Masayoshi Arai and Mio Sugita #homophobia asia.nikkei.com

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Saturday he has sacked a close aide after discriminatory remarks he recently made against sexual minorities came to light

Masayoshi Arai, an elite bureaucrat who served as executive secretary to Kishida, said on Friday that he would "not want to live next door" to an LGBT couple and that he does "not even want to look at them"

Arai retracted the comments, made off-the-record to reporters, later in the day after they were made public by the media

Kishida, who has recently struck a cautious note about legally recognizing same-sex marriage, told reporters earlier Saturday that the comments made by Arai "cannot but force" the Cabinet to consider his future[…]
Arai also said that if same-sex marriage is introduced in Japan, it would "change the way society is" and that "there are quite a few people who would abandon this country"[…]
Late last year, the LGBT issue drew fresh attention when LDP lawmaker Mio Sugita, the then parliamentary vice minister for internal affairs and communications, was compelled to retract past remarks against sexual minority couples

Sugita, who was effectively sacked by Kishida in December, had come under fire in 2018 for saying in a magazine article that the government should not support sexual minority couples because they cannot bear offspring and thus are "not productive"

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "@livv_idd - Some of these "ancient sovereign entities" are newer than Rhode Island"]



First Nations are supposed to have first right of refusal when it comes to the sales of crown land, and the Sask Party refuses to abide by that

So frustrating when ancient sovereign entities with clearly defined cultural uniqueness and historic rights are bullied by intrusive prov govt rules that destroy their autonomy. These people need a Paper that’s not White
10:58 PM · Oct 12, 2022

As you should know by now, Red Indians don't have "historic rights" other than a bunch of rules which require them to stay on their specially set aside tracts of land. Archie's claim that Crown land has to be sold to Injuns first is complete bullshit and nowhere mentioned in the treaties

Fortunately, superior white cultural learned how to make white paper and use it to discuss public policies and the pros and cons. Scott Moe is sufficiently non-squishy to utilize this wonder ability which white societies developed (and, relatedly, found this almost-empty continent and built civilizations on it)

In 1905, Saskatchewan was created out of a section of land owned by lazy Red Indians The Hudson's Bay Company. Woke losers might wish it wasn't, but it was

Meanwhile as we've noted before these "ancient sovereign entities" is complete and utter bullshit. Nobody who was in Saskatchewan in 1491 was "indigenous" to it. Indeed one of Keen's "ancient entities" would presumably be the Métis who Red Indian activists insist need to be granted special rights even though literally by definition white people were here first

Laura Wood #fundie #conspiracy thinkinghousewife.com

[From "Joseph Ratzinger: Subtle Destroyer"]

THE LIONIZING of the recently deceased “Pope” Benedict XVI continues apace

Conservatives indulge the fantasy that the erudite Joseph Ratzinger, who was under suspicion of heresy by the Holy Office under Pope Pius XII, was the ideological antithesis of the blabby, openly Marxist Frank Bergoglio, whose apostasy is difficult to ignore. Ratzinger was supposedly striving to preserve tradition, rather than engaging in his own classy form of demolition

The two, in fact, constituted a synthesis. The aim of the One World Religion has always been to appear non-exclusive, including even “rigid” traditionalists under its umbrella

Prussian Society of America #racist #conspiracy #dunning-kruger prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "The Albanian Question/Problem (Future Article)"]

I am in the process of an entry dedicated to a Race which denies their Slavic Heritage, but also the fact that they remain a Menace and Liability for many European and Western States, but are very cautious in hiding the destruction they do until it’s too late

If you have any questions or topic points you would like to be addressed on this article, please send me an E-mail and I will be sure to feature it in the upcoming release and why Albanians are an untrustworthy race and are not who you think they are, despite their clever antics and machinations when they come to your country

The Albanian Race is prone to corruption and bad decisions as a people, and they are one of the Lowest Empathy Races in the world. The Article will explain their Low Empathy

While Barbarian Races can have High Empathy and still be outright Savages, it will illustrate the difference in character of Albanians since they, like all Slavic peoples, have Low Empathy, but yet why they are also in denial of their Slavic Heritage, at least in Modern Times as far as we know

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[From "@JohnnyLarue613 - You are an enemy collaborator and therefore are a valid target"]


Well, I live in downtown Ottawa, so only a conspiracy moron would spew the complete nonsense that you just posted. For those of us that experienced 3 weeks of these idiots illegally clogging streets, honking and running up city costs we say I hope some do some time in prison
1:53 PM · Mar 16, 2022

Guys like Johnny are the reason I think last year's noble Freedom Convoy were far too nice

They didn't honk loud enough. Johnny and his Ottawa pals are very anxious to make your life miserable, confident in the notion that we wouldn't make their life miserable in response

For three glorious weeks in early 2022, they were disavowed of that notion. The only problem, as you can see, is they clung to it afterwards. We didn't break their spirits and continue to honk and "clog streets" until Johnny and every single Ottawa resident either capitulated or was buried in a shallow grave

Justin and his pals have declared war on you. Don't ever let him play the part of the victim of unnecessary cruelty. It was (and remains) necessary


spoilerStar Trek meme: "There are no Borg civilians, nor were there any innocent residents of Ottawa"

soymindumb, Epicaltgamer3 and Albionoria #wingnut reddit.com

[OP and comments of "Is it possible to donate money to the Wagner group or the Russian military?"]

OP of the thread by soymindumb:

Neither is currently a terrorist organization so it is not illegal to pledge donations. Is it at all possible?

Comment by Epicaltgamer3:[/]



Buying Russian government bonds is probably the best way to do that, plus you get some money in the long term. I know there used to be a way to donate to the DPR, but that’s not possible anymore

I'm looking it up and they seem to be extremely difficult to buy, will try anyway

If anyone has other suggestions I look forward to support Russia

I found some and i posted it in this thread.

I found donation links to Rusisch. Occasionally on Telegram there pop up donation links by various units (mostly PMC units) asking for donations

I think Dejan Beric used to run a donation link that supported humanitarian efforts in the DPR and other areas but i cant find it, it sometimes pops up on telegram

Eitherway i guess trying to find a link on Telegram is your best way to go

Snake Baker #sexist dailystormer.name

[From "UK: 2021 First Year When Majority of Babies Born Were Bastards"]

Headliners | More births outside marriage or civil partnership for the first time

Society just keeps getting healthier and healthier as we approach our final destination: utopia!

Forward march – into the future!


Sky News

More babies were born outside marriage or a civil partnership in England and Wales in 2021 than within

It is the first time that has happened since records began in 1845, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said[…]
The average age of mothers increased to 30.9 in 2021, while the average age of fathers remained at 33.7

Only 30.9? Why not 60.9? After all, women have to have time to take at least a million zillion gillion cocks before they decide to settle down

It’s a little thing I like to call “democracy”

At least 30.9-year-olds are smart enough to know that they don’t need no man

Single Mothers EFFECTS On Society

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[From "Bell Let's Talk 2023"; MAiD stands for "Medical Assistance in Dying"]

In a few days we're going to look back at some Bell Let's Talk classics, but this year what many have noted was that MAiD (which was still a thing in 2018, it didn't get much press including on this blog) is now a big thing not just for invalids with terminal cancer but anybody who just feels really really bad

And since I've noted many a time before that the whole "focus on mental health" is just smokescreen for sodomites to try and validate the deep sense of dread they feel as they on some level understand that their lifestyle choice was wicked and it makes them an inferior person, it stands to reason that if MAiD really is a perfectly okay option to resolve mental health problems, why can't we just cut out the middleman and just have tens of thousands of people honestly divulging to the fags in their life that the two options are conversion therapy or self-removal?

Daniel John Harris #wingnut #racist #psycho france24.com

Judge Patrick Field called Daniel Harris, 19, "highly dangerous" and a "propagandist for an extremist right-wing ideology"

"You were in close touch with other right-wing extremists online and there can be little doubt that you shared ideas between you"[…]
Harris was found guilty in December of five counts of encouraging terrorism and one count of possession of material for terrorist purposes, for trying to make a gun with a 3D printer

The judge at Manchester Crown Court in northern England sentenced Harris to 11 and a half years, with a further three years under supervised probation

The court heard that the teenager from Derbyshire in central England posted videos online for over a year, from the age of 17

Harris reportedly posted under the name BookAnon on a platform called World Truth Videos

His videos were shared by self-declared white supremacist Payton Gendron, who has pleaded guilty to murdering 10 black people[…]
Prosecutors said a link was also found between Harris's videos and Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, the sole suspect in a shooting in a gay nightclub in the US city of Colorado Springs in November 2022

The prosecutor said that one of Harris's videos was posted on a "brother site" to one showing a livestream of Aldrich before the attack[…]
The court was told one of Harris's videos, titled "How to Achieve Victory", called for "total extermination of sub-humans once and for all"

Another video paid homage to the white supremacist murderer of British MP Jo Cox in 2016

He also praised the Australian white supremacist who murdered 51 Muslim people in New Zealand mosques in 2019 as a "saint"[…]
Harris was placed in a government deradicalisation programme, but Counter-Terrorism Policing detective inspector Chris Brett said he continued to post extremist material

"Harris was ultimately deemed not to have been groomed, rather his provocative words and inflammatory films were potentially radicalising others"

Andrew Anglin #racist #homophobia #wingnut dailystormer.name

[From "Russian Space Marine Going on Brutal Revenge Mission Against Hohol Pigs Who Killed His Boys"]

While Buzz Aldrin is going full weird freak and marrying a plastic surgery disaster at 93, Russian space men are going on epic revenge missions against Hohol pigs.


The shelling that almost cost former Russian space chief Dmitry Rogozin his life was the work of Ukrainian intelligence services, possibly assisted by some Western nations, he has claimed in an interview[…]
“I hope to find and destroy [the crew] after I return,” he stated. “It’s a matter of honor for us, because I lost two of my fighters”[…]

Czar’s Wolves is an awesome name for an elite unit of space marines

Someone could claim this is all Russian propaganda. While I’m sure that PR was considered in framing the story, I don’t know that it is actually just propaganda. However, even if it were: it’s still awesome

Compare this to the propaganda of the West, which is all about gay sex

The Ukraine war isn’t really about gay sex, but they claim it is about gay sex to promote it

Imagine that

The West really is pure Nurgle

Its goal is to spread disease

Jim #wingnut #dunning-kruger #conspiracy blog.reaction.la

[From "Nazis are commies and commies are nazis"]

Notice that Russia’s leaders say that Russia’s goals in the Ukraine include de-nazification and/or de-communization, without really making a distinction[…]
Nazism was radical leftism in its day[…]
Predictably, Hitler found himself outflanked on the left within the Nazi party, as Stalin found himself outflanked by Trotsky. So he killed them

Whereupon Stalin created the third positionists, “fascists” who were even lefter[…]At the start of World War II, the third positionists were revealed to be in Stalin’s pocket

The third positionist movement has always been in the pay of the left[…]selling a socialism even more radical than that of Hitler, which was itself more radical than the socialism of Franco and Mussolini

Here in the US, the equivalent of the Azov brigade call themselves third positionists[…]Russia calls the Azov brigade commies or nazis interchangeably, and that is entirely accurate

The Azov brigade and today’s third positionists are supposed nationalists who serve Jewish globalists. During world war two, they were in the pocket of internationalist socialism, today, they are in the pocket of post capitalist Jewish globalists

Hitler’s nazism had the usual faults of socialism, and led to the usual catastrophes of socialism, which bit at the worst possible moment. He ran out of other people’s stuff just when he was invading Russia. But for all that, it was different from communism in important ways. Third positionism is not. Hitler wanted to coopt, rather than exterminate, the merchant class. Third positionists, like Marxists, want to eradicate the merchant class and have the priestly class take their wealth

Hitler perceived the merchant class as doing something important[…]Hitler shut down the creation of wealth by the Merchant class inadvertently, while the Marxists, the Covid worshipers, and the Gaia worshipers destroy it intentionally

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #sexist #psycho 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "@frenchdipset - Nobody (except possibly murderers) dies if abortion is banned"]



Quote tweets confirm. Just evil, evil people

People—real, flesh-and-blood women with families, friends, plans and dreams for the future just the same as yours and mine—will die as a direct result of this ruling. There is absolutely evil here, but it belongs squarely to those five justices
4:23AM·May 3, 2022

Last summer the United States Supreme Court overturned the objectively horrible Roe v. Wade ruling, and leftsts like Madam Theis absolutely lost their minds over it

You can tell by the hysterical blabbering. How are "real flesh-and-blood women" going to die as a result of no court imposed prohibition on State abortion bans? This is a common talking point as long as you realize it literally makes no sense

At absolutely zero point has anybody opposed abortion in the event that continuing the pregnancy causes a likely risk to the mother's life. Part of the reason is practical: this straight up never happens[…]
Seeing as how abortion is currently murdering about a million people a year between Canada and the United States, it's unclear how the number of "real flesh and blood" people who die would not only increase but even maintain at the tiniest percentage of the current dearth rate

It's also worth noting that in such a scenario every death is deserved and I'll cheer it on. After all, in a world where baby murder is outlawed then the only deaths are of the infamous "backalley abortion" cases. And there's no reason anybody with an ounce of horse sense should fret[…]
Death penalty for attempting abortions? Now we're talking! Real bitchy pieces of shit with deplorable hopes and wicked dreams would die as a direct result of that ruling, and I would be the first in line to enjoy a popcorn and watch a trollop hang

Elvis Dunderhoff #sexist #psycho dailystormer.name

London Cop Rapes Dozens of Women, Puts Them on a Diet, Forces Them to Clean His House While Naked

This dude is based.

Maybe instead of being put in jail, he should… be made the ruler of England?

New York Post

A British cop, who served in London’s Metropolitan Police force, has been described as one of the country’s most prolific sex offenders in history as he admitted to numerous sex crimes over an 18-year period[…]



Several victims bravely told the court that Carrick would lock them in a closet under the stairs in his home for hours on end without food. Some of the women were forced to clean his house while naked

Carrick would physically abuse and demean some of his victims, including belt-whipping and urinating on them, The Guardian reported. He also controlled some of them financially and in some cases, made sure the women cut off contact with other men and their children entirely

The court heard that Carrick called his victims “slaves,” “fat,” and “lazy” and told them when they could eat and sleep

Men who respect women are the biggest faggots of all. Like literally, respecting women is gayer than taking a dick in your ass from other men

Conversely, everyone who does not respect women, and kidnaps them and makes them do house cleaning in the nude, should be given extreme power to make decisions about society

Hunter Wallace #wingnut #fundie #racist occidentaldissent.com

[From "Counter-Currents: On the Christian Question"]

A quick glance at American politics and public opinion on White identity should be sufficient to answer the “Christian Question”[…]

Does Christianity help or hinder[…]“the efforts of the Right to defend the European-American way of life”? According to Giles Corey, that is the Christian Question (p. 2), and The Sword of Christ is his attempt to defend Christianity as not merely compatible with, but essential to, white European civilization[…]

Over 80% of Trump voters are White Christians

Over 3/4ths of the American Right are Christians and the “Far Right” is overwhelmingly Christian and specifically tends to be more evangelical and Protestant

If you look at rightwing voters who are secular, irreligious, agnostic or atheist (15% to 20% of Republican voters), they are people who are much more likely to have liberal and moderate politics than other conservatives[…]
Most people who oppose Third World immigration, who want to deport illegal aliens, who oppose miscegenation, who oppose the MLK federal holiday, who oppose the Great Replacement, who are concerned about anti-White discrimination and who have the warmest feelings toward other Whites are very conservative[…]Sure, there are woke evangelical elites who adopt African children and preen about racism or people who are Christian Zionists who support Israel, but those people are the exception[…]
The question makes sense when you realize that secular, irreligious and atheist Whites are overrepresented among White Nationalists, but White people who are secular, irreligious or atheists skew hard to the progressive Left[…]
If only Christians were allowed to vote in the United States, American politics would shift dramatically to the Right because the Far Left would be politically wiped out

Feynman & Coulter's Love Child #racist #homophobia 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "Deport everybody who has moved to Canada since 1993"]

Editor's Note: this post got caught up in Draft status and was never published. In December 2015 the fake Syrian refugees weren't all in Canada, unfortunately by November 2016 they were and they've continued to drain the taxpayer ever since. The recent news that Canada set a new record for immigration in 2022 drives all the points in this post home even more

Shiny Pony has backed down from his ridiculous plan to import 25,000 "Syrian" "refugees" by the end of the year. The 25,000 total target, however, remains

There's so much wrong with it[…]I can summarize in a little detail


spoilerSoldiers:"Go to warzone. Leave women and children in safe country";refugees:"Go to safe country. Leave women and children in warzone"

Let's start at the end: these aren't Syrian refugees, this is an invading army. 72% of these "refugees" are adult males[…]I mentioned that Harper should really call the bluff on these refugees, and agree to take Shiny Pony's 25,000 refugees on the condition that Canada only bring in women with children[…]Sorry young Syrian men: you either fight to make your country civilized, or die in it. It turns out Shiny Pony almost did that: but he insisted that sodomites be included in the bill[…]
When leftists like Trudeau bleat about the poor Syrian refugees, they like to pretend that we get to swoop into refugee camps and pluck out the ones we want like parents buying their child a rabbit[…]
What, though, of those who legitimately pass the vetting process? What kind of people are being let into the country en masse? The answer is Middle Eastern gutter trash.

Not a single "Syrian" "refugee" should be allowed into the country. They are horrible people. They're physically diseased. They're mentally diseased

National Social Club-131 (NSC-131) #racist nbcboston.com

The leader of a New England neo-Nazi group and a second man are accused of hanging a hateful banner over Route 1 in New Hampshire this summer, an act that the attorney general says violates the state's Civil Rights Act

The charges stem from actions of the National Social Club-131 (NSC-131) members on July 30, 2022. NSC-131 is a neo-Nazi group with chapters in New England, according to the Anti-Defamation League

The New Hampshire Attorney General's Office alleged Tuesday that Christopher Hood, the leader of NSC-131, and Leo Anthony Cullinan were among members who hung the banner, which read "keep New England white," from an overpass over Route 1 in Portsmouth. Doing so involved trespassing on public property, investigators said

"The only reasonable interpretation is that the slogan and group’s intention was to discourage people of color from residing in or visiting and making them feel unwelcome and unsafe in the New England region, New Hampshire, and Portsmouth," the complaint read

The motivation, paired with the fact that the banner was hung from a highway overpass and interfered with the lawful activities of others, raises it to the level of a potential Civil Rights Violation, prosecutors said

Hunter Wallace #racist #psycho occidentaldissent.com

[From "American History Series: Race Relations In Colonial New England"]

The following excerpts come from Joseph A. Conforti’s book Saints and Strangers: New England in British North America

In Puritan usage, stranger might identify someone as non-English, non-Christian, non-Protestant, or non-White. Most commonly, stranger referred to all non-Puritan inhabitants, whether white, black or Native American[…]
English newcomers viewed aboriginal people as savages. Indeed, the fear of “Indianization” imposed limits on cultural exchange[…]
New England authorities and settlers typically welcomed the extermination of Indians as God’s handiwork[…]

I found that interesting and revealing

Even in New England, White racial consciousness was stirred by the circumstances of Anglo-Protestant settlemen[…]The Puritans celebrated epidemics as “God’s fatal broom” sweeping the local Algonquin Indians out of New England

The Pequot War and especially King Philip’s War and all the captivity narratives[…]created a sense of White identity in New England[…]New England once had slavery and anti-miscegenation laws like the Southern colonies

What happened to New England?

The answer is that early colonial New England was settled by the Puritans in a time before the rise of liberalism[…]Puritan culture was extremely literate and emphasized education in a way that was without parallel in the other American colonies. When the disease of liberalism began to sink into England after the Glorious Revolution, it sunk its deepest roots in New England which had built institutions like Harvard University where it was imported and festered[…]
Christianity is often blamed for what modern philosophy has wrought[…]the history of New England shows how much better the place was before they read Locke

Feynman & Coulter's Love Child #elitist #racist #psycho 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "@ProfSmithSask - Any Prime Minister who doesn't answer with "free pizza laced with rat poison" doesn't care enough about the future"]

Far-left moron Charles Smith posted a child's "letter to the Prime Minister"[…]

spoilerJonah Smith's letter

If Jonah thinks "everyone should have a home" that's all fun and good. But how do they get it? If you guessed[…]"steal more taxes from the people who made the smart choices that resulted in having a home", you would of course be correct

The notion that "owning a home is good and therefore people should own homes" of course caused a global financial meltdown 15 years ago: the belief that just putting niggers into houses would cause a Shangri-La where they became productive members of a compassionate society turned out to not only be wrong[…]
The Smith/Simons method of throwing tax money turns out not to have worked. Remember when the City of Edmonton had a plan to finally creatively and intelligently use government overreach to cure homelessness within the decade?[…]
The same people who claimed to have the solutions last time think that they just didn't solution enough[…]
Instead of constantly helping, try actively harming. Being homeless has a lot of downside and some upside, and even the most drug addled nutty injun sleeping on the sidewalk probably sees some advantage to not pumping himself full of meth and spasming in pain and hunger underneath a tree in -30. However, clearly this disparity isn't enough.

And the first thing a Prime Minister can do about it is stop providing them resources[…]
Because rat poison is getting expensive, and Superstore has stopped selling those $7 (formerly $6) pizzas

Prussian Society of America #sexist #conspiracy #racist prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com


It is no surprise that Andrew Tate is being “taken down”, however do not be surprised if this is actually nothing more than a Smoke and Mirrors operation and it could actually be staged altogether, just like the so-called “Trump Impeachment”

It’s Kabuki Theater[…]
With Trump’s alleged “Impeachments” and 2020 Election Loss, they had stirred both sides of the population

The Left Wing believed Trump was going to be destroyed[…]
The Right Wing were believing in the QAnon psyops[…]
Even the January 6th event was another great example of Kabuki Theater and Psyop Operations[…]
Trump only has loyalty to Capitalists and especially his Jewish Handlers[…]
The reason for going on about that is because I want you to think about it and relate it to what is going on with Andrew Tate’s sudden takedown, which also makes his Christmas Message he delivered to age “badly” in the eyes of his desperate and hopeful supporters[…]
From a lot of what we’ve been reviewing about Andrew Tate’s take down in Romania, it seems that this is more of a greater operation in having used Andrew Tate as an element and face cover for “Toxic Masculinity”, i.e. that the World Controllers spun him into the figurehead[…]
It also stirs up an element to make Men who do travel abroad to Eastern Europe or other countries to even more so be potentially viewed as “Sex Tourists”, so this effort seems to be aimed at targeting “Target Masculinity”[…]
It may also be playing a discreet role in bringing about the Gender Civil War, because it will only make tensions rise further between Men and Women[…]
Women in the West are also “closing their legs even tighter than ever” these days now as well, as they are seeing the money and freebie pools drying up around them rapidly[…]
Women who have no fear of their Men, are cunning

Scott Williams and the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association #wingnut #conspiracy texastribune.org

Last summer, the sheriff of Coryell County in Central Texas took to an elevated platform in a small Las Vegas ballroom and made an unusual announcement: He was a “born-again sheriff,” he said, having “realized that I wasn’t doing my job 100%”

Sheriff Scott Williams runs a 92-bed jail and provides security for the courthouse in Gatesville. He oversees around two dozen employees. The county is known for its six state prison facilities, and Williams has struggled to keep his overcrowded jail in compliance with state standards. He cannot keep his department adequately staffed because his deputies are “tired of working like Hebrew slaves for very little money,” Williams told a local news source

In Vegas, he told the audience that he wanted to protect America from “globalists that are coming to destroy our nation,” saying “the moment we start acting like we are Americans, we are going to take our country back”[…]
Williams is part of the growing “constitutional sheriff” movement, which claims that sheriffs have the power to override federal and state authority on matters from border enforcement to gun control to election security[…]
A study last year by scholars at Texas Christian University and Tulane University on behalf of The Marshall Project found that as many as 1 in 10 of America’s 3,000-plus sheriffs believe they have the authority to stand between their constituents and higher government entities, a tactic they call “interposition”

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association[…]led around a dozen training sessions in Texas in 2020 and 2021[…]At an October 2021 session in Mesquite, the keynote speaker was Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton[…]
The seminars count for six to eight hours of continuing training credit required by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement[…]
The constitutional sheriff movement has its roots in the Posse Comitatus[…]movement

Mohammad Javad Larijani #fundie #sexist #psycho iranintl.com

Iranian conservative politician and former diplomat Javad Larijani has defended stoning for adultery, saying it is a good Islamic law protecting “family values”[…]
In an interview with Fars website of the Revolutionary Guard Saturday, Iran’s former Secretary of High Council for Human Rights claimed some good laws have been passed by the Islamic Republic to protect women's rights

He said stoning is one of the good Islamic laws and has been a very nice deterrent so far

“When we say our women should enter the community, we should have provided them with a very safe work and social environment,” added Larijani stressing that “Stoning is a very important restraining law to protect the marriage contract of families”[…]
Death by stoning came into force in Iran after the 1979 revolution, but the judiciary placed a moratorium in 2002 and it was replaced by the death penalty more than a decade ago

Prussian Society of America #racist #conspiracy prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Whites Will Lose To Colored People For This One Specific Reason"]

The only people in the world who are careful and cautious about appearing Pragmatic, Righteous and Lawful are Caucasians

The Jews are using this to destroy Caucasians collectively, by guilt-tripping them through the Nobility of what it means to be Caucasian, and by the perpetual indoctrination of Christianity, and it’s destruction it has laid for over 2000 Years

There are very few Caucasian people left in this world who are willing to stand up as Pariahs against the rest of the world, let alone their own people for the sake of losing their reputations or being humiliated or ostracized for it

And when we look for such people like that, the most common class to find who are willing to be Pariahs are inevitibly the Criminal Classes

We couldn’t care less what other people think of us, let alone the Modern German or European Masses, or the World’s population itself

It should be known that the only Caucasian People which can ever expect to even have a whiff of a chance for survival, are those which are willing to be the most Ruthless, Daring Pariahs amidst the degrading, listless, mundane bourgeoisie and Corporate Drones which live their lives in Auto-Pilot

Even in the best case scenario, Displacement of most European Races is inevitable in some shape or form because of unwillingness to perceive or stand up for the task that must be done to ensure Future survival and relevance. With the exception of Russia, even all the other Slavic Nations will eventually be over-run, it’s only a matter of time[…]
Assuming of course, whomever or whatever remains alive in the case of Nuclear War

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #homophobia #dunning-kruger 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "@CherylBozarth - thank you for your support to ban non-heterosexual acts and relationships"]



Same way mandates are a threat to the Canadian community

Public health measures are not a threat to anyone. How much disease & death is ok for you?
10:20 PM · Feb 17, 2022

If you ask Cheryl, once you declare anything a "public health measure" it stops being a threat and automatically becomes good public policy

Almost a year after her initial comment, we can see that indeed what we have been saying about the Wuhan Flu since March of 2020 has been validated, and her approach has not. "Disease and death" didn't take 2022 off, despite Shiny Pony and his evil enablers like Cheryl forcing millions to trade their human rights in order to push the (increasingly discredited) vaccines

However, there continues to be a horrible set of actions that people continue to undertake which puts their health at risk and causes unnecessary stress on our healthcare system (both acute and psychological). To take Cheryl's view, how much disease and death is okay?

Answer: none. And therefore sodomy and faggot relationships must be banned

Ali Alexander #magick #god-complex rightwingwatch.org

House select committee shut down its investigation into the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol[…]
Among the transcripts released was an interview with far-right activist Ali Alexander, who played a central role in organizing the so-called “Stop The Steal” movement[…]
When the select committee shut down without Alexander facing any charges stemming from the insurrection, he unleashed a wildly egotistical rant during a Telegram livestream, bragging that he had “raped the January 6 Select Committee”[…]
Ali bragged on the livestream[…]“I am the father of dragons. The father of dragons! I red-pill celebrities. I create nationwide movements. I make members of Congress shake”[…]
“Just dare me. Because for the first time in a 15-year career, I owe no one nothing. Nothing. And I have access to everything. They thought that they could contain my power level. I am playing dumb. I am playing crazy, a lot like Jesus did. People will come to learn the truth. And guess what? Frankly, that’s what I need to crucify me. That’s why you’re gonna see both sides try to come together to crucify me. Here’s the difference: Jesus was a carpenter, and I’ve got motherfucking machine gun”[…]
“These motherfuckers thought I would talk to them,” Alexander said. “I was talking to the future because I’m a fucking time traveler! I wasn’t talking to the fucking committee; they’re dead. They’re like, whoosh. These people died a while ago. I came back in time to talk to dead people. So, here I am talking to the future, and they didn’t even realize I knew how to talk into the transcript[…]I knew when it would frustrate the court reporter[…]I knew when to say something they thought that they can lick their lips on, and then finish the sentence with, ‘I don’t know’[…]or start a sentence, ‘I don’t know’[…]If I had to form an opinion today it would be: brrrraattta ta ta ta ta ta ta ba boom!”

Prussian Society of America #sexist #elitist #homophobia #transphobia prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Women Behave and Think like Criminals"]

Men, generally are indifferent to other Men, whereas Women are never indifferent to other Women and view every other Women as a potential threat and rival [enemy]

Outside of Criminal Syndicates, or with the excessive need for overcoming Online “Censorship”, Men never use “Code-speak” with other Men or even with Women for that matter

It is Women who are always using Code-speak and hiding their intentions, saying one thing while meaning another

Also, Women make no shame about their attraction and interest towards dating Criminals, while outside of Criminal Syndicates, you would almost never hear of a Man who approves of other Criminals[…]
We must have total determination to break up and smash this society and world order that is determined to maintain the idea and notion that Men are only valued for Money[…]Natural Selection can be restored to its high

Our greatest tragedy today is that the Majority of both Men and Women are directly related to the Majority of Women alive, and not equally towards the pool of Men left in our genetic populations, and the fact that these majority of genetics that are being handed down, come from Filthy, Greedy, Money-hungry, Narcissistic/Psychopathic and Parasitic Pathological Lying types

We can only ultimately seek to bring about their extermination[…]
Women who are dishonest about attraction, also have dishonest sex drives[…]they will engage in deviant sexual behavior, which includes infidelity, experimenting with other Women or Transgender people, even their own Pets (especially Dogs), and that such Women are actually more only interested or turned on by a Man’s Wealth[…]
Women who have dishonest sex drives are also horrible in the bedroom. They are like a chore to deal with and expect the Man to do all the work and drain the Man of his sexual energies in the bedroom, and then drain his wallet

Vox Day #wingnut #conspiracy voxday.net

[From "Foreigners Defend Fake Democracy"]

Clown World has obviously found a playbook it likes

Two years ago our Capitol was attacked by fanatics, now we are watching it happen in Brazil

Solidarity with Lula and the Brazilian people[…]

t would be more accurate to say that fake democracies around the world must stand united to condemn popular protests against stolen democracy

These clowns are going to be in for a real surprise if they continue engaging in war against Russia. The only thing that is preventing the US Capitol – there is no “us”, Ilhan – half the cities on the East Coast from resembling Mariupol is that Vladimir Putin and Xi Xinping don’t see a direct conflict with the US military as furthering their objectives yet

But the time does appear to be drawing nigh, probably because the US think tanks, which are literally always wrong, asserts the US military will win a war over Taiwan with China due to their simulations[…]
Perhaps they’re right, for once, but I very much doubt it. I would be absolutely willing to bet that the variables utilized don’t even begin to account for all of the current supply and special forces shortages due to the active support being provided for Ukraine. The simulation obviously also didn’t include North Korea attacking South Korea to further dilute the US military’s resource once the invasion of Taiwan begins. This is likely an optimistic scenario which will be used to justify a) more money for the Navy, b) a draft, c) continued belligerence on the part of US foreign policy, and d) prevent the Taiwanese from striking a Hong Kong-style deal with the Xi administration

Vincent James #homophobia #psycho rightwingwatch.org

Near the end of 2022, far-right streamers Vincent James and Steven Franssen hosted an episode of their “White Boy Wednesday” livestream during which James said that he would be more than happy to live in a society where “they throw gays off buildings”[…]
During the “White Boy Wednesday” broadcast, James grew exasperated by those who criticized FIFA for holding the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, a nation that harshly oppresses and persecutes LGBTQ people

“Who cares how they treat homosexuals?” James said. “Why do we have to measure things based on how they treat homosexuals? Can’t we measure things based on everything else? Why does that always have to be the most important thing? Oh, they throw gays off buildings? So? How does their train system work? Is my train going to be 12 hours late? Oh, no? Oh, OK. Well, I’ll look the other way while they’re throwing some gay dude off a roof”

“Which one would you rather have: trains to be on time [and] society to function or … society to be completely dysfunctional and totally homosexual and they’re turning your kids gay?” James asked. “I’d say I choose the functional society where they throw gays off roofs and make women wear wear [hijabs]”

Prussian Society of America #racist #wingnut prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "New Video: The absurdity of “Non-Germans” Demanding to be Recognized as “Germans”"]

What's the hardest part of life in Germany?

Asians wanting to be recognized as “Germans”. Something that could only be concocted from the Liberal Ideology, since no natural person even born in the Orient would ever even think to be considered “German” when they are Asian

Imagine us Germans going to China, Japan or Korea and telling them we really are of their ethnicities, it just so happens to be that we are from “Germany”

Also as typical outside of Germany, many people even among other White Nations are ignorant to think Red Hair is a native feature of Germanics, when it is not. That’s why red-headed Germans are rare, it is not native to our bloodline except in territories where Celtic settlements existed prior or along-side Germanic Tribes[…]
Freckles, Red Hair and Ultra Pale Skin [Pinkish skin] are Celtic/Jewish Trait, not Nordic ones

This video makes me sick and is nauseating, and any German that still has semblance of honor and despises what is taking place in the Vaterland also would naturally have this same reflex[…]
The Hispanics in the video also illustrate exactly how different Barbarian Peoples are about “follow rules”, compared to how Germans behave[…]
In Purer Eras, these clowns would be viewed for who they truly are, especially as the video thumbnail, such a person would be viewed as someone walking into a store trying to convince others that they are a Helicopter but nobody believes them

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #dunning-kruger #conspiracy 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "What killed Damar Hamlim and Uche Nwaneri?"]

Over the weekend the major story (other than this 2023 thing) was that Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlim suffered a fatal possibly fatal heart attack during a football game

CPR was administered to Hamlin, 24, on the field for multiple minutes after he collapsed following his tackle of Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins[…]

Now at this time, we don't know what killed nearly and/or possibly killed Damar Hamlim. It's certainly odd for a 24 year old to suffer a heart attack, let alone a 24 year old pro athlete. Could it have been caused by the impact, and absolutely positively nothing else? Yeah, it could

It wasn't a heart attack, but an arena football player died after making a tackle in 2005. Heart problems were identified as a major risk among soccer players in 2018[…]
There could be other factors at play. Armond Armstead won the 100th Grey Cup for the Toronto Argos after almost dying from a heart attack in college possibly linked to the painkiller Toradol[…]
Mechanisms that could cause a heart attack just from a hit have been the topic of a 2014 study. It doesn't have to be a side effect of the COVID vaccine

But yeah, it could easily be the COVID vaccine. It could easily not, of course, but therein lies a couple of problems

Firstly[…]the medical profession has already been caught on numerous occasions refusing to come clean about vaccine risks and side effects. In Canada[…]medical professionals have refused to fill out the AEFI forms required to officially document vaccine side effects[…]
Totally unrelated: Just a couple days ago another American football player died of a heart attack. Uche Nwaneri was 38, and hadn't played since 2014, so like many negroes he may not have been vaccinated

Sameera Khan and unnamed Taliban women #sexist newsweek.com

Members of the Taliban are "worried about Andrew Tate" and are "asking us if he's free yet," according to Sameera Khan, a former Miss New Jersey turned "anti-woke" journalist

Khan said she took part in a "Twitter space with the Afghan Taliban" to "discuss the detainment of Andrew Tate", an American-British influencer who was arrested in Romania on December 29, along with his brother and two Romanian nationals, and charged with human trafficking

Romanian prosecutors allege the Tate brothers coerced six women into producing pornography, with the alleged victims facing "acts of physical violence and mental coercion." One of those arrested was also charged with rape, though their identify has not been disclosed

On Saturday, Khan tweeted: "We are hosting a Twitter space with the Afghan Taliban to discuss the detainment of Andrew Tate

"They are worried about Andrew Tate and they are asking us if he's free yet

"They say westerners need Andrew Tate because we are oppressed by feminists"

In a separate tweet, she added "#FREETOPG," calling for Tate to be released, with 'TopG' being a nickname used for the influencer by some of his supporters

British journalist Otto English tweeted a screenshot from the Twitter space, showing some of the attendees, adding: "This actually happened"[…]
Those taking part in the Twitter space with Khan included a number of users who claim to support the Taliban, some of whom had the group's flag in their profile picture

One of those taking part was Shahab Lewal, who claims to be a "Member of the Cultural Commission" of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, based out of Kabul

Andrew Anglin #racist #psycho #wingnut dailystormer.name

[From "France: Hajis Persecuting Michel Houellebecq for Saying They Should Go Home"]

Houellebecq is the greatest living novelist and possibly the greatest fiction writer ever in history. He is a very intelligent man and he deserves respect

If he says that Moslems should leave Europe, it’s something that should be considered very seriously

The fact that these sicking, savage people can come into our countries and start using our own legal systems against us is absolute proof that this system is broken beyond repair and it needs to be replaced with a totally new one


The Great Mosque of Paris has filed a complaint against Michel Houellebecq, considered France’s greatest living author, after he said that the native French population does not wish for Muslims to assimilate but to “stop stealing from them and attacking them” or, if the Muslim population cannot manage that, then they should simply leave France

Houellebecq made the remarks during an explosive interview in November[…]

Houellebecq is currently entirely in control of France’s cultural history, as he is the only living cultural figure

The groundbreaking November interview, published in a special edition of Front Populaire magazine, was 45 pages long[…]

This is the worst imaginable outrage

Islam has offered our countries precisely nothing, and they think they have a right to tear down our most important cultural figures? To silence and imprison them, because their feelings are hurt?

We deserve a civil war and we deserve a revolution

This is simply not acceptable, and it cannot be allowed to continue

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist #homophobia 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "@MerleMerlot - By your logic we're about to have a lot of negroes in jail"]



A 23-year-old Mississippi man has been charged with a federal hate crime after burning a cross to threaten a Black family, according to the U.S. Justice Department

Put him and his parent(s) in jail
Sep 28,2002

When one of the rare instances of an actual anti-black hate crime occurs in the United States (possibly the only one in 2022!), fudge packer MM here wants the suspects parents similarly imprisoned. Okayyy…

What's the logic here? Sins of the father coming back into the world? Or just that he wants the whole bloodline locked up?

In either case, let's continue playing this game shall we? This tweet was made September 28th 2022, let's see what other crime stories in America occurred on that date shall we?

28 year old Martre Tirik Oliver was arrested the night before on a murder charge in Portland. We can't throw his brother in jail (guess who the victim was), but we can throw both of his nigger parents into the prison alongside him, right?[…]
September 28th saw three niggers charged for armed robbery in Chicago: two of the niggers were in their early 20s, a third was only 12 years old. Okay so we only get to have eight people in jail under MM's rules…though wait, I'm confused: if we can now jail parents for what their adult children did can we also jail underage children for what they did? Or does this rule only apply to those 18 and over?[…]
Now let's end with a heartwarming reminder of what happens when you let a nigger out of jail for any reason: he's back trying to rape and abduct multiple woman within 24 hours[…]
Thanks, MerleMerlot! You may be a scumbag sodomite, but you've at least figured out a way that we can cut back on crime by putting more niggers behind bars

Prussian Society of America #racist #conspiracy prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Putin Commits To Long Haul War"]

It became very obvious to us early on from looking at every angle of the situation and outbreak of WW3 for what it really was, and we saw imminent factors that the conflict in Ukraine would be dragged out as long as possible[…]
I believe at this point they have gotten people bored to tears with the conflict so as to keep the naive for the carnage and bankruptcy of the West of which this war and economic factors have played a massive role along with COVID Lockdowns

Ukraine[…]could be used even within this confined territory to finally drag the rest of Europe down, and America of course[…]
Putin is completely obedient like a dog to his Zionist masters, so he is performing a slow-burn of Ukraine insteiad of Conquering it

Make no mistake, slow wars are occupations. Conquering or reclaiming land is done quickly

One must understand what kind of Man Putin is, given his background and upbringing, and that he is a Man who has both vested interests in Russia but also cares to line his pockets[…]
Putin may be a smart Man but also not all that smart, as is often the case with Slavs. He is obeying his Jewish Masters like a good goy

He could very well deploy his more powerful weapons and take Ukraine overnight, but he does not because he is going along with the Israeli script

The Slav can never be trusted or relied upon when it comes to the Jewish Question, not only because many of them are even sometimes mixed with Jews, but that their desperation and behaviors have historically always relegated them to aggressively defending and protecting them. This is true not just in Russia, Ukraine or Poland, but even in partially Slavic countries like Albania, who protected the Jews and Albania became temporarily a hotbed of Jewry [refugees] in and after WWII

As such, the Jewish Question remains permanent a German problem and of which only Germans can offer a solution to it

Andrew Anglin #racist #conspiracy dailystormer.name

[From "Top Rabbi Calls on Jews to Flee Russia Before They Start Getting Blamed for Ukraine War"]

It’s cool that Jews have framed this persecution narrative as such that whenever they are about to get attacked for things they actually did, they can say “hey, fellow Jews – they’re about to start blaming us for these very specific things that we did not do”[…]
The Guardian

Moscow’s exiled chief rabbi says Jews should leave Russia while they still can, before they are made scapegoats[…]
Ukraine has a long history of antisemitism from pogroms[…]

The country is totally run by the Jews. It’s not just their supreme leader that is Jew. The whole government is Jewish. The reason the Jews left is that they are force-conscripting people to send them to the front lines. They are literally going to night clubs and grabbing people and forcing them into the military

At the beginning of the conflict, men were not allowed to leave – unless they could prove they were Jewish[…]
The Jews are always connected to neo-Nazis. Neo-Nazism is mostly a Jewish thing, actually. It is always a creation of the Jew media, but it is also usually run by the Jews[…]
Jews are completely responsible for the Ukraine war. Every person involved is Jewish[…]
It’s all nothing but Jews. It is even more Jewish that the war on Iraq, which was literally a war for Israel[…]
And before someone says “oh well, those are just Jewish leaders – the average Jew isn’t responsible!” That would be true if it were true, but it’s literally not true. Go ask an “average Jew” what he thinks of the Ukraine war. He will likely not only tell you he supports it, but will start talking about what he is doing to promote it

Jews hate Russians. It’s a deeply-rooted ethnic hatred that transcends politics

Vox Day #wingnut #conspiracy voxday.net

[From "Clown World Claims Brazil"]

As was the case with Donald Trump, Bolsonaro’s courage failed him at the Rubicon:

The outgoing president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has affirmed that “nothing justifies” violent plans such as the one that allegedly foresaw an attack in the area of the Brasilia airport and has disassociated himself from the mobilizations organized in recent days in front of Armed Forces installations to demand a military uprising

He has also disassociated himself from the camps that demand in his name the annulment of the results of the last elections and the intervention of the Armed Forces. In this sense, he said that these are spontaneous rallies and that he has “withdrawn” from any kind of protest of this type

What a strange thing to say, given the way in which violence has been deemed appropriate and necessary by everyone from the Pope and the Founding Fathers to the Zionists, the Greatest Generation, and the invaders of Grenada, Iraq, and Afghanistan, to say nothing of those who are funding violence, and increasingly, engaging in violence, on behalf of Ukraine. These cuckservative leaders were happy enough to order their militaries into action against foreign nations that have never done anything to their people, but shirked at actually using them to defend the people against their actual enemies

“I tried to find a solution inside our constitution but I didn’t have enough support”

And that is why conservatives will never save anyone or anything. Despite all their brave rhetoric, they’re cowards at heart. All evil has to do to defeat a conservative is tell him that resistance is illegal

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #elitist #wingnut 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "@DrEricDing - No. They are my slaves"]

Merry Christmas?? to all… and to all, ??please think of all our healthcare workers on the front lines—for they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders in what is to come

??Stay safe. Protect each other & our communities. Or else, may our children forgive us. #Omicron image
December 24, 2021

"Our children" never had to forgive us for not protecting each other from Omicron, which turned into a beautiful vaccine-ignoring wildfire[…]giving them all the firsthand discovery that this Wuhan Flu was a pretty second-rate bioweapon[…]
What I take umbrage to most, of course, is that I should think about the healthcare workers on the front lines. Things may play a little differently down in Boston, but up here north of the 49th parallel I have no desire nor interest in thanking the healthcare workers who constantly demand more money be stolen from me for a broken system they also refuse to allow me to replace

Indeed they are essential (by their own insistence) employees of the government

All Canadian healthcare workers are our slaves and we should be able to abuse them as we see fit

Working long hours? Awwwww. I want to slash your pay by 95% and increase your hours at the same time

Don't like it? Stop voting for far-left parties interested in keeping you government workers[…]
You cheerfully endorsed the mandates to try and coerce me into taking the Pfizer Death Juice

For that alone I should be able to ride you like a pony whipping you to go faster even when it's -40 out until you freeze to death like a tauntaun[…]
I expect you to work through Christmas[…]Death by firing squad if you fake phone in sick. That's what we do to deserters, and you're on the front lines, remember?

Andrew Anglin #sexist #conspiracy dailystormer.name

[From "Andrew Tate Arrested in Romania!"]

Internet fashion icon and MLM expert Andrew Tate has been arrested on trumped-up fake charges in Romania, along with his brother Tristan. They were released shortly after

Tate has previously been arrested for rape and sex trafficking in relation to a cam-girl business he runs

It was originally reported that he was arrested again for a rape hoax, but it is now being reported that he was arrested for money laundering[…]
That may or may not be a charge that can stick. Who knows. He does seem to have a strange relationship with money, basically claiming to have hundreds of millions of dollars from being an internet personality and/or doing MLM

He was apparently living in Romania because it is a sex area, but he really should have left the country when they started pushing these charges on him. Once they get you into the system, they can figure out a way to make the charges stick, or at least stick hard enough that you have to go to trial

When you have the kind of heat on you that he has on him, they can make women appear from the ether to accuse you of things

Frankly, it was really dumb to be hanging out when these charges were looming. I publicly said that he should leave the country immediately and basically go anywhere outside of EU jurisdiction, but apparently he does not read this website or did not take that seriously[…]
Regardless of the criticisms I may have, I stand with Tate 100% against the people trying to put him in prison. These are fake charges. He didn’t do anything and the persecution is political

Whatever my disagreements with anyone, I am with whoever is persecuted by this system

Ignazio la Russa #wingnut jta.org

Ignazio la Russa, a senator from Cologno Monzese, a municipality in Milan, wrote alongside a picture of an MSI campaign poster: “In memory of my father, who was one of the founders of the Italian Social Movement in Sicily and who chose the path of free and democratic participation with the MSI throughout his life in defense of his ideas respectful of the Italian Constitution”

Leaders within Italy’s Jewish community were dismayed by his decision to link MSI to the post-World War II Italian constitution. The ascendance of far-right leaders who have expressed nostalgia for the fascist period in Italy — which nearly spelled the near destruction of Italian Jewry — has Italy’s present-day Jewish community worried

“Today we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the promulgation of the Republican Constitution, the affirmation of our anti-fascist democracy,” Noemi Di Segni, president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, said on Tuesday[…]“Yet there are those who believe they are celebrating another anniversary, that of the foundation of the MSI, a party which, after the fall of the fascist regime, placed itself in ideological and political continuity with the RSI, the government of diehard fascists who actively collaborated for the deportation of Italian Jews”[…]
La Russa took office as Senate president in October, after the victory of a right-wing coalition gave his Brothers of Italy (FDI) party a plurality in the senate and made Giorgia Meloni prime minister[…]
For most of its history, MSI branded itself as the defender of Italy’s fascist history, even long after the death of dictator Benito Musolini. 

FDI is seen by many as MSI’s successor in Italy

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #sexist #homophobia #transphobia 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "Dyke discovers dyke bars exist"]

A dyke in the UK has started a bar for only her and her own kind

Teddy Edwardes, 32, is the founder and director of LICK, a women-only venue with a focus on LGTBQ+[…]

Dyke bars have been around for decades. It was a plot point in Wayne's World 2 for crying out loud (and going further back was a movie staple since 1968's The Killing of Sister George). Only a millennial could think she's come up with something new

Don't despair though, guys. Unlike Wayne Campbell you don't have to dress up as a Village Person if you want to attend. Surprise surprise, Teddy Edwardes is up with all the latest fashions from this despicable lifestyle choice. She's "inclusive to trans women" so all you have to do is show up at the door wearing the same clothes you always do, tell the bouncer you're a chick, and in you are![…]
This club was founded "6 years ago" (ie 2016) at the same time that the UK was going ballistic over another organization only allowing in one of the two sexes. Uppity bitches in Edinburgh even tried banning members of that club from a public bench (imagine if we said that a bench couldn't be used by anybody who ever went to a fag bar!)[…]
At the same time all the "right people" were demanding one of the few remaining mens-only clubs be allowed to stay open, those same people were opening up a womens-only club and celebrating their commitment to diversity and/or the yaya sisterhood. It's yet another case where the "war on women" is actually a "war by women" which is dangerous because chicks aren't militarily capable

Bonus lol: from the MSN.com comments, somebody asked "if there are no men then who pays for all the drinks?" The answer: "alimony"

Andrew Anglin #sexist #dunning-kruger dailystormer.name

[From "Twitter is Shocked to be Hit with the Anglin Sex Talk"]

Following a massive reaction to a tweet I made about older women not being attractive, I decided it was time to give the sex talk to Twitter

They were very shocked

But someone had to do it


Given the extreme reaction to my tweets about how women become less attractive as they age, it seems we're going to have to do a basic biology lesson for the Twitter audience
Dec 18, 2022


The biological imperative drives people not to have random sex, but to have the most reproductively beneficial sex possible

This applies to both men and women, and the underlying subconscious drive determines who they are attracted to
Dec 18, 2022


The single most powerful determinator of a woman's attractiveness to a man is her age

Men prefer women who have recently reached sexual maturity. After reaching sexual maturity, a woman's sexual appeal begins to rapidly drop

Note: this is biology, not a personal opinion
Dec 18, 2022


No man prefers older women unless he is suffering from a disorder relating to psychological trauma in childhood trauma which has shaped his sexuality

We are animals, and as animals, our reproductive drive is beyond our control

Furthermore, we cannot pass judgement on women, who universally prefer men with high social status

The number one marker of men's status in modern society is money
Dec 18, 2022

Association of Qom Seminary Teachers (Jame’e Moddaresin-e Howzeh Elmiye-ye Qom), Ayatollah Abbas Ka’abi and Ayatollah Mohsen Araki #fundie #psycho iranintl.com

An influential hardliner clerical group in addition to executions demands punishing Iranian protesters by cutting fingers and toes instead of just exiling them

In a statement Saturday, the Association of Qom Seminary Teachers urged the authorities to continue executions but use the amputation punishment to deter people from joining the protests instead of lenient punishments in the law such as exile

The association (Jame’e Moddaresin-e Howzeh Elmiye-ye Qom) suggested that anyone who “instigates fear in society” -- supposedly by participation in anti-government protests -- is belligerent (mohareb) which in Iran's Sharia-based laws is punishable by death, crucifixion, severance of limbs, and/or exile

Ayatollah Abbas Ka’abi, a member of the clerical group, said last week that despite normal practice in the case of murders where victims’ families can practice the “right to blood” – that is demand retribution in kind (death sentence), ‘blood money’, or forgive -- the “imam” of the society should punish a belligerent protester even if the family forgives the killer

Another member, Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, said Friday that those who participate in the protests, whether this includes direct involvement in the killing of government forces or not, should be considered as belligerents and be found guilty of “corruption on earth”[…]
“The severing of fingers of one hand and toes of the opposite foot could be effective [as a deterrent punishment]” if a person “instigates fear in society, without the involvement of the [opposition] media and without urging others to follow suit,” the clerics of the powerful association suggested while arguing that the ‘exile’ option is too lenient to “prevent crime”[…]
Exile would be totally ineffective in such cases, they declared, because such actions tarnish Iran's image in the international community and bear other costs for the government

Vox Day #racist voxday.net

[From "A Vibrant Christmas"]

Online shopping was a blow, but it was something the malls of America might have been able to survive if it were not for the dissemination of vibrancy throughout suburban America:

A shooting inside the Nordstrom department store at the Mall of America on Friday night left a 19-year-old man dead, according to Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges[…]

I used to love going to Rosedale, Southdale, and occasionally, the Galleria, at Christmastime. From the time I was a little boy, they were vast and magical Winter Wonderlands, where children could roam freely and window-shop. I used to wander alone from one end of the mall to the other, with particular attention paid to B. Daltons and Games by James. I still remember being 11 years old and walking back through the parking lot at Rosedale to our Oldmobile station wagon with my father, who was carrying what seemed at the time to be a very large package[…]
This sense of communal magic and wonder is one of the many things that vibrancy has cost America. Perhaps it wasn’t important, perhaps it wasn’t a significant part of the Christmas season, but I loved it as a child and it grieves me to know that it is part of the world that we have lost

Andrew Anglin #sexist dailystormer.name

[From "Harvey Rape-Hoaxed Again by Courts! 18 More Years!"]

Harvey Weinstein has been convicted of rape, yet again, exclusively on the claims of prostitutes who were parasiting off of him.


Former movie producer Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of rape and two other sexual assault counts by a Los Angeles jury[…]
The jury could not reach a verdict on two allegations, including rape, by Jennifer Siebel Newsom[…]who previously disclosed she was Jane Doe 4 in the trial[…]

Imagine being Gavin Newsom and laying down in bed with your wife every night and knowing she had sex with Harvey Weinstein

You’d have to tell yourself it was rape

But all men know it wasn’t rape. And apparently, her lies weren’t even enough to convict a jury of angry kooks[…]
I’m sure there was a lot of really clear evidence of stuff from 10-20 years ago!

Who is buying this bullshit???

The only way they got away with it is this: Weinstein is repulsive, and people just simply do not like him

However, now that they’ve set this precedent, it applies to all men in America

Heterosexual sex is now illegal[…]

Four additional women offered similar stories to buttress the prosecution’s arguments that Weinstein routinely abused his position as a Hollywood power player to prey on women

No one argues that point. He never argued that point

The point of contention is “is it rape?” and the obvious answer is no

It wasn’t rape in the cases of dozens of other women, who all admitted to having sex with him in exchange for roles in films. Those women came out and whined that he should have given them the roles for free[…]
They made the deal. Now they say they regret it. I doubt they regret getting the opportunities he gave them

William Mallet #racist #psycho mirror.co.uk

The man who shot dead three Kurdish people in Paris has been pictured and named for the first time.

Excerpts from William Mallet’s pre-trial interviews emerged today along with his full name and a picture

The retired French train driver, 69, told prosecutors: "I always wanted to assassinate migrants and foreigners"[…]
He has been in a secure psychiatric unit since the attack on Friday when he used a US Army Colt 45 gun to carry out the massacre around a Kurdish cultural centre in the 10th arrondissement of the French capital

The 69-year-old shot dead two men and a woman at a Kurdish cultural centre and nearby Kurdish cafe

The woman was Emine Kara, the revolutionary Kurdish women’s activist, who fought for many active years against ISIS in Syria. She was wounded in the fight against ISIS and travelled to Europe for medical treatment

Mir Perwer, a popular Kurdish singer and Abdullah Kizil were also killed

Mr Mallet had previously said questioning at a burglary at his home in 2016 had triggered a “hatred of foreigners that became totally pathological”, according to prosecutor Laure Beccuau

Witnesses said they heard also heard Mallett shouting: "I hate Kurds" on Friday

Ms Beccuau said Mr Mallet had said he wanted to take his own life but added: "before committing suicide, I always wanted to assassinate migrants and foreigners"[…]
The man told investigators that he had first travelled to the town of Saint-Denis just north of Paris, armed with a gun and seeking foreigners to “murder”

But he gave up on that idea because there were few people about and his clothing had made it difficult to recharge his gun

He finally decided to head to Rue d’Enghien in the 10th arrondissement of Paris because he knew there was a Kurdish cultural centre there

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Michel Houellebecq is familiar with controversy. His novels paint a dark and cutting portrait of French society. His characters' antifeminism and the outright rejection of Islam portrayed in Soumission (Submission, 2015) could be considered artistic license[…]In a recent special issue of the journal Front Populaire, he openly shares his observations on France's social and political situation[…]
This shift further and further right appears all the more sincere because the writer expresses himself in a two-way, friendly interview with the founder of this publication, Michel Onfray – who is also obsessed by "the fall of Christianity" and the idea that the French, by cultivating a "self-loathing," are complicit in losing their identity

Houellebecq is adamant throughout the discussion: France is lost, its decline is inescapable, and the fault lies with a modernity "which generates its own destruction." The "Great Replacement", he says, "is not a theory, it is a fact." There is no conspiracy orchestrated by the elite, he says, but there is a "transfer" of people from Africa, where the birth rate is high. This supposed overflow spills into Europe because "no one controls anything on immigration". "What we can already see is that people are arming themselves," continues the author. "There will be acts of resistance," he predicts, including "reverse Bataclan" attacks aimed at mosques as well as "cafés popular with Muslims"[…]For the moment, says Houellebecq, the French just want "the Muslims (…) to stop robbing and assaulting them"
According to Houellebecq, there has been no national reaction because France continues to "tow behind the United States" and is content with importing the "woke" movement. Faced with this subservience and with the many "collaborators" who are rife within universities, Houellebecq draws the conclusion that "our only chance of survival would be for white supremacism to become 'trendy' in the United States"

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Samuel Bateman first said he felt prompted to take his own teenage daughter as his wife, his family later told investigators, in early 2019

Soon after, his wife and daughter left his home in Colorado City, according to the FBI, where Bateman had been raised as a member of the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

But the next spring, Bateman began gathering young women, and then girls, and then the adult wives of his male followers as his own wives. He later directed and participated in group sex acts with them, according to accounts detailed in a federal court document filed Friday
Some of the descriptions are from Bateman, the document said, drawn from recordings made by a Colorado City woman who helps members of the polygamy community and her husband, who was filming a documentary[…]
Bateman told the couple that Heavenly Father had instructed him in early November 2021 to “give the most precious thing he has, his girls’ virtue,” to three of his adult male followers while he watched[…]
Bateman said the girls had “sacrificed their virtue for the Lord,” [Special Agent Dawn A. ] Martin said, noting one of the three girls he described was 12 years old at the time

“God will fix their bodies and put the membrane back in their body. I’ve never had more confidence in doing his will. It’s all out of love”[…]
Bateman “began to proclaim he was a prophet” in 2019, Martin said in her affidavit. In his small offshoot of the FLDS faith, he has “approximately 50 followers and more than 20 wives, many of whom are minors, mostly under the age of 15”[…]
The eight girls recovered in Spokane are listed in the affidavit as wives of Bateman. The young woman who was with them when they were found — Moretta Rose Johnson — also became a wife of Bateman when she was under age 18

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[From "2-2 (4-2)"]

Argentina have won the World Cup. Congratulations to the Albiceleste and their fans. It’s good to see a national team that actually represents its nation win, instead of the team that represents the state that successfully imports the best Africans. And while it was a fun and exciting tournament, one is left with one conclusion

Too many penalties. So many penalties

The game really should not be designed to encourage teams to build their offense around playing for fouls in the box

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[From "The Cosmic Significance of Tsar Nicholas II"]

The Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II is[…]one of the most significant saints of the past century and of our “modern” times[…]
One could easily speak on the deep personal attributes of Tsar Nicholas II, his profound faith and piety, his devotion as a husband, father, and ruler, together with his heartfelt concern for the well-being (physical and spiritual) of his country and the people God had entrusted to him[…]
As a husband, father, priest, and pastor, I am continually inspired by this priceless man, whose portrait hangs in my office

Despite the virulent propaganda promoted by the communists[…]the Tsar was a man of deep conviction, righteousness, and a just ruler as St. John of Kronstadt testifies[…]
The understanding that clearly emerged[…]that the Cesar (Tsar) was ordained by God for the good and godly ordering of governmental affairs became a bedrock of Christian society[…]This God-ordained earthly authority worked in harmony – in symphony – with the Church[…]
The modern secular ideal of government is based on “Enlightenment”[…]French Revolution made no attempt to hide the fact that it desired the complete overthrow of “throne and altar.” The brutal history of bloody secular revolutions has always set as primary targets royalty and clergy[…]A very enticing motto was created – rule for the people and by the people[…]The people are deluded into thinking that they are the source of authority for those who rule[…]
Subjective and nebulous ideas such as “human rights” and “equality” replace the objective realities of Christian charity and love. The tyranny of fallen human perversions and passions become the dictators of human existence[…]
Maybe the world was no longer worthy of such an ideal[…]After the martyrdom of the Tsar, the world entered into a time of unheard-of global chaos, socially and morally

Gavin Wax and Marjorie Taylor Greene #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia splcenter.org

“We want to cross the Rubicon. We want total war. We must be prepared to do battle in every arena. In the media. In the courtroom. At the ballot box. And in the streets,” NYYRC president Gavin Wax declared to a room full of supporters at 583 Park Ave., an event venue on New York’s Upper East Side

“This is the only language the left understands. The language of pure and unadulterated power,” Wax added.
Bannon and the Brimelows

At the five-hour event, which Hatewatch reporters attended, white nationalists Peter and Lydia Brimelow of VDARE hobnobbed with Steve Bannon, a former Trump adviser and White House official. Donald Trump Jr. was also in attendance

Republicans publicly lauded members in attendance from an Austrian political party founded by World War II-era Nazi party members. Racist political operative Jack Posobiec shared jokes across a table with Josh Hammer[…]Multiple recently elected GOP congresspeople applauded Marjorie Taylor Greene, who told the NYYRC crowd in the event’s closing remarks that the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol would have succeeded if she had planned it and that the insurrectionists would have been armed[…]
“I will tell you something, if Steve Bannon and I organized that, we would have won,” she said, as attendees erupted in cheers and applause. “Not to mention, it would’ve been armed”[…]
White nationalists such as the Brimelows of VDARE and leaders from extreme far-right European parties like Alternative for Germany (Alternative für Deutschland, AfD)[…]and Austrian Freedom Party (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, FPÖ), ate and drank in the same room as newly elected Republican congresspeople[…]
NYYRC gave Posobiec a speaking slot and an Allen W. Dulles award[…]
Greene praised a Project Veritas video focused on LGBTQ+ education published by the group, saying it shows that teachers “pass around dildos, butt plugs and lube”

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[From "@DanPriceSeattle - Have they tried being less inferior?"]


Black workers are 26% more likely to say they're treated fairly after going remote

I don't think we've fully come to grips with how much mental health damage office work has done to people who don't fit into the majority - black people, introverts, etc
7:53 PM · Aug 9, 2022

Negroes don't like going into the office. Every employer who's looked at the number of hours they put in has surely noticed this, but it's nice to have one of their "allies" point it out as well

The funny thing about "being treated fairly" is that a poorly performing employee being treated badly is fair...but not if you ask the employee in question. So on the face of it this survey doesn't tell you anything. Dan's claim is "making niggers do office work hurts their mental health", but the counter-claim that "niggers prefer remote work since they can slack off without being detected" is exactly as explainable from the data