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Hey guys what are stars?




Always go to scripture to look for answers. The stars are NOT angels. They were created by God and named by him! They are markers for the year, and special feasts and occasions (i.e. the birth of Jesus) He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name. Psalm 147:4

Don't listen to Laura, she is not a true seeker of truth...she is a parrot for mainstream Christian doctrine Here in the book of revelation the bible refers to Angels as stars.... This verse is talking about Satan deceiving 1/3 of the angels...aka the fallen angels

After two years of study with high-power optics and world-wide travel, I concluded some of the stars are God-made and many fake stars at cloud level which are geostationery satellites. Shooting stars are geostationery satellites that self- detonate when their hovering energy source expires or malfunctions. The Milkway could be where Satan was thrown out of Heaven.

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Black "History"

>living in the stone age when the Egyptians show up and start slaughtering and enslaving them
>never think to invent any defense beyond pointy sticks
>still living in the stone age thousands of years later when the Arabs show up and start and enslaving them
>still never think to invent any defense beyond pointy sticks
>STILL living in the stone age hundreds of years later when the Whites and Jews show up and start enslaving them
>STILL never think to invent any defense beyond pointy sticks
>live on plantations for a few hundred years where quality of life is greatly improved
>Whites feel bad and free them, blacks contribute basically nothing to the endeavor
>steal some instruments, play them poorly, call it "jazz"
>get allowed to play on sports team
>do well because running fast is the only thing they are capable of doing well
>whites still feel bad about how retarded blacks are and give them special rights, privileges, and handouts
>squander them all on weed and crack
>pawn all instruments away for drug money, start grunting into a microphone without any rhythm, call it "rap"
>whites STILL feel bad about how retarded blacks are, to they elect a halfbreed to be president

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