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[From “April 5, 2024: White People”]


Panel 1: Slick is passing in front of a depicting a 1950s-style white man smoking a pipe, a mayo jar and a flour sack while voices are saying “White supremacy”, “White rage” and “White fragility”
Panel 2: The screen show a Neo Nazi, a Klansman, Pepe the Frog and a Christian cross while a voice is saying “deplorable”, “hateful” and “toxic”
Panel 3: The voice says to Slick “But wait” and “There is a way white people can gain mainstream acceptance”
Panel 4: A pink-haired person is riding on a rocket under the slogan “Sodomy”, while a rainbow and a bearded man wearing pigtails are in the background

Priya, Hemant and Preeti #fundie #psycho economictimes.indiatimes.com

The body of Mahesh Gupta, aged 44, was discovered at the residence of Priya, identified as the primary suspect, late on Wednesday. Priya, along with her brother Hemant and sister-in-law Preeti, were apprehended by the police on Friday in connection with the murder. Gupta, a resident of Kacha Bazaar Ambala Cantt and the proprietor of a local shop, sustained injuries to his legs and behind his ears, as per authorities

During police interrogations, the suspects revealed that they targetted the shopkeeper for a human sacrifice. She claimed that a goddess had been appearing in her dreams over the past few days, demanding a human life. Gupta's brother narrated that Gupta regarded Priya as his sister and had gone to deliver goods from his shop to her house on Wednesday. Concerned when he did not return and was unreachable by phone, the family initiated a search and involved the authorities. Subsequently, Gupta's scooter was found near Priya's residence, leading to the discovery of the crime

Upon entering Priya's house, Gupta's brother and others observed Priya, Preeti, and Hemant attempting to move an unconscious Gupta on the floor with a scarf around his neck. Gupta was rushed to a hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival

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[From “Decentralization & America’s Future”]

The American Electorate's awakening to the true agenda of the New Communist Party of the USA (NCPUSA) -- laughingly called "Democrats"[…]-- may herald what Lincoln termed "a new birth of freedom" in America. Cultivating and preserving those freedoms will require a great many reforms, among the most important of which may be the DECENTRALIZATION of policy-making, an approach more compatible with federalism and the Ninth and Tenth Amendments

One significant form of decentralization is already abounding: it is the American electorate's growing reliance upon alternative news sources[…]
When the bright and fearless Christina Bobb covered the Arizona Senate's audit of Maricopa County's 2020 election returns for One America News, she pointed out the critical importance of tabulating election returns at the LOCAL LEVEL. The current practice is to transport ballots[…]to a central tabulating facility, where the NCPUSA's voter fraud machines are already staffed[…]
Another obvious example of the need for decentralization is evident in the area of public school curricula and policy. Remote learning during COVID forced parents to recognize that most public school systems are more interested in indoctrinating their kids with Marxist ideology than in educating[…]Traitorous ideas include Critical Race Theory, gender identity counseling, No Child Left Behind, white skin privilege, and ethno-math with no wrong answers[…]
Our uniform and centralized approach to public health policy has been equally disastrous, as the U.S. response to the COVID-19 scamdemic amply demonstrated[…]Opportunity for "Democrat" officials in BLUE counties and states to seize power through lockdowns[…]
It was Fauciwho rejected the inexpensive, proven and readily-available therapies for treating viral infections, such as Ivermectin and HCQ[…]
Centralized power in the federal government has allowed it to impose outrageous "gender identity" policies

Joel Davis #racist #psycho angrywhitemen.org

Elijah Schaffer hosted a debate on diversity between Australian Neo-Nazi Joel Davis and Drew Pavlou[…]
One of the first questions posed by[…]Schaffer was for Davis and Pavlou to define diversity[…]
“Our country was founded by white nationalists,” Davis asserted

“Every single founding father and the first 16 prime ministers of Australia[…]they were all white nationalists[…]They explicitly founded this place as a white nationalist state with something called the ‘White Australia policy’[…]”

Davis explained that “being against diversity” was about “preserving the white man’s land” and “maintain[ing] white values”[…]“What diversity really means is white genocide on a long enough timeline”[…]
Davis went on to say that his ancestors “for thousands of years” fought wars, “engaged in settler-colonialism”[…]“I would be pissing in their face if I was to just allow it to be thrown away”[…]
He added that even if he wanted to leave Australia due to the country’s racial diversity he would have “nowhere to go”[…]Claimed that everywhere white people were “previously the dominant culture” has been “systematically attacked”[…]
“I wanna have a country in which people like me are in charge,” Davis declared. “Where my culture is maintained. Where my way of life is maintained. And I want that to be passed down to my children. And I don’t care if I have to fight for it and some people have to get hurt[…]Because that’s the essence of human existence”

“You use euphemisms because you’re talking about killing millions of people,” Pavlou countered

“I don’t think we would — in Australia[…]I think me becoming dictator and going ‘You best be fuckin’ off,’ I think they would mostly leave”[…]
“You would have to kill so many people. Your ideology is one of nihilism and bloodshed,” Pavlou replied

“Fine,” said Davis, who compared the violent ethnic cleansing of an entire country to Ukrainians defending themselves from Russian invasion and Palestinians resisting Israeli occupation

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[From “Why Electing Blacks Is Disaster for Whites”]

Access to the ballot box has always been one of the main goals of the civil rights movement. The 1965 Voting Rights Act was a great victory. It outlawed literacy tests and gave the national government oversight over elections in places where less than 50 percent of the non-white population was registered[…]
Nevertheless, these many accomplishments have not improved the lot of ordinary blacks. The very opposite is true in black-dominated cities such as East St. Louis[…]
Why, then, do blacks persist in pursuing this electoral strategy? Why do they still complain of “voter suppression”?[…]
The conventional explanation is that both Democrats and Republicans have pushed voting despite its dystopian impact[…]For Republicans, increased black voting makes it easier to draw “majority-minority” districts that concentrate blacks while “whitening” adjacent areas to elect more Republicans[…]
For Democrats, it’s all about electing other Democrats. Jackson, MS, is a disaster, but come election day, there will be no shortage of Democrat votes, their number no doubt augmented by lax voter and ballot security[…]
Blacks undoubtedly feel that government efforts to “cure” their alleged pathologies are less about kindness than disrespect for their habits. Recall the outrage when Daniel Patrick Moynihan called for a national effort “to fix” the black family[…]
Building a community around a single culture — black, Appalachian, or Orthodox Jewish — is like a lab experiment. Outcomes reflect the group, and this is equally true in Stockbridge, MA, and Jackson, MS. I argue that these outcomes better reflect what the group really wants[…]
Officials in Stockbridge, MA, would be unable to close the gap between poor blacks and middle-class Yankee whites no matter how much “diversity training” they got. Stockbridge storekeepers depend on customer honesty, while black newcomers might see this as an invitation to theft

Joseph Kay #racist unz.com

[From “Why Electing Blacks Is Disaster for Whites”]

Access to the ballot box has always been one of the main goals of the civil rights movement. The 1965 Voting Rights Act was a great victory. It outlawed literacy tests and gave the national government oversight over elections in places where less than 50 percent of the non-white population was registered[…]
Nevertheless, these many accomplishments have not improved the lot of ordinary blacks. The very opposite is true in black-dominated cities such as East St. Louis[…]
Why, then, do blacks persist in pursuing this electoral strategy? Why do they still complain of “voter suppression”?[…]
The conventional explanation is that both Democrats and Republicans have pushed voting despite its dystopian impact[…]For Republicans, increased black voting makes it easier to draw “majority-minority” districts that concentrate blacks while “whitening” adjacent areas to elect more Republicans[…]
For Democrats, it’s all about electing other Democrats. Jackson, MS, is a disaster, but come election day, there will be no shortage of Democrat votes, their number no doubt augmented by lax voter and ballot security[…]
Blacks undoubtedly feel that government efforts to “cure” their alleged pathologies are less about kindness than disrespect for their habits. Recall the outrage when Daniel Patrick Moynihan called for a national effort “to fix” the black family[…]
Building a community around a single culture — black, Appalachian, or Orthodox Jewish — is like a lab experiment. Outcomes reflect the group, and this is equally true in Stockbridge, MA, and Jackson, MS. I argue that these outcomes better reflect what the group really wants[…]
Officials in Stockbridge, MA, would be unable to close the gap between poor blacks and middle-class Yankee whites no matter how much “diversity training” they got. Stockbridge storekeepers depend on customer honesty, while black newcomers might see this as an invitation to theft

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[From “March 25, 2024: Golem 4”]


Panel 1: Smoke is mounting in the sky along with balloons reading “I stuck around St. Petersburg” and “When I saw it was a time for a change”
Panel 2: A man, his wife and their two children lie on the ground, having been shot to death, along with balloons reading “I killed the Czar and his ministers” and “Anastasia screamed in vain”
Panel 3: Two soldiers and a tank are advancing along with balloons reading “I rode a tank, held a general's rank” and “When the blitzkrieg ragd and the bodies stank”
Panel 4: A gilem wearing a black hat, payots and a Star of David on his chest along with balloons reading “Pleased to meet you” and “Hope you guess my name”

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(Apologies to William Ernest Henley)

From out the mess subverting us,
So deep the swamp and black as coal,
I thank Almighty God that be,
For Trump's unconquerable soul

The target of vile communists,
He never quit nor cried aloud
Despite their treason and their lies,
He stands un-bloodied and unbowed

Against their seas of treachery,
So often he was forced to wade
And yet that menace of the years,
Still finds him, always, unafraid

It matters not how orange his hue,
How filled with venom be their scroll,
He is the Master of His Fate,
He is the Captain of His Soul

Below is the mugshot of Donald Trump

Laura Loomer #racist #wingnut angrywhitemen.org

Laura Loomer interviewed white nationalist Peter Brimelow whose organization, VDARE, is currently being investigated by New York Attorney General Letitia James[…]
“Why do you think you came under fire from Letitia James?” Loomer asked Brimelow. “Do you think it’s because you are talking about white replacement theory and you’re exposing the invasion and your publication is one of the only honest publications about what’s truly happening with this invasion?”[…]
Loomer went on to say that Letitia James, who also filed a civil suit against former president Donald Trump and his Trump Organization, “obviously hates white people”

And she attacked James, as well as other Black public figures, in crudely racist terms. Loomer declared that “there’s a commonality between Letitia James, Kamala Harris, and Fanni Willis,” which is that they’re “ghetto Black women” and “trap queens” who attended Howard University, a prestigious HBCU. “I don’t think it’s a coincidence, right, that these DAs, Vice President, and the Attorney General, they have no sense of ethics,” she said

Peter Brimelow appeared to agree, and complained that “it’s not possible to run a First World justice system with Third World people”

“I mean, the culture of the Third World is so different than the First World,” he told Loomer. “It’s not just Blacks, although I think you’re right, and we’ve written about this a lot on VDARE.com, there’s a lot of angry, Black women out there in positions of authority. And there’s a real question as to whether they can be trusted, and whether they can be relied upon to behave fairly”

Brimelow also attacked Judge Juan Merchan, who is presiding over former president Trump’s hush money trial, for having been born in Colombia. “What kind of cultural baggage does he bring?” he asked. “Why should we expect — is Colombia such a great haven of law and order and fair dealing, that we can expect someone from Colombia to make a good judge in New York state?”

Peter Tonguette #wingnut #conspiracy theamericanconservative.com

[From “Trump 2028”]

Lost in the Left’s endless babbling about Donald Trump’s alleged threat to democracy is a very simple but inconvenient truth: Trump’s re-emergence as the Republican presidential nominee in 2024 is a triumph of democracy

Not only did Trump secure the nomination following his defeat in 2020—a rather incredible feat in and of itself—but did so in spite of every obstacle the mainstream media, the Republican establishment, and the lawfare apparatus have put in his way[…]
What could be more democratic than voting for your preferred candidate against the advice—the warnings, the threats, the fear-mongering—of your betters?

Yet, even if Trump returns to the White House this November, the Twenty-second Amendment will bar him from standing for re-election in 2028. Ratified in 1951, the amendment is largely seen as a kind of constitutional course correction following the four consecutive presidential terms of Franklin Delano Roosevelt[…]
This sounds reasonable enough, especially in light of FDR’s hold on the office. Yet those who supported the amendment more than 70 years ago could not have foreseen the prospect of a one-term president who lost the office but who later regained it in a subsequent election. Grover Cleveland remains the only president to have successfully vaulted himself to the White House in nonconsecutive elections[…]
As the primary season has shown us, the Republicans have not moved on from Trump—yet the Twenty-second Amendment works to constrain their enthusiasm by prohibiting them from rewarding Trump with re-election four years from now[…]
The case of Donald Trump, however, makes an even more forceful ethical argument against the Twenty-second Amendment and for its repeal: If a man who once was president returns, after a series of years, to stand again for the office and proves so popular as to earn a second nonconsecutive term[…]to deny him the right to run for a second consecutive term cuts against basic fair play

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[From “April 6, 2024: White People 2”]


Panel 1: Slick is watching “Dumb White Guy” while the TV post is saying “And now back to our program”
Panel 2: A white man wearing pair of overalls and holding a pitchfork is standing in the midst of a farm while saying “Duhhhhh” and “Durrrrr”
Panel 3: Slick is asking “Who writes this crap” while the farmer is thrice saying “Derp”
Panel 4: A lan wearing a yarmulke is using a typewriter. From the windows this man is seated in front can be seen the signs for Hollywood

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[From “Russia is not an Aggressor, and Ukraine is not a Victim”]

It is widely accepted that the Ukrainian crisis erupted into a military conflict on February 24, 2022[…]Seeds of the hostilities were planted about thirty years earlier by President Clinton and, later, by George W. Bush, both of whom recklessly pushed for NATO’s eastward expansion

Over the years, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and Putin repeatedly warned that Moscow would not tolerate continuing NATO’s “Drang nach Osten”[…]particularly Ukraine’s membership and the subsequent establishment of NATO military bases along the Russian border

On February 25, 2024, The New York Times published an article confirming Moscow’s fears[…]
The newspaper exposed how[…]the CIA has operated a network of twelve bases in Ukraine[…]
Would the United States accept the presence of Russian military bases on its borders?[…]Reagan ordered the invasion of Grenada[…]
Diplomacy was not given a chance because NATO needed to restore its image and validate its continued existence following a 30-year history of failure. The pursuit of “nation-building”[…]has accomplished neither[…]
Since a military alliance cannot exist without a rival, NATO's need for a credible enemy was an existential necessity. The Russian incursion into Ukraine could create the perception of a common threat[…]
For President Biden, who was desperate to escape the Afghanistan disaster, a victorious conflict would be a pivotal moment in his presidency[…]
Never in the realm of international relations was there a state that acted so consistently against its national interests. It put itself in grave danger when it announced its intention to join NATO in 2004, violating the 1997 Treaty on Friendship between Ukraine and the Russian Federation[…]
The preceding facts illustrate a common overriding interest among NATO leadership, its member states, and Ukraine in instigating the invasion[…]Russia was the sole party that attempted to prevent the conflict

Elijah Schaffer #racist #wingnut angrywhitemen.org

Elijah Schaffer is a[…]propagandist who has openly defended white nationalists. As such, it was unsurprising that Schaffer used his Rumble show, Slightly Offensive, to tell his audience that they should wear accusations of racism as a “badge of honor”[…]
Schaffer pulled up what appeared to be a Daily Mail article about an attempted car-jacking in Melbourne by a Black man wielding a hammer. Schaffer complained that Melbourne was once “considered one of the top ten safest and most livable cities,” but is now a “shithole”

“And it’s also, like, the white population has decreased like 30%,” he said

“And there’s a direct correlation, ’cause diversity as we know means less white. Diversity has nothing to do with diversity. Nowhere in the world wants diversity. If there’s a place that’s non-white, that’s diverse — a.k.a. becomes more white — that’s colonialization. That’s imperialism. That’s racism. That’s theft”

Schaffer also chided Baby Boomers for using terms like “Western countries”[…]“‘You mean Christian nations.’ White nations”[…]
“Why is it that people are so afraid of being called names?” he asked. “Wear it with a badge of honor. [If] people call you racist, good, that means you probably think well. If people call you a xenophobe that means you probably research well. And if people call you an antisemite it probably means you just know the truth”[…]
“You know what’s even a crazier idea? Racism’s a good thing,” he said. “That’s even like — that’s kind of a hot statement[…]And the reason why I know it’s a good thing is ’cause it’s a powerful tool[…]The Left uses racism all the time, just against white people, right?”

“They know racism’s powerful,” he continued

“Collectivizing groups based on shared interests against other groups that have different interests is actually an effective tool towards accomplishing group goals. So when they’re saying the Left is the real racist, they’re saying the Left is the only one who admits the power of racism”

The Thomas Carlyle Club for Young Reactionaries (Students Against a Democratic Society) #racist #pratt #crackpot radishmag.wordpress.com

[From “Lothrop Stoddard’s Ghost”]

Dark arts: the Carlyle Club is resurrecting the great Lothrop Stoddard to deliver a warning from the past. Spooky![…]
When I tell you that the name of book was The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy (1920), you will be able to hazard a guess as to why Lothrop Stoddard isn’t a household name[…]
White world-supremacy, politically speaking, was a simple fact[…]
Stoddard asked, “what assurance can the most impressive political panorama give us that the present world-order” — that is, white political world-supremacy — “may not swiftly and utterly pass away?”[…]
I think we can forgive Stoddard’s lumping together under “blacks,” along with the usual sub-Saharan African races, the[…]Aboriginal Australians, Papua New Guineans, and other Pacific Islanders. (Consider the similarity, not just in skin color, but also in certain societally relevant behavioral traits: low intelligence, high crime, rape[…]stabbing people, eating people, beheading sorcerers, general aggressiveness, welfare, etc)[…]
National Policy Institute reports that in 1960, white people still made up some 28 percent of the world’s population. By 2010, they were down to 16 percent. By 2060[…]white people will have dropped below 10 percent[…]
“Now what must be the inevitable result of all this?”[…]referring to the white birth rate declining while white political control caused everyone else’s birth rate to rise[…]
These protective dikes have been replaced by porous borders[…]in the name of ‘diversity,’ ‘multiculturalism,’ and ‘anti-racism’[…]
The sneaky practice of classifying anyone with any African ancestry — even if they’re visibly white, like Charles Drew — as simply “black,” for the purposes of inflating “black” accomplishments[…]or just muddying the waters of racial science[…]is hardly new[…]
Edward B. Reuter, President of the American Sociological Society, had this to say in his comprehensive 1918 book The Mulatto in the United States

Pascal Praud #racist #dunning-kruger euronews.com

Pascal Praud, a right-wing firebrand and host on French network CNews, has been accused of racism for asking if bed bugs are being spread by migrants

Pascal Praud, one of France’s most popular television presenters, is facing an onslaught of criticism after suggesting that Paris’ bed bug crisis could be linked to immigration

The 59 year old is a leading right-wing commentator and host of a daily debate show on Paris-based news channel CNews, which critics often compare to US far-right news outlet Fox News

Praud hosts “L’Heure des Pros,” where experts and far-right pundits debate often divisive and inflammatory topics in France – including Islam, immigration and crime

The growing popularity of his show has catapulted CNews from the newcomer to the French media landscape to the second most watched TV network in the country

Last Friday, during a debate on the spread of bed bugs in the capital, Praud asked a pest control specialist if the infestation could be linked to his perceived rise in immigration

(NB: France granted 1.7 million visas last year, which is higher than in 2021. But it’s still less than half as many as before the pandemic – 3.7 million in 2019.)

“There’s a lot of immigration at the moment,” Praud said. “These are people who don’t have the same hygiene conditions who are now on French soil… Could it be linked to that?”

The answer from his guest was a resounding “Absolutely not”

Tom Shackleford #racist identitydixie.com

[From “Keep on Expecting”]

I’m a race realist who understands that it’s not really fair to hold black people to White standards. This is why we shouldn’t have to exist in a country together. For example, R Kelly will be in prison for the rest of his life, and he isn’t even capable of understanding what hit him. “But dey lived in my house!” His IQ is 73 and he’s illiterate. How the hell is he supposed to understand that keeping a harem at his house to pee on would be a violation of the Mann Act? And who would even care about this in Africa?[…]
If I was running things, nobody would be telling black people what to do because they’d be on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean doing their own thing. Even if we paid them all 250k each to leave, it would still be a bargain[…]
We could probably buy up enough space in Africa to establish a country called Wakanda like in the movie and that’s where we could send them[…]This would be my platinum plan for black people, and I’m labeled a racist by the SPLC?

One of the Nigerians who Jussie Smollett hired for his fake MAGA noose attack masturbated with him in a private room at a bathhouse. He claims he had no idea this was gay, and I believe him. In his country, most people don’t know how to use a toilet?[…]
It’s the same thing with Loyd Austin not showing up for work at the Pentagon and nobody knowing about it. Conservative retards squawked about national security being compromised but the reality is that the Jews calling the shots at the Pentagon didn’t notice because he’s just a black guy hired because he was black[…]
The most cringe conservative phrase used to be “the soft bigotry of low expectations,” coined by a Jew from the Bush Administration[…]
Conservatism is a dead and pathetic political movement because it can’t fundamentally acknowledge that race is real[…]
Dissidents[…]who get smeared as racists would treat blacks in a much more humane manner that takes into account their blackness

Thomas Dalton #wingnut #conspiracy #racist #elitist unz.com

[From “Democracy Is an Ideal Government for Jewish Influence”]

Joe Biden referred to “democracy” nearly a dozen times. Democracy, he said, was currently “under assault” and “under attack”[…]
Our polyracial vice president speaks in a similar vein. Regarding Donald Trump, Kamala Harris informs us that “we must recognize the profound threat he poses…to our democracy”[…]
Mainstream media is no better. The constant banter, on both the left and the right, is that democracy is all, democracy is under threat (by candidate X), and democracy must be protected and defended, no matter the cost[…]
There are several assumptions here[…]
These are:
•We actually have democracy
•Democracy is a good thing
•The only alternative to democracy is authoritarianism
•“Democracy” is a clear and obvious concept
Again, all four of these are false[…](1) Our current systems of government in the US, Canada, and Europe resemble true democracy in name only[…]
(2) Democracy is good for those who profit directly from it: the elite, the rich, celebrities, pop stars. But for the vast majority of people in the so-called democratic nations, the cost to their well-being is extraordinarily high[…]
(3) There are in fact several alternatives to democracy, most of which are superior to it—at least, if we believe our wisest thinkers on this matter. Even on the face of it, democracy, as a “rule by the people,” is actually mass-rule, or mob-rule[…]
(4) Throughout history, there have been many variants on the democratic model, so to speak of ‘democracy’ as a single, clear idea is ridiculous[…]
But the central point here is that, above all, democracy is a means by which a small, invasive minority—the Jews—have proven able to assume power, to acquire vast wealth, and to largely impose their will on a non-Jewish majority, all while keeping these facts largely hidden from view. “Democracy,” or rule by the people, is now a codeword for “Judeocracy,” or rule by the Jews

Laura Loomer #wingnut #conspiracy #sexist angrywhitemen.org

Laura Loomer recently targeted the daughter of Judge Juan Merchan[…]Loomer falsely claimed that Merchan’s daughter, Loren, operated an anti-Trump X account — a smear that Trump himself repeated. After her claim was debunked, however, Loomer doubled down, attacking female journalists in racist and misogynistic terms[…]
In a bitter, misogynistic rant, Loomer repeatedly referred to Haberman as a “bitch” and a “cunt,” and accused her of costing her a dream job with the Trump campaign:

A lot of you don’t know who Maggie Haberman is. Okay? She’s a bitch. That’s all you need to know. Okay? She’s a talentless anti-Trump bitch. And I would be working for President Trump right now if it wasn’t for that nasty hit piece, right?

And, as many of you know, President Trump hired me in his office in March of 2023. He was very impressed by my investigations into Ron DeSanctimonious. And he called me one day and he said “I wanna meet you. I think you’re amazing. You’re very talented. I think that you are destroying Ron DeSantis. Come to Mar-a-Lago”[…]
And he’s saying this openly in the office in front of everybody, right? Everybody could hear it. I mean, I dunno, maybe some people got jealous. I don’t know. But that’s not my problem, right? It’s not my fault. It’s not my fault I’m good at what I do

So President Trump starts talking and he goes “Wow Laura you’re just so brilliant”[…]
And then all of the sudden this one morning I get a phone call in April from Jonathan Swann and Maggie Haberman of The New York Times[…]
Like[…]— I just think this woman is one of the most disgusting women on this planet, Maggie Haberman. And she’s gonna get the karma that she deserves someday[…]Hopefully she gets laid off and she’s homeless[…]
It’s tortious interference what she did[…]

Loomer also said that the reason Haberman doesn’t use her husband’s last name professionally is so they can “hide the fact that they’re married”[…]
“Because it allows them to deceive the public”

Rev. Ché Ahn #fundie rightwingwatch.org

Dominionist pastor Ché Ahn appeared at an event in Oklahoma last night that was organized by the Christian nationalist program “FlashPoint,” where he bragged that several members of his congregation are on the ballot for the November elections in California

Ahn, a leader in the New Apostolic Reformation and head of Harvest International Ministries ?based in Pasadena, California, was active in the right-wing effort to keep former President Donald Trump in office after he lost the 2020 election, appearing at a rally on Jan. 5, 2021—one day before the Capitol insurrection—where he proclaimed that Trump would stay in power and that they would “rule and reign through President Trump and under the lordship of Jesus Christ”

Even though Trump did not remain in office, Ahn is still intent on seeing his fellow right-wing Christians “rule and reign” over this nation

“It is time for the church to rise,” Ahn told the FlashPoint audience. “We have the answers. We are the ones and we can’t just wait for the government—you are his ekklesia, you are his legislative body of the Kingdom of God and you need to be involved”

“We’re encouraging people to run for office,” he continued. “For the first time in my network of churches … we have had seven people run in the March 5 primaries. They all ran because we gave them money to win and now they’re facing the election in November. They all won (their primaries). Not one lost”

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, Hujrah Wahhaj, Subhanah Wahhaj, Lucas Morton and Jany Leveille #fundie #psycho lawandcrime.com

Five extremists were sentenced for their connection to a young child’s death and terrorism plot against the United States

Four of them — Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, his sisters Hujrah Wahhaj and Subhanah Wahhaj, and Subhanah’s husband, Lucas Morton — must spend the rest of their days in the federal prison system

The fifth, would-be prophet Jany Leveille, received 15 years in prison. She had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and being in possession of a firearm while unlawfully in the United States. U.S. District Judge William Johnson at the sentencing on March 6 noted that Leveille had gotten treatment for acute schizophrenia after her 2018 arrest, took competency evaluations, and had started taking medication[…]Originally from Haiti, Leveille faces deportation after her prison term

Morton and Siraj Wahhaj were convicted last year in a New Mexico federal court to conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, providing material support to terrorists, and conspiracy to murder an officer or employee of the United States. Morton was also convicted with the Wahhaj sisters with conspiracy to commit kidnapping resulting in death, and kidnapping resulting in death

Authorities said that the group, led by Leveille, abducted Siraj Wahhaj’s 3-year-old son, Abdul Ghani, from the child’s mother in Georgia[…]
“The group intended to use the child as a prop in a plan to rid the world of purportedly corrupt institutions, including the FBI, CIA, and U.S. military, and to kill those who did not convert and follow Leveille”[…]
Abdul died, however. Leveille claimed a prophecy that he would resurrect on Easter, April 1, 2018[…]
The belief was that he would come back as Jesus[…]
Leveille shifted the prophecy, discussing the child coming back either around his birthday on Aug. 6, 2018, or as Subhanah Wahhaj’s[…]child

Andrew Anglin #sexist #psycho dailystormer.name

[From “Return of Justice: Taliban Reintroduce Public Stoning and Flogging of Women”]

After losing a war they spent twenty years fighting with a humiliating surrender, the US tried to claim “yeah, but at least the Taliban will be more liberal now that we’ve influenced the country with our values of democracy”[…]
Actually, they’re just picking up where they left off

Because traditional Islam is traditionalist, meaning it doesn’t change because the year changes and the latest cellphone upgrade is released

The Guardian[…]
To refer to this as “women” returning to the “darkest days” implies all women are whores and therefore going to get stoned

In fact, when you stone women for being whores, very few women are whores[…]They get married to older men when they are 14, and don’t have sex with another man, ever, unless their husband dies and they get remarried[…]
I hate to say it: but what about men’s rights?

Don’t men have a right to live in a society that is not being destroyed by out-of-control slut women?[…]

“[But] I represent Allah, and you represent Satan”

So true

Reminder: Western media will typically translate “Allah” as “God” – except in cases where they want Moslems to look very alien and backward[…]
It may sound wrong, given that they are technologically very primitive, but it is true: the Taliban is the future

The only societies that are going to survive into the future are the ones that put very strict sanctions on women. Everywhere else, people will simply stop breeding

The Taliban will survive, the Amish will survive. Various other Islamic groups will survive, but I can’t think of any other extant Christian groups that are likely to survive if they do not seriously alter their views on women and start smashing these bitches’ heads in with rocks when they go rogue

Elijah Schaffer and Kara McKinney #racist #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

On the Mar. 20, 2024 episode of his Rumble show[…]Elijah Schaffer claimed that Australia[…]was never colonized[…]
Schaffer made the remarks during an interview with Kara McKinney of[…]OANN. The conversation began with Schaffer reacting to a decision by a U.S. District Court judge who ruled that a federal law barring undocumented immigrants from legally possessing firearms was unconstitutional[…]
“It’s like, dude you gotta realize that your enemies are arming an illegal army,” he warned

“They’re bringing Haitians and Chinese — 60,000 Chinese Communist Party members — and now they’re letting them be armed. Even if they could get armed illegally, they’re saying even if we catch you, not only are we not gonna deport you, we won’t even remove your firearms from you”

Kara McKinney, after fretting that undocumented immigrants might become police officers or soldiers, told Schaffer that leftists believe that they can “bring the entire world here, and somehow we’re all gonna hold hands together”

She also worries about where white Christians such as herself are supposed to live

“No one cares about us in the world, and there’s really nowhere else we can go”[…]
“There’s that First Minister[…]of Scotland — the Muslim guy. … And I’m — a lot of me is Scottish, right?[…]And so I think to myself, well I’m not welcomed in America, being a white Christian lady”[…]
Schaffer told McKinney that this reminded him of the arguments about the history of Australia, and denied that the continent had ever been colonized

“It’s like the same thing, man, like people are like ‘Well, Australia, you know they’re colonizers,'” he said mockingly. “Like, no they’re not colonizers. There was no society here. There was no country here. There were like people who played with sticks, and you can see their culture hasn’t advanced, okay?”

Schaffer claimed Aboriginal Australians “didn’t conquer anyone” and, instead, “got drunk and conquered themselves” after being given Jameson whiskey

Vladimir Putin #conspiracy lemonde.fr

President Vladimir Putin on Monday, March 25, acknowledged for the first time that "radical Islamists" were behind last week's attack on a concert hall outside Moscow, but suggested they were linked to Ukraine somehow, in a possible bid to limit the responsibility of the Russian security services

In his latest comments on the attack on Monday, Putin acknowledged that Islamists had carried out the attack: "We know that the crime was committed by the hands of radical Islamists, whose ideology the Islamic world itself has been fighting for centuries," Putin said in a televised meeting

But the Russian leader said "many questions" remained unanswered, including why the attackers tried to flee to Ukraine – a claim that Kyiv has rejected. "Of course, it is necessary to answer the question, why after committing the crime the terrorists tried to go to Ukraine? Who was waiting for them there?" Putin asked

"The US […] is trying to convince its satellites that there is not a Kyiv trace in the act of terror and that members of ISIS carried out the attack," Putin earlier told a security meeting. "This atrocity may be just a link in a whole series of attempts by those who have been at war with our country since 2014," he said, referring to Ukraine and its allies

IS claimed the attack Friday evening on the Crocus City Hall concert venue on the outskirts of Moscow that left at least 139 people dead, with Western governments also saying the extremist group appeared to be responsible

"We know who carried out the attack. We want to know who the mastermind was," said Putin, repeating the allegation that the perpetrators tried to flee to Ukraine after the attack

Monica Showalter #conspiracy americanthinker.com

[From “Was Victoria Nuland involved in the Moscow terror attack?”]

So who really committed the terrorist attack on a Russian theatre full of people last week, killing some 133 people?

ISIS has claimed "credit" for the attack with its operatives, supposedly Tajik-speaking Central Asians

Whoever they are, they are small fry, well-trained in ISIS attack techniques, but obviously with someone bigger backing them

There are plenty of others who may have been, not the least of whom is Vladimir Putin, who has been implicated in other terror attacks done for political purposes in his past

Putin's political frenemies[…]could have done it, as well

The Ukrainians themselves, who are suspected of other attacks on Russian soil, and who are at war with Russia, also could have done it

It's telling that the men apprehended for the act were headed for the Ukraine border, not Central Asia, nor the restive Caucasian states

Now a new name emerges, none other than pro-Ukraine warmongering Democrat State Department operative Victoria Nuland, who left office for greener, swampier pastures[…]
According to Mark Wauck, writing on his Substack:

[…]I referenced Victoria Nuland’s recent claim that “Putin will face some nasty surprises”[…]

There are a lot of potential perpetrators. Knowing which one really did it (or more important, who Putin thinks did it) tells us a lot about whether we can expect retaliation here[…]
So here are a few of the other potential perpetrators and their motives[…]
Keating at Vox thinks it was most likely a bona fide ISIS attack

But the Nuland angle is interesting, too, as she's fanatically pro-Ukraine and anti-Putin, and has engaged in warmongering, coups, and other stunning manipulations in the past, and often bragged about it, too[…]
Was it ISIS? Or did Nuland and her Ukrainian buddies have something nefarious to do with this awful act?

Charlie Kirk #racist #wingnut mediamatters.org

Citation From the March 21, 2024, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on Rumble

At what point is it time to start to at least use rubber bullets, or use some sort of tear gas to prevent this and quell this invasion? They have no regard for the process, for legal immigration. And at what point do we use real force? You have to be willing to do it

Somebody asked me the other day, they said, Charlie, why do you -- why are you so pro-Israel? One of the reasons I'm pro-Israel is that when Israel gets invaded on their border, they defend their border. If two -- if 300 Palestinian Arabs tried to run in at Israel like that, it wouldn't end well for them. We're the only superpower on the planet where we just allow people to run over, run them over. And we're supposed to -- unless -- you understand, those military age males are now gonna get cell phones, food, cash, flights to the interior of the United States

Why do we have a military? Why do we have men with guns if we can't use them? Having a country means being able to draw a line on the ground and say, this is our sovereign territory. If you enter, we have lethal force, and we're willing to use it. And you can escalate. You don't have to start with lethal force. You can start with rubber bullets, start with tear gas. You can start with firing next to them. Say, hey. We have weapons. We're willing to use them[…]
Where are all the women and kids? Those are the men that will go into your communities and break into your homes and rape your women, take your children. But, hey, they're -- they're dreamers[…]
Remember the whole whip fiasco? My position all along is, yes, it wasn't true, but of course you should be able to use whips against foreigners that are coming into your country. Why is that controversial?

Elijah Schaffer #racist #conspiracy #wingnut #fundie angrywhitemen.org

On his Nightly Offensive show[…]Elijah Schaffer went on an ugly, antisemitic rant about Jewish people[…]
Schaffer said that he used to consider himself an “extremely strong Zionist.” But he claimed that his views changed when he realized that sources he “trusted” had been “subverted by Zionist influence into conflating American support with Israeli support”[…]
“There’s never been a direction in my mind where I’ve been against Jews.” But, he said that he “didn’t realize how many centuries back these people had subverted and sort of destroyed our Western civilization”

“And I didn’t realize that we were lied to about World War II, right?”[…]
“Like many of you I just didn’t — I was ignorant of the fact that we weren’t the good guys, right?[…]
He criticized non-white streamers who discuss these same topics, stating that it’s “only hurtful to your brand if you are white and you talk about this stuff.” He complained that minorities are allowed to discuss things like “the JQ pill”[…]
“And the reason why I care about this is not because I’m on some antisemitic trope like they’ll accuse me of”[…]“Or that like ‘He hates Jews!’ which I don’t. It’s that I love my people. … I really am deeply, deeply troubled on what’s happened to white countries”

Schaffer said that he doesn’t believe “minorities in general like us,” and that the “Black community hates white people.” Schaffer reached this conclusion in part because of “the way they interact with me on the Internet on a regular basis”[…]
Schaffer then went on a tangent about how diversity has ruined “our countries”:

Diversity has not made our countries stronger. They’ve made our countries unsafe[…]

Schaffer said white people are being held in “bondage” by an “elite class of people” who are “mostly of one ethnicity.” This group of people[…]“continue to destroy our society” and “hate Jesus Christ.” He went on to say that “any group of people that’s against Jesus is Antichrist, and I am against them”

C.T. #racist westsdarkesthour.com

[From “Mudblood Jesus”]

Today I was about to read a few more pages of Simms’ book on Hitler. But on my way to the greengrocer to buy fruit this morning, on the corner of my house I was surprised by a Jehovah’s Witness lady with her young children to invite me to an event tomorrow commemorating the death of Jesus, and she gave me the slip of paper you see me holding in the image above. The other image is a well-known Annunciation from the Prado Museum in Madrid that my father had planned to frame before his death

If we compare the two images, we see that a few centuries ago there was at least an attempt to nordicize biblical characters. When on my last trip to England the historian Arthur Kemp, author of a well-known history of the white race, gave me a tour inside Chester Cathedral, he told me that in the mosaics, which depicted various scenes from the Old Testament, there was an attempt to pictorially nordicize the Semitic characters[…]
Times have changed! Now Jesus is represented as a vulgar mudblood, as we see in the little piece of paper I was given this morning and which I am holding in my left hand above, next to the copy of Fra Angelico’s Annunciation, done in gold and tempera on panel, and painted around 1425-1426: the main scene, with the theme of the Annunciation of a hyper-Nordic angel to a blonde Virgin Mary

For the typical Christian mentality, this metamorphosis from Nordic characters to mudbloods causes no stress, since, they argue, ‘we are all equal in the eyes of God’ (the notorious god of the Jews). But for us priests of the fourteen words this change can only mean that we are already in Kali Yuga. Most seriously, it is no longer possible to reverse the art as the white man has only recently realised that the biblical characters were indeed Semitic, not Aryan as the Renaissance artists imagined them

Lahore and Gujranwala courts #fundie en.dailypakistan.com.pk

A court in Lahore has sentenced a woman to life in prison after finding her guilty of burning pages of the Holy Quran

According to government prosecutor Mohazib Awais, the Muslim woman named Aasiya Bibi was arrested in 2021 on blasphemy charges after residents claimed she desecrated the Holy Quran by burning its pages. On Wednesday, the court announced its verdict against Aasiya in Lahore. Aasiya denied the charge against her during her trial and she has the right to appeal

Under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, anyone found guilty of insulting the religion or religious figures can be sentenced up to death[…]
In 2019, a Christian Aasiya Bibi was acquitted of blasphemy after spending eight years on death row in Pakistan. She moved to Canada[…]
Earlier this month, a court in Punjab's Gujranwala city sentenced a 22-year-old student to death and gave a teenager a life sentence in two separate cases of blasphemy

Tom Shackleford #racist #conspiracy #wingnut identitydixie.com

[From “Representation”]

A democracy might’ve worked for an ancient Greek city state, but in the modern Western context it merely serves as a facade to manufacture public consent for an opaque system[…]
If it wasn’t a facade, there’d be a direct connection between what the average Westerner wants and public policy. The average Westerner doesn’t want replacement migration[…]
In a democracy the voters wouldn’t constitute a threat to democracy, but this is what we get in our democracy. This would be any voters, even illiterate black slum dwellers. Especially true with the White voters who keep the lights on[…]
It’s simply taken for granted that Whites are the scum of the Earth[…]
Since we’re still the majority[…]this peculiar animosity towards us does indeed support my contention that this democracy is a facade for a system of power held by people who hate us and see our existence as a threat[…]
The sad reality is that our democracy is a system where everything is for sale. This is why the Jews settled at this system as the best system[…]In a monarchy, the sovereign could be put under pressure to deal with them after the population was abused and exploited enough[…]
This happened hundreds of times. For example, that was how we got the Magna Carta. It wasn’t about democracy, the nobles were fed up with the Jews brought in through the Norman conquest[…]
It was then thought that communism would be better for the Jews, but under communism nothing is for sale so there’s no way for them to maintain a grip on power after they’ve forced it on the population. That’s how it went from a nightmarish Jewish takeover of Russia to Joseph Stalin purging them and establishing a[…]stable society[…]
We have the truth and God on our side, while they have lies and the devil on theirs. They won’t prevail in the end. Their Satanic text, the Talmud, promises them that when the temple is rebuilt in Jerusalem, their evil deity will give them the rest of humanity as slaves

Nick Fuentes #racist #psycho angrywhitemen.org

Nick Fuentes warned his audience that Haitian refugees will be brought to the U.S. to “kill you” and “eat your kids”[…]
Fuentes read aloud from a Newsweek article which stated that, according to a Florida Border Force memo, “the chaos in Haiti would prevent the repatriation of migrants to the country”[…]
“So the Coast Guard’ll pick ’em up off the coast of Haiti and escort them into the United States where they will never be deported”

Fuentes claimed that Haiti is “filled with warlords, cannibals, violent gang members, people that eat mud,” and that if they arrive in the U.S. they will “eat your kids” and “kill you.” He explained that when the Haitians “overthrew the French colonial government” over 200 years ago, they “killed every white person on the island for being white”

“So why should we not nuke Haiti?” he asked. “Gimme one good reason why we should not drop a nuclear bomb on Haiti”[…]
“We’re not Jews. We’re not Haitians. We’re not barbarians. We’re not animals. So we don’t slaughter entire races or groups of people on the basis of perceived wrongdoing. So I’m not in favor of that. I wouldn’t do that. But they would. But Jews would. And Arabs would. And Haitians would. And Congolese would. And any number of other races would”[…]
“I say we need to create a containment zone around Haiti,” he declared. “We should just send our cruisers and we should send our boats. And if anyone tries to leave Haiti, they should be killed”

“Why should the world have to suffer?” Fuentes asked. “They revolted. They killed their masters. Okay, now you figure it out. They killed all the white people. They don’t want a white savior! They don’t want to be whitesplained to. They don’t want our white, neocolonial institutions. Okay. Then you figure it out”

“Why don’t we put a blockade around Haiti and every ship that tries to leave to bring their gangsters to America, how ’bout we just shoot it and send it to the bottom of the ocean?”

Vox Day #racist #fundie #dunning-kruger #pratt voxday.net

[From “The Paper is Not Magic”]

And, as Liberia has proven, it doesn’t make the dirt magic either

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other[…]

Andrew Torba is correct. The power is not in the paper, the power is in the ideas and those ideas have been adulterated and perverted wherever they haven’t been abandoned. Neither the words nor the ideas have ever applied in any way to newcomers, immigrants, citizens, illegals, invaders, foreigners, or the children of those diverse peoples, they only ever applied to the Posterity of the Founders, the direct genetic blood descendants of the men who fought the American Revolution against their British brethren for independence from the King of England

The Constitution was written to safeguard the liberties of the sons and daughters of the American Revolution and no one else. That’s what the Preamble to it says and that’s literally what Posterity meant. And that’s what it still means today, the legalistic fantasies of the would-be inclusive midwits who overrate the importance of their credentials and their own cognitive capabilities notwithstanding

The words of the U.S. Constitution have never applied in any way to most of the “Americans” who are reading this now. So to fetishize it, to place any trust whatsoever in it, is to fundamentally fail to understand what it is, why it was written, and why it is no longer even remotely applicable to the United States of America in the Year of Our Lord 2024

Tina Garrison #racist #conspiracy grrrgraphics.com

[From “Hungry, Hungry Haitians”]


spoilerLeft: Biden wearing an apron and a grass skirt. Center: US taxpayers being boiled in a pot. Right: "BBQ" saying that he's hungry. On the ground: human bones

Haiti is the first country in the western hemisphere that eliminate slavery. Slaves who worked the sugarcane plantations vastly outnumbered their French overlords during Haiti’s revolution, which lasted from 1791 to 1804. All white people were killed—men, women, and children. Haiti has been suffering upheaval and tribal wars in some manner ever since. The Haitian army tried to invade the Dominican Republic and lost. They then resorted to fighting each other

Haiti’s leaders were tyrants waiting to be overthrown. Their latest ‘government’ fell last week. The country is now being run by gangs, and gang warfare will probably go on for a long time. Meanwhile, the Haitians will rapidly find clean drinking water and food in short supply. There have been reports of voodoo and cannibalism

Naturally, there are cries to rescue Haiti with money, troops, and aid. This has never worked. Hillary Clinton knew it wouldn’t work—maybe that’s why she and Bill kept the donations meant for Haitians[…]Trump bluntly called Haiti a ‘shit hole’ and he was right. Certainly not all Haitians want endless strife, but a great many do—just ask “Barbecue,” one of the gang leaders. He enjoys it

Biden has already imported millions of ‘undocumented’ foreigners speaking foreign languages and with foreign cultures into America, without time for them to assimilate by means of the ‘melting pot.’ Instead, America is getting balkanized. Crime is rampant. Joe, like Barbecue, seems to enjoy it[…]Pedo Joe wants foreign children here, too—to be put into sex trafficking

Elvis Dunderhoff #sexist #racist #dunning-kruger #psycho dailystormer.name

[From ““Psychopathy Far More Common Among Women Than Previously Thought””]

I don’t understand the concept of a “woman psychopath”

All basic female behavioral traits line up with the definitions of psychopathy. They don’t feel guilt or remorse of any kind, and they only act in self-interest, and will lie and manipulate to get what they want

That’s all women

The Guardian

When it comes to a typical psychopath, the suited and booted Patrick Bateman from the novel American Psycho might spring to mind, but, according to one expert, the number of women with the neuropsychiatric disorder could be far greater than previously thought[…]

It’s not just white liberal women, by the way[…]
Ask white conservative slut Boebert, who was jacking off her new boyfriend in the theater after abandoning her husband

Ask the South Korean whores

Women are just women

White women are the worst, except for obviously blacks, but women are all just natural “psychopaths,” if you have a yearning to use that term

I don’t think it’s a useful term

I also don’t want to hear about the “dark triad”

Mostly, I just want to talk about Jews, and how they can be completely exterminated, possibly with a bioweapon

Jeff Younger #transphobia #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #psycho #fundie angrywhitemen.org

Jeff Younger’s battle against gender-affirming care in Texas became a cause célèbre[…]Become even more radicalized[…]
Claimed that “Jewish students and others have called for the elimination of White people for three decades now”[…]
Professed a belief in “racial differences in intellectual ability.” When[…]Sameera Khan wrote “Authoritarianism is good,” Younger reposted her statement, adding “Analysis: True”[…]
During his interview with Stew Peters, Younger claimed that the question of gender-affirming care for minors is a “more morally obvious question than the slavery question.” And he complained that “you can’t get legislators in conservative states like Texas to protect kids”[…]
“Christian, white males need to be pumping out a future generation of post-apocalyptic warlords, because that’s exactly where we’re heading,” he said

Peters then asked Younger what “entity” or “group of people” is “behind all this”

Younger replied that, according to The Transgender Industrial Complex, it’s “mainly Jewish-controlled NGOs in cooperation” with the “far-left”[…]Added that the “same NGOs that are bringing in illegal immigrants in the United States are the ones that’ve pushed transgenderism,” and that the “largest donors to the Republican Party support this”[…]
Peters asked Younger what the “mechanism for victory” is, since his ex-wife and children reside in California. “I think the mechanism of victory, though, is not in the courts”[…]
“So the interesting thing here is, like in chess they say that the threat of a move is stronger than the move itself,” he continued

“It forces the opponent to weaken himself by making mistakes. … ‘Cause he fears this thing. So the whole concept here is we have to keep alive the threat of political violence. And I wanna make it very clear, I’m not making any specific threats. I’m not making a call to violence. I’m simply saying what the Founders said. And if you actually want to make change, people have to be afraid of you”

Candace Owens and Faits et Documents #transphobia #conspiracy mediamatters.org

From the March 11, 2024, edition of Candace Owens, hosted by The Daily Wire:

[…]There was just an article that was published in the Daily Mail. Here is the headline: "The proof France's first lady wasn't born a man." I was like "what?"

So I of course, instantly read it because what a bizarre thing that you're even needing to present proof[…]When I saw this photo, the first thing I noticed was that the person on the far left, the boy that actually looks like Brigitte Macron[…]
I saw this when I was like, actually looks like she might actually be the guy. Maybe she's a dead ringer for her brother, but I don't see any resemblance there with the little girl[…]
When I then read the article, there was no debunking whatsoever. They just were calling people that were saying otherwise far-right. You know, all the typical buzzwords: far-right, conspiracy theorists, racist, sexist, it's homophobic, it's antisemitism[…]
So the quote unquote conspiracy theory is actually a three year thorough investigation that was conducted by journalists that were working with genealogists. It was published in six issues in Faits et Documents[…]My French is not that good, but they[…]published six issues unpacking what they had discovered after a three year investigation and here is what they are saying

So again, I'm gonna say allegedly this is what they have published their theory is that the first lady Brigitte Macron was actually born Jean Michel[…]John Michael lived as a man for 30 years, fathered five children and then transitioned at the age of 30 to become Brigitte[…]
They actually used as a part of their investigation, Chinese software, and this is a side by side. It is such a dead ringer[…]
Here's a headline from The Telegraph. "Brigitte Macron sues women who claimed that she is transgender"[…]She's suing them for violation of privacy and fundamental personal rights plus illicit use of her image. What does that mean? That doesn't mean anything

Vox Day #wingnut #sexist #fundie voxday.net

[From “The End of Liberalism”]

The satanic seeds of the Enlightenment have finally blossomed to the point that they are killing entire nations. We’ve already learned, much to our surprise, that Communism is less fatal to a nation than the financial capitalism, neo-liberalism, and globalism of Clown World, now we’re discovering that even the insane ideology of the Juche, the state ideology of North Korea, is observably better for a nation than the best that the modern West has to offer

I think it’s so funny that Korean women are so done with Korean men that they’re literally just deciding to die out. Y’all heard of the 4B movement[…]

She says that Korean women are mad at Korean men, but they’re actually mad at God, and if you don’t like that word, just call it the universe[…]
What these women are saying is I want resources and money and power and everything, I just don’t want to provide men with what they need in order to continue creating them[…]
Korea has the lowest birthrates in the world but I just think that’s so funny… Korean as an ethnicity is about to go away. It works the same every time you fill your mind with entitlement, you blame somebody for what you don’t have, and then you use the government to take it away from them

Except Korea will not die. The Korea that will survive is Best Korea. Scientific, evolutionarily-superior Korea. It’s very unlikely that South Korean women will be permitted to simply die off and end Korean civilization, the odds significantly favor them instead being enslaved and utilized by the North Koreans to ensure national survival. And the great irony is that these women will apparently be happier as slaves than as free women allowed to pursue any path they wanted, because, when given complete freedom to become anything they imagined, they consciously chose rebellion against their Creator and suicide

Clown World is a satanic global fail

Dave Blount #racist #conspiracy moonbattery.com

[From “Making America Into Haiti”]

The reason the Biden Regime refuses to defend the border from the largest invasion in human history is that Democrats want to do to Texas what they did to formerly American California, thereby helping them to secure single-party rule throughout the country. The next biggest red state is Florida[…]Same fix applies:

Border agents in Miami have been told to prepare for a wave of migration from Haiti following the takeover of the country by bloodthirsty gangs[…]
Unlikely Haitians who take to the sea and enter Florida illegally will be repatriated back to their home country, given its instability

Haiti has been unstable ever since the Europeans who founded it were killed off by the Africans they imported at the turn of the 18th century

The message also warned that one vessel of migrants landing would overwhelm agency capabilities[…]

Biden Regime has been spending money faster than any other government[…]Yet we are told we do not have the resources to prevent savages in flip-flops from invading Florida

The streets of Port-au-Prince are littered with bodies of the dead[…]Lawlessness prevails[…]

I hope you like what has been going on in Haiti. It’s our future[…]
Biden is in so much trouble with voters that he may at turn back part of the coming tsunami of rapidly reproducing moochers. If not, Democrats will have dropped the pretense of representing the American people or even caring who we vote for. That would mean we’ve reached the end game

Stew Peters #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia #racist #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

Stew Peters devoted a segment to condemning Germany’s Weimar Republic for tolerating LGBTQ people

“And Weimar[…]was the birthplace of the transgenderism and gay rights movements that have once again reared their ugly heads to plague Western, Christian society,” he declared. “Especially America. All of this was happening with the full blessing of the Weimar government, which was largely controlled by Jews

Peters justified the actions of the Nazis by claiming that Jews “controlled the German court system” and the “German banking system,” and had “unprecedented overrepresentation in Germany’s government.” He also accused the Jewish people of controlling Germany’s communist movement

“Sound familiar?”[…]
Peters said that “Weimar Germany was full of people like” Hirschfeld[…]
[Nazis] promised a return to basic reality and a time of human decency. And so of course, millions of Germans supported them. They were looking to do anything that they could do to take back control of their country to protect themselves and the generations to come”

He boasted that one of the “first remedies that Hitler and the National Socialists had to offer” was the destruction of the Institute for Sexual Research and its entire library

“When it comes down to the old Nazi book burnings[…]it was justified”[…]
“It was awesome. Period. Point blank[…]”
He went on to call for a new round of Nazi-style book burnings[…]
Speaking of World War II, Peters said “horrific things happened” and “lots of people died,” but suggested that Adolf Hitler may have been unfairly maligned as an “evil dictator” who “murdered millions of people”[…]
“Yeah, this is what needed to be done. If you’re going to save a civilization —[…]civilization was dying…The German people were embarrassed to be German[…]Prussian spirit was lost”

Quiñones also praised the Nazis for stamping out other political parties, remarking that “desperate times” called for “desperate measures”

Nam Imperium Album #racist demopart.icu

[From “For the white empire”]

The definition of who we are and what we want determines our action[…]All it takes is the conquest of a single European state to make it the vanguard of the revolution we want

•The peoples of the white race form the great European family, from Brest to Vladivostok, from the Arctic to the Aegean[…]
•Against the guilt-tripping of white people, they must rediscover their racial pride, without which they cannot defend their freedom and ensure their survival. We must celebrate our heritage, in all its diversity[…]
•Europe’s independence must be guaranteed by the creation of an imperial ethno-state. This integrated political and economic bloc must emphasize continental self-sufficiency, particularly in trade, infrastructure, energy and technology
•The racial and cultural unity of Europeans and their preservation must be instilled in their consciousness through investment in culture and education
•In the face of allogeneic invasion, in order to guarantee the sovereignty of Europe, and therefore the freedom of the white peoples who make it up, a policy of controlling non-white immigration must be undertaken, and the ethnic homogeneity of the continent restored
•To ensure Europe’s unity and security, we must combat the interference of all outside powers, especially cosmopolitan and Jewish forces, and fight the seeds of division
•The defense of Europe implies the creation of a powerful and well-equipped European army, capable of protecting the European continent against all external aggressions
•Faced with the world’s continent-states, Europe must have a unified and coordinated diplomacy that respects the interests of the different peoples that make it up
•Europe must strengthen its ties with the white nations of the world in order to forge a global alliance
•Through our work, tirelessly, we must ensure the survival and prosperity of white peoples, and protect our culture[…]for future generations

Europe, unite !

C.T. #elitist #racist #conspiracy westsdarkesthour.com

[From “Canaille!”]


Il y a une autre canaille à laquelle on sacrifie tout, et cette canaille est le peuple

In my recent articles, and on this site in general, I have expressed myself in a very derogatory way about the masses (and the System that empowers them: democracy), whom I have called as Voltaire called them, canaille, and I have also called them in a much worse way

After years of not seeing it, I have just watched one more time the 1995 film Indictment: The McMartin Trial, starring James Woods: one of the very few films I can recommend in this dark hour for our civilisation

The daycare sex abuse hysteria was a moral panic that occurred mainly during the 1980s and early 1990s and brought charges against completely innocent daycare providers accused of committing various forms of child abuse, including satanic ritual abuse[…]
Since the mid-1990s, the phenomenon has been discredited to such a degree that criminalists and law enforcement authorities have recognised it for what it was: a witch hunt that led to imprisonment and ruined the lives of many innocent adults. The film Indictment: The McMartin trial masterfully shows how a moral panic psychotised the masses in the decade I lived in California

In its heyday in the 1980s and early 1990s, similar in some ways to the Salem trial of 1692, such allegations reached grotesque extremes. Using invasive adult techniques in the interrogation of kindergartners, therapists elicited confessions riddled with fantasies[…]
Indictment is the best example of how the masses—yes: the canaille—react when they are in a moral panic: they simply trust the Jew-controlled media. The film vindicates why I speak so disparagingly of the masses or rabble and why I can only love the dissident individual

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Tres Genco was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison followed by five years on post-prison supervision for his 2020 plot to “slaughter” women at an Ohio university[…]
Genco wrote in his manifesto that his goal was, “the death of what I have been deprived of most, but also cherished and fantasize at the opportunity of having but has been neglected of; Women. I will slaughter out of hatred, jealousy, and revenge”[…]
Genco is the first misogynist incel to be charged under federal hate crime statutes[…]
Genco was active on the most popular misogynist incel forum[…]In one post he described how he replicated an assault Rodger described in his manifesto in which he filled a water gun with orange juice and drove around spraying women and couples. Genco wrote that he felt "spiritually connected" to Rodger, who he considered a "saint"[…]
Genco planned and prepared for his attack, which he intended to commit on the anniversary of Rodger’s[…]
Genco also joined the military to gain weapons training[…]Army Basic Training in Georgia in August 2019. He had already started his search for sororities in his area, and in a manifesto entitled "A Hideous Symphany," he explained his hope that his military training would make him a more effective killer. Genco was discharged several months later for “entry-level performance or conduct”[…]
Genco continued to work out logistics for his planned attack[…]He searched "planning a shooting crime" online and researched how to modify and assemble weapons[…]In one note he indicated that he hoped his experience at boot camp would help him kill up to 3,000 people

While Genco was on an ATF watch list, local police thwarted his plot for mass violence in March 2020. Law enforcement responded to a call after Genco barricaded himself in a room with a gun following a fight with his mother

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Laura Loomer has begun targeting a Jewish nonprofit that provides assistance to refugees. On the latest episode of her Rumble show, Loomer Unleashed, she claimed that HIAS is “assisting in the invasion of America”[…]
“Last week while reporting from the Darién Gap in Panama I discovered that much of the illegal immigration to our country is not simply passing through that region,” she said. “But it is being supported by a number of non-governmental organizations”

Loomer claimed that these NGOs are “operating under the guise of ‘humanitarianism'” while “actively aiding and abetting a foreign invasion of America and the replacement of our people.” She said that the “worst offender” is HIAS, a Jewish nonprofit that assists refugees

Formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, HIAS was singled out by Robert Bowers, a white supremacist who murdered 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018[…]
Loomer said that, today, HIAS focuses on “helping anyone who chooses to self-identify as a ‘refugee’ or a migrant.” She added that most of them are “Third World, military-aged men” from “such lovely countries as Venezuela, China, Afghanistan, and Somalia”

“Now, why would a Jewish organization be so concerned with assisting in the invasion of America?” she asked. “What does that have to do with Judaism? As a Jewish American myself, I totally disavow HIAS or any other organization that is actively destroying this nation by propping up illegal immigration”

She then claimed that[…]HIAS was “responsible” for “every crime committed by these invaders once they make it into our country — including human trafficking and drug smuggling. “HIAS and every company that supports them have blood on their hands”[…]
Loomer also warned that “America will continue to degrade as our founding stock is washed away by an inundation of Third World invaders”[…]our “institutions and our infrastructure” will “crumble and decay until it resembles the shitholes that these people originated from”

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[From “Friday, March 1, 2024 - NEWS RELEASE”]

16 years ago, God blessed the parents of baby girl Nex Benedict with her birth. It’s not a close question as to what the duty of those parents was to that baby girl, and they failed to meet that duty. WOE! unto those parents! Then the baby girl’s grandmother took her to raise and in great detail spread out into the media how she failed to meet the duties of that job – including expecting the baby girl to set standards and “teach” the grandmother about tranny perversion. WOE! unto that grandmother! And then the school got involved and made the situation far worse. WOE! unto the school staff, the school board, and the whole city of Owasso! Then came on a recent day, that the young girl Nex stirred up a hornet’s nest, purposefully fighting with other girls at the school, committing criminal acts in the process, and got the trouble she went looking for. Then she got some medical evaluation and went home. The next day[…]she was dead. Woe! unto every adult who had responsibility for that young girl and the systems she lived her life within. You failed her – deeply, abidingly, sorrowfully – every one of you. You thought you were smarter than God[…]more modern than God; and/or you didn’t want Nex looking closely at your messy lives, so you left her flailing around in gross darkness and confusion, even to whether she would gratefully honor her one and only gender, assigned by God

God’s words are clear; his commandments are rock-solid; they apply to each of you, today, right now!; and the only option you have is to obey them. Blessedly simple and peaceful! WBC, the Lord willing, will remind the people of Owasso and surrounding that the God of Heaven and Hell abides today, and obedience will bring life, peace and health


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[From “On Sam Vaknin”]

He says that women will dominate the society of the future because male muscle power is obsolete. He also says that the future of the US will be brown in a hundred years because whites are on their way out[…](Following his perverse logic, I guess Negresses will be in charge of the US of the future!)

So this clinical psychologist is as crazy as the malignant narcissists he psychoanalyses: something very common in the so-called mental health professions[…](The racial right has been blind on this issue. What white nationalist knows that psychiatry, psychoanalysis and clinical psychology are pseudo-scientific?)[…]
Since the traitorous Western world empowered the Jews after WW2, the greatest findings in depth psychology were not made by Aryans[…]but by Jews. For example, as far as the abuse of children by their parents is concerned, the greatest breakthrough was to take the side of the child[…]And that step was taken by the Swiss-Jewish Alice Miller[…]
There is nothing wrong with appropriating the findings of Jews as long as we purge them of their subversive messages. However, someone unfamiliar with the JQ will be unable to do so. The work of Kevin MacDonald, for example, is useful for this kind of task. But as long as there is no purely Aryan state, and as Hitler wanted, a Lebensraum where Aryans can flourish unmolested by non-whites, those with the highest IQ, the Jews, will continue to serve as spearheads in various fields where high intellect is required

The mere fact that in recent centuries Jews have overtaken Whites in IQ should provoke hatred of Christianity since Christianity has for two millennia been dysgenic (unlike the eugenics practised by Ashkenazi Jews)[…]Good Aryan sperm ended up in the asses of convent novices, when it should have ended up in Aryan vaginas[…]
Jews would never have won the IQ race against the Greco-Romans in a hypothetical world where Constantine would have been defeated outside Rome

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About two dozen neo-Nazis marched through downtown Nashville, Tennessee, on Saturday in an event the group billed as a celebration to “the great white South,” according to flyers the group’s leader Christopher Alan Pohlhaus posted to the social media app Telegram

Pohlhaus, who uses the moniker “The Hammer” in white power spaces online, heads the neo-Nazi group Blood Tribe and led the group in antisemitic and racist chants as they marched through downtown Nashville[…]
Pohlhaus shared a message from the Blood Tribe Upper Midwest Telegram channel on Jan. 19 that promoted the rally as “Coming soon to Dixie America.” In the Jan. 19 post, the author writes: “We are Nazis. We are white supremacists. We are white ethno nationalists. We despise Jews. We despise [n-word]s and all non-whites. And nobody is having more fun…Get involved”[…]
Pohlhaus founded Blood Tribe in fall 2021 as an organization that favors explicit appeals to white supremacy, Hitler worship and violence. In a Jan. 19 Telegram post, Pohlhaus wrote[…]“When I get to the point where I have a thousand guys marching under the swastika every quarter[…]it will cause brown immigrants to think twice about coming here”[…]
Speaking on a far-right podcast on May 6, 2023, about why Blood Tribe rallied outside two drag shows in Ohio, Pohlhaus said, “We go to the enemy, scream at them, give them PTSD and leave.” In 2023, Pohlhaus posted an audio message to Telegram where he advocated for assaulting and raping women. Pohlhaus said: “It’s still true that people will take war brides in the end of days, and it’s just gonna happen, okay. … Honestly, I don’t find that liberal white women have the right to decide about how their reproductive system is going to be used[…]”
Pohlhaus and the Blood Tribe fantasize about violence online and strategize the best ways to harm perceived enemies. Pohlhaus polled his Telegram followers in a private chat room on July 10, 2023, and asked which of two music festivals “to carpet bomb”

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In a recent YouTube livestream for Chronicles, far-right wannabe “warlord” Charles Haywood declared that Europe is “doomed” because it took in “far too many migrants.” During this same livestream, Haywood revealed that while some want to return to the politics of a decade ago, he wants to go back much further — to “the world of 1880 or 1680”

In response to a viewer comment which said mockingly that “‘the woke’ is ‘going away’,” Haywood called it “ludicrously silly and wrong” to actually believe that

As evidence that “the woke” wasn’t “going away” on its own, Haywood reference the controversy over Google Gemini — the AI program which reportedly generated images of racially diverse Founding Fathers and Nazi soldiers[…]
Haywood similarly claimed that Google Gemini was “programed to spew anti-white hatred” and that its creators refused to apologize. “They didn’t apologize at all,” he said. “They just turned it off because people were ridiculing them because their anti-white hatred was too obvious. They’re just gonna make it less obvious and re-release the thing”

He added that the “woke isn’t going to be put away because the Left is incapable of any dialing back of its actions”

The show’s host, C. Jay Engel, agreed with this assessment, stating that “there’s this mentality in American conservatism” that peoples’ lives improve with each passing generation. “So the point is that no, you actually have to exercise will. You actually have to exercise power in order to get your way,” he said

Haywood then remarked that even if “the woke were put away,” it would leave us with the “world of 2015.” “What we need, politically,” he said, “is the world of 1880 or 1680. Not exactly. Not nostalgically. But the elements, the core beliefs, need to be rolled back to that era, not to 2015. That’s just dumb”

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John MacArthur, an influential right-wing megachurch pastor and author, told an audience at his church last week that Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was “not a Christian at all.” MacArthur described the pastor and civil rights icon as “a nonbeliever who misrepresented everything about Christ and the gospel”

MacArthur, considered one of the most influential evangelical preachers in modern times, has been under fire in recent years for having “repeatedly shamed or ignored victims of abuse while protecting their abusers.” He has a history of preaching what Baptist News has called “cringe-worthy” things about race and slavery. He made his most recent appalling comments during Black History Month while he was criticizing a now-defunct evangelical pastors conference for having honored King several years ago, which MacArthur described as evidence of “the impact of the woke movement.” Video of MacArthur’s comments was posted on social media by a Christian podcaster and reported by other Christian outlets[…]
MacArthur, who heads Grace Community Church in southern California, has long mixed his preaching with right-wing politics. In 2018, MacArthur led an effort that rallied thousands of conservative evangelicals to denounce the pursuit of social justice as a threat to the gospel, and criticized churches that address racism as a social justice issue. That same year, MacArthur’s Master’s Seminary was placed on probation by an accrediting agency, which cited a climate of fear, intimidation, and bullying among faculty and staff[…]
MacArthur flatly declared his opposition to religious freedom. “I don’t even support religious freedom,” he said in a 2021 sermon. “Religious freedom is what sends people to hell. To say I support religious freedom is to say I support idolatry. It’s to say I support lies, I support hell, I support the kingdom of darkness.” He added, “No Christian with half a brain would say, ‘We support religious freedom.’ We support the truth”

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A bill that seeks to make it legal to kill immigrants if they trespass on private property is advancing through the Arizona state House, which is controlled by the Republican Party. The controversial initiative would alter the state’s existing “Castle Doctrine” law, which lets residents use deadly force against people who are breaking into their home. The state’s Democratic governor, Katie Hobbs, has promised to veto the law if it is approved by the state Senate

House Bill 2843 wants to expand the rights of Arizona landowners against an uptick in migrants from Mexico. The Castle Doctrine allows the use of deadly force against anyone who invades property or has the criminal intent to do so. As it is worded now, the law requires the intruder to be both on the land and in the residence or other structure designed for habitation

Republican lawmaker Justin Heap wants to expand the interpretation of the doctrine by modifying a few words to make the law more permissive to the use of force, which would be allowed whether the intruder is inside someone’s residence or on their land

“If a farmer owns 10,000 acres of farmland, his home may be a half a mile away from where he is, and if he sees someone on his land, can he approach them and (remove) them from his property? This is an amendment to fix that,” Heap told the House Judiciary Committee on February 14. The representative from Mesa, a suburb of Phoenix, said the goal of his proposal was to correct a loophole in the law that has led to a “growing number of immigrants and human traffickers who are moving through ranches and farms”[…]
“We continue to talk about the migrants who are flooding our country as if they were agricultural workers from Guatemala looking for a better life […] when what is happening on the southern border is a humanitarian crisis,” Heaps said last week. The congressman asserted that immigrants from Senegal, Bangladesh and China are arriving in the area

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Ghana’s parliament on Wednesday unanimously passed a controversial anti-homosexuality bill that has drawn international condemnation

“After three long years, we have finally passed the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Act,” said Sam George, one of the main sponsors of the bill on X, formerly known as Twitter

The bill, which was introduced in the parliament in 2021, not only criminalizes LGBTQ relationships, but also those who support LGBTQ rights

African countries still widely criminalize same-sex activity, mostly because of colonial era laws. But a raft of recent bills and proposed laws across Africa have looked to clarify and, in some cases, strengthen those laws

A recent CNN investigation uncovered alleged links between a US nonprofit and the drafting of the homophobic laws. The group denied those links

The bill in Ghana still needs to be signed off by the country’s president before it becomes law

The United Nations human rights chief Volker Türk called parliament’s passing of the bill “profoundly disturbing” and urged the government not to sign it into law

“The bill broadens the scope of criminal sanctions against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transexual and queer people – simply for being who they are – and threatens criminal penalties against perceived allies of LGBTQ+ people,” he said

Responding to the passing of the bill, UNAIDS executive director Winnie Byanyima warned that if the bill did become a law it would “affect everyone” and hamper the country’s fight against HIV and AIDS

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Lori Kauffman is an unabashed Neo-Nazi[…]Has vowed to “exile” Jews and[…]said “we need to overthrow the government”

Kauffman’s bizarre candidacy was first reported on by Boston Broadside, which pointed out her pro-Hitler posts on X[…]She used her @Jews4Ye24 account[…]to declare, “I’m a Jew. Whatever the ‘holocaust’ was, Israel and J-ws are guilty of worse crimes against humanity. I love Hitler”

Kauffman uses a second X account, @LoriKauffman13, to spew antisemitic rhetoric as well[…]Before her conversion to Christianity, Kauffman wrote, “Yes I’m Jewish, but I have Christian values and believe Jews are destroying the world”[…]
She boasted that, if elected, she will ban same-sex marriage, criminalize transgender people, and “exile all Jews”[…]
Kauffman once posted a photo of herself holding a book called Life in the Reich, by British Neo-Nazi Michael McLaughlin[…]
She went on Hoaxbusters[…]During this appearance Kauffman explained why she rejected her Jewish upbringing, and what inspired her to run for office

Kauffman claimed that what “redpilled” her was rapper Ye[…]
“And everybody should’ve really woken up at this point when he sent a, we like to call it a sleepy tweet[…]about the Jews. And the next day — saying they hold all the power in the world — and the next day he loses like $9 billion of his own money”[…]
Massachusetts Republican Committee passed a resolution condemning Kauffman’s “prejudiced and antisemitic statements” and calling on her to withdraw her candidacy

Co-host Jim Rizoli eventually spoke up to suggest Kauffman actually had an “advantage” due to her “Jewish name.” He explained that, “Unless they read the Boston Broadside they’re not gonna really know who the hell ya are, probably. But, having a Jewish name — you gotta understand that the Jews are tribal. They vote for Jews. So you could actually do well”

Later in the show Kauffman expressed an interest in overthrowing the U.S. government and instituting a monarchy