootings-over-the-past-200-years-and-wonder-where-things-went-wrong]this mystery[url]

Henry de Lesquen #elitist #dunning-kruger lesquen.fr

[Translated from "Rétablir la vérité sur l’esclavage" - "Reestablish truth about slavery"]

1)Current discourse is anachronic. Slavery can't be abolished below a given economic development level
2)Nobody want to be enslaved. But starving to death is even less desirable. Cruel choice[…]
6)Abolition had catastrophic consequences for everyone when it was premature, like in Haiti
7)Both Church Fathers and Stoic philosophers sanctioned slavery by natural law. They held it as a lesser evil[…]
9)Black slaves brought to America generally lived better than if they had stayed in Africa
10)According to Fogel, Southern black slaves' living standards were better than Northern white workers'
Conclusion:Slavery used to be a necessity. It wasn't a crime. We shouldn't be ashamed of our ancestors

Here 10 paradoxal observations about slavery to complete my analysis
1)Slave descendents asking for reparations should ask them to Africans, whose ancestors sold theirs
2)Slave descendents asking for reparations generally are mixed-blood also descending from slavers
3)Slave descendents asking for reparations wouldn't be alive without slavery
4)It's evident exporting slaves was rentable for Black polities and helped African economy until colonialism[…]
6)The 4 major religions(Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianism and Islam) all sanctioned slavery[…]
8)Those attacking the Atlantic slave trade are mute about the White slave trade by Barbary corsairs[…]
10)Hired workers' fate have no importance to their employers. A slave have much importance for his owners[…]
Conclusion:The myth of the crime against humanity solely applied to the Atlantic slave trade is a weapon of the Cosmopolitan propaganda

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[From "Discovering the reality that most people are indeed, worthless"]

I believe that more and more people[…]are coming around to recognizing just how much more worthless the majority of humankind is

There are many theories about Human Origins[…]and there are many people alive today who deny that the original Human Creation had been cut from Divine Fabric[…]
There are some topics I am reluctant to speak of in great depth outside of our inner circle relating to some religious matters and Human Genetics[…]
Christian Bible[…]is a watered down version of a story told about the Genetic Altering of the Original Humans, but without letting others know that Humans existed long before the alleged figures “Adam & Eve”

Adam & Eve, were actually metaphorical figures for an extraterrestrial invasion of Mankind, and it essentially was the downfall of Man[…]
Religions[…]diverts Divine Mankind from knowing that it had been subjugated by very vicious and horrifically oppressive entities and other altered Humanoid species, and that the takeover by these beings, including their inter-breeding into the Divine Population, is what caused Mankind to fall[…]
You will always hear about people claiming “prophecy is being fulfilled”, when in fact the Bible, similar to the Protocols of Zion, is just a blueprint to explain to you what the World Controllers are intending[…]
Mankind has been under subjugation by nefarious forces for Aeons, even during periods of Human history when times were relatively good[…]
Keeping Humans ignorant, including Divine Humans, has been an on-going project and one of necessity by those who control the World Order[…]
Egalitarian views have brainwashed most people to believe all people deserve rights or are equal or deserving of equity in this world[…]
If the ratio of worthless people begins to breach 20% of the population, your civilization is in trouble

Hunter Wallace #fundie #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia #sexist #racist occidentaldissent.com

[From "TAC: The LGBTsQewing Of America"]

Editor’s Note: That’s one of the many “blessings of liberty” above that we have covered over the years

We used to live in a White Christian culture

In the vast majority of cases (unless your parents were recent immigrants), this is likely why you exist. You exist due to the reproductive choices that your ancestors made

Those choices were shaped and channeled by the dominant culture. In the South, where evangelical Protestantism shaped our culture for centuries, we had customs like the one drop rule. We had legal segregation and anti-miscegenation laws. Southern culture valued racial purity[…]Homosexuality was discouraged. Divorce was rare and hard to get. Abortion was illegal. White identity was valued. The White and Black family was strong through the Jim Crow era. The norm used to be that most people got married to someone of the same race and religion and reproduced themselves[…]
Culture used to be overwhelmingly local. The states and local communities made their own laws and largely governed themselves. The rise of the mainstream media (film, radio, television in that order) from the 1910s through the 1960s shifted cultural power away from, say, the segregationist editor of the local newspaper to liberal elites with a modernist sensibility who were on television in New York City, Los Angeles and Washington[…]
Christianity went from being the hegemonic dominant culture to a kind of respected sub-culture to just another lifestyle[…]
Much like feminism (the “New Woman” was inspired by modernism) and abortion (nothing is owed to future generations because everything is owed to the Self) and gay marriage (any “marriage” is as good as any other and people should be allowed to express themselves), the “trans” craze only makes sense in a deeply modernist cultures

Pascal Domat #racist #dunning-kruger #crackpot lesquen.fr

[Translated from "Les cinq races de l’humanité" - "The five races of mankind"]

Here are ten points about the five races of Homo sapiens
1) The world is divided in 5 human races. Racial division of Homo sapiens is a fact of elementary observation confirmed and precised by science

spoilerWorld racial map

2) These five major races are Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Congoid, Capoid and Australoid (from Carleton Coon)[…]
spoilerRacial cranial layouts

4) Genetics confirm the anthropologists' typology[…]
spoilerPhylogenical tree

5) Race can't be reduced to skin colour. It has only a little importance
Scientists studied levels of genetic differenciation among races. Nervous system biggest variation among human populations, more than skin colour[…]
7) Average IQ racial difference mostly caused by genotype, not much from environment[…]
spoilerRace differences in intelligence

8) Misgenation does not remove races, it adds an intermediary type between both original types and can even, on the long term, create new races, as it is being done in Latin America[…]
10) Races are not equal, because equality isn't from nature[…]Genes determinating race have a racially varying physical and mental influence. Equality of citizens before law[…]is not the equality from nature. So is the moral equality preached by some religions or philosophies


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[From "Fucking Canadians/New bogus Virus Scares"]

Canada really should be regarded for what it is, America’s leftover trash heap next door

I did some statistical research of the global interests about “COVID” in how it has peaked and waned since 2020, and it appears that the Canadians and Australians are more obsessed than ever and take more interest points in anything to do with “Coronavirus News” than all other Nations

Not only this, but the new bogus “monkeypox” scare that just comes out of nowhere, guess who tops the list?!

Canada and Australia, above all other countries (with the exception of Nigeria)

Nigeria is a tough country to rely on in statistics however, because of the amount of scams and opportunistic criminals that operate in that country which sometimes may have nothing to do with any personal interest, so statistics tend to not tell much to the story for that country[…]
There is nothing worthy reporting on the new “monkeypox” scare, because it appears to be only that

The only possible interest is there is some ingredient that discusses something on the Astra-Zeneca Literature for the A-Z COVID-19 Vaccine that implies something to the effect of a chimpanzee adenovirus existing in it, but I have no firm statement on it to make at this time whether this is a coincidence or if there is a connection with it

But for the most part, we can assume that nearly all new scares of anything, are either designed as placeholders to buy time, or for the coming deaths of masses of people in which they will institute new Lockdowns out of nowhere just as rapidly, and without any discussion or challenge

We are in Year 3 of this nonsense, and most Humanoids still don’t see how they have fell for the plot over and over and over with being promised bogus economic reopenings and “getting back to normal” when there will be no sense of normality

Robert Rundo #wingnut #racist balkaninsight.com

It was a week after Orthodox New Year in January 2021 and a group of Serb children in Kosovo was opening presents[…]
Faces of those who brought the presents were blurred, but the flags of the organisations they represented were not. One of them featured the brand name Will2Rise, part of an organisation led by a notorious US right-wing extremist called Robert Rundo
A few weeks later[…]Rundo had been deported to neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina
Yet for a year before, and a year since, Rundo has collaborated with a number of far-right groups who undertake ‘humanitarian’ activities such as delivering presents to Serb children in Serbia’s majority-Albanian former province while targeting migrants and refugees for intimidation and abuse and expressing anti-Roma and anti-Semitic sentiment[…]
Kosovo has become a case study for alt right believers in the Great Replacement[…]
Rundo first confirmed his presence in Belgrade in February 2020, in a blog that hailed “the awakening of the Serbian spirit”[…]
Writing about meeting members of a nationalist group called ‘Kormilo,’ which means Rudder, Rundo said he had been given the “uncensored history of Serbia and told about the revival of Chetnik sentiment”[…]
In February 2020, Rundo surfaced in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, where he attended Day of Honour events in which far-right and neo-Nazi groups pay tribute to Nazi forces that broke out of Russian-encircled Budapest[…]
Reluctant to discuss his collaboration with the like of Serbon Shop, Rundo told BIRN he had done nothing wrong in Serbia. The Union of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia disagrees, accusing Rundo in 2020 of participating in the desecration of a grave of national heroes at Belgrade’s Kalemegdan fortress and posting photos as evidence

Henry de Lesquen #racist #dunning-kruger lesquen.fr

[Translated from "Program for remigration", written in 2017]

1. Non-European foreigners' visas shall not be renewed
1) Government shall revise the statuses of these millions of paper Frenchmen [Snarl word used by the french Far-right for those they deem not "real Frenchmen" in account of their migrant background] and deprive them of nationality in cases of indignity, binationality or lack of assimilation[…]
3) A Stay Tax shall be enacted to pay off public debt and incite to remigration[…]
3. It shall be illegal to furnish housing, work, schooling, healthcare or any help to illegal foreigners. This crime shall be punished with 5 years of prison[…]
4. Illegal migrants shall receive healthcare only in their detention place. The State Medical Aid [Public scheme to pay for healthcare of undocumented migrants] shall be repealed
5. A State Secretariat for Remigration shall be established. Illegal migrants, these outlaws, shall be deprived of civil rights. They shall not be able to enter contracts. Their property shall be forfeit to the State
6. Detention and deportation of illegals shall be a political question judges shall not be able to rule on
7.The SSR shall open concentration camps (these camps already exist and are named detention centers) where illegals shall be held with their families until their deportation, without time limit[…]
9. The crime of unlawful stay shall be reestablished. Recidivists shall be sent to prison and deported afteir serving their sentence
10. Supremacy of French law: Constitution shall be amended (article 55) to ensure the regularity of the mesures needed for remigration. The Council of State [Supreme court for administrative jurisdiction, French equivalent to the Privy Council] shall not have any say and CJEU [Supreme court for the European Union law] rulings shall be null and void

Conclusion: remigration by itself shall be enough to reduce unemployment and fix public finances

James Sears #sexist #wingnut #psycho #conspiracy antihate.ca

Footage of James Sears receiving a “free speech” award from a long-time neo-Nazi includes remarks from the former doctor and jokes about the Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam being publicly executed[…]
Sears, who was on parole after serving four of his 12-month sentence for promoting hatred in his newspaper, Your Ward News, was arrested by the Toronto Police Service on Thursday for breaching his release conditions[…]
In November 2021, Paul Fromm presented Sears with the 2021 George Orwell Free Speech Award. Sears took this as an opportunity to launch into a long and winding talk[…]
“If the Nazis were in charge [the pandemic] would’ve ended in two weeks,” Sears told the small crowd, cheering crowd

He went on to describe a scenario where Hitler would have found Dr. Tam guilty of treason and sentenced her to death for being behind a Communist plot. Sears[…]described a truly Canadian public execution which he imagined would take place during halftime at a hockey game

“[Dr. Tam] would’ve been tied to a pole in center ice and she would’ve been sentenced to death by high sticking”

He insists he is “only joking” and doesn’t want real harm to come to her, but went on to suggest Hitler would have made a joke that “there’s a face-off in the corner”[…]
Sears’ problematic views of women were on full display when he expressed bewilderment about his conviction

“I wrote[…]that men treat their cars better than their women and I wrote that if men thought of their women as possessions they’d treat them better,” Sears explained. “[The judge] said that’s dehumanizing towards women and it’s one of the worst things. It’s like, what? There’s no logic to any of it. I don’t understand. Nothing I’ve even said so far is a negative statement about Jews or women. I didn’t even say anything negative about them. And I said ‘precious chattel. Precious’”

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[From "Demonic Bloodlines vs. Demonic Possession/How Christianity distorted “Demonic” Concept"]

The layers of how well Christianity has influenced most of Modern People[…]is so pervasive that even Non-Believers and Atheists alike, still subscribe to Christian theology[…]
People are more familiar with the concept of people becoming “demon-possessed”, rather than the object of Bloodlines being the origin of Demonic Hosts, but the reason for this is that the Church has a strategic interest[…]
Demonic Possession is possible[…]usually happens either through trauma or abuse[…]
Otherwise, Demonic Possession usually only happens to people who in general are very Weak-willed, and have accordingly given up their will to something, and such is common on low levels such as with drug users, and on the high levels such as in Hollywood Initiation of Famous Stars[…]
Demons present themselves, more often than not to the public, as being victims or somehow having certain ethics or ideas that are noble[…]
As most of Humanity is programmed to view and follow certain traits and attributes that they view as agreeable based on their specific programming, this is why false ideas of what is Good or Evil exist[…]
Same reason why Hitler was believed to be “Demonic Possessed” and that so too were the German People during the Third Reich, but in fact the opposite was true, since Adolf Hitler was charged with Divine Authority[…]
Science can only be a means via the “Scientic Process”, but to make it the pillar of Human civilization, purpose and existence is to bring Mankind to a humdrum and slavish state[…]
If the British Royal Family for example did not know something something about their Bloodlines, why would they be so ultra curious about maintaining it so well, as does many other Royal Family Lines?[…]
Few people suspect the Jew as Evil because Jews always manipulate people and host nations

T. Morris #dunning-kruger #racist identitydixie.com

[From "Southern Apologetics – “Whipped Peter,” and the Problem of Human Gullibility"]

I was in a (mostly one-sided) email conversation with a blogger-correspondent[…]Initiated by my correspondent’s posting of an interesting interview conducted with an 82-year-old black woman and former slave named Millie Barber[…]

Hello, [name redacted][…]
You wrote in your preface to Millie’s interview that,
“The most egregious part of her colorful narrative relates to her parents being separated on different plantations“[…]
Seems to be more an emotion-based reaction[…]in the vast majority of such cases, the father was separated from the family because of his[…]abusive and violent nature and tendencies[…]masters tried to solve and enforce within such families in the best way they could[…]

The following is what I wrote my correspondent in a couple of follow-up message

The mass of people in any given society tend to be very gullible and uninformed[…]If intelligent people have learned anything at all from the COVID 19 insanity, that fact ought to be it[…]“A picture is worth a thousand words” is often cited in these little write-ups of mine[…]Photos of “Whipped Peter” and the emaciated bodies of former prisoners held at Andersonville[…]
I had something of an epiphany concerning that photo in particular when I was watching one of those television documentaries about a “Super-Max”[…]It was a distinct possibility[…]“Whipped Peter” was very much like these violent felons[…]
The situation at Andersonville is another story entirely of course, but the same principle applies[…]

I could literally “go on and on and on,” quoting[…]from dozens of original sources regarding the question of antebellum slavery[…]all in support of the “default” position I personally take in defending our noble, gallant and honorable ancestors

Dave Blount #transphobia #wingnut #conspiracy moonbattery.com

[From "Progress in the War on Gender"]

The male/female dichotomy is fundamental to the human conception of reality, as confirmed by gendered languages like Spanish, Russian, and German. The basic unit of civilization, the family, is based upon it. Leftist social engineers are determined to destroy it. Mark Dice brings us up to date on their alarming progress:
It seems radical that Democrats want to change our system of government through systemic election fraud, packing the Supreme Court, and abolishing the Electoral College. Actually, imposing a single-party authoritarian regime as they have effectively already done in California and New York is one of their more conventional objectives

Where cultural rot has allowed them to take sufficient control (e.g., California, New York), liberals impose criminal penalties against people who use objectively correct rather than politically correct pronouns, because refusing to refer to eccentrics like Bruce Jenner as “she” violates the precept that 2 + 2 = 5 if our moonbat rulers say it does

Liberals would destroy reality itself, but that lies beyond their power. So they are destroying our perception of it; that is, they are at war with sanity

On a tip from KirklesWorth

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[From "Yes, you “DO” owe your existence to someone else"]

There is a major Individualistic Obsession/Trend among Western people these days with a snarky attitude like “I don’t owe anything to anyone”

And it is precisely this attitude which is a major problem, because such people who think they ought to be allowed to exist in this manner, must be culled from the population

The people who speak these words are a liability

It is also the reason why Citizens should be property of the State, particularly as far as the German Reich is concerned

A society where people think they do not need to owe anyone anything, but feel they are owed, is one on its way to completely self-annihilation

Christian Gomez #wingnut #conspiracy thenewamerican.com

Former Congressman Paul Broun (R-Ga.) is running to return back to Congress to represent Georgia’s 10th congressional district. “We need to get the United States out of the UN and the UN out of the U.S. and that’s what I tried to do when I was in Congress” Broun tells The New American

In the interview, Broun recalls how when he was in Congress he introduced an amendment to a foreign appropriations bill in Congress to zero-out U.S. funding to the United Nations. “They are enemies of liberty and freedom, they are enemies of our Constitution,” Broun says of the UN. A vote on Broun’s amendment failed as did the vote for a second amendment he introduced to the bill that would have just cut UN funding by 10-percent

He further explains that the problems in Washington go beyond Biden and Obama, calling out both former Republican Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush as globalists, who look toward the United Nations and supported open-borders[…]
If elected, Broun vows to reintroduce the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, as he did in 2013, along with the Federal Reserve Transparency Act to conduct a full audit of the Federal Reserve. During the interview, Broun further called for abolishing the federal Department of Education, the Federal Reserve System, and returning the U.S. to a gold and silver standard

Broun also backs constitutional amendments to repeal both the 16th and 17th Amendments, which provided for the progressive income tax and direct election of U.S. senators respectively

Payton Gendron #racist #conspiracy #wingnut nbcnews.com

A manifesto allegedly written and posted by the suspect in a mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket that killed 10 people laid out specific plans to attack Black people and repeatedly cited the “great replacement" theory[…]
The manifesto, which appears to have been written by 18-year-old Payton Gendron, included a shared birth date and biographical details with the suspect in custody. The PDF was originally posted to Google Docs at 8:55 p.m. Thursday, two days before the shooting[…]
The manifesto, which has not been modified since it was posted on Thursday, includes elaborate details of a planned shooting. The document claims the suspect chose Buffalo because it was the city with the highest number of Black people in his vicinity[…]
The manifesto includes dozens of pages antisemitic and racist memes, repeatedly citing the racist “great replacement” conspiracy theory frequently pushed by white supremacists, which falsely claims white people are being “replaced” in America as part of an elaborate Jewish conspiracy theory. Other memes use tropes and discredited data to denigrate the intelligence of nonwhite people[…]
Gendron claims that he was radicalized on 4chan while he was “bored” at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020

The document also claims “critical race theory,” a recent right-wing talking point that has come to generally encompass teaching about race in school, is part of a Jewish plot, and a reason to justify mass killings of Jews[…]
Gendron repeatedly cites Brenton Tarrant[…]
Suspect said he planned to post his manifesto and links to his livestream to 4chan, to a knockoff of the now-defunct extremist website 8chan and to servers he frequented on the chat service Discord, in part to see if his livestream was working

Prussian Society of America #racist #sexist prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Poles already regretting taking in Ukrainian Refugees"]

Within a matter of days of Poland taking in the Ukrainian Refugees, we received countless amount of feedback about how the Ukrainians immediately took advantage of Refugee status[…]many of these migrants been found to come from questionable elements which are not even of Ukrainian descent[…]Ukrainian Women are making proposals and using methods of stealing Polish Men behind the backs of their girlfriends and wives[…]
Having traveled a lot and interacting with many different Races especially in various projects, I have witnessed the various races who do attempt infidelity and to interact with other Men or Women behind the backs of others

Most of the time, Barbarian Races use verbal flirting methods

Even Roma Gypsies I have encountered only resorted to verbal seduction[…]
The tactics and finesse she used to isolate her husband from the scenario were beyond imaginable that someone would chance what she did, but when you understand the nature of this people and how poor, desperate and corrupt that country is, applying the racial attributes about them, you can understand how someone would even attempt something like that, in her own household as well[…]
One thing many Western Men overlook when involving themselves with Russian or Ukrainian women is that those Women do not like Men who ever have idle time. While they may be a so-called “wife” type, they hoodwink the most gullible Men, and they want that Man always busy with work so she may tend to other activities behind his back when he is not around[…]
Many Slavic Men not have much enthusiasm over their own Women and many remain indifferent to Westerners who come to these countries[…]for these types of Women

It’s because they know how much value is lacking in their own Women[…]
We can only wonder now what types of things these Ukrainian Immigrants will be doing in Germany!!!

Roosh V #fundie #sexist rooshv.com

[From "Hugs Are Dangerous"]

It is extremely unsafe to hug a pretty woman. I expect most men to scoff at this notion and ignore it, but a hug with someone you’re attracted to is a form of intimacy, and intimacy before marriage turns on the treadmill of lust and sets the speed to a brisk jog before steadily ramping up to a sprint. One “innocent” hug can begin a course of heavy temptation that entices you into sin and blocks your ability to properly evaluate a woman for marriage

There is nothing wrong with a platonic hug, the form of which you’d give to an aunt or grandmother[…]
An intimate hug, however, is simply a variant of horizontal bedroom embrace[…]
I’ve lost count of how many Orthodox couples I’ve seen using secular behavior in their courtships. They drink alcohol together. They give each other googly eyes. They hold hands. They hug incessantly. They use secular vocabulary like “boyfriend,” “girlfriend”, and “dating”[…]
Another reason not to hug is that it becomes impossible to properly evaluate and vet a woman for marriage when you are in a state of even mild passion, and if you’re trying to evaluate a woman you’re having sex with—forget it! You might as well marry a woman sight unseen to at least have a chance at a marriage that doesn’t end in divorce![…]
The bad news is that even if you refrain from all physical affection during courtship, and she’s beautiful, you still will not be able to judge her properly. Her visage alone is tempting to your dumb flesh[…]
If you look at the history of courtship, men never had to make a decision to marry a woman wholly on their own (and neither did women), but involved parents, other family members, and the Church to guide that decision for them

Shehu Shagari College lynch mob #fundie #psycho premiumtimesng.com

Some students of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto, on Thursday, lynched a female student, identified simply as Deborah, over an allegation of blasphemy against Muhammed, a prophet of Islam

The deceased was violently stoned to death and later set ablaze by the angry mob, who are mostly students of the college

The college authorities immediately announced the closure of the school and ordered students to vacate the campus

A student of the college identified only by her first name, Jamila, narrated to PREMIUM TIMES how the incident started on Wednesday

She said it all started when someone sent a broadcast message to a WhatsApp group of the students, to which Deborah, the murdered student, belonged

“It was that kind of message that will ask you to share with other groups if you don’t want evil to befall you,” said Jamila

But the now deceased Deborah complained that such messages should not be sent to a WhatsApp group created for the sharing of important information about tests and assignments

“Send us important information. This group was not created for you to send useless information. It was created for you to send past questions if there is a test or an assignment. It is not for you to send useless information. Which prophet?”, the late Deborah was quoted to have stated this in a voice note she shared to the WhatsApp group[…]
Police couldn’t rescue Deborah as the mob kept hurling stones and objects at the police and the shelter where she was kept.

The shelter, which was originally a cell where the school security locked up thieves caught on the campus, has also been burnt down by the mob

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[From "Separate Website Exposing Subversive Frauds in Music Subcultures and Explaining Music History to be Launched"]

In witnessing a lot of divisions and breakdowns of society[…]I have decided that we will be launching a separate website to discuss matters relating to Music and Subcultures, along with Subversive themes along the lines of their history but especially with the themes that have overtaken them today and have distorted their original form

It will focus a lot on the subcultures related to Goth, Punk and Metalhead and related scenes

I want to keep this topic separate from this website, especially because it is also more based on American problems within these Subcultures and I cannot exactly vouch for any bleeding of the degeneracy that may be spilling over into either the German, UK or European Scene in general.

From what I understand in Germany, the scene is still thriving and generally good and I still find a lot of Great New Music acts and everything which come out of the Fatherland

But if any social issues which I report in the American Music scene exist in any form whatsoever in the European Countries, we would be so grateful to hear anyone’s feedback on this, but I will still always believe the American one is the worst[…]
The website we will launch will focus on history and other attributes behind the American Music Scene, especially in how the Jews and Ulster Scots completely have a monopoly on Rock ‘N’ Roll and its development[…]It will discuss how degeneracy has been even much more of a problem with the American scene compared to Europe and even the UK at that[…]
It also gets hard to discuss this topic without bringing up the Jewish Problem and even the reason why the Nazis suppressed Jazz [rightfully so][…]

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "@EontheEevee123 - Have you ever considered negros are just really bad drivers?"]



POC are significantly more likely to be stopped/pulled over

That, and Qualified Immunity has let them get away with whatever they decide to do

I think there should be some consequences to breaking into someone's home and killing them in their sleep…

3:44AM·May 7, 2022

Hey remember back when I used to do those […]yegtraffic bad driver alerts? Those were fun. Anyways one of the gags I did with it was indicate the race of the bad driver. It made a lot of people, including that useless cunt Jesse from 100.3 The Bear, upset[…]
I'm well north of 80% accurate at guessing the sex of a driver and at least 75% accurate at guessing their race. In other words, niggers drive a certain way and I know it. Here's the hint as well, they are often bad drivers and were what triggered the infamous bad driver alerts[…]
So when folks like Eon try bleating about "racial bias" in policing, it's important that they understand how stupid it really is. Blacks don't drive the same way as whites[…]so why would you expect their pullover rates would be equal either? After all, how many percentage of police stops are from behind (where officers don't know the race of the driver)?[…]
Much like how they tend to commit more (serious) crimes and therefore any statistic purporting to look at "disproportionate" outputs without looking at the disproportionate inputs is meaningless[…]
An "anti-racist" police force would harass innocent Gerald Stanley for the noncrime of shooting a jackpine savage out to do him harm…and we already have that!

Robert Regan #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #sexist jta.org

During his campaign for a state House seat, Michigan Republican nominee Robert “RJ” Regan had told local outlets that, “My words aren’t as smooth and polished as the politicians are because I’m not a politician.” And there were many ways Regan wasn’t like other politicians

For one, most politicians’ public Facebook pages aren’t filled with antisemitic memes blaming Jews for the Sept. 11 attacks, calling Jews the “real virus” instead of COVID-19, or calling feminism “a Jewish program to degrade white men.” Most politicians also don’t have recorded video of themselves making jokes about their own daughters being raped. Regan had both

Most politicians also run with the full backing of their parties, but the Michigan GOP[…]refused to aid Regan in his Grand Rapids-area special election after he won the primary in March. Although the state party had initially congratulated him on his primary victory, it reversed course when his comments came to light[…]
Finally, unlike most politicians, Regan lost a seat he was heavily favored to win. In the May 3 special election[…]he lost the conservative district to Democrat Carol Glanville, who got 7,288 votes to Regan’s 5,697 and became the first Democrat to hold the seat in a decade[…]
In his concession, Regan called himself “an America First Republican” and lashed out at “the RINO Republican establishment”[…]
During his campaign, Regan had insisted he was “not antisemitic” but did not apologize for his social media posts, instead attacking “the left trolls trying to get some attention because they know where I stand on the issues”

Shir Mohammad and unnamed Taliban leaders #fundie #sexist theguardian.com

The Taliban have ordered all women to cover their faces in public in Afghanistan, the latest sweeping restriction by a government that has taken away women’s right to travel long distances alone, work outside healthcare or education, and receive a secondary education

In a cruel twist, the decree makes women’s relatives and employers the enforcers. If their faces are seen in public, their male “guardian” will be fined, then jailed. If the woman who goes out uncovered or her relative work for the government, they must be fired

It suggested women should not leave their homes at all if possible, saying that was “the best option to observe the sharia hijab”, essentially imposing the extreme traditions of conservative parts of rural areas on all women

“For all dignified Afghan women wearing hijab is necessary and the best hijab is chadori [the burqa], which is part of our tradition and is respectful,” Shir Mohammad, an official from the vice and virtue ministry, told a conference in Kabul, AP reported. “Those women who are not too old or young must cover their face, except the eyes”[…]
The group had promised it had changed over the two decades since it ran Afghanistan as a brutal, impoverished theocracy in the late 1990s, where women were barred from almost all work and education

But since sweeping to power last August, increasingly harsh restrictions on women’s rights suggest that pledge was rhetoric designed to secure the departure of US forces, as many activists warned at the time

C.N. #racist #wingnut chechar.wordpress.com

[From "Byzantine discussions about Roe v. Wade"]

The expression Byzantine discussion means a useless discussion in which each side can never succeed in proving its assertions to the opposing side[…]
Without rejecting the theological presuppositions of Christianity, white intellectuals wasted their intellect in completely useless discussions, and precisely because of their inability to apostatise[…]
The same can be said today when we look at the forums of white nationalism. On the hot topic, Roe v. Wade, one of the leading nationalists on the Christian side said yesterday: ‘Some White Nationalists would do almost anything except convert to Christianity and have kids to return to those demographics. Human sacrifice sure isn’t moving the ball’. His secular counterpart, who in my eyes is a typical neochristian, wrote in his webzine: ‘I believe that White Nationalism is completely consistent with respecting the rights of other human beings. We can’t just murder millions of people because it is convenient. That may be fine for liberals, but the New Right occupies higher moral ground’[…]
For the Nazis, abortion of Aryans was forbidden and only abortion of non-Aryans was legal. The Christianity and neochristianity of the white nationalists discussing the implications of Roe v. Wade these days is patent in that they are incapable of thinking like them[…]
If we follow in the footsteps of the leading philosopher of a post-1945 National Socialism, Savitri Devi, we would no longer even think as the Nazis thought about abortion in public before the Second World War. Now our values system must emulate what Himmler said in private regarding his Master Plan East. American racialists, whether Christian or secular, are light-years away from this way of seeing things. We need young people who are capable of shattering the Tablets of Stone currently followed by both Christian and secular racialists in America

TW, Exile and Dart #wingnut #dunning-kruger #elitist #racist occidentaldissent.com

[Comments under "Richard Spencer: The Case for Abortion"]

From TW:
Brad, in Alabama blacks get 62% of abortions, Hispanics 5% and Other 2% And I wonder many how many of the white women are aborting black spawn.Would you deny abortion to a white woman raped by a nigger? Should women who get abortions be charged with murder? If not, why not if you believe the fetus is a human?


Legalizing the murder of White children is a very stupid strategy for controlling the Black population.

Alabama’s Whites would not be bending the knee to any number of Blacks without the moral collapse manifested in abortion, addiction and materialism

From Dart:
Not really. Those are genetic liberal children. Killing them reduces the frequency of genetic liberalism within the White population. Blacks are pretty much politically irrelevant and aren’t the political enemy of Whites. White libtards are the enemy. Without White libtards, Blacks wouldn’t even be a problem at all. We could have mutually beneficial separation and everyone would be content with it. Only White libtards motivated by deranged utopian fantasies are driven to force everyone together. So it’s good when White libtards voluntarily kill themselves off, through whatever means available. Overly permissive Western breeding practices, originating in the papist idea of love marriage, allowed genetic liberals to grow to a dangerously high percentage of the population. Reducing their numbers is the only way Whites will survive

Elvis Dunderhoff #sexist #racist #wingnut dailystormer.cn

[From "Media: After Abortion Ban, Bans on Gay Sex, Race-Mixing, and Contraception are Next!"]

Imagine a world where women can’t use sex as a weapon of power against men

The Guardian:

Following the bombshell release of a draft decision showing a majority of US supreme court justices may overturn Roe v Wade, legal experts believe other laws about individual autonomy may be in danger, including the right to access contraception[…]

Just so you know, this is the 14th Amendment
That’s what these lunatics have been claiming guarantees an absolute right to on-demand abortion. And the rest of the things listed[…]
All of these “rights” are based on the theory that the 14th Amendment gives the federal government a right to enforce “privacy” on the states

“If the draft becomes the real opinion, all of those issues – contraception, consensual sex and marriage rights – certainly are all at risk,” said Priscilla Smith, lecturer on law and reproductive justice at Yale Law School. “They have definitely left the door wide open”[…]

I doubt any state would have the nerve to ban interracial marriage. But you could, if removing abortion takes away the right of the federal government to push all of these “privacy”-based rights onto the states[…]
There might not even be states with the nerve to ban contraception

But there are definitely states that would want to ban gay marriage

And, in theory, you could see some kind of rolling roll-back of all of these “rights.” All you would need is one state legislature to go in and say “this isn’t privacy and we want to ban this”

The entire “14th privacy basically means anything” was a way to undermine the US Constitution and strip states of rights that were explicitly given to them by the Constitution itself

Without this 14th gimmick, you’re back to the 10th Amendment

Hunter Wallace #wingnut #racist #sexist #homophobia #transphobia occidentaldissent.com

[From "Richard Spencer: The Case for Abortion"]

It is worth revisiting that old debate. My position at the time was that the triumph of legal abortion in the United States in the 1970s was a consequence of the ascendance of the left-libertarian bohemian counter-culture in the 1960s[…]Wider context of the loosening of our immigration laws (1965), the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement (1965), the legalization of interracial marriage (1967), the increase in drug abuse and the rise of feminism and the gay rights movement[…]
The idea that professional class White women who support aborting their own children[…]are going to somehow care about the identity and welfare of their more distantly related racial group and that the overall effect of this would be “eugenic” was always absurd[…]It has led to a world of childless DINKs, wine soaked dog moms and sterile tattooed lesbians[…]
What did America look like in 1970 before this “eugenic” shift?
The country was the whitest it had ever been in all of American history before the black minority had access to legal abortion[…]Deep South states like Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi had never been whiter[…]
I am celebrating the demise of Roe. I hope it signals a cultural shift away from the rotten left-libertarian expressive individualism[…]
The idea that race is a meaningless social construct rather than a biological reality of our species led naturally to the assertion that sex is also a social construct and that gender can be freely chosen. The triumph of legalized interracial marriage led inexorably to legal abortion and gay marriage and “trans”

Dave Blount #wingnut #sexist #homophobia moonbattery.com

[From "Get Woke Go Broke: Subway"]

Subway chose one of the most obnoxious moonbats in America to represent the franchise. There was some initial blowback. Let’s see how Megan Rapinoe is turning out for them in the long run:

Subway has struggled in the year since it hired soccer star and left-wing activist Megan Rapinoe as a national spokeswoman, with hundreds of stores closing across the nation[…]

Rapinoe is not known so much for playing soccer, since no one watches women’s soccer, as for proclaiming her devotion to sexual deviance and indulging in Colin Kaepernick antics to demonstrate her hatred of America. Even by moonbat standards, she is unappealing in the extreme:[…]
Regarding her public displays of disrespect for Old Glory, Rapinoe barks:

“Being a gay American, I know what it means to look at the flag and not have it protect all of your liberties”

The more special privileges they acquire through crybullying, the more oppressed they claim to be

Ludicrously, Victoria’s Secret proclaimed its wokeness by signing her up as a model. To put it mildly, Rapinoe is no Adriana Lima

Jim #wingnut #psycho blog.reaction.la

[From "Preen"]

Musk tweeted:
“The far left hates everyone, themselves included!”

Now where did you first hear the meme “The left hates everyone, themselves included”?

And now everyone is saying it

And people who are repeating Musk are also talking about a far left minority moving into everything and taking over, exercising terrifying power wildly disproportionate to their actual support. They are saying “paper tiger”

What happened to the Canadian trucker protesters and the Jan 6 protesters, however, demonstrates that this minority can only be removed by organized violence, and those saying “paper tiger” are still, for the most part, suffering normality bias. But if one meme penetrates, the next will eventually penetrate also