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We’ve discussed Christianity quite a bit on here, specifically pointing out the True version from the false visible one. To most readers and WN’s however, there is just one Christianity, and as far as they are concerned, the very idea that there is a so-called Christianity is a hateful thing because of it’s being under the influence of jewry in the present zeitgeist. Regarding the latter, of course they are correct.

In theological terminology, Christianity is supposed to be the “wife” or “bride” of Christ, the son of God. A large innumerable mass of people make up this wife/bride. However, in it’s present day condition/manifestation, it “has a name that it is living, but is dead”. It’s “name” is “Christian” (meaning ever living), but it is dead because of it’s being the offspring of the spirit of Jezebel – the rebellious female that has had a strangle hold on the minds of the masses since 1920 and increasingly so since the 60’s. The main reason for this is it’s abominable sin of universal doogoodism, wherein it thinks it is following Christ’s commands, but is actually an instrument of the devil/ adversary in the world.

If you can hear this, then hear it. Christianity is supposed to do as “good”, what the jew does as evil, and that is Christianity is to hold the idea that what’s good for Christianity is good for the world, whereas jewry says, “what’s good for the jews” is good for the world. However, this principle cannot work in the conditions of the present day due to the reversal, mingling and subverting of Christianity by jewry.

The latter, of course results in the furtherance and increase of evil in the world, because the jew is not the chosen one that it thinks it is. True Christianity is….but True Christianity’s “Day” is not yet.

The mission of True Christianity is not going throughout the world and ameliorating consequences of behavior to present day tribes and nations, who neither continue in the supposed good that Christianity brings, nor are thankful for it, but continue in their dark minded ways after whitey leaves. This is because at present, the dark skinned hordes in their uncivilized ways are embodiments of the spirit of envy expressed toward the white doogooders that come to minister in their lands. I’m sure thousands of missionaries have experienced this, but like the insane person who insists on doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, they keep on foolishly thinking this is the “Lords will” for their life. They could have read, believed, and acted on the testimony of Albert Schweitzer about his African experience and saved themselves a lot of trouble, but no……

Every time there’s a disaster somewhere, such as today’s de jure typhoon in the Philippines, false Christianity, AKA churchianity is on the televitz, money begging for help toward those whom GOD HAS NOT CALLED THEM TO HELP. The Philippinos, being mostly catholic, should let the cursed pope and his minions take care of them by selling off some of the vatican’s valuables…oops, I forgot, Rothchild has the key to the vault and won’t allow money to be spent out of that treasury for such mundane things, after all, there are more important things to spend money on like orgies and child molesting parties and so forth. Let the dumb pew peons fork over like they always do.

False Christianity, like most females, puts the cart before the horse by her running to the “houses” of others – foreigners, when at some far off future day, the foreigners will “see a great Light” and come running to it for help of their own volition at the proper time, but not yet.

True Christians who will learn the genuine art of doing good to others, must first begin to do it to and among the lost sheep of the House of Israel…..and no for the umpteenth time, that is not that hell bound place in the middle east called by that name. That’s one of satan’s biggest deceptions, which today’s dead form of Christianity has bought, hook, line and sinker.

So…Mz Winfrey was somewhat correct when she said all the old white racists had to die off before racism can be done away with. Taking into account of course, she spoke this while metaphorically looking at her own self in a mirror, for the black race is the most envious bunch in the entire universe, as the lower always envies the higher, and the black sub conscious KNOWS the white race is it’s superior. It thinks by continuing to “act out” it is showing it’s superiority, but by doing so is only proving it’s own childish inferiority, like a rebellious spoiled child flopping around on the floor crying WAH!WAH! and GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE while stomping it’s feet and beating it’s hands on the floor.

Old white “racists” do have to die off, because they are living a lie while claiming they aren’t racist, but are…AS THEY SHOULD BE. If taking care of your own first is racist, then so be it. A bunch of blind doogooders running to foreign lands to heal their owies and adopt their baby black future criminals is a stench in the nostrils of God and deserving of death. This bunch is already dead internally, so it’s future manifestation as such physically will be all to the good.

The new generations who will reject their parents judeo/Schofield/dispensational/rapture false Christianity will be the founding of a new form of Christianity -perhaps not even called by that name as it has come to have such a negative connotation. Among it’s characteristics will be a true understanding of race, stemming from their own new understanding of themselves and where they came from in antiquity as the True Chosen people of God who are to rule all other tribes and nations.

This won’t come to pass for many years, for many other things must occur first; things which will work as an “encouragement” toward a change of mind in this bunch. Their coming adversity will eventually trump their false demonic theology they have believed in since at least the middle 1800’s and increased with jewish/zionist Schofieldism after the turn of the 20th century.

Brandon #fundie

Brandon #fundie bclaym.wordpress.com

(Italics and bolding in original--including the premature de-italicization in the second paragraph.)

I have written about this previously, but will repeat it again as repetition is good for impressing the mind in truth. In antiquity God used the Israelites to purge/wage war/punish the inhabitants of the land which was known as Canaan, because of the inhabitants’ gross immorality/sexual sins, etc. The idea of doing this wasn’t the Israelites; it was God’s. Some point to these incidents and call them genocide by glossing over the reasons for them. Some also point to Americans doing the same thing to the indians. There is always a reason for these incidents, but blind foolish men, who think they know everything because they have a framed piece of parchment on their walls, know nothing of the why’s and wherefore’s, because they deny the laws of cause and effect. They are like the jew who never sees his own perfidy, but always blames others for the cause of all his persecutions down through history. There is ALWAYS a reason(s) why, but most cannot see it because they have no place within them for the knowledge of the spiritual. The use of the word genocide carries within it the idea of “no reason for it”. But that’s a crock. The same law/principle is at work in the “genocide” of the white race. “The curse causeless does not come”.

Anyway, Israel waged war on the inhabitants of Canaan; men, women and children were killed and even animals and the land was then taken over by the Israelites. This, taken in it’s entirety was a legal righteous act, for it was directed by God. God does not have the same misplaced sympathetic view of death and destruction that today’s feminized culture has. He kills and makes alive because he owns it all. Man’s opinion does not enter into it.

Of course later on, the Israelites themselves apostasized and took to performing the same conduct of the Canaanites, whereupon God raised up other nations to do the same thing to them that they did to the Canaanites originally. That does not mean the nations God used against apostasizing Israel were necessarily God loving and/or righteous living. All the nations are in his hand to be used according to his purposes.

The Naive Gatekeeper #racist

The Naive Gatekeeper #racist bclaym.wordpress.com

So today’s “scum white liberals” are the direct descendants of their forebears of the 1700-1800's, who are not only responsible for the degradation we see in the world around us today, but also responsible for making the incessant demands which brought the death of thousands of their white countrymen and destruction of their homelands in a senseless war supposedly over the cursed negro which the jew brought to these shores. One of the things which galls the most is because of their location being in New England, they were able to avoid any of this destruction to their own property and lives, except for their sending their sons south to be killed in a war which they fomented and stirred up with their very own words and demands.

After that war they continued with their war against the south with their giving the negro the right to vote and power over the people of the south, which was a continuation of the same war by other means and we are still fighting it today because of these scum sons of satan’s never ending demands for more and more.

Well…they started this shit, but we and OUR descendants will finish it and them.

The Naive Gatekeeper #fundie

The Naive Gatekeeper #fundie bclaym.wordpress.com

Neither the female, those of dark skin, or the jew, shall be allowed to vote in the coming National State which will be formed out of our New Idea. As a matter of fact, the idea of voting may not even exist in the New Government. The means of it’s coming into manifestation will determine whether or not such a process will be necessary, as the less procedures – so called “rights”- left over from demonocracy, the better. Voting is a process easily corrupted as witnessed in today’s “elections” of those belonging to the two hands with one mind behind them. This “government by the people” horseshit is actually government by satan. I know….many brothers and comrades don’t believe in any such being, but that’s their loss.

So-called democracy is the rule by the feminine principle which ultimately leads to a country ruled as such, always turns into a cesspit, a macro hell on earth. All this happens through the voting and rule of law process, therefore legalized corruption, which the ancient writer described as “framing mischief by law”. Democracy is a Spiritual disease like cancer and affects the mind. It’s thought of as a positive good, but is actually evil.

The Naive Gatekeeper #fundie

The Naive Gatekeeper #fundie bclaym.wordpress.com

The Coming Theocracy is a Good Thing.

With this post, I may-and I emphasize may-be parting ways, or leaving behind or coming to a fork in the road regarding my online relationship with some of my WN/ethnonationalist friends and comrades. We’ll see.

The reason for this will probably be because what I see coming down the road as I have called in the title, will appear to many of them as a bad thing, when actually it is a good thing.

The word theocracy of course indicates “religion” and brings to the minds of many, the Afgan Taliban, or at minimum, the Muslim religion resembling something like what exists in Saudi Arabia, or one of the other Middle Eastern countries.

Religious rule, according to views of those who worship at the altar of democracy like multitudes of Americans, is uncivilized, backwards, stone age, and neanderthal. Of course, as I have been “preaching” on here from March 2010, they who hold such views, are themselves also religious in their defense of democracy, and are fanatical in fighting and defending it, having no compunction in lying, subterfuge and hypocracy while doing so. Democracy is the peoples right to corrupt, pornify, and defile ones own nation/country, under the guise of “freedom” or “freedom of expression”, while simultaneously being protected by the government from any consequences of their actions.

The impetus behind democracy is evil and my friends and comrades better get used to this truth. We are not just at war with a bunch of deceived, otherwise decent people just like us. No. Democracy may have a nice face on the surface; an apparent desire to do good and pushing programs/laws/policies to make the world a better place to live, but behind this Walmart smiley face is the power of darkness – evil.

The Obama’s, Pelosi’s, Reid’s; the bankers of all the various capitols in the world, most congressmen, etc, all operate to further the ends of evil in their sphere of influence. My friends and comrades must come to the understanding and get used to the idea that we are in a religious war, and that we are on the side of good, fighting against evil.

Having this knowledge, makes our job easier. To refuse this knowledge because of prejudice against christianity or religion in general, causes us to wage war with one arm tied behind our backs.

Many say christianity is just an extention of jewry. Yes, as I have repeated ad infinitum, much of today’s version of christianity is totally jewified and in love with all things, israhell. The Texas preacher Hagee and his followers for instance. However, the deceived exceptions do not make the rule. Just because many professing christians have apostasized – fallen away from the truth – does not make the whole lump worthy of disgarding. We should not treat christians the same way we treat jews. Many of the former have partial blindness at present, but the ONE who is in charge of this whole thing is able to open their eyes at the proper time, so that they can be of great assistance in the coming days.