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[From "Replace Women with Artificial Wombs, Ethereum and Gumroad Founders Say"]


Now we’re talking

Women were always a mistake


Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and Gumroad founder Sahil Lavingia proposed synthetic wombs as a solution to gender inequality

Several prominent tech entrepreneurs discussed the possibility of replacing natural birth with synthetic wombs, arguing that such technology would remove the “burden” of pregnancy and allow women to work more#

Women are officially completely superfluous

They are obsessed with pretending to be men instead of being mothers

And they are very bad at pretending to be men. All they do is turn the workplace into a nightmare. They literally inhibit productivity in the corporate environment

The jobs they are “good” at – working in restaurants and retail – are all going to be done by robots soon enough

Women are literally parasites on society. They take more than they give, by a large margin

So what is the point of keeping them around?

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Everything told in Western Media regarding the Russia/Ukraine situation is completely distorted
Ukraine has mixed history with Russia, because of the Holodomor and also there is the mixed Cultural Divide between Western and Eastern Ukraine
The most ideal scenario for Ukraine’s continued existence, would be one of an Independent State[…]Russia is not likely to permit that
An outbreak of war in this region will surely create numerous instability problems and also exacerbate other regional issues[…]it could very likely cause Ukraine to break up into two separate Nations, once again, as USA is often responsible for, such as how North Korea and South Korea had “split”
The conflict which took place many years ago, including the modern one involves USA as the Aggressor, not Russia. Nevertheless, monitoring Russian influence in the region is of key importance
Ukrainians have everything in relation with Russia more than they do with the USA, and the USA is a Corporation, and NATO is wholly evil

But the problem is still that both USA and Russia are Zionist countries
It was a great strategic loss that Germany today did not win authority or control of the sea ports of the Crimea
As Germans, we do not have a particular interest over Ukraine or to Germanise them or much interest outside of establishment of Bipartisan Trade Agreements
German Ambitions should maintain focus in restoration of our former lands and all lost areas of East Prussia which we did formerly own and are authentically Germany, which should be at the base point of German Policy in restoration of the Reich
The Baltic States need to be under German authority some day again, albeit under a different arrangement than they may currently enjoy or hope to have, but it is in their best interest

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[From "Communists vs Globohomo"]

The times are making for some alliances that would have looked very strange back in the 1980s. The recent address by Xi Xinping to the sixth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is absolutely fascinating and more than a little informative

Xi noted several daunting tasks in the battle, including “guarding against the unwarranted influence of interests groups, preventing officials from falling prey to erosion behavior, identifying and dealing with furtive forms of corruption that employ upgraded methods, eliminating the breeding grounds for corruption, being free of systemic corruption, and defusing risks and hidden dangers”

If any Western politician were to make comments like these, the ADL would absolutely lose their minds. So, it’s pretty clear that the global Sino-Jewish conflict that has been percolating for the last decade or so is on the verge of going to the next level, because what Xi and the CPC define as “corruption” is virtually identical to what in the USA is described as “success because 115 average IQ”

It’s clear that the Chinese have seen how America was defeated by “the collusion between capital and power” and have no intention of permitting the same thing to happen to their nation. I very much doubt that Thomas Friedman is going to write any more columns praising China’s autocratic ability to get things done like his take on the 2010 World Economic Forum. To the contrary, I expect we’re going to see a lot more “Xi is the New Hitler” ink being spilled in 2022
Interesting times indeed. The Russians are already on board with the Chinese, which is why NATO has been threatening war for the last three months

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[From "The Proxy War on Tobacco"]

If I were to list the most influential crops in American, and especially Dixian, history, tobacco would be right at the top[…]Whites have grown tobacco in the Americas, especially the Upper South, for centuries and it has long been a major part of the region’s economy, especially in North Carolina and Virginia[…]The rest of the world has loved it for a long time, to the point where American tobacco is considered a status symbol
Against this backdrop of history, we can see just how bizarre the War on Tobacco has been. I can think of few times when a nation has worked so diligently to snuff out a highly valuable crop[…]I am too young to remember when tobacco companies could advertise on television
Before I begin, let me say that I do not smoke. I’ve been known to smoke a pipe every now and again and a cigar even less frequently, but smoking is not an activity I regularly partake in. I do not doubt the health problems associated with smoking
Still, tobacco is an important part of Dixie’s culture, and it is something I admire
When the War on Tobacco came, all of this was lost. What had been the major driving economic industry, in both North Carolina and Virginia, was gone in almost a single generation[…]Tobacco, as with most agricultural products, tries to adhere to a certain degree of continuity. But that is not the case with banking or Big Tech, the destruction of traditional norms rules the day
When Dixian Nationalists discuss what has happened to Dixie in the past few decades, the two biggest culprits named, and for good reason, are increased external and internal immigration and an education system designed to make Southern children into obedient Yankees
The War on Tobacco was a proxy war on Dixie. Not just by attacking a major cultural institution, but also one that brought in millions of dollars a year

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[From "Meanwhile, In Boston…"]

As Protests continue against COVID Measures in Europe, we have Non-European trash among the young generations protesting in demand for more COVID Tyranny

FUN, FUN Times are coming!!!

Hey White Boys in America and all Law Enforcement Officers. Are you going to protect these gems because they are Women are Colored!? I will be delighted for a lifetime to see it! I will love to sit back and watch their urgency to defend these specimens

After all, Women deserve to be “protected” at all costs, because they were born as Women, right!? And everybody is equal, so say the Scots-Irish of America, who don’t care whether someone is Black or White…

This should just show you how far gone America is:

“No teachers, no plan. We’ve got to take a stand.” Students at New Mission High School say their voices have been ignored when it comes to how to best handle pandemic learning. @NBC10Boston @NECN
4:55 PM · Jan 14, 2022

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[From "Liberalism as a heretical movement"]

Yesterday I changed the subtitle of this site by replacing the word ‘fourteen’ with ‘sacred’. Thus I also include the four words (to understand the latter the visitor would have to familiarise himself with my eleven books). Yesterday the thought also came to me that liberalism, which is now in its final metastasis in all former Christian countries[…]is ultimately a heresy
The Christian notion of the equality of men in the eyes of God was transformed, after the American and French Revolutions, into the equality of men under the law. After the defeat of Nazi Germany, this was transmuted in the US into equality for blacks and women; and, in the new century, into using the power of the State to denigrate the white male and achieve—at last!—equity

The secular psychosis of today’s world only affects those countries that were once traditional Christian. Ethno-suicidal liberalism doesn’t affect the billions under Islam, the Chinese regime or the Indian people who still embrace Hinduism. However, that doesn’t mean that the Catholic Church is legitimate. It means that a heretical faction of traditional Christianity, insofar as it secularised the gospel message (i.e., secularised the inversion of values in the New Testament), has taken root in all former Christian countries

I have already discussed this in ‘On empowering birds feeding on corpses’ which can be read on pages 181-184 of [i]Daybreak[/i]. But my initiative to call ‘heretics’ secular liberals, whose most extreme form today are the ‘woke’ people, came to me yesterday. That, heretics, is what they really are. The image of St. Francis is explained in the referenced article from Daybreak: a book which, by the way, remains unavailable in printed form as we haven’t raised the funds to solicit the services of a printer that won’t deplatform us

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Dekulakization of the Unvaccinated
The definition of both the Kulaks and the Unvaccinated was changed over time and the result of these changes led to more people being included in these two groups, allowing the state to exercise their authority over more people

Kulak originally meant;

Before the revolution:
Peasants who owned over 8 acres of land

After the Bolshevik revolution:
Peasants who withheld grain from the Bolsheviks and who owned property who didn't ally with the Bolsheviks

During Stalin's Five-Year plan:
Peasants who owned a couple of cows or had given or six acres more than their neighbors

Later kulak was defined as:
Any peasant who does not sell all his grain to the Soviet state. Peasants who were unwilling to join collective farms had to be ''annihilated as a class''

In the end, Kulak lost its original definition entirely which was originally connected to an 'economic status'. People branded as kulaks had been deprived so much by the Soviet state that they were poorer than what was classified as a poor peasant back then and were way poorer than the urban residents. This is what heavily attributed to the Holodomor as Ukrainians were branded as Kulaks
The definition kept changing to include more and more people to the point where anyone could be kulak

Sorta like Unvaccinated is losing its meaning more and more over time as people with 2 doses are starting to become classified as 'unvaccinated' because of the introduction of the third dose
Kulaks were put under restrictions[…]same with the Unvaccinated. An intern passport was used to enforce such restrictions and to help find out who and who was not a Kulak, the same function being used against the Unvaccinated

People not deemed as Kulaks were not allowed to show sympathy with the Kulaks[…]or they would be branded as subkulaks. Similar to today with people disagreeing with vaccine mandates being branded as 'anti-vaxxers'

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[From "Do not Fear the Chaos and Destruction to come"]

It is important as always to understand and never misplace the oncoming Chaos and Destruction
The biggest tragedy and obstacle we face above and beyond every challenge and other tragedies, is the one of Blood Purity

The lack of Blood Purity, or even at second best, positive admixtures are even more more desirable than the junk races we have that absolutely overwhelm the populations of every country
The combination of such reduced levels of Racial Purity among all Europeans, most importantly for Germans, is such that on average, less than 20% of populations have a notable population of Good Racial Blood
It is all part of the plan, specifically in accordance with the Kalergi Plan
Without good Racial Blood, a people has nothing. No amount of material possessions, nor skills, nor talent or any virtue can rescue them
Hitler had spoken publicly to the German people about the very fact that their own Racial Blood is the most prized possession and gift that a people have for themselves
In 1945 immediately, after World War 2, the world has entered some sort of a stupor or “trance”, if you will
Because of this choice that Mankind has made, we have no choice as Germans to be hateful and spiteful towards the majority of Humans
A German should never feel compelled to show kindness or compassion to Barbarians, because they are are essentially both inferior but also empty inside
The requirements for securing our future is one of where we need a gigantic war and one where many people need to be eliminated
Too many people populate this planet which serve nothing but consume resources and are not part of creating a Divine Existence, and at the same time they prohibit the best elements of our Race and some Europeans from their need of expression and reproduction, above all, livingspace

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[From "My Awakening"]

During my high school days, I became racially aware as I noticed the vast differences between Whites and niggers. I realized that I preferred my own Race while abhorring the obnoxious behavior and stupidity of the inferior blacks[…]Being in honor and AP classes, I saw first hand the superiority of the White Race as my classes were overwhelmingly White

During this time, I became extremely interested in National Socialism and considered myself a Nazi although I wasn’t a part of any group. Since I only saw the problem of the nigger beasts, I thought that the White Race’s only problem was the blacks
After I graduated high school, I proceeded to go to a local college where I was instantly barraged with multiculturalism and forced to read books sympathizing with the Jews in the “Holocaust”
The years in high school and college were somewhat gloomy for me as I was extremely pessimistic about life and didn’t see anything positive happening to the world
Getting on the internet was a breath of fresh air as I found a lot of information and many comrades who believed how I did
While I had some friends who were racist, they weren’t as racist as I was and would never act upon their instincts
The reading of the Holy Books was the most important event in my life and completely turned my life around[…]Pessimism turned to optimism, stagnation to upward mobility, and apprehension to boldness
I am extremely interested in eugenics and the coming of the Superman so I drastically altered my lifestyle after Creativity
At the time of this writing, I am working on a book for the Church that will surely inspire our White Racial Comrades[…]If Creativity affects someone half as much as it affected me, then that person will be truly improved and become a far better person. RAHOWA!

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[From "ABOUT"]

Justice For Chinese (JFC) is the brainchild of Andrew Kwong also known as (aka) Joe Canuck, aka The People’s Artist. The main objective of JFC is to seek legal redress and monetary compensation for all Chinese peoples from the Rothschild Jews who destroyed China and the lives of an estimated 600 million Chinese who were addicted to their deadly opium

The Rothschild Jews have a fortune estimated at 500 trillion U.S. dollars and much of that originally came from the sale of their deadly opium in China 200 years ago. Jews are masters of deception and genocides and I would be dead if not for the grace of God. I have already been harassed by the police and received death threats

Like most people, I would have preferred a peaceful if boring life. But since I have been threatened, my best defense is an offense. If the Jews want to kill me, then they will have to do it with me screaming and kicking. I will not go down in silence. I will not die without a fight

If I am not assassinated, then it will be a long protracted legal battle. The Courts and Tribunals are all essentially under the control of the Rothschilds. Is there a conspiracy? Indeed! While Jews make up only about 1% of the population in the West, about 60% of the lawyers and judges in the West are Jews. It is therefore essential that this case be heard in a neutral country
Malaysia is the only country to condemn Rothschild’s private kingdom called Israel for crimes against humanity in a War Crimes Tribunal. Do you know how the Jews responded? They shot down 2 of their airplanes (MH370 & MH17) in less than 6 months. The odds of two airplanes from the same airline going down within 6 months are astronomical. It has never happened before. They were not accidents

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The local Jewish community and Catholic Church in Rome on Tuesday strongly condemned as “offensive and unacceptable” a funeral procession outside a local church in which the casket was draped in a Nazi flag and mourners gave the fascist salute

Photos and video of the scene outside St. Lucia church following the Monday funeral service were published by the Italian online news portal Open. They showed around two dozen people gathered outside the church as the swastika-draped casket emerged, shouting “Presente!” (“Present!”) with their right arm extended in the fascist salute

In a statement Tuesday, the Vicariate of Rome strongly condemned the scene and stressed that neither the parish priest, nor the priest who celebrated the funeral, knew what was going to transpire outside after the funeral Mass ended
Italian news reports identified the deceased as Alessia Augello, a 44-year-old former militant of the extreme right-wing, neo-fascist Forza Nuova group. She died over the weekend of a blood clot
Forza Nuova was created in 1997 in the tradition of the violent, extreme right-wing organizations active in Italy’s so-called Years of Lead in the 1970s, and grew into a national force in 2008

The group is openly neo-fascist. Its current leader, Roberto Fiore, a 62-year-old father to 11 children, was found guilty in the 1980s of subversive crime and founding a far-right armed political movement

La Repubblica said police had been present at the funeral and were investigating

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[From "My Awakening"]

We do have Greek and Italian Creators within the Church, and I am honoured to call each and every one of them Brother or Sister

Born in 1969[…]I was naturally raised to be proud of my Race and Heritage. And for this reason I’ve been despised by muddyCULTuralists where ever I went[…]When I was a little seven year old sitting up the back of the class listening to my school teacher’s friend tell us about his native Hong Kong. When it came to my turn to ask a question I asked if everybody in Hong Kong had a flat nose like him[…]For the first time in my life I had been accused of racial vilification
I went home, spent more years watching television, learning that if you want to be cool you had to be either a nigger or non English speaking White – unless of course you were German. In that case you were either ridiculed as Colonel Klink or Sgt Schulze (both Jews), or you were a rampant Nazi[…]It was obvious where those who did speak English and looked White came from, as they were always telling the audience how their Kike Kulture was superior to anything from Europe
My family left South Australia and relocated to Victoria, where my awareness of racial matters went up a notch[…]I was harassed by a Greek kid, calling me Aussie Punk and Skippy. So I retaliated by calling him a Wog. Whereupon the Wog stabbed me in the arm with his lead pencil[…]Once the teacher found out I’d called the kid a Wog, everything changed[…]The Wog became the victim
I learned that the only way to beat a bully was to stand up, never back down[…]Whether it’s just some loud mouth, a libtard screaming “Nazi!”, a thug nigger calling itself Big Black Whatever, a Jewish Supremacist screaming “Holocaust!” trying to have me locked up for telling the truth in history, or a fat, half-witted Muslim neighbour playing the race-card
Bring on the Day of the Rope

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[From "JAPS & JEWS: A MATCH MADE IN HELL. The Rape and Destruction of China by barbaric Japs was financed by Jews."]

Jews backed the Japs to destroy China[…]Rothschild and Sassoon Jews pushed their deadly opium only in China not in Japan. Jews financed Japanese Imperialism: first in the War of Jiawu[…]then in the Russo-Japanese War[…]and lastly in the invasion and rape of Manchuria in 1931 all the way up to and only ending as late as December 7, 1941
As a result of losing the War of Jiawu, China was forced to cede Taiwan and Korea in the Treaty of Shimonoseki[…]Without Jewish finance, Japan would have remained a 3rd-word country unable to feed her own population

Without Jewish finance, the barbaric Japs would not have killed 20 million Chinese, wounded and maimed another 15 million and destroyed the lives of millions more in World War II
In early 1905 the Russo-Japanese War for the domination of Manchuria was at a standstill, but this standstill was actually in Russia’s favor. Japan could not sustain a long-term expensive land war and the Russians knew this. Moreover, the Russians had the support of other White nations
What is never mentioned in our Jew-printed and Jew-censored history books is that the Japs were backed by Jews. The Japanese war effort against Russia was financed by Jews to destroy Christian Russia
The Japs managed to attract thousands of Jews, especially from National Socialist Germany from 1938 onwards[…]Jews were eager middlemen in the Far East. Contrast this to other Whites from Europe who wanted no part in the rape and destruction of China
Just about every Chinese living today will know about the brutality of the Japs and their rape and destruction of China in the 1930s and in World War II, but not a single one of them will know that it was the Jews who financed Japanese Imperialism and the Jap War Machine and its heinous war crimes

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[From "@tsengputterman - food belongs to whoever bought it"]


I think food is so central to diaspora discourse bc it fits neatly into frameworks of multiculturalism (whose food is celebrated), inclusion (whose food is othered), and authenticity (whose food belongs to whom) w/o having to "get political" about colonialism and capitalism
8:07 PM·May 10, 2020

The best thing about colonialism, and there are so many things to choose from, is that it spread the superior British/Dutch (and to a far lesser extent German/French/Spanish) concept of property to the dark parts of the world that were worse off without it

Which means[…]we now properly understand that the person who bought the food is the owner of it
Who owns jerk chicken? Nobody, because "jerk chicken" is a concept rather than an actual physical item[…]and concepts don't have owners
I can serve a daiquiri in my restaurant without having to share some imagined connection with Cox based on us (presumably) sharing a skin colour and (unlikely) sharing a national origin
One of the things about food is that celebrating the food doesn't particularly reflect on anything else: Turkish (or Lebanese, or even Greek according to preference) food's worldwide popularity doesn't generally align with some sort of Turciaphilic cultural aim[…]The same as you can enjoy a couple Taco Bell Grandito's and then wish those lazy Mexicans would stop importing their garbage Latin culture. You can enjoy perogies while enacting internment camps in WWI, have some sushi while not getting worked up about the equally justifiable internment camps in WWII[…]Large numbers of rural Albertans signed onto the wok craze of the late 1960s, support for the (retroactively looking even wiser) Chinese Head Tax was generally unaffected

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[From "What We Believe In"]

II. WE BELIEVE that the highest Law of Nature is the survival of our species by ALL MEANS AND AT ALL COSTS
III. WE BELIEVE that our Race is our Religion
[…]V. WE BELIEVE that what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue, and what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin
VI. WE BELIEVE that the White Race is the finest and noblest creation of Nature
VII. WE BELIEVE that CREATIVITY is the essence of the White Racial Soul
IX. WE BELIEVE that without the White Race any worthwhile Culture and Civilization are impossible
X. WE BELIEVE that for the White Race to survive, expand, and advance we need first of all a REVOLUTION OF VALUES THROUGH RELIGION; therefore we completely and categorically reject the Judeo–Christian–Democratic–Marxist–Liberal–Feminist values of today, and supplant them with new and basic values, of which RACE IS THE FOUNDATION
XIII. WE BELIEVE in the unity of our White Racial Religion with our White Racial State
XV. WE BELIEVE that the one and only, true and revolutionary White Racial Religion – CREATIVITY – has the potential of not only leading the White People to a worldwide victory, but also guiding them onward for the next million years towards a New White Renaissance[…]
XVI. WE BELIEVE that the White Race, its Biological and Cultural Heritage, is now under attack by our mortal racial enemies: Jews, niggers and the mud races
XVII. WE BELIEVE that, due to the Jew-instigated demographic explosion of the mud races, we must[…]not only start, but also win the worldwide White Racial Holy War within this generation
XVIII. WE BELIEVE that RAHOWA (RAcial HOly WAr), under the victorious flag of the one and only, true and revolutionary White Racial Religion – CREATIVITY – is the only road to the resurrection and redemption of the White Race

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[From "On IQ studies"]

It’s true what Jared Taylor and his group say about IQ differences between races. But I have long been thinking that these studies are biased towards certain intellectual abilities
The problem with IQ studies is that they measure a part of intelligence, but not all of it. Those who have read the neurologist Oliver Sacks will know that, for a long time, neurology studied the left hemisphere of the brain to the detriment of the right hemisphere
It isn’t credible that Asians are about five points higher than Aryans while the latter are much more creative, and Asians merely imitate what whites have come up with. It is obvious that something huge is missing in the IQ studies

I think it is precisely judgement[…]that is missing from the ‘hemiplegic’ approach, so to speak, in IQ studies
If we take judgement in conjunction with the values measured by conventional IQ tests, pre-Christian Aryans would rank above not only Asians, but Jews themselves. It was Christianity that literally drove us mad
In his most recent article, for example, in which he discusses the IQ difference between men and women, Devlin is quick to add that women[…]outperform us linguistically and in other faculties
In a text I also picked up in On Beth’s Cute Tits, Anglin tells us: ‘What I am “claiming”[…]is that women have no concept of “race”, as it is too abstract for their simple brains. What they have a concept of is getting impregnated by the dominant male’
A typical conservative would never talk like that since bourgeois codes of conduct[…]oblige him to be nice to everyone present, ladies included
IQ studies are very limited. They only measure part of intelligence. If whites could get the monkey of Christianity off their backs, they would be the most intelligent subspecies of Homo sapiens on the planet

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[From "A Real Insurrection Would Have Been Justified, And Things Would be a Lot Better had It Happened"]

I think we might be focusing too much on the fact that there wasn’t actually an insurrection

A better point to make might be that an insurrection would have been justified, and no one can really claim otherwise

If Vaxy Don didn’t want in on it, I’d be sitting cozy right now if the QAnon Shaman had just declared himself dictator of America
The entire thing was a hoax. Ray Epps is just the obvious part. The feds pulled the cops (half of them on a mission to track down the mysterious and infamous fake pipe bomber), and had instigators throughout the crowd, then they literally opened up the doors and waved people in. This was not only not an insurrection, it is tough to even claim that it was a “riot.” If you want to see a riot, look at the Twitter clips from Kazakstan now, or the BLM Summer of Love
But what if it hadn’t been? What if Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and the QAnon Shaman had hit the go button and brought down the system?

There were enough patriots assembled at the Capitol that it could have probably been done, if there were like, Russians and Chinese dumping weapons out of vans in the way we’ve seen the CIA dumping weapons in Almaty.

Every member of Congress except Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz could have been locked in the same sewer prison that the 1/6 patriots are rotting in, and the QAnon Shaman could be in the White House, with Alex by his side

How would the coronavirus hoax look?

How would geopolitics look?

What would gas prices look like?

What about race and tranny propaganda in schools?

Would they be legalizing armed robbery by blacks?

Would they be vaxing your kids?

I disavow and so on, but no single person on earth can make the claim that this country would not be six million times better off if an actual insurrection had happened

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[From "Rachel Maddow: The Caning of Charles Sumner"]

Excellent monologue from Rachel Maddow!

Here is what Preston Brooks said to Charles Sumner before walloping that insufferable, sanctimonious Yankee bastard on the floor of Congress in 1856:

“Mr. Sumner, I have read your speech twice over carefully. It is a libel on South Carolina, and Mr. Butler, who is a relative of mine”

Charles Sumner was a lib and he got owned, antebellum-style

Seriously though, as much as I wish we had U.S. senators and representatives who are the caliber of Preston Brooks for whom defending the honor of his state and kin were of the utmost importance, what we really have are a bunch of worthless cucks like the governor of Mississippi who folded under pressure from Wal-Mart and took down the Mississippi state flag – overruling the voters of the state in the process – in the mania of the George Floyd riots which had nothing to do with Mississippi

Note: The Southern position on the War Between the States was always that slavery was the “occasion” of the war. It was the “incident” that triggered the war. It was the thing that triggered the conflict over a much larger divide which was ultimately over the nature of the Constitution

Slavery hasn’t existed in over 150 years, but the country is now far more deeply divided than it was back then. It is also worth observing how little has changed in how the Yankee Problem back East has resurfaced with a vengeance and is driving polarization. The “Civil War” was also about them and was triggered their fanaticism. Blaming it on slavery was always a self deception

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[From "Thomas Schneider is smarter than a woman"]

Thomas Schneider has become Jeopardy's 5th most winning champion

Oddly enough, that's not how the professional liars in the mainstream media are reporting it. Thomas, you see, has wore a dress and called himself Amy, and therefore has been declared "the winningest female Jeopardy champion" even though he's a dude

It's a nice gig: we've seen it in sporting events. Global National wanted to talk about the Canadian women's soccer team winning Gold in the Tokyo Olympics without mentioning the inconvenient fact that they cheated by having men on the team
If you needed further proof men are smarter than women here you go: even a man with severe mental retardation can beat a woman in a contest of the mind
There's another far older game of mental acuity that women simply are incapable of competing against us in: chess. Despite what propaganda you've been fed in entirely fictional stories like The Queen's Gambit, men absolutely destroy women when it comes to chess
It's almost as if, and stop me if you've heard this before: men's brains and women's brains are fundamentally different. Even a broken-down man's brain who thinks its a woman's brain, like Thomas Schneider, can operate superior to a woman's brain which is mainly a repository for recipes and a burning desire to watch home improvement shows
Jeopardy was one of the areas in which they relatively shine[…]Even that has been taken away from them by a man who knows Broadway hits of the late 60s and Chinese art during the Zhou dynasty, but is apparently unaware of the scientific fact that you can't change your sex through the magical power of wishing

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[From "The Dethroning of Aryan Women towards Oriental Women is not a Solution nor an Alternative"]

As I have mentioned with the shift that has taken place in the world with Aryan Women, most notable among Nordic Variants, having been officially dethroned (Internationally) to the preference of Oriental Women, marks an extreme change in global dynamics for the forseeable future
Even if in Russia, if there is a choice between an American or European girl[…]and there is a Chinese one[…]the Chinese one will be given attention and priority, pursued exclusively except in the case if the Russian one is not desired first
The Oriental world is older in terms of its existence, but the modern flourishing and replacement of it over ours, will never match the First Rate quality of European Civilization, both in terms of Culture and Product

Extinction of Good Racial Stock among a population from tragedies and wars, or forced genocide which has been the case now for many decades, is an irreversible tragedy
Even in today’s China, the Chinese race is polluted from the fact that a considerable size of their population are descendents of Ghengis Khan
Racial Mixing is a greater crime for the Women than the Men who engage in it, however it is still not something that should be highly pursued and especially with races that are so vastly different, such as with how many Germans and other Europeans now have sought wives in the Oriental world, nevertheless we understand why they do what they do
If a German or European person has ambitions for the True Kind of Romantic Love, which is exceptionally rare in this world to begin with, the Oriental Race is known to have the least examples of these Specimens among their Racial Stocks

However, the Oriental Race is very good at imitation
Honorable German Men have a right to ownership of a German Woman who remains chaste

Mr. Aldrich #elitist identitydixie.com

[From "Musings on a Free Dixie’s Political Process"]

The problem with modern politics is that anyone can vote for a politician as long as they are in a geographic location and breathing. Sometimes, not even the breathing part is important. Just because anyone can do it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone should. Just because I live in the vicinity of a company does not mean that I get to vote in the company’s decisions
The way I considering voting in a Free Dixie is definitely exclusionary[…]The key factors for voting should be land ownership or business ownership
Ownership, of land or a business, is a critical necessity to engage in the voting process. Ownership implies that the citizen has, at a minimum, worthy attributes[…]and intelligence to engage in the legislative process. Allowing someone with limited intelligence capacity, perpetually on government subsidies, or a homeless drug addict to have equal voting privileges with hard-working citizens is disastrous for a polity
In your city elections, you must own land or a business within the city limits and you may only vote once. In county elections, it is the same[…]In State elections and Federation elections, there is increased scrutiny. You must be at least a second-generation citizen, as well as, own a business or land in the State or area of representation[…]You are most likely not going to vote for higher business or property taxes so you can get an extra $20 a week in unemployment[…]Help prevent the “locust factor”[…]Individuals (or groups) discover an area that is prosperous[…]migrate there and vote for things that eventually destroy what made the locality successful
Citizens would likely gravitate toward the State that most aligns with their ideals, should they meet the specific State’s qualifications (North Carolina may have her own internal immigration restrictions compared to Tennessee)

Roosh V #fundie #conspiracy #wingnut rooshv.com

[From "Forecast Of The End Of The World"]

From studying Orthodox Christian eschatology and observing the political course of the coronavirus pandemic during the past two years, a clear picture has emerged for me about where the rulers of the world are taking us
In our modern, capitalistic age, power is derived from money, particularly the control of money
During the industrial revolution, oligarchs needed a growing population of human beings to work in factories[…]Ideas that did not promote reproduction, like homosexuality and spinsterhood, were stigmatized
In the 20th century, the world regime became fixated on the fear of over-population[…]Redefining sex to be recreational instead of reproductive helped reduce birth rates across the Western world, and decades later across the rest of the world thanks to the export of American culture
The regime also encouraged citizens to fixate on spheres of behavior outside of family, and that was primarily driven by the consumption model of capitalism
The regime tolerated human existence and freedom in the decades following the sexual revolution because technology did not yet reach their desired level of advancement
The advancement of their plans through the pandemic and other Great Reset schemes come primarily from a combination of greed[…]and the fear of losing existing power
The first problem of the oligarchs is they began losing momentum with the wide support of Donald Trump, Brexit, Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, AfD in Germany, and Marine Le Pen’s National Front party in France
The regime believes the only way they will survive is if they are able to monitor and control all financial transactions[…]The digital currency must then be linked to a person’s social, health, and environmental scores, which brings to fruition the Biblical prophecy of the Mark of the Beast

Prussian Society of America #racist #psycho prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "The European World will never be Protected and Insured until all Anglo-Saxons and Celts are eliminated"]

In every Nation where they are, they present a grave danger, not just within the British Isles, but whether they be in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere

Many Dutch are also trash and half Jewish, which would also need to be eliminated

While as Germans we have many regional enemies, and we have others who exist confined to certain borders, the key element to eliminate are the Anglo-Saxons and Celts, as they present a danger to the entire world
These people cannot even be left alone among themselves, because they present a very grave danger, and one in which the majority of the world at present may not realize how dangerous the Judeo-Anglo-Celtic Race are
Even as much as we have our dislike towards other Barbarian Nations, none comes to the levels of hatred we possess towards the people of the British Isles

A day will arrive that people will take witness to the crimes of the English and Celtic Nations, including America, and will despise them with all of their might
No amount of ruthlessness can be considered too much or ever spared when it comes to these people, and I would encourage not only Germans, but any Nation who has to deal with them if we were to have a New War with them to absolutely have their way to destroy them, taking their Women into captivity, Enslaving the Men and Women with the most utter and ruthless treatment, denying them of any rights and decency
We are burdened by the fact that too many people want to have a good-willed approach to the English and Celtic people, and many that admire them but do not recognize how cleverly these people conceal their crimes and atrocities throughout history, in which they have stolen and secured victories for themselves, which they were not entitled too

I.N. #racist #psycho #homophobia #wingnut #dunning-kruger chechar.wordpress.com

[From "First 2022 post"]

Hello Mr César. First of all, allow me to express my deep gratitude for feeling that my comment from exactly a year ago deeply resonates with you. It is an honour
I hope this comment grants me access to your select group of SS-like Seers[…]and zealots devoted to the manifestation of our pure and unquenchable desire to watch or at least contribute to the eventual absolute and uncontested domination of the Aryan superman over the entirety of this globe
A future in which energy consumption from a constantly growing and mentally passive and incompetent population of shitskins (that can barely function in their day to day lives without big state welfare at our expense or grasp rudimentary concepts, much less work) exceedingly supersedes the rate, the percentage and the quantity of the extraction, distribution, availability and affordability of rapidly depleting natural resources, is unsustainable and falls into the realm of childish science-fiction
Non-Nordic so-called ‘whites’ must accept that they are nothing more than stepping stones for Nordids and failed test subjects in this most intricate experiment called Life that evolution has chosen to discard
As for homosexuality, Himmler aptly addressed this matter in his speech dissecting this pathology and linking it with the chastity of the Catholic clergy
Sooner or later, all other hominid subspecies, even those that have common enemies with us or have forged uneasy alliances with whites in the past like Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians and Japanese respectively, are to be sacrificed at the altar of the doctrine of utter exterminationism like you espouse Mr César
Whites should honour and pay tribute to their heroes and forefathers[…]and strive to surpass them[…]Adolf Hitler was right and if the West refuses to accept this fact it will sooner or later be annihilated

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist #sexist #elitist #wingnut 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "@JamesDubhthaigh - are they too dumb to figure out I.D. because they're black, or leftists?"]



That’ll show the city that requiring a VALID ID to vote is unacceptable!

I.D and voter suppression laws (passed by REPUBLICANS) that somehow only targets black people who vote for the Democratic Party? ??
10:15 PM · Apr 2, 2021

Why can't niggers get I.D., exactly?

I understand that the traditional inner-city American black method of obtaining wanted items (violent looting) doesn't exactly work at the DMV, since like gift cards hanging at the checkout counter in The Bay they are useless unless they are activated in store (unless they're being sly, which again would really be playing against type)

However surely all but the stupidest black (of which I'm sure there's intense competition, maybe we should have some sort of awards show?) can still understand that all you have to do is go to the Department of Motor Vehicles which is a joke you'd hear at any show at The Apollo, bring your Birth Certificate (don't worry if you don't know who your father is, it's not part of the process) and your Social Insurance Number (and every nigger knows it off by heart), pay a fee (unless it's waived for you, which is an example of black privilege that taxpaying whites don't get), and boom: ID. Or you can just go to the DMV with your glock and threaten all the white people who are paying your freight. One or the other, I suppose

If it's all too much, then you being disenfranchised is a net good for society and we should all be cheering it on. There's a reason government ballooned into a leviathan in the era where women and non-property owners got to vote

Prussian Society of America #sexist #psycho #conspiracy #wingnut prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "The Civil War Between Western Men and Women is about to go “HOT”"]

Women, especially College-Educated, Feminist and Career-oriented Women are beginning to rudely wake up to a new disturbing reality, especially onset from the COVID Lockdowns and Financial Damages, they are beginning to realize that they are lost, and that Men are not coming to pick up the tab, and have no interest to court them
Even if the Men DID want to court them, the fact is that College-Educated/Career Women are impotent in the affairs of anything in life that are not related to their careers
In most countries, whether it is in China, Russia and elsewhere outside of the West, the opinion and reputation towards Caucasian Women is so LOW that they are being routinely ignored, and nobody is paying attention to them

What do all these Men want and who are they giving the attention too!?

China has its dragon tails wrapped up around many influential Western Women in positions of power, who are being used without their knowledge, to further the interests of China Expansionism to take over the West, and this is especially true in dealing with Political Matters and things like Social Justice Initiatives
Only Men who are weak, ignorant, and especially Christian Men will rise in protest to my words because of their disgusting desires to keep injustices protected in a reality that is beginning to unfold the greatest deceivers
We are about to embark on the period soon of where the Gender War will escalate to outright, actual warfare towards Women, and one should not fear or cower at this fact, but view it for exactly what it is, a War of Necessity
It is for this reason that Adolf Hitler took the “Gold Standard” reputation as the most Evil Man in the world, because as a Decent Man, he demonstrated to the world that he was willing to use ruthless murder to achieve his aims and political will

Pomidor Quixote #sexist #psycho dailystormer.name

Fundie :
Board : Daily Stormer
Quote : [From "Man Kills Wife for Refusing Sex"]

This used to be considered normal and acceptable behavior

Not really sure what changed

Oh. No, I’m sure what changed

New York Post

An 80-year-old Italian man allegedly killed his 61-year-old wife in a jealous rage when she refused to have sex with him – after he already swallowed a Viagra pill, according to a report

Vito Cangini told police he fatally stabbed his Ukrainian wife, Natalia Kyrychok, between Christmas Day and Sunday in the town of Fanano di Gradara, Newsflash reported[…]

The woman was probably trying to get a good Viagra-boosted raping, but instead got stabbed to death

Laura Wood #conspiracy thinkinghousewife.com

[From "The Waukesha Psyop"]

EVERY SINGLE massacre in the news should be considered — if considered at all — with detachment and skepticism, especially highly-charged events that tug at the heartstrings and are relentlessly publicized. There is too much evidence of past staging to take anything for granted. To that end, Winter Watch recently examined the alleged SUV attack which killed six people in Waukesha, Wisconsin last month. This time there may not have even been crisis actors. It may have involved just computer-generated imagery. (See the video discussion.)
Very few people need be involved in the planning of these events now that it is all down to a science. The scriptwriters have an ideal audience today. As the writer Michael Hoffman wrote in his book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare:

“Modern man is the ideal hypnotic subject: puffed up on the idea that he is the crown of creation, he vehemently denies the power of the hypnotist’s control over him, even as his head bobs up and down on a string”

Prussian Society of America #quack #dunning-kruger prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Why I would still not take the Vaccine, even if COVID were a real threat"]

No Logical, No Sincere, No Educated or Wise person would come anywhere near close to this vaccine, even if we were in fact in some sort of real pandemic

For one, growing up, I was educated to understand about FDA Regulations and Drug / Vaccination Testing, and had also conducted my own research in the field, having a background in Biology and other varied Sciences
Even people who claim they got “COVID” – in which they are really just getting Influenza – would NEVER be permitted or encouraged to get the vaccine, since throughout history, if someone was previously exposed to a virus of some kind, if they survived (and most do), they would have established antibodies for it
You can now see how the world leaders and mouthpieces like the Jesuit Criminal Dr. Fauci repeatedly change the goal posts, and they have long thrown out the whole concept of “Herd Immunity” now, and that efforts have also been made to redefine documented definition of Herd Immunity as only being achievable via the inoculations
Every New Vaccination someone takes, further exposes the body to additional health risks, while at the same time compromising the immune system to some extent
Anyone who has a background in Virology knows that Viral infections are NOT deadly, not anywhere near the level as Bacterial Infections
The even worse part if you DO get vaccinated is that your entire life is now imperiled, and it will be even worse to be imperiled and considered “unvaccinated” if you do not keep your Booster Shots up to date according to the controllers of this medical experiment, so therefore you have an even WORSE position than someone who is full Unvaccinated and of Pure Blood
The VACCINATED do not deserve our sympathy. DO NOT HAVE SYMPATHY FOR THEM

Hunter Wallace #wingnut #racist #conspiracy occidentaldissent.com

[From "The Course of White Advocacy"]

Jason Kessler would like to debate me about White advocacy

Specifically, the issues that he wants to debate are 1.) whether criticizing Jews should be at the forefront of White advocacy and 2.) whether White advocates should abstain from public activism. This strikes me as a weird set of issues, but I am looking forward to humoring Kessler on this next year

As an activist, I have attended a lot of public events over the course of the last ten years. I can’t think of a single one that was about the Jewish Question. In fact, every single rally or event that I ever attended as a League of the South activist was about some other issue: Southern demographic displacement, immigration, state sovereignty, anti-communism, amnesty for illegal aliens, black crime, civil liberties, secession, protecting Southern jobs, Confederate monuments, gay marriage. We’ve also done hurricane relief in Florida, but there haven’t been any events which I have attended including Unite the Right which were about Jews. There are people who have attended these events who are aware of Jews

It seems that Jason Kessler would rather have us not talk about Jews. He seems irritated by the fact that I noted that the ADL was suing the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers over January 6th on the basis of another Charlottesville-style conspiracy theory
Even if we ignored or tried to appease the elephant in the room, the Jews aren’t going to ignore us and leave us alone
The Jewish Question is taking longer than other issues we talk about to go mainstream, but it is slowly but surely happening
Insofar as we engage in public activism, it should be low cost and a net benefit, not a detriment, to our cause. It should also be more mindful of political realities like the political climate inside shitlib cities like Charlottesville

Unnamed Zemmour supporters #wingnut #psycho rfi.fr

The videos, revealed on Twitter by the Young Guard – an anti-fascist group – and by Mediapart, show a man wearing a "Ben voyons" cap, a turn of phrase used by Eric Zemmour meaning "let's see" that has become a slogan by his fans, who were filmed practicing with a sniper rifle

"Who are we going to beat up now? The young leftists, the young communists, the young mental black people?", the young man laughs, before firing a large calibre gun.

The man, feigning surprise, looks into the rifle's sight and exclaims – "Ah, Emmanuel Macron" – and fires a second shot
Zemmour responded to the videos in a statement: "You are not part of my supporters, nor my militants, and even less of my friends. I condemn in advance anything you do in my name during my campaign. I don't want your support or your help"

In another video shot at the same location, another young man targets former France Insoumise spokesperson Raquel Garrido

He explains that he is "practising hunting wild Garrido" before firing and then firing a second time, referring to her husband, LFI MP Alexis Corbière

In the same sequence, the man openly imagines himself shooting at "antifas and leftists", as well as people of North African origin. "There are Algerian and Moroccan flags, I saw them there, so we'll rush to shoot," he says

According to the newspaper Libération, which had access to his private Instagram account, until recently he presented himself as "military" and "Catholic"

Jitendra Narayan Tyagi, Prabodhanand Giri, Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati and unnamed Hindu clerics and BJP leaders #fundie #psycho bbc.com

Videos from a meeting of Hindu religious leaders showing provocative speeches went viral earlier this week, sparking outrage

The event took place in the holy town of Haridwar between 17 and 19 December

Police said they had not opened a case until Thursday because there had been no official complaints before that

There have been no arrests and the police case names only one man - Waseem Rizvi, a Muslim who says he has converted to Hinduism and is now known as Jitendra Narayan Tyagi

Police said a case had been registered against Mr Tyagi and unnamed "others" under charges of "promoting hatred between religious groups". Social media users, however, have identified many of the speakers in the videos who are important religious leaders often seen in the company of ministers and members from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
One organiser of the Haridwar event, Prabodhanand Giri, has often been photographed with party leaders, reported NDTV. In one photo, Uttarakhand's Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami, a BJP politician, is seen touching his feet

At the event, Mr Giri was seen asking India's army, politicians and Hindus to do what was done in Myanmar - referring to the deadly violence against Rohingya Muslims that led to their exodus

He told NDTV he wasn't afraid of the police and stood by his statement

Another speaker, Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati, has made several anti-Muslim statements in the past

At Haridwar, he, like many others, asked Hindus to pick up weapons to "protect" their religion from Muslims

Mauricio #wingnut #racist #psycho chechar.wordpress.com

[Comment under "Reflections of an Aryan woman, 59", about Savitri Devi defending the Einsatzgruppen]

“War is in itself the negation of any anthropocentric faith or philosophy”

Sometimes you read a wise definiton that connects loose ends in your mind, and things become much clearer. Savitri was an amazing woman. Had she been a contemporary, you and her would have made great pen pals

“The tragedy of greatness is to create new life by treading on corpses”

It is only a tragedy if the corpses are White! The death of (sub)human Life that strays from the divine prototype, is a blessing. By bringing Death to all those worthless Slavic mongrels, the Einsatzgruppen were creating new, better Life. White Nationalists need to stop imagining their heroes as good little jew-obeying boy scouts

If we review Savitri’s reflections in this entry, along with your best phrase of this year, “The right way to love women is to implement justice, like the Day of the Rope; the rest is silence”,
we can see how the mentality of a Fourteen-Words Priest resonates deeply with that of a Viking from the Dark Ages

In the first chapter of Beowulf, on king Hrothgar’s mead hall:
“In that towering place, gabled and huge,
Hrothgar sat, waiting for Time to pass; for War to begin!
For the meaning of Life is War,
and Love is a Blade entering the enemy’s Corpse.”

Jim #wingnut #conspiracy blog.reaction.la

[From "End of pretence of democracy rescheduled to 2024"]

Shortly after the election was stolen, I predicted that Republicans would never win anything ever again, and that Trump would go to prison, soon to be followed by most of the Republican party

But, it seems that I was running on Musk time. If you want to know what our enemies are up to, listen to what they accuse us of. Social Justice Warriors always project

Hat tip PJ Media

The Atlantic’s Barton Gellman wrote breathlessly, “the ballots cast by American voters will not decide the presidency in 2024. Thousands of votes will be thrown away, or millions, to produce the required effect. The winner will be declared the loser. The loser will be certified president-elect. The prospect of this democratic collapse is not remote. People with the motive to make it happen are manufacturing the means. Given the opportunity, they will act. They are acting already”[…]

So, if the usual inversion applies, 2022 will not be too blatantly democracy 2020 style, but 2024 will be

Recap. The Democrats in 2020 had the usual fraud in place to deal with the expected Trump landslide, but got a Trump Tsunami instead, so had to stop the counting, and dump in lots of hastily printed ballots at four in the morning. These additional fraudulent ballots were centrally printed in the middle of the night, so unlike the fraudulent ballots issued earlier did not have the downballot candidates filled in

The expressions of alarm reflect concern that the usual deniable fraud is not going to suffice, and they are going to have to go about it in a more obvious fashion, and stop worrying too much about pretending that democracy is still operating. But they figure the mask will fall off in 2024. Which does not mean it will stay on in 2022 – it fell off in the early hours of 2020 November the fourth, but they hastily put it on again and announced that no one had noticed

Sharmila Begum, Azarudeen and Mohammed Saleem #fundie #quack #psycho indiatoday.in

A six-month-old girl was drowned to death allegedly as a human sacrifice for her grandfather's life in Tamil Nadu's Pattukottai
Thirty-two-year-old Naseerudhin was married to Shaliha and had a baby girl. Naseerudhin's uncle Asaruddin was working abroad and had recently returned. Asaruddin used to fall ill often and his wife Sharmila Begum had checked with Muhammed Salim, a Muslim tantric who had told her to sacrifice a child without spilling any blood to save his life

Sharmila Begum had reportedly plotted to sacrifice Shaliha's 6-month old daughter. On Tuesday, she went to Shaliha's house at midnight and kidnapped the child

When Shaliha woke up, she panicked and began to search for the baby. Sharmila Begum then took Shaliha behind her house where the child was put inside a fish tank and drowned

Shaliha said that she protested, but Sharmila Begum had pressurised her to bury the child in their backyard

Pattukottai Thahsildar reported the child's death to the local police. The body was exhumed and has been sent for autopsy

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "This is my ancestral land (my parents visited me once)"]

You just can't please the jackpine savages

According to a CBC News story from Bobby Hristova, members of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation are voicing their displeasure after being left out of the Grey Cup acknowledgements[…]

The Gimmie-Credit Indians and the Had-No-Saucy-Sneeze Confederacy are two different groups. So when Leroy Hill stood and claimed that the Grey Cup was being played on his tribe's "sacred territory" yadda yadda yadda, was he outright lying? Did he falsely claim that his tribe owned the land? Was the vaunted oral history in error? After all, when the British wisely took over this empty continent they unwisely paid lip service to who the Red Indians claimed were the proper "owners" (whatever that means in their backwards tribal thinking) of the land in question: these treaties which pretended a couple wandering tribes were equivalent to Russia or Switzerland still had to pick a "current owner". So is this the Had-No-Saucy-Sneeze Indians cleverly retroactively seizing the land from around Hamilton?
The issue is that of course more than one group could have been in the same general vicinity of Edmonton or Hamilton over the 18,000 years of human migration through the region. That is, in fact, the key problem with these land acknowledgements: we're rewarding the most recent thieves of the land to use their own failed logic against them
If the Cree simply were the secondmost recent occupiers of this land, why not include the most recent occupiers: to wit, the British?[…]We shouldn't give two shits who else land "belonged" to other than the current owner: in this case Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II and all her rightful non-Charlie heirs

Prussian Society of America #wingnut prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "A War Against Bavarians in the Future is Looming"]

The Bavarians, while of the most culturally sophisticated of German peoples, are once again proving great disappointment to us Prussians

As much as I dislike the Notion of going to war against them, a lot of the activities and data we have been collecting from the region has been demonstrating this to be a very strong possibility for the future of Germany, if it ever is going to have one at all

If not to go to war against them, we must in some way suppress them heavily, to a point where we render them impotent in many German affairs, to cut their limbs from any kind of Political or Militaristic involvement, or say, to be relegated among themselves in a unique arrangement in part of the German Whole

Bavarians are creating great problems, and are of the most Democratic of Germans

A lot of citizens in this part of Germany are what can only be described as having Menacing ideas and values that are Anti-German in any respect, and cannot be tolerated

We have not been on good terms with Bavarians in the past, but it seems that we are on even less friendly terms with them in Modern Times

If need be, we will have to use brute force on them and enact cruelty to keep them in place

In Essence, we are also at war with any Germans who still support Democracy and the Federal German Republic, whether they realize that they are mistaken or not

Every German who defends Democracy is an enemy of the German Reich and Fatherland

Harmonica #wingnut #racist #transphobia #sexist identitydixie.com

[From "College in a Free Dixie"]

When Dixie is free, one of the areas where the most drastic reforms will take place is in higher education. The takeover of colleges and universities by the Left has been, perhaps, the biggest reason we find ourselves in our current predicament. Think of any progressive idea[…]and you will find that it has been festering in colleges and universities for years[…]Attacks on the Founding Fathers, promoting transgenderism, the concept of White privilege, and dismantling the “patriarchy” all immediately come to mind
Up until at least World War I, the Right tended to control the education system[…]German universities, in particular, were infamous for being bastions for rightwing, nationalist thought. Southern universities were also once known for being far more conservative than their counterparts in the rest of the United States – see how comparably quieter Dixian schools were during the upheaval of the 1960s
In a Free Dixie, colleges will focus on the classic fields – science, engineering, history, theology, philosophy, government, language, and so on. “Gender Studies” will be removed, as well as, any of the other progressive facsimiles pretending to be serious academic study. They lack rigor, rely on emotion, and are easily fooled (see the Sokal Hoax)

More importantly, they are the nest by which the Left incubates ideas and then unleashes them into traditional fields (then society at large)
College students have become notorious for dressing like slobs (for men) and prostitutes (for women)
In a Free Dixie, all men will be required to attend class in at least a collared shirt, closed-toed shoes, long pants, and a belt. A tie will be strongly encouraged. Women will be expected to dress modestly. Violators will not be allowed to attend class until they are properly dressed

Roosh V #fundie #sexist #racist rooshv.com

[From "Sinful Judgment vs Righteous Judgment"]

A persistent problem for new Christians is judging others. We look at someone[…]and develop snap judgments—often negative—from years of doing so out of habit as a non-Christian
A concept you hear among the Orthodox is discernment, the ability to pick out the divine signal from the fleshly and demonic noise. One of the differences between us and the saints is that the latter know when a thought comes from God and when it doesn’t
If judging others leads to sin, it’s not of God, and if judging others leads to virtue, it could be of God
1. I go to the café[…]In walks in a woman who is wearing a bra for a top and minuscule shorts. Immediately the words “harlot” and “slut” come to mind[…]I consider how immodest I have been in my own life. This is sinful judgment
2. My friend arranges a blind date with a “devout Christian woman”[…]She arrives in yoga pants wearing thick makeup. I can see her commodious cleavage[…]I determine she is not suitable to be my wife[…]I used my knowledge and experience with secular women to make a determination
3. I visit a friend in a rough area of town in the middle of the day. There I noticed a large group of black males smoking marijuana and listening to loud music. Immediately the words “lazy” and “criminals” come to mind and I ponder at length about why black people have such difficulty being productive members of society[…]Then I realize that I have performed worse evils than all of those men combined[…]
4. I’m a single father[…]I decide to enroll him in a private school[…]I noticed a group of black boys bullying a white kid[…]I decide not to enroll my white-passing son at the school, and instead pick a school where I do not notice racial strife. Here I made a judgment call

Khornate Award

Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!

Andrew Anglin #wingnut #psycho #transphobia dailystormer.name

[From "White Pill: Russia Says They’ll Probably Go Ahead and Deploy Nukes Across Europe"]


Just nuke everything!



In an interview with RIA Novosti on Monday, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov insisted that if Western nations refuse to sign a moratorium on intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF) in Europe, Russia will be obliged to place the weapons in the European portion of its territory. Moscow has proposed the deal as part of a package of measures intended to defuse the ongoing crisis in Ukraine#

Putin, c’mon, bro

Let’s make it happen

Let the fire rain down and cleanse this filth!

The time is NOW NOW NOW!


The people demand NUCLEAR FIRE!

We’re already in a war, and it’s a lot worse than a nuclear war

If you don’t think a nuclear war would be better than this, then you are a child tranny lover and you’re going to Hell

It’s a war outside, it’s a war outside, it’s like the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah outside

Everything getting nuked is literally the second best possible outcome here. The first being that everyone who got vaxed just dies very quickly

Not sure what the third best thing is

Bitcoin, I guess

[Anglin has inserted in this article several pictures from Fallout, along with portraits of Desmond]

Ethan #fundie identitydixie.com

[From "What Do Jews Worship?"]

One issue with the Judeo-Christian values bit that I’ve always found confusing is that modern Jews do not even practice the Judaism that existed at the time of Christ. Now, I’m not going to delve into Khazar theory[…]No, the point of this article is to demonstrate it’s a different religion entirely. Rabbinical Judaism, in fact, is explicitly not only anti-Christian but anti-Jewish

Much like how the Catholic Church had a counterreformation after Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation, the Jews who rejected Christ had their own counter-reformation
Modern Judaism is extremely different from the Judaism of Moses. One obvious way it’s different is that Judaism throughout the Old Testament up through the time of Christ was patrilineal. Modern Rabbinical Judaism is matrilineal
In addition to the new texts of the Rabbinical school and the fact that Mosaic Judaism was patrilineal whereas modern Rabbinical Judaism is matrilineal, Rabbinical Judaism adopted symbols which did not exist before Christ’s birth. Some argue the Star of David is a symbol of a pagan deity based on Amos 5:26, Acts 7:43, and other verses and that the modern Rabbinical Jews worship a pagan deity
Much of the use of the six-pointed star seems to be tied with Kabbalah and other magical practices. There are also various medieval grimoires, like the keys of Solomon or the myth of Solomon’s ring, all of which are involved in Jewish magic and demonic summoning
Another way to put this whole argument is as follows: Jews strayed from proper worship of God, so God comes down to earth as Christ. The Jews then had a choice and some accepted God and spread the Good News to Gentiles. Some rejected Christ and made massive changes to their worship to more fully demonstrate they rejected Christ. What they are worshiping is not clear, but they are not worshipping our God and are, therefore, not saved

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[From "VIDEO: Hermann Göring – WW1 Fighter Ace"]

Hermann Göring - WW1 Fighter Ace

Göring will forever be known as one of the most Loyal and Esteemed members of the National Socialist Party, only second to Adolf Hitler

He is one of my favorite leaders of the Third Reich, and he always executed his leadership as a way of serving by example, with a high sense of morality even above and beyond many other Party Leaders. Excellent Execution with Finesse, and Serious Ruthlessness

A Larger than Life type persona, along with his weight he threw around like Bismarck had

Göring is also one of the most despised and envied of the Nazi Party leadership, besides Hitler and Goebbels

Göring also was the key element in identifying Jews and ridding them from Germany and every aspect of German Life and Culture. A very meticulous task

Such an honorable Man, that even our enemies cannot even hold back from praising the Noble character of this great Man

Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey #fundie christorchaos.com

[From "On The Feast of Saint Lucy: An Immovable Foe of Religious Liberty"]

There was one passage in Ratzinger/Benedict's December 22, 2005, address, that dealt with the subject of "religious liberty," which he said that the "Second" Vatican Council had "recovered" and made part of her heritage once again
The martyrs of the early Church did NOT die for religious liberty. They did NOT die for freedom of conscience. They died to bear witness to the true Faith
Following the example of his own predecessor, "Saint John Paul II," Ratzinger/Benedict esteemed the symbols of false religions with his own priestly hands on several occasions, including at the John Paul II Cultural Center
The saint whose martyrdom we commemorate today, Saint Lucy, was an immovable foe of religious liberty. While she recognized that there was little she could do as a humble virgin in Syracuse, Sicily, to end the presence of emperor worship and the offerings made to the idols, she knew nevertheless that such worship was false and had to be eradicated[…]She was willing to give up her very life to demonstrate her absolute intolerance of false religion
Conciliarism's embrace of the error of religious liberty, which contends that false religions have the civil right to propagate themselves in society and that their false ideas contain possibilities of contributing to the betterment of the temporal order, stands in stark contrast to the consistent, perennial teaching of the Catholic Church
Contrary to what the conciliar "popes" believe and have taught, though, the civil state must recognize the true religion. There is no room to permit those steeped in false religions to propagate their errors publicly, admitting as Pope Leo XIII did in Libertas Praestissimum, June 20, 1888, that the Church recognizes that the civil state may have to tolerate the private practice of such religions

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When Patricia left her home in Texas last month to join a QAnon cult that believes John F. Kennedy and JFK Jr. are about to return from the dead, she said she had no intention of ever returning

She thanked her husband of 32 years and her two children for “being a great family” and said she would see them soon

Then, her daughter Laura found her mom’s journals, filled with page after page of indecipherable nonsense

“??Before she went to Dallas she kept a couple of journals,” Laura told VICE News. “We don't know if it was people on Telegram telling her these things, or she's just having delusions, but it's just books of what she believes JFK Jr. is saying to her directly”

But even more worrying were the words written on the front and back covers of the books

“I'm going to follow God. Thank you for a wonderful life. Look up to the sky, I will always be close by”

To Laura, this sounded worryingly like a suicide note. Then, those fears seemed to be confirmed last week when the head of the cult took part in a video chat in which his followers discussed the need “to experience that physical death”
Patricia and Laura are not their real names, but VICE News is using pseudonyms in order to protect the family’s privacy. VICE News called and sent messages to Patricia on several occasions but didn’t get a response. The account of Patricia’s actions is based on interviews with her daughter and sister

Laura and her family eventually had to resort to drastic measures to rescue Patricia from the cult. “We obtained guardianship and my mother is now in a behavioral health center following a psychiatric evaluation,” Laura said on Thursday

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[From "Americans will not recognize they are losers until they go Bankrupt, Unlike other Nations"]

As a Nation that is gleefully committing suicide, the Americans have been so drunk on power and out of touch with reality, they don’t even know they have been failing and losing for so many years

At least with other Barbarian Nations, a typical Barbarian Nation is aware of its inferiority as a people

Americans on the other hand just respond, “We try, but we’re not perfect!”

They are about to become the sorest losers on the planet, along with their British Counterparts in the continuing decline and takeover process we are under, but these people are so far gone that until the day they wake up to realize they have nothing, only then will they bite their lip and admit the fact that they are losers

They have been losers in denial for quite a while on every account, in fact

The only thing America is #1 in is in Diabetes, Obesity, Starting New Wars and Exporting (Offsetting) Monetary Inflation

Humiliation will be the dish cold served to the Americans

When they lose – and they will not fight back – the world will have absolutely no respect for them any longer, not even a crumb of respect, and nobody will have any regard for them

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[From "Irrelevant to Rioters, Looters and Their Apologists: The Binding Precepts of the Divine and Natural Laws"]

The devil is a mocker and a scorner. He is also the proto-revolutionary as it was the rebellion he fomented against God in Heaven that caused many angels to follow him
The adversary’s role as the first revolutionary or radical was noted by one his many minions in the Twentieth Century, Saul Alinsky, in Rules for Radicals

Alinsky[…]thus identified how the adversary seeks to agitate men into hating the “other side.” This is the defining characteristic of all revolutions as each has been based in what can be called the “ideology of hatred”
Martin Luther, for example, came to hate the very means of his salvation, the Catholic Church, after he had fallen prey to the tempter’s deceptions to persist in his wanton sins of lechery, gluttony, and drunkenness[…]Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s reaffirmation of hardened sinners in their lives of perdition is one of the many reasons that he[…]praises Martin Luther so much

The French Revolution[…]was an open and undisguised revolution against God and all preexisting social order, resulting in the triumph of “Man” and his supposed “rights”
There is no need to write at length about the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case
Rather than wait for facts to become clear after the shooting of a black man, professional race-baiters see rioting and looting as their first and only means of responding to tragedies
Kyle Rittenhouse’s “original sin” was seeking to defend business establishments that were owned primarily by members of various racial and ethnic minorities from riots
Those who have protested loud and long about the “sacrosanct” nature of the November 3, 2020[…]can never accept any kind of electoral outcome, jury verdict or judicial decision that runs contrary to their totalitarian worldview

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[From "Charlottesville’s Statue of Robert E. Lee Will Be Melted Down"]

I don’t have much to say about this

This is a fitting end to “Charlottesville” though

This reflects the mindset of the woke progressives who live in Charlottesville

Back in 2017, I went there with the League of the South because I loved the statue and opposed the people who wanted to tear it down. I’ve been to Southern heritage rallies all over the South
New York Times

The City Council of Charlottesville, Va., voted on Tuesday to donate a statue of Robert E. Lee to an African American heritage center that plans to melt the bronze monument[…]

But this is the sort of people we are dealing with

If for nothing but the sake of fostering social cohesion, they could have easily moved the statue to some other town or city in Virginia, but to these leftist radicals “The Cruelty Is The Point”

Do you remember when the mainstream Right made it out like we were the villains in Charlottesville? Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney said that Antifa were like the heroes who stormed the beaches of Normandy. We’ve since seen what these people have done to Richmond

As Robert Barnwell Rhett himself would have said, history will remember this as an act of abject hatred and bigotry. These people hate us far more than we do them. They hate White people. They hate Southerners. They hate American heritage in general, not merely Confederate monuments. They’ve demonstrated through their actions that everything we were saying about them in 2017 was true

Black Oxygen Organics #quack #mammon nbcnews.com

The social media posts started in May: photos and videos of smiling people, mostly women, drinking Mason jars of black liquid, slathering black paste on their faces and feet, or dipping babies and dogs in tubs of the black water. They tagged the posts #BOO and linked to a website that sold a product called Black Oxygen Organics

Black Oxygen Organics, or “BOO” for short, is difficult to classify. It was marketed as fulvic acid, a compound derived from decayed plants, that was dug up from an Ontario peat bog. The website of the Canadian company that sold it billed it as “the end product and smallest particle of the decomposition of ancient, organic matter”

Put more simply, the product is dirt — four-and-a-half ounces of it, sealed in a sleek black plastic baggie and sold for $110 plus shipping
BOO[…]claims many benefits and uses, including improved brain function and heart health, and ridding the body of so-called toxins that include heavy metals, pesticides and parasites
Testimonials like these make up the majority of posts in dozens of Facebook groups, set up and overseen by BOO sellers, with hundreds of thousands of collective members, where BOO is heralded as a miracle drug. Teams of sellers in these private Facebook groups claim that, beyond cosmetic applications, BOO can cure everything from autism to cancer to Alzheimer’s disease. Conveniently in these times, BOO proponents say it also protects against and treats Covid-19, and can be used to “detox” the newly vaccinated, according to posts viewed by NBC News
Black Oxygen Organics’ compensation plan, like most MLMs, is convoluted. According to their company handbook, sellers, called “brand partners,” can earn income in two distinct ways: through retail commissions on bags of BOO they sell, and through recruiting other sellers

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[From "@mitkills and I have the simple catch-all response"]


hello, i made a gender-neutral pronoun etiquette/guide for the ~harvard business review~
10:50 PM · Oct 14, 2021


[On the right, a black person named Jess said "Hey! I'm Jess, they/them pronouns. You?"; on the left, someone replies that "my pronouns are ‘Jess is a mentally ill niggerfag/Jess is a mentally ill niggerfag’"]

(a helpful reminder to anybody who wants to discuss this article, make sure that you use my preferred pronouns: by your own rule you're a hater if you don't)

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[From "@MichaelOwerri - so much for evidence based policy, eh?"]


Let's go back to segregation then since it worked better and obviously wasn't racist. I'm glad right-winger a don't care to hide their racism anymore
1:56 PM · Mar 16, 2021

Remember when lying leftists (but I repeat myself) pretended to care about something called "evidence based policy"?
Did a segregated military have better or worse unit cohesion than the current woke military? You might argue that the Vietnam-9/11 era of the military had better cohesion than either, but that's not the dichotomy Michael is asking for

After all, the claim of the thread is that "a more diverse army is more cohesive". There's no evidence to support this. Indeed, the fact that they have to devote resources into "diversity" automatically makes it less effective, less useless: now you not only need to show diversity provides an improvement (and there's no evidence of this) but that it shows enough improvement to overcome the lost effort and resources in promoting and sustaining it. There's a "chief diversity officer" for example: that's a salary and a bunk in the ship and an office desk and computer you didn't have to spend before

You might say that in the demographic reality of the current United States that diversity is going to be essential, but that's still not an argument in its favour. The US Army could still be better off in a world where they are used to use deadly force to ensure border security and keep those from shithole countries and cultures from invading and changing their society for the worse

"Could" is probably too wishy-washy above, I apologize. The US Army would still be better off in a world where they are used to use deadly force to ensure border security and keep those from shithole countries and cultures from invading and changing their society for the worse