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Central to “The Religion of the Life Energy” is the Cosmic / Ayan Christ. We recognize him as an emissary and highly evolved spiritual teacher from an advanced ether / cosmic energy civilization with a sacred dimensional plane bordering the domain of His Father, the God of Life.   He is spiritually unarmored, and filled to the brim with free-flowing cosmic (orgone) healing energy. In the upper metaphysical civilizations, particularly the one Christ came from that bordered the Source of the Life Energy, the sexual function of the living energy organisms is pure and free. Thus, Jesus regularly experienced full and satisfying orgasms in a full and varied sexual life with many women. He also had natural paranormal faculties such as the power to control weather, heal by the laying on of hands, and the ability to see the future.
Christ’s biological father came from the most highly developed extraterrestrial civilization arising out of the Cosmic Life Energy. He arrived on earth via a metaphysical UFO type interstellar space ship from a type IV civilization according to the Kardashev scale. The type IV civilization is able to control or use the entire energy and information of the whole visible universe. It is very hard to detect such a civilization, as it would be functionally identical to the natural and spiritual dialectical laws of creation.
The Kardashev scale applies to the extraterrestrial deadly orgone energy civilizations with the highest and most destructive containing the Anti-Christ. Adolf Hitler is an example of one of these Anti-Messiahs. He was densely spiritually armored, muscularly hypertonic, and could not experience love through satisfying orgasm. He hatched hate out of dead genitals. Nazi civilization, as an anti-type, is the antithetical paired opposite of the life-affirmative Kardashev upper-scaled civilizations. The desert death religion of fundamentalist Islam is another deadly civilization along similar lines as the Nazi type.